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Scientists take first step towards creating 'inorganic life' -
Scientists take first step towards creating 'inorganic life'
"Scientists at the University of Glasgow say they have taken their first tentative steps towards creating 'life' from inorganic chemicals potentially defining the new area of 'inorganic biology'." - Shevonne from Bookmarklet
Vote for me to be the face of @aboutdotme on a Times Square billboard:
done - Haluk Ilhan
as you wish! - .LAG liked that
done and twitted ;o) - Gilgamesh
No-brainer. - Rahsheen
Done and done, there can be only one. It's easy to vote too peeps, just click a button. - Steve C, Team Marina
Thanks everyone!!!!! - Shevonne
done! - AJ Batac
where's my "I voted for Shevonne" sticker? - chrisofspades
Voted! - vicster.
Anything else you want me to vote for you on? Congress? Senate? School board? City Counsel? I'm in! - Ha3rvey (on hiatus) from fftogo
All of the above? hahaha - Shevonne
*votes 97 times* - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
*wonders if he can vote more than once* - Big Joe Silenced
(Confession: I voted once on my iPhone and once on my computer.) - vicster.
Android and work machine. Hitting the Mac when I get home. - MoTO Boychick Devil
You guys are super sweet - Shevonne from Android
Oh - never thought of doing that! *gets out phone* - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
It won't let me vote again on this laptop with a different browser. Hrm... - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
Voted! :) - Tamara, #TeamMarina
Done and done. On the netbook and on the Phone-turned-PDA - #cryptic
Voted - Café ✓
I iPhone voted. I will pc vote when I get home. - Mike Nencetti from iPhone
Done. As we say in Chicago, vote early and often. :) - Steven Perez
Done and tweeted! - Mary B: #TeamMonique
Voted - mina_sydney
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Done. - Bluesun 2600
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done - Iván Abrego
done. a little late but no too late. ;) - Amani
Voted. - Julian
gotcha toots - sofarsoShawn
Done - Bren from iPhone
Oh! I can vote more than once. *BUMP* - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
Victor Ganata
Even if it can be blamed on human error, infrastructure with a single point of failure doesn't really seem very robust.
John E. Bredehoft
Carol Bartz exclusive: Yahoo "f---ed me over" via @FortuneMagazine
Which hurt Carol's feelings more, being fired, or seeing the street pump up Yahoo stock over 6% because she's gone? - Stephen Mack from iPhone
I'm sure it was because her f*#$ing severance was only 10 f@^&ing million dollars. - Kenton
I dream of getting a $10,000,000 severance package someday. - Brian Johns
I don't know if the street is a good indication of true value. Carol Bartz could have been replaced by Pauly Shore and the street would have gone up 6%. Is Yahoo 6% better because of its interim head? - John E. Bredehoft
Victor Ganata
Pondering why all prosperous European nations have strong social safety nets, and why the U.S. doesn't. It may not be that people in the U.S. are more sociopathically selfish. They have no problem taking care of their own. They just don't want to take care of "those people". The goal of limited government is just rationalization.
“Socialism never took root in America because the poor see themselves not as an exploited proletariat but as temporarily embarrassed millionaires.” –John Steinbeck - Eivind
Those prosperous European nations also had largely ethnically homogenous populations when they set up their systems whereas the US capitalist class has always been able to divide the other classes by getting them to concentrate on differences of race and ethnicity instead of seeing the more important class issues they have in common. - Spidra Webster
Eivind: that quote is actually disputed, as there is no record of Steinbeck actually saying this. Wikiquote says that the quote originated as a possible paraphrase in the book "A Short History of Progress" by Ronald Wright. - Tudor Bosman
You do have to look at the current European economic crisis as another chapter on if that model will actually work long term. - Eric - Final Countdown
I don't know, even in Germany and the UK, despite the enactment of significant austerity measures, their safety nets still seems far more robust than what we have in the U.S. The economic crisis may well decide whether or not the EU will continue to exist, but there isn't the radical call for complete dismantling of the State that exists here in the U.S. - Victor Ganata
Thanks, Tudor :) edit: It does express what I believe to be one of the factors behind why disadvantaged citizens would vote for a party to the right, though. In Norway, at least, the right populists also have the advantage of presenting a simpler model of the world and its actors (which again allows for catchier slogans and makes it very easy to blame immigrants and other minorities for everything that's perceived to be wrong with society). - Eivind
Maybe because some us can't stomach the thought of 3rd generation unemployed. Also, do you like 10% unemployment rate in good times? It just not efficient. - Dario Gomez
I wasn't thinking of Spain. When I think of great social democracies, I think of the Nordic countries. The only Northern European area I can think of that has ethnicity/race issues similar to what we've had in the US is Northern Ireland (which, not coincidentally, was invaded and colonized). There differences in religion and background were systematically used to keep the working class... more... - Spidra Webster
The unemploment rates in Germany and the UK are better than they are in the U.S. right now, and aren't much higher than they were in the U.S. preceding the GFC, so I'm not sure where the 10% figure is from. If you're talking about Spain, Portugal, Italy, or Greece, well, I wouldn't really consider them in the same tier of prosperity. - Victor Ganata
Did you look at France? That's the figure I usually keep in my head for economic ineptitude. Anyways, it's hard to make blanket statements, or get the correct data, if you're going to cherry pick European nations. Can you then state what nations your think are included in as prosperous European? - Dario Gomez
I do think immigration has a huge influence on how people in the U.S. culturally consider as truly American. Throughout history, the U.S. has always required massive importation of labor, but I don't think we've ever come to grips with what it means to be truly assimilate. With longstanding ethnic minorities like the Basque or the Scottish, do a lot of the majority populations really... more... - Victor Ganata
Interesting, so when you look at the adjusted rates, France is still at worst on par with the U.S. Everyone else seems to be doing better. And I suspect that, precisely because of the safety nets, being unemployed in France is not as horrible as being unemployed in the U.S. - Victor Ganata
Unemployment in Germany is helped by the Kurzabeit, I would love to see a similar program in America, but when I brought it up along with others, it was uniformally the most despised change I proposed. Yourself included in the group. I didn't include the government funding, but that's because I didn't remember that being part of it. I'm not opposed to that offset, though. Unemployment funds saved could be used to offset the cost. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Victor your observation is Interesting and true only if you look at the data post, hope and change. - Key West
You mean post-Global Financial Crisis? Naturally. - Victor Ganata
Let's face it, Europeans don't have the relexive antipathy to the State that Americans have, so it's not surprising. But I find myself speculating about why that reflexive antipathy even exists, and my understanding of U.S. history just leads me in a certain direction. - Victor Ganata
On the flipside, now that Europe is seeing massive immigration from far-flung regions of the world, they seem to be experiencing a lot of the tensions that have marked U.S. history. - Victor Ganata
All those prosperous European nations already had high unemployment before the crisis, we have now reached parity. - Key West
Tiffany, even then, do Norweigians consider the Sami or ethnic Finns living in Norway non-Norweigian, though? - Victor Ganata
We're clearly doing worse than almost all those countries in those comparisons when the statistics are adjusted to U.S. concepts. And again, I suspect the experience of being unemployed there isn't as bad as the experience of being unemployed here. - Victor Ganata
Development aid. - Key West
Show me where the prosperous European "entitlement" economies are on this list ==> The Most Generous Countries on Earth - - Key West
But maybe I'm wrong. Maybe the myth of rugged individualism has become so ingrained by repeated beating into people's skulls that the most ardent believers don't even fathom the original social rationale for these concepts. What can I say, divide and conquer works. The ruling classes don't even have to do anything anymore. - Victor Ganata
Key West, that's completely tangential. So what? What exactly is the virtue of dumping pittances in other countries when you can't--or won't--take care of your own? - Victor Ganata
You think it to be tangential ? Giving according to this study correlates with a happiness index. Are the citizens of countries with strong social safety nets unhappy ? The OP says we in the U.S. may be more sociopathically selfish. I happen to disagree and I posted hard data,which is contrary to the premise. - Key West
"They have no problem taking care of their own." & "What exactly is the virtue of dumping pittances in other countries when you can't--or won't--take care of your own?" Seems anti-thetical and contradictory, even though I know it's different scale. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Tiffany, I said "largely ethnically homogenous", which is true as I was comparing them to the US population, which is emphatically heterogenous. The Sami, at the time that Nordic social democracies were put in place, were not really settled outside of their ancestral lands in the far north in any great numbers. Your average Swedish, Norwegian or Finnish worker wouldn't have encountered... more... - Spidra Webster
Incidentally the poor are also America's most generous givers. - Key West
I was going to weigh in on the Sami and Kven history and status in Norway, but this conversation seems to have fragmented quite a bit. I guess we could make it another thread if you're interested, Spidra and Tiffany :) - Eivind
Actually, then, you misread my OP. I'm arguing our lack of safety nets *isn't* because we're sociopathically selfish, but because historically, it's been easy to pit different groups of workers against each other and to get them to work against their own interests with things like the myth of rugged individualism, and racism, and the like. - Victor Ganata
I'm sure you could school me, Eivind. I don't consider myself expert at all on it. However, I do stand by my statement that compared to the US, Northern European countries were largely ethnically/racially homogenous at the time their social democracies were instituted. - Spidra Webster
(How I see it, Spidra and Tiffany: :) ) - Eivind
It isn't the mere existence of heterogenous populations that makes it such that we don't have a social safety net. It's the way the existence of a heterogenous population has made it easy for the upper class to play the other classes off against each other. So it's difficult for them to see their common interest and hang on to that political will. In Cuba, there was a revolution. We... more... - Spidra Webster
Heh. I don't like fighting! I get enough of that at home. ;-) - Spidra Webster
For something a bit different: I think Americans actually like being productive and look down on waste. Socialist economies have a lower growth rate than capitalist economies; a big factor of this is that government redistribution is a damper on productivity. Socialist schemes take X dollars from the productive sectors and hand out X - y dollars, y being the cost of employing... more... - Kevin L
I for one think that both the left and right in American politics are flawed. On the left is collectivism: socialism, safety nets, unionization, etc. Their ideal is equality, their means force. On the right is protectionism: mercantilism, crony capitalism, and so forth. Their ideal is national glory and their method is force. Each is right to point out the other's flaws, but both ignore their own problems and the historical examples of how their patterns of thought lead to poverty and ruin. - Kevin L
Empirically speaking, all developed countries are essentially operating on some form of mixed economy, some hybrid of socialist and laissez-faire capitalist policies. So the question is really where you fall on the spectrum. Since a laissez faire capitalist economy has *never* been implemented, anymore than a pure communist system has ever been implemented, I don't believe there's any data showing that laissez faire capitalism is a priori more efficient. Boom and bust seems rather wasteful to me. - Victor Ganata
There are plenty of countries with good social safety nets on this productivity list, Kevin: - Spidra Webster
The Austrian school has pretty thoroughly shown that booms and busts are not disjointed from government interference. In fact, they almost always follow the introduction of central monetary manipulation. - Kevin L
"[the left's] means [are] force" ... oh lord. - Andrew C (✔)
Force as in coercion. - Kevin L
Yes, I know. I was rolling my eyes at the (IMO deeply stupid) glibertarian catchphrase that anything they don't like is "coercion". - Andrew C (✔)
I mean, really. Unionism is force/coercion? Just how do you call independent actors banding together to negotiate as a group 'coercion'? - Andrew C (✔)
The Austrian economists are a bunch of quacks that refuse to admit that empirical evidence is valid, so... - Victor Ganata
Key West - Generosity as measured by charitable behavior is a misleading metric as there is less of a need to be charitable in countries with good social safety nets. Foreign aid as a percentage of GDP would be a better measure, and in this regard the "European entitlement economies" lead the pack: - Ken Morley
Point taken, and I did read into the intent of the OP. My apologies. - Key West from FreshFeed
Bret Taylor
FriendFeed Blog: FriendFeed now available in فارسی -
FriendFeed Blog: FriendFeed now available in فارسی
FriendFeed is now available in Persian! Thanks again to all of our Persian users — it has been extremely exciting for us to see FriendFeed so widely used around the world. You can set your language preference here: - Bret Taylor from Bookmarklet
Any way we could auto-translate (or even have a link with the option to?)? It'd be great to really be able to collaborate with the non-English speaking world... - Chris Reichow
Thank you all . - MohammadReza
wow, another language... I can't read it, but that is cool! :) - Susan Beebe
Now if we could only filter out languages other then our own and have the lang:en search filter. - DarknessFalls
You're welcome! We are excited to better support our Persian users. - Bret Taylor
This feels so good to be able to view the pages in a way are eyes used to see Persian writings. Thank you so much! We really appreciate your effort! Thanks again ! :) - انجل
Yay! - Mitchell Tsai
that just looks so beautiful :D - Iphigenie
محشره / غافلگیر شدم - Shandiz
wow! thanks! - Pasparto
Anybody know of good Farsi to English web translation tools? Google Translate doesn't seem to do it. - Ted Gilchrist
蝌蚪文~~~ - junrxu
Great! thanks thanks :) - Mehrdad
Agora precisamos da versão em Português. - Carlos Brefe
thanks ((((((((: - yasin ghasemi
Thanks ممنون ;) - Exir
merci bcp . - Afra
ممنون - mohammad mahdi kazzazi
Thanks - Arash
;) It's FriendFeed.. Bravo - این فرندفید است... براوو - امیروفسکی
Great Bret! I remember that in the past some persian people wrote here that whould be nice to have FF interface also in persian, probabilly because their language is very different and english isn't so diffused such in Europe. A welcome to persian friends! :) - Roberto from fftogo
Hebrew please. ^^ - David C. Cooper
تشکر جیگر - سیدیونس |
kiss to you honey - جواد
bretçim herkes google plus'a gidiyor ama ben seni bırakmam ^^ - Aynebilim Aşevi
Aynebilim'e katılıyorum Bret. Bir sürü idiotla paylaşsam da burayı, vazgeçemiyorum işte. - Ben bu yüzden hiç kimseden gidemem gitmemmmm.. la la laaa - pippi haşmet
bretçim sana dm atamıyorum..bana abone olur musun ^^ - Aynebilim Aşevi
interesting! but when will FF users have something like googe's so we can backup our feeds? - ovigia
تیلور دوستت داریم :خز - Diaz
میلاد الاغ :)))))) - || بهاره ||
کوفت چرا میخندی؟ :)))))))))) - Diaz
روانی :)))))) - || بهاره ||
bu vesileyle mübarek ramazana hoş geldin demek istiyorum..bretçim iftara ne yapayım canım^^ - Aynebilim Aşevi
Have a good day to all of u...... - weerah
your looking good - Chavez Cecilia
lan gundi öyle maaş alıp göt büyüteceğine gel de şu insanların çığlığını duy! bankamatik lolipop.. - iwfx!
:)) ممنونم استاد - ستاره کریمی
Key West
Marcellus Shale: Top Shale Producer in One Decade. -
Marcellus Shale: Top Shale Producer in One Decade.
The United States has become a mecca for natural gas production, with a specialization in shale extraction. The U.S. has been lucky enough to have all these shale plays in our own back yards, and some are going to be more lucrative than others. This is especially true when you begin thinking long term. Which shale play will last for years to come? According to David Fessler, the Marcellus shale is here to stay, and here is why. - Key West from Bookmarklet
Victor Ganata
If people from Apple really did impersonate police, they ought to be going to prison.
Yeah, you'd think that Apple would go through official channels again, like last time. The conspiracy theorist and Apple apologist in me make me think someone is just trying to make them look bad. - Victor Ganata
Now I can't decide if it's actually less disturbing that the SFPD *did* help Apple after all and they just didn't document it for some reason. - Victor Ganata
There's been an update at the link you posted. Supposedly the SFPD admitted that they did send people to that house, to help Apple investigators. - Victor Ganata
I'm seeing this whole thing as a publicity stunt. Prototype lost/stolen twice consecutively? Yeah, right. After the first time, the prototypes should either be chained to the users or be forbidden from leaving the premises. - Arlan K.
Victor, in a weird way I find it more disturbing - Apple has hired former police personnel as private contractors, and they're apparently able to call in their buddies to go harass people without a warrant, and without any accountability unless someone makes a big enough fuss. It makes me wonder what other companies the SFPD is willing to go harass random people for. - Jennifer Dittrich
So the cops moonlight as PI but bring their badge along? How is that approved policy of the PD?? - WarLord
Heather Spohr
Sometimes I really wish the grocery store was arranged in alphabetical order.
I wonder if dating will ever be fun again. It seems like such a chore now
:( You deserve the best - I hope it gets fun soon. Or, maybe you need a break from the whole scene. - Laura Norvig from iPod
It is always interesting to know that there is somebody over somewhere who is the one and we just do not know how to reach him/her. The only who have this luck will be the blessed ones. The rest will die miserably alone. - Oğuz Demirkapı ☮✌
Well, that was a ray of sunshine, Oğuz. Shevonne, you are a great catch. I hope you find someone who deserves you. Dating has never been fun nor successful for me. I've only had two LTRs. One I met through friends and one I met at work. I figure hobbies, school, work, etc. are probably the most painless ways to meet folks. - Spidra Webster
Don't make it sound so bleak! I'm just about to re-enter the dating scene after 20 years. I'm expecting it to at least be fun. I've got a lot of catching up to do!!! - Jeff P. Henderson
:( - chaz2b
I spent an hour and a half yesterday playing therapist to a guy who was still upset about his ex-wife. The whole time I was thinking "I could be home in bed on the computer." Haha - Shevonne
There should be a number you can call on your cell phone and then hand it to clueless dudes like this. - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
It wasn't too bad. I just felt like I should have been getting paid $200/hr for offering my advice on what he should do about his failed marriage. Haha - Shevonne
If he is not paying you for counseling and he feels compelled to talk about it. Run, Shevonne, Run. - Key West time, I am going to yell "Check please!" - Shevonne
Let us die alone. ;) - Oğuz Demirkapı ☮✌ from FreshFeed
I hear that with a #FuckYeah - sofarsoShawn from iPhone
Wow. Sorry, Shevonne. That's a horror story. You deserve much better. LOL Everybody deserves much better than that! Hang in there, hermanita!! - Harold Cabezas
Awww thanks. Yeah, he called me earlier today asking if we could get together again. thanks - Shevonne
They should put that guy's picture up in an ad for Google Voice. He's the perfect person you need to screen before picking up the phone... ;-)~ - Harold Cabezas
Agree with the OP - LANjackal
dark gracie ®
Urgent need to stop work and masturbate. I love working from home.
dark gracie ®
Porn. It's what's for breakfast.
dark gracie ®
Unless noted, everything on my blog is a true story. It really happened. Some women like to fuck filthy and I'm one of them.
TheNextWeb Forum
Microsoft promises USB 3.0 support in Windows 8 -
Microsoft promises USB 3.0 support in Windows 8
Research: Tea Party's Growing Unpopularity Traced To Infusing Politics With Religion | Crooks and Liars -
Money quote: "...Next to being a Republican, the strongest predictor of being a Tea Party supporter today was a desire, back in 2006, to see religion play a prominent role in politics. And Tea Partiers continue to hold these views: they seek “deeply religious” elected officials, approve of religious leaders’ engaging in politics and want religion brought into political debates..." - WarLord
Secret anti-racist shirts covertly distributed to neo-Nazis – Boing Boing -
Secret anti-racist shirts covertly distributed to neo-Nazis – Boing Boing
"Anti-racist activists snuck trick t-shirts into a music festival with a large neo-Nazi turnout; the shirts bore a crypto-racist slogan that faded on first washing to reveal a plea to reconsider "militant right-wing lifestyle." The shirts, which bore a skull and crossbones symbol and the word 'Hardcore Rebels,' faded upon washing to reveal a hidden message: "What happened to your shirt can happen to you. We can help you break with right-wing extremism." The T-shirts were the work of Exit Deutschland, a group that helps young people transition out of militant right-wing lifestyles. "With these T-shirts we wanted to make ourselves known among right-wingers, especially amongst young ones who are not yet fully committed to the extreme right," said Exit founder Bernd Wagner." - Me from Bookmarklet
I love this tactic. Nice. - SAM
Son of Groucho
Wow, the sands are so white. || Wait...that calcium, not sand? Wild. - Anika
More pictures to come on Flickr, Anita. - Son of Groucho
You mean Anika, Gordon! :-P And Anika, you must visit, photo's don't do it justice at all, went with my mum in 1991, we both lied in the shallow pools, it was a wonderful experience, our skin felt so soft and clean afterwards. - Halil
Woops! :( - Son of Groucho
I would love to go to Turkey some day, but it seems like a major challenge. - Anika
We lived in Turkey for 3 years when I was a kid. It was cool. I miss the food and the nice people there. - DB, Lil LB's Dad
amazing - Winckel
I was here and will go back. There are great museums here too. It is worth seeing this side of Turkey. - سيما كيا Sima kia
I read your wife's comment, lol! - Halil
Don't encourage her! - Son of Groucho
I'd Rather Be At A ‘Hip-Hop BBQ’ Than A Klansmen Tea Party -
"...Saying you are not racist, does not prove that you are not a bigot. Behaving like a civilized adult that understands we live in a nation and world full of all races, religions, creeds, and sexual orientations while being able to hold on your own values at the same time as embracing those of others will prove that you are not a bigot...." - Prosey BUTTONS!
Andrew C (✔)
So Standard & Poor's Maybe Can't Do Basic Math, So What? « Dealbreaker -
So Standard & Poor's Maybe Can't Do Basic Math, So What? « Dealbreaker
"After two hours of analysis, Treasury officials discovered that S&P officials had miscalculated future deficit projections by close to $2 trillion. It immediately notified the company of the mistakes. S&P officials later called administration officials back to say they agreed about the mistakes, though they didn't say whether it would affect the rating. White House officials remained waiting Friday evening to see what the company would do." - Andrew C (✔) from Bookmarklet
A ratings agency, whose SOLE JOB is to analyze these things, was off by $2 TRILLION. Let's also not forget these were the fuckers who rated subprime CDOs tranches triple-A. - Andrew C (✔)
Atrios is a master of brevity: "Apparently we're supposed to care about what some idiots at some corrupt organization think about anything. " - - Andrew C (✔)
dark gracie ®
I'm on a roll today. More porn and orgasms AND I'm getting work done.
dark gracie ®
I'm running errands with no bra or panties on. Get over it.
Louis Gray
I don't always wear shirts, but when I do, I wear FriendFeed logo shirts.
Photo on 7-20-11 at 1.36 PM.jpg
This one is special edition. Can you tell? - Louis Gray
Cupcake schwag! - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
I wore that one yesterday! sans cupcake, i am not special - Steve C, Team Marina
Ah, the FF birthday shirt! - Anne Bouey
ben de istiyorum! - core
:) - Jenny
Nice! - Run
When is FF's birthday? - AJ Batac
October 1st, 2007 According to this post, - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
I'm entering that to my calendar. And WOW, we're almost 4 years old. - AJ Batac
Kickin' it old school. I'd wear my BrightKite T-shirt more often, but they are now crap. - Ciaoenrico
where 'd you get these? - testbeta
how can i get some - Joel nditsi
There is a cafe press store, but not for birthday merchandise. Regular shirts are there though. :) - Rachel Lea Fox from iPhone
wonderflll! - SeLma Akpnr
BTW, that this post has 100+ likes shows there's still life in this little network. :) - Louis Gray
^Just a tiny little spark. ;) - Jenny from Android
Plant Services
Industry News: United States engineering job candidates: The engineering sector is showing positive signs for 2011.
Mike Nencetti
My wife Beverly and I are approaching our 5th anniversary. We are doing great.
yes I was well into my 40's for my first marriage, her 2nd. - Mike Nencetti
Congratulation :) - Mary
congrats - MoTO Boychick Devil
Congrats and thanks for sharing! :-) - Ruchira S. Datta
Congrats! :) - LB needs a break. from YouFeed
congrats Mike :) - comix aka martha
Happy Anniversary to you and Beverly :) - CarlC
Happy anniversary! - John (bird whisperer)
Happy Anniversary Beverly and Mike. :) - Derrick
Happy anniversary! - AJ Batac
Happy Anniversary! - Anne Bouey
Thank you everyone :) - Mike Nencetti
Mazel Tov just a wee bit early. - Mathew A. Koeneker
That's awesome dude. Congrats. - DB, Lil LB's Dad
Congrats! - Mary B: #TeamMonique
congrats! - imabonehead
Congrats! Five years and going strong is fabulous! - Fossil Huntress
Congrats, Mike! - #cryptic
Mark Andrew Catton
Slipknot – Wait and Bleed -
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Facebook adds link previews to Facebook comments -
Facebook adds link previews to Facebook comments
Andrew C (✔)
Political Animal - Cantor's wealthy backers: raise our taxes -
[Politico:] "A few wealthy donors have called Cantor to tell him they wouldn't mind if their taxes are raised. During two closed meetings this week -- one with vote-counting lawmakers, and another with the entire conference -- Cantor told colleagues that some well-heeled givers have told them they're willing to pay more taxes. Cantor, according to an aide, has responded that House Republicans aren't standing up for the wealthy, but rather for the middle class, who want to see their taxes stay low." - Andrew C (✔) from Bookmarklet
"As a substantive matter, Cantor, as usual, has absolutely no idea what he's talking about. House Republicans are exclusively standing up for the wealthy, while demanding harsh cuts to public investments that benefit everyone else. For that matter, "the middle class" have said they want and fully expect tax increases to be part of a debt-reduction compromise." - Andrew C (✔)
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Microsoft set to launch 75 new stores -
LG: Let’s combine a 3G phone and a watch
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With Google+, Android finally gets its killer app -
Imagine there’s no Google. (Part 1)
dark gracie ®
I love waking up to filthy words. It's like Christmas every morning.
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