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RT @tim_cook: Happy Earth Day! “Better can’t be better if it doesn’t consider everything”.
RT @RWW: Easy Arduino: Two Projects To Help You Get Started by @laureninspace
My answer to What are the steps I should follow to self-learn and become a full stack Ruby on Rails web developer?
Head over to MacHeist to get $1,786 in Apple Design Award winning Mac apps for just $20! And a free copy of Scapple!
Happy Birthday to my little girl.
Another bump up to an earlier flight! Thanks @united
Thanks @United for quickly moving me to an earlier flight to help me get home sooner!
I'm still a loyal iPhone user, but lots of interesting new features in Windows phone 8.1
RT @jeresig: My favorite April Fool's day joke, so far: using a lathe to make a piece of firewood:
Tomorrow, I have to find out a way to work: “let’s conduct a thought experiment” into a work conversation. #Cosmos
Watching Cosmos with my daughter. Kids ask really smart questions.
RT @gassee: @hblodget is right: Treating humans like things doesn’t work.
RT @BadAstronomer: Need more astronomical beauty in your life? Here’s a hi-res pic blog featuring my friend @BabakTafreshi’s stuff.
"Give your customers what they haven’t even asked for" - I look at the role of technology in #customerexperience
RT @Ihnatko: Here’s the link for Microsoft Office Mobile for iPad, which the App Store app couldn’t locate:
RT @alfredapp: Something a bit special coming to workflows in the next Alfred 2 release…
RT @brandlogic: Why Google Flu is a failure: the hubris of big data via @jorgebarba -Contextual data makes big data better.
RT @anildash: Exemplary response from @twitter & @vijaya to Turkish blocking: Also glad open protocols made workarounds possible.
What makes a good engineer? by @dpup
Decrease friction for a better Customer Experience (brandlogic blog) - Read my latest blog post & leave a comment
RT @MeredithFrost: This Wizard Of Oz synopsis never gets old.
RT @brandlogic: MT @Cisco_Mobile Google Now officially lands in Chrome #nlproc - How companies interact with customers is changing.
RT @jowyang: Makerbot says culture is SO important that they often hire based on the Cover Letter NOT the resume #dent2014
RT @core: Google, The Monologue Company: #google -Nice post pointing out a big part of customer experience is dialog.
RT @RWW: Facebook Unveils Hack, A New Programming Language For Bug-Free Coding by @selenalarson
Really great collection of HTML/CSS hacks that don't require JavaScript.
RT @jeresig: This is nothing more dystopian than wishing to replace the humanities with something that can "make money".
Interesting: Poor sales of "The History of Fish", almost prevented the publishing of Newton's "Principia"—imagine that.
RT @COSMOSonTV: ✧ . · ✶ . ° #Comet . ° ✧  ☼   ·   .     ☄ ✧ . · ✶ ✶   ✧  . ° ✩ ✦ #cosmos ✧ .
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