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See-ming Lee 李思明 SML
Tamara, #TeamMarina
LucyRavenscar - Crochet Creatures: Star Wars Mini Amigurumi -
LucyRavenscar - Crochet Creatures: Star Wars Mini Amigurumi
LucyRavenscar - Crochet Creatures: Star Wars Mini Amigurumi
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These are badass. Want! - Tamara, #TeamMarina from Bookmarklet
Jedi Knits - Morgan
Kol Tregaskes
Sony World Photography Awards 2010 shortlist announced | News | PhotoRadar -
Sony World Photography Awards 2010 shortlist announced | News | PhotoRadar
"190 photographers from 48 different countries make the final list" - Kol Tregaskes from Bookmarklet I seriously feel like I'm getting abducted by aliens wtf - LarchOye
Robert Bob Angeles
[digg] Mom trolled elementary school to score clean urine - An ex-lunch lady tried to score pee in a girl's bathroo...
Happiness ain't all it's cracked up to be - life - 26 February 2010 - New Scientist -
Happiness ain't all it's cracked up to be - life - 26 February 2010 - New Scientist
"The Founding Fathers liked happiness so much they considered pursuing it an inalienable right – but maybe that wasn't such a good idea. Happiness seems to make people more selfish, the latest in a series of revelations suggesting it changes how you think – and not in a good way. Psychologist Joe Forgas at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia, who has led many of these studies, suggests that happiness's negative effects all stem from a cheery mood's tendency to lull you into feeling secure. This makes you look inwards and behave both more selfishly and more carelessly. "People in a positive mood generally rely more on their own thoughts and preferences, and pay less attention to the outside world and social norms," says Forgas." - RAPatton from Bookmarklet
"Forgas's explanation is that happy people focus more on their own desires. "Positive mood is in a sense an evolutionary signal, subconsciously informing people that the situation they face is safe and non-threatening," he says. This encourages people to rely more on their own thoughts and preferences, with selfishness the result. Grumpiness or sadness, on the other hand, produces more... more... - RAPatton
""High levels of happiness generate openness to new experiences and gregariousness, but they also generate a lack of attention to detailed information and recklessness," says Cummins. We all need to behave like this occasionally, he says, but not when we are confronted with a potentially dangerous situation. "Low levels of happiness generate introspection and the careful processing of... more... - RAPatton
Anthony Citrano
Scientist eyes 39-day voyage to Mars | AFP -
Scientist eyes 39-day voyage to Mars | AFP
"The Variable Specific Impulse Magnetoplasma Rocket -- to give its full name -- is quick becoming a centerpiece of NASA's future strategy as it looks to private firms to help meet the astronomical costs of space exploration." - Anthony Citrano from Bookmarklet
Do you believe that there is not enough to go around? That some must always remain poor?
More primitive cultures seem to avoid the type of gaps we have. Where did we go wrong? - Rahsheen
Primitive cultures focus on the basics, so everybody has the basics and nobody has much more than that. - Bruce Lewis
True, relative to us. I think it's the idea that our entire society is based on competing with each other. It's based on the idea that there isn't enough to go around. That mindset ensures that people take more than they need and ignore those that might need help. - Rahsheen
I don't think it's so much that there's not enough to go around, but that everyone wants it all. Give someone the opportunity and they "live beyond their means". And it doesn't matter how much you already have, you will still want more. Only a minority consciously manages to live within their means, and the greed of others leaves little for those who can't get enough to begin with. But that doesn't mean there's not enough in the first place. - Lindsay
I am prone to believe its an excuse that allows us to go about our day without actually have to DO anything - WarLord
NO. (to Rah's question; I agree w/ WarLord.) - Ayşe E. from iPhone
I believe that there are enough resources to go around, but because of inefficiencies/inadequacies in the system they won't be spread equitably. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
I agree with Alex, There is enough, but there will never be complete equality (wealth and poverty is all relative) - Alistair (alpinefolk)
I almost agree with Alex... there IS enough to go around, but the reason for inequality is not an inefficiency or inadequacy in some underlying system. Rather, I think that some humans will always have some advantage over others, whether geographical, historical, or otherwise, and will use that power to gain more wealth at the expense of the others. And no matter what system you devise... more... - Louis Simoneau
Don't these inefficiencies/inadequacies point directly to inefficiencies/inadequacies with us as individuals? Otherwise, why would we allow such a situation to persist? I'm sure I'm touching on some age-old argument that has been done to death. - Rahsheen
I don't think it's about being better equipped, it's about being selfish. - Rahsheen
No, Rahsheen, some of the inadequacies are regional/natural in nature. Like the fact that some countries just don't have access to clean water or any water like others do. But yes, people being greedy is also part of the problem, certainly. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Yeah, Rah...didn't mention that but of course there's not only ability but inclination that enters into it - Louis Simoneau
Ability, inclination and opportunity are all factors. It doesn't necessarily hold true that those with the most wealth are the most greedy. Having traveled through some third world countries, greed is far from absent. - Alistair (alpinefolk)
Yeah, some countries are poor because greed is systemic in their culture. It's quite sad and annoying. Not sure how to fix that. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
@jason May I introduce you to the concept of a "draw" where neither win and yet neither lose. ;) - alphaxion
I agree that there is enough to go around, and that greed is a major factor in preventing it from happening. But, assuming greed is a fault that needs correction, how do we go about doing this? Is it right to coerce someone to curb their greediness? Who gets to do this coercion? If greed is human nature, would it even be right to try and correct it, even though greed causes a lot of suffering? It's the perennial clash of utility with individuality. - Victor Ganata
Maybe greed isn't exactly the right word, but I think people act that way because they believe everything to be scarce. They fear that if they don't take as much as they can now and keep it all to themselves, they could end up with nothing. You can't change human nature, but you can change how we think about things. Of course, doing that is probably impossible in any real sense. - Rahsheen
I think you need incentives to motivate people. If you evenly distribute everything and able bodied, but lazy, people can count on getting a free ride on the backs of people who work hard your system will eventually fail. On the flip side our current system is bad because its easy for useless people who have money to get more, while there are a lot of barriers that keep hard working people from getting ahead. Wall Street is good when it raises capital to build businesses, bad when it is a rigged casino, - Ed Millard
Not really talking about even distribution, but we shouldn't have otherwise healthy and able people living on the edge of starvation with no roof over their heads. I think there is a mid-point between what we have now and a system where people don't have to do anything and still get the same as a hard-working and ambitious person. - Rahsheen
One of the primary goals of humanity should be to ensure that no one lives without the necessities. I don't think everyone will ever all be "rich" but we certainly should work towards having no one starving, uneducated, unhealthy (due to lack of medical care) or without a roof over their heads. And yes, I think it's totally possible to solve. - iTad
What do you think it would take, Tad? I'm thinking post-apocalypse. LOL. - Rahsheen
The paradox, as soon as you guarantee everyone the necessities, you've eliminated the incentive for some percentage of your population to work, and the rest get to carry them. I agree the disabled should be provided for, but giving the able bodied a free ride is very problematic. Hunger is the only motivator sufficient to make some people carry their own weight. - Ed Millard
Its easy to say everyone should be guaranteed health care until you realize that many treatments today are staggeringly expensive and in many cases you can spend nearly unlimited sums treating people and still get marginal outcomes. If you don't place limits you WILL bankrupt your economy. As soon as you place limits people start screaming "death panel". - Ed Millard
Well, we do place limits already, given that the concept of medical futility exists, which is theoretically based on ethical and not economic concerns. So I guess we've always had death panels. - Victor Ganata
And yet, even without that support structure you'll still have a similar percent not carrying their own weight anyway. I'd much rather have a national health service than not. Personally, I see the biggest waste of money being the extreme amounts of money poured into the military when even a small fraction of that money would go so far in helping to lift the quality of life for... more... - alphaxion
And about death panels, I think the current system where your health insurance firm decides whether or not you can have treatment (even tho you've been paying for the moment you need it) is even closer to the concept of death panel than medical futility and triage ever could be. - alphaxion
Yeah, people seem to forget that, tiffany. In the way things are structured now, there is a point where working does cost you more than you would make. When I lived with my ex, I worked 2 jobs myself and she watched the kids because any job she could get at that time would have been negated by childcare costs. I have known some sorry slackers in my time, but even they would rather work than not. - Rahsheen
Great question. I debate that in my OWN mind! I can't decide which one of me is right, either! - Carlton Flowers
Just remember, humans got together and formed communities in the first place because the cost of carrying the less productive members was far outweighed by the benefits of bringing us together. This is still as true today as it was thousands of years ago. - alphaxion
no because i think if ur alive and happy then u must and have to be the richest person alive.... if U can find happiness in urself and not in having it all then u will always have enough just my thoughts lol - Raecheal
The definition of "poor" keeps changing. While I realize that some people in this country live in horrible poverty, others, also considered poor have running water, electricity, air conditioning and other things that only the truly wealthy could afford 100 years ago. - iTad from fftogo
Also, being poor in the United States is sometimes much different from being poor in sub-Saharan Africa. - iTad from fftogo
Not everyone is equal, for every ying there is a yang. We can work on making the bad things better, but there will always be bad things. - Kelly W.
No and yes. There is no doubt in my mind that this planet has more than enough resources to provide food, clothing, and shelter for all its human inhabitants. People are smart and if we used our knowledge wisely, it could be done. However, for the many reasons already listed in this thread, I think some people will always remain poor. :-/ - Jenny
Jenny, that's not strictly true - we will reach peak people soon or later and it will be messy and expensive to resolve. Messy - wars, riots and quite a lot of death. Expensive - finally exploiting space for the purpose of population redistribution and extra-planetary farming. Humanity can't keep growing forever without stepping off of Earth, especially if we want to keep some of our... more... - alphaxion
Peak people? I have a hard time believing we will ever get there. I also have a hard time believing we will run out of resources. The only reason some have to go without is because others are selfish. Does it really cost a couple thousand to make a big screen TV? I don't think so. Does it cost T-Mobile $200/month to provide my family with cellular service? Absolutely not. Is there a real reason high-speed internet costs me this freakin much a month? Nope. It's all greed. - Rahsheen
I don't believe for a moment that even though nature manages to keep the population of every other species in existence (and out of existence) in check based on the availability of resources, that somehow humans can continue to reproduce at will until some kind of catastrophe. The fear of human overpopulation is yet another symptom of anthropocentrism. If nature wasn't capable of homeostasis, the entire surface of the earth would be overwhelmed by insects and covered in bacterial sludge. - Victor Ganata
and yet, in nature, when a population increases to an unsustainable level, the correction is the deaths of many in that population until it does reach a sustainable level once again. Nature certainly has plenty of booms and busts in populations of many species - we even have a phrase for the times many species reach such an unsustainable level... "plague of x". Sure, people won't... more... - alphaxion
In nature, populations *don't* rise to unsustainable levels. What you're describing is a situation where population reaches a stable, sustainable equilibrium, and then that equilibrium gets disrupted by some external catastrophe, like famine, or war, or things like dinosaur-killing asteroid impacts. The distinction I'm making is that population itself is not the problem--it's the fact that the availability of resources can change quite dramatically fairly quickly. - Victor Ganata
We have enough to go around, but our global distribution systems are broken. And by that, I don't mean 'redistribution', I mean simple distribution (ie. getting stuff to people who want it enough to pay). This is most apparent in basics like food and water, but it is evident everywhere. - Michael R. Bernstein
No. I believe that some people would rather have more than they need, even if it means others die. These people naturally tend to become powerful, so the institutional structure of most societies forces that outcome. "Normal" people with compassion just assume that because it's been that way, it must be. And until more of them believe that change is possible, it cannot and will not happen. - Lo
Curvy women activate reward centre in men's brains | Mail Online -
Curvy women activate reward centre in men's brains
 | Mail Online
Curvy women activate reward centre in men's brains
 | Mail Online
Curvy women activate reward centre in men's brains
 | Mail Online
"For millions of women fretting about their weight the news will be a huge relief, men prefer a curvier figure. Not only that, the effect on the male brain of a shapely woman is, apparently, comparable with that of beer and brandy. According to research, figures such as Beyonce's also light up the male brain in the same way as illegal drugs. Acknowledging that the findings were not groundbreaking, Dr Steven Platek reckoned: 'Hugh Hefner could have told us that by showing us how many zeroes are in his bank account. 'But there is more to it than buying Playboy, Maxim or FHM. 'The caucasian, westernised female has somehow been duped into thinking men like very skinny, waify, Kate Moss-type girls. Curviness is the trump card. It's worth it's reproductive weight in gold." - RAPatton from Bookmarklet
"'This research explains things like sexual harassment and whistling at the hot girl in the street. 'These findings could help further our understanding of pornography addiction and related disorders and lend to the scientific inquiry about infidelity.' Researchers in Georgia, in the U.S., scanned the brains of 14 young men as they looked at before and after pictures of nude women who... more... - RAPatton from iPhone
"Dr Platek, of Georgia Gwinnett College, said this could be because wide hips have long been linked with good health - and the ability to carry healthy babies. However, altering a woman's weight only lit up areas involved in simple visual evaluations of research and shape. The study is one of several recently to offer hope to Miss Average. In December scientists announced that men don't hanker after women whose legs go forever. And last month they said having a big bottom is good for health." - RAPatton from iPhone
doğrudur - İrfan
You can say that again, irfan - RAPatton from iPhone
Somehow my reward center is lying dormant in response to this. - Derrick
"This research explains things like sexual harassment and whistling at the hot girl in the street." AYFKM? - Ayşe E.
This research excuses... ? ;) Oh and it's the Daily Mail. They don't really *like* women. - Pete's Got To Go
Srsly, Pete. That is some specious HORSESHIT right there. - Ayşe E.
It was in a variety of news sources at google news, like: and I just go with Daily Mail because they always have the best pictures - RAPatton from iPhone
Still, the DM is... odd to say the least. - Pete's Got To Go
Yep, the DM looooooves "research" that allows them to reiterate tired cliches about human behavior (while also taking every opportunity to plaster their pages w/ eyecandy). - Ayşe E.
i agree - İrfan
Reward Center? So that's what we're calling it these days? - Kevin (aka ThreadKilla)
I guess that proves fashion ads really are for the women. - Todd Hoff
"Darling, your hourglass figure is particularly stimulating". Awesome new pickup line for me to try tonight - LarchOye
"The study is one of several recently to offer hope to Miss Average. In December scientists announced that men don't hanker after women whose legs go forever." yeah I guess it's nice to eventually reach the finish line - LarchOye
Alana Joy
Heeheeee, WHEEEEEEEEE; that's living the life - sofarsoShawn
Eneeee ben :) - serkeş panda
get yer butt outta the way!! lol - Tatty Gibson
:) what it don't stink :P - sofarsoShawn
thank you for finding & posting this. Ridiculously adorable. - amygeek
funny bear! - John Morris
bayılıyorum şu hayvanlara.. (i love these animals) - Mücahit Yılmaz
Need I say more? - Roberto Bonini
How did I miss this?!?! So adorable... :-) - Lisa L. Seifert
:D they never fail to make me grin ear to ear & you're welcome @amygeek :) - sofarsoShawn
April Russo (FForever!)
Nouns and verbs are learned in different parts of the brain -
Nouns and verbs are learned in different parts of the brain
""Learning nouns activates the left fusiform gyrus, while learning verbs switches on other regions (the left inferior frontal gyrus and part of the left posterior medial temporal gyrus)," says Antoni Rodríguez-Fornells, co-author of the study and an ICREA researcher at the Cognition and Brain Plasticity Unit of the University of Barcelona." - Shevonne from Bookmarklet
Mark H
Viewing the Universe Through "Alien Eyes" -
Viewing the Universe Through "Alien Eyes"
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"Our human window on the Universe is terribly small within a stunningly small range of wavelengths. With our eyes we see wavelengths between 0.00004 and 0.00008 of a centimeter (where, not so oddly, the Sun and stars emit most of their energy). The human visual spectrum from violet to red is but one octave on an imaginary electromagnetic piano with a keyboard hundreds of kilometers long." - Mark H from Bookmarklet
I am reminded of Aldous Huxley's writings concerning the "blinders" we wear... - Anthony Citrano
Space & Astronautics News
The Obama administration will work with Congress in developing a plan for sending astronauts to Mars and will release it in the “coming months,” the head of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration said today.
See-ming Lee 李思明 SML
Drumaxx = 16 physically modeled drum pads that can be routed to independent outputs for external effects processing #audio #tools - feature interesting payment system - "pay what you think it's worth" - until march 31st, get it at a minimum of 9 Euro and developer donate 1USD from each sale to support Haiti earthquake victims -
Drumaxx = 16 physically modeled drum pads that can be routed to independent outputs for external effects processing  #audio #tools - feature interesting payment system - "pay what you think it's worth" - until march 31st, get it at a minimum of 9 Euro and developer donate 1USD from each sale to support Haiti earthquake victims
Drumaxx = 16 physically modeled drum pads that can be routed to independent outputs for external effects processing  #audio #tools - feature interesting payment system - "pay what you think it's worth" - until march 31st, get it at a minimum of 9 Euro and developer donate 1USD from each sale to support Haiti earthquake victims
"Drumaxx is not based on samples or even commonly used 'synthesis' techniques, where oscillators are mixed and the result is always 'electronic'. Drumaxx uses modeling algorithms to create bass drums, hi-hats, snares, realistic and electronic sounds too. But what about the traditional 'Achilles' heel' of synthesis, cymbals? Drumaxx creates cymbals and metallic percussion also. At the core of Drumaxx is a model where the vibrating membrane is represented as a mesh of interconnected points. Each point is given physical properties including mass, inertia, stiffness, damping, and all that good physics stuff. For the musician, this means Drumaxx gives you control over multiple parameters such as material, thickness, tension and shape. More importantly, the parameters can be modulated in real-time as a function of velocity or external controls. The drum body is also under user control too, including body material, size, vibration damping, and shape. All this gives you multi-dimensional performance options, a Matrix of variables providing nearly infinite possibilities." - See-ming Lee 李思明 SML from Bookmarklet
Özer (Wrzl) Dölekoğlu
Al dedi, godaddy.
like kıza değil lafa. - asli topcu
Aslı kız zaten rakı masasında meze. - Özer (Wrzl) Dölekoğlu
ilk resimde garipp bir PS etkisi var.. - Yunus Tunak
o kadının konuşmasından mix yapmışlardı demi :)) - Serkan Algur
o değilde arkadaki yaşlı moruğun götürdüklerine bakın - asdlasdlas
securerock ne yaaa burda bari olmasin ahah - 4 yorum daha
4yd buralar gördüğün her yer bana ait :9 ndmk istysn sn - asdlasdlas
Güzel yere reklam almış :) - levonardo
fakat orda neye 10 puan verdiklerini görebilsek şahane olurdu bence - montgomeryinanilmaz
Godaddy bunu hep yapıyor, tv reklamları (mahkemede geçen) da bu moddaydı. Bu tip ucuz reklamlar yerine user interface'lerini daha kolay yapmalarını tercih ederdim. 1and1 ve MyDomain'e göre çok karışık bir arayüzü var, her seferinde kayboluyorum ve support'a mail atıyorum. not: 1. fotoyu photoshop'la sıfırdan yapsalar daha az zaman harcarlardı :)) - Serkan Ünsal
1. resim için biraz mavi ton kullansalarmış abla bildiğin navi oalcakmış. - Aykut Önen
o değil de ikinci fotoğrafta, sol alt köşedeki yaratık nedir? - Mustafa Öztürk
Sascha Wasek
Where You've Seen Her: Kiira Korpi may not be the best athlete in this years winter Olympics, but she's certainly the hottest. A figure skater from Finland, Kiira has opened the doors for many young Americans to choose their next Foreign Exchange destination to be her very own country. Hopefully all the Finnish girls are as hot as she is. Pointless Quote: "Figure Skate is cool." - Sascha Wasek from Bookmarklet
Alana Joy
Associate with men of good quality if you esteem your own reputation; for it is better to be alone than in bad company. ~ George Washington
Anthony Farrior
Who actually needs a 64GB SD card? -
Who actually needs a 64GB SD card?
ME - LarchOye
See-ming Lee 李思明 SML
"Envisioned by AGENT, a strategic intelligence embassy, the “CTRUS” is a see-through soccer ball that imitates the bounce of an inflated pneumatic soccer ball, but without losing the air, giving transparency to the game of soccer. In fact, it does not need air to recoil and perform. Claimed to be the first soccer ball you can see through, CTRUS’ functional principle is based on the mechanical properties of its materials, i.e. an inner structure (skelle-core) and an outer net-embedded shell, which is carved out of reinforced elastomer to make it more flexible in comparison to regular soccer balls. The hybrid soccer ball comes integrated with an interactive detection system that communicating wirelessly with control stations at the stadium changes its color to display the critical game situations, such as goal, offside, kick force, travel speed and if the ball is over the goal line or outside the field of play, via a GPS/RFID inner light. With CTRUS, now referees will have a closer look on the game to prevent controversial decisions. Check out more images as well as the videos after the jump." - See-ming Lee 李思明 SML from Bookmarklet
Kol Tregaskes
OneSocialWeb - Creating a free, open, and decentralized social networking platform. -
OneSocialWeb - Creating a free, open, and decentralized social networking platform.
"The purpose of onesocialweb is to enable free, open, and decentralized social applications on the web. Its protocol can be used to turn any XMPP server into a full fledged social network, participating in the onesocialweb federation. The suite of extensions covers all the usual social networking use cases such as user profiles, relationships, activity streams and third party applications. In addition, it provides support for fine grained access control, realtime notification and collaboration." - Kol Tregaskes from Bookmarklet
Is this a similar idea to what OpenFF is going to be? - Kol Tregaskes
@Kol I imagine it is. Would be great to connect and discuss. I've just applied for membership to your google group. Feel free to also jump in our onesocialweb discussion group if you have questions/ideas/feedback. - Eschnou
Alana Joy
There are few things more intoxicating than one of those hours long makeout sessions where time just blurs. 2 weeks in a *lifetime*? #prude
Bret Taylor
Computer Engineer Barbie Debuts at NYC Toy Fair -
Computer Engineer Barbie Debuts at NYC Toy Fair
"Not only will Computer Engineer Barbie be attached to her shiny pink laptop and Bluetooth earpiece, but Mattel worked closely with the Society of Women Engineers to ensure that Barbie's fashions were as geek chic as possible." Awesome. - Bret Taylor from Bookmarklet
If Barbie were truly with it, that would be an iPad she's holding. And a Bluetooth earpiece? Really? When I see people walking around with a Bluetooth earpiece, "geek chic" isn't what comes to mind... - April Buchheit
I'm sorry but Bluetooth headsets scream "d-bag" to me. I once saw a guy leave it in for a 2 hour flight. - Joe Beda from iPhone
April, remember, she's an engineer; she probably has an iPad and takes it on social outings, but needs a real laptop (with a keyboard and a non-wimpy processor and the ability to download and run any software you please) for coding. - Tudor Bosman
I'm with you on the Bluetooth earpiece, though. That has to go. - Tudor Bosman
So is this White Trash Barbie's alter ego? - Jeff P. Henderson
So the geek chic are back to holding phones up to their heads? Cool. I got tired of charging mine. - MiniMage
I'm so getting this for my daughter - she'd love it! - Jesse Stay
This is awesome! Makes me smile ;) - Susan Beebe
Hormone oxytocin may help Asperger's patients - -
Hormone oxytocin may help Asperger's patients -
"People with Asperger's syndrome, a mild form of autism, dramatically improve their social learning skills and spend more time gazing at pictures of faces after inhaling the social-bonding hormone oxytocin, researchers have found. The study, published Monday in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, is the first to demonstrate the effects of oxytocin -- a hormone that promotes mother-infant bonding, socialization, trust and cooperation -- in people diagnosed with Asperger's. It led some experts to speculate that supplementing the normally low oxytocin levels in people with autism disorders may help their social interactions." - RAPatton from Bookmarklet
"In the study, 13 subjects with Asperger's syndrome and a control group were quizzed about photos of human faces. Such images normally prompt Asperger's subjects to avert their gaze, especially avoiding the eyes. For 90 minutes after inhaling oxytocin, those subjects were more willing to study faces, including the eyes. They were also better able to tell whether they were being ignored... more... - RAPatton
It may help in a controlled study, but I don't think that giving Asperger's cases oxytocin is a great idea in the wild - RAPatton
Dusty mirrors on the moon obscure tests of relativity - space - 15 February 2010 - New Scientist -
Dusty mirrors on the moon obscure tests of relativity - space - 15 February 2010 - New Scientist
"The Apollo astronauts knew that moon dust was troublesome stuff. Now that dust could limit our ability to find cracks in Einstein's general theory of relativity. Many of our best tests of relativity come from lunar ranging experiments. Several times a month, teams of astronomers from three observatories blast the moon with pulses of light from a powerful laser and wait for the reflections from a network of mirrors placed on the lunar surface by the Apollo 11, 14 and 15 missions, as well as two Soviet Lunokhod landers. By timing the light's round trip, they can pinpoint the distance to the moon with an accuracy of around a millimetre – a measurement so precise that it has the potential to reveal problems with general relativity. But now Tom Murphy from the University of California, San Diego, who leads one of the teams at the Apache Point Observatory in Sunspot, New Mexico, thinks the mirrors have become coated in moon dust. "The lunar reflectors are not as good as they used to be by a factor of 10," he says." - RAPatton from Bookmarklet
See-ming Lee 李思明 SML
This is also how you shoot a photographer. - Morton Fox
isn't he afraid? - John Morris
As a photographer, I feel that I am fearless behind my camera :) - See-ming Lee 李思明 SML
Robert Bob Angeles
[digg] Toshiba Develops 1TB Solid State Drive Size of Postage Stamp
Ⓒⓗⓡⓘⓢ Ⓟⓘⓡⓘⓛⓛⓞ
Valentine's Day gifts aren't mandatory. What's up with the inflated sense of entitlement out there?
Alana Joy
It's a lot like life, this play between the sheets: with you on top and me underneath...
Mark H
Eye See: Astronomical Architecture Of The Jantar Mantar | Design + Ideas on WU -
Eye See: Astronomical Architecture Of The Jantar Mantar | Design + Ideas on WU
Eye See: Astronomical Architecture Of The Jantar Mantar | Design + Ideas on WU
Eye See: Astronomical Architecture Of The Jantar Mantar | Design + Ideas on WU
"The Jantar Mantar – 5 sprawling astronomical observatories – was built by Maharaja Jai Singh II in the early years of the 18th century. Not one of these elaborate ancient observatories boasted a telescope. What they had, and have still, are grandeur, beauty, and exceptional accuracy as calculating instruments." - Mark H from Bookmarklet
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