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This morning's commute was so busy.
Me: 1. Tree: 0..
Arggggh. 20 people in line at the DMV.
We're watching Breakfast At Tiffany's.
Check your privilege? Perhaps people shouldn't be so quick to jump to conclusions about others.
Is #Whiskas about to shaft you? 2 kg bag on right - $6.79. New 1 kg bag on left. Same price for HALF as much!!
Nothing that matters is e'er done temporarily.
OH: He's not my ex-husband. He's my "has"-band.
Watching an idiot in an Infiniti who parked in the handicapped spot so he could run into a coffee shop and get a coffee. #idiot #entitled
RT @will_highfield: Turned all lights and electrical devices on, upped the heat to 35 and am running all the faucets in the house #EarthHour2014 #FTW oh wait...
Us too. “@gregpew: EVERY light is on in our house as we celebrate #EarthHour2014
RT @Sullivans_Projs: My contribution to #EarthHour2014 is to save you damned #Libs from mercury poisoning.
RT @iconapix: Celebrating Earth Hour with @Rogershelps... Internet dropped like a stone just when it started lol. @Velcom #EarthHour2014
People who insist on turning out the lights yet continue Twittering really amaze me. #EarthHour2014
Note to #charmin: Nobody knows what "the bird brand" is. Your ad agency = #fail
Waiting for the show to start. No more #instagram for me. :)
I was one of the earliest #Instagram users, but their apparent lack of any customer service means the app is now gone from my phone.
#Instagram disabled my account for "violating community guidelines". No explanation. No one to contact. One more unsatisfied ex-customer.
My Jawbone #UP no longer goes into sleep mode, and today when syncing I lost 7000 steps. #fail
Can't watch right now so I'm TiVoing #AncientAliens for later.
Ok. Listening to the KW Symphony play the theme from Indiana Jones brings a huge childish grin to my face. :)
You can tell the symphony from the audience without a program. @ Centre In The Square
It’s easy to get trampled if you aren’t looking. -
Dark Patterns: Intentionally confusing the user. -
The goal is to make driving painful. -
Comparing oil and gas prices. -
We’re off to see the Wizard. -
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