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Steve Gillmor
GIllmor Gang, recording live today 1pm PT participate at http://www.building43.com/realtim...
I am ready, under 1 hour to go :) - @LarsenTweet
Did you see the Bloomberg Business Week article on Bezos? He sounds very much like Steve Jobs - unable to tolerate people who disagree with him, because he is so brilliant. Maybe there is a better way of describing what amazon employees refer to as his "nutters." My question: to build an innovative, dynamic, and global organization today, does the CEO have to act in an emotionally immature way [or however you describe it] in order to motivate people to perform "up to the CEO's high standards"? - Brad Acker
Brad - IMO passionate leaders tend to motivate employees much more than dispassionate leaders. (That doesn't necessarily require the type of verbal abuse and cruelty that Steve Jobs was known for in his younger days) But the key here is that these leaders also have to inspire others with their vision and push their employees beyond their own self-imposed limitations. Some employees will hate this and others will love it. Some will hate it while it's happening only to love and appreciate it later. - Ankush Narula
I'm here. Can't wait to talk about what I learned at Salesforce yesterday. :-) Just kidding, but context plays big in its future. Makes sense as to why Marc Benioff agreed to write the forward of our book. - Robert Scoble
I am interested in what you are making on your book...Is it worth the time you put into it yet? I know you are getting more out of than just money. But curious how the publishing industry has changed. - Tony Stanislawski
I am not looking for numbers just a sense of the cost benefit of time you put into it - Tony Stanislawski
oh man, left my headphones at home. I'm going to go borrow some. And get my salad. brb. - Laura Norvig
Google's new Terms of Service and Shared Endorsement setting (which you must opt out of) - for some reason I think they will get more shit for this than Facebook - Ankush Narula
I am not making anything. Shel gets all of the money until we hit $200,000 of revenues. I didn't do the book for the money. But, it's selling nicely so far. More important to me are the reviews. More than 100 five-star reviews so far and they keep coming in. - Robert Scoble
Robert that is what I thought. Your press has been amazing so far. - Tony Stanislawski
I am here, you can take off - Ludwig Ederle
I have touted the book to my students. - Tony Stanislawski
Thanks Tony! - Robert Scoble
Still waiting for the call. So probably starting a bit late today. - Robert Scoble
Now get Google to release Glass so I can join the revolution... - Tony Stanislawski
Release in Europe as well, please - Ludwig Ederle
+Moto X - Ludwig Ederle
Robert: so how did the beacons work out? did you have to load any code on them? or did you just associate each one to some URL on the web? - Ankush Narula
btw, how's your government doing? - Ludwig Ederle
Hello from Northern Ireland, hope you are all well as usual? - Darren James
Robert had a good discussion on FB - Tony Stanislawski
about the Gov - Tony Stanislawski
Yes, I saw that. It's embarrassing, isn't it? I mean, what are these people elected for? - Ludwig Ederle
dealing with an audio issue folks, stand by but no chance of cancel, just need to tweak - Tina Chase Gillmor
hi everyone :) - Charlie Isaacs
Did anyone catch the new Nest smoke alarm. Seems very well timed to push things further into the sensor driven world. If a smoke alarm has so many sensors and features.. what a creative mind might think of for anything else. - Michael Roberts
WHEN KEVIN COMES IN SCREAM IN CAPS.... thank you ....the management ;-) - Tina Chase Gillmor
Only if the trees make their usual appearance - Matthew Voshell
yes, the new Nest alarm is cool, it should really catch fire. oops, bad metaphor - Charlie Isaacs
@scoblezier if you want to have some fun with you Estimotes along with all your other IOT devices make sure you check out. http://thethingsystem.com/ - Jerry Schuman
here we go - Tina Chase Gillmor
Hey, anyone going to LeWeb in Paris? - Ludwig Ederle
hey Tina if you need help here is a script: and we're live 3 2 1 and or something like that - Charlie Isaacs
Our government is screwed. - Robert Scoble
Apparently - Ludwig Ederle
You mean we are screwed @robert - Tony Stanislawski
watching this while i wait https://www.youtube.com/watch... - Laura Norvig
good to know the gillmor gang isn't shutdown - Michael Roberts
Howdy! - Nir Ben Yona
but they are about to have a positive press conference announcing that they will vote on a delay to postpone the delay that will defer the vote to delay - Charlie Isaacs
We don't talk politics on +GillmorGang, that's what NewsGang was for ;-) - Jerry Schuman
We should have newsgang back - Keith Teare
I hear the lovely Tina - Charlie Isaacs
I see you. - Laura Norvig
visual + audio good this end - Darren James
Nice shirt, @robert - christina sponselli
Sound like Yoda, he does not. - Jerry Schuman
i see more - Arnie Klaus
I can see people - Ian Waring
we see live people - Charlie Isaacs
I see robert isn't wearing glass... again.. second show now. - Michael Roberts
Yea this is the first week the audio is sync'd with the video in 2 week s - Matthew Voshell
Including yours... - Jerry Schuman
You got a hair cut - Ludwig Ederle
Estimote fun....! - Jerry Schuman
oops - Laura Norvig
you are your government - flyinthesoup
being a former gvot contractor... they still is windows server 2003 as the latest and greatest :/ - Matthew Voshell
just lost ya - Laura Norvig
Testcard - Ian Waring
Wow. That was short. - Murray Macdonald
restarting - Ankush Narula
oh what the heck, one more time will be the charm...love you guys - Tina Chase Gillmor
Must be a government program! - Arnie Klaus
+1 arnie - Ankush Narula
that's what happens when you criticize the govt. they shut us down :-o Robert's fault :) - Charlie Isaacs
We are restarting. - Robert Scoble
rebooting the gillmor gang - Michael Roberts
yay! - Matt Hicks
haha - Ankush Narula
Nice Gadget in the Background John - Arnie Klaus
It was Microsoft fault, it required a CTRL-ALT-DEL - Charlie Isaacs
if only the government could do a CTRL-ALT-DEL - Michael Roberts
@robert thoughts on nexus 5? - Matthew Voshell
iPhone 5s has a Blue Screen bug http://bit.ly/16VE3cb - Nir Ben Yona
This Google ads will go south within 4 weeks, is my bet - Ludwig Ederle
Apparently iPhones 5S are already being discounted by $50 - Murray Macdonald
New HP chromebook is getting bad reviews too - Matthew Voshell
My 5S has been extremely stable - Jerry Schuman
iOS 7 => very buggy - iPad 3 even worse - Ankush Narula
I'm still following Benioff's recommendation to read Autobiography of a Yogi. 18 hours 6 mins on Audible. 2/3 through at the gym. Then I'll read Scobles book (on iPad, ready to go) - Ian Waring
I have a Nest thermostat i'll prob be getting the protect in my new house i have to get ones anyway - Matthew Voshell
Our development team says it's a development issue, not an iOS 7 issue - Ludwig Ederle
New iPads coming up October 22nd (still unconfirmed). - Nir Ben Yona
also, healthcare.gov is pretty buggy - Jerry Schuman
Nest Fire Alarm announced on the BBC today - Ian Waring
MicroSkype - Arnie Klaus
plus a bottle of Scotch - Jerry Schuman
for those that know of oclulos rift sony is making its play... or course is packed with tons of propritery hardware http://www.sony.co.uk/hub... - Matthew Voshell
its also default 16:9 aspect ratio too - Matthew Voshell
Nice tina - Ankush Narula
SLIGHT suggestion from scobles lol - Matthew Voshell
Robert you should come join our #VUC call at 9am on Fridays. It's the longest running VoIP conference call. Over 7 years and held every Friday. We do it on hangouts and simulcast across a VoIP HD bridge. - Jerry Schuman
CamTwist two shots - Jerry Schuman
Its coming! - Tony Stanislawski
I can do switching on Hangouts without issue... - Jerry Schuman
does it come with a Tina Chas Gilmor? ;-) - Darren James
I also do remote cameras without issue.. all in software, no hardware. - Jerry Schuman
So what would you need a TriCaster for? - Ludwig Ederle
WireCast/Camtwist - Jerry Schuman
Jerry: cool. - Robert Scoble
But Google's use of your comments is public. No so with FB's use. - christina sponselli
Jerry: usually I don't have time to add more, though - Robert Scoble
You can download the hangouts video after the fact too https://support.google.com/youtube... - Matthew Voshell
That's the new Google TOS - Ankush Narula
Robert, aware of your exceedingly consumed time. Make sure you take a look at http://thethingsystem.com/ for your Estimotes.... too much fun. - Jerry Schuman
But they're integrating this with AdSense now - Ankush Narula
Oops - I liked the Urban Dictionary of Facebook today - Ian Waring
We are the content, and we are the ads. So pay us. - Laura Norvig
Facebook is copying more google with the head of tail posts by the verge and the likes being spliced into my freind feed, feels very google+-y - Matthew Voshell
S/of/on - Ian Waring
Comments in the age of context. - christina sponselli
Oh Oh Robert....How many 5 star reviews? - Tony Stanislawski
uh oh, my battery is low - Kevin Marks
Can't wait for a Google Nexus 5 (with snapdragon 800 @ 2.3ghz and 3000 mAH battery). Also looking forward to flexible displays. The Samsung curved display looks silly, but the LG flex display looks great. No more broken screens. - Murray Macdonald
don't say that when jewish people are on the call - Ed Schlesinger
Is it on Itunes Robert? - Arnie Klaus
How many are corrupt? :) - Tony Stanislawski
how many fake twitter followrs to people have? same shit - Matthew Voshell
Hold on guys - Arnie Klaus
"It's like a penis measuring contest" -Robert Scoble for Viagra - Ankush Narula
no pun intended - Ed Schlesinger
I just reviewed it :) not the body part you mentioned Robert but the book - Charlie Isaacs
Is there an app for that on your Google Glass? - Jerry Schuman
Topic: Yahoo's email inbox revamp? - Matthew Voshell
I just measure it - Ed Schlesinger
the reviews; - Ed Schlesinger
as long as it's not a Readers Digest version - Charlie Isaacs
Dave Winer wanted a longer twitter - we have Weave: http://waterpigs.co.uk/extensi... - Kevin Marks
Topic: Dropcam Pro..... i want one... so cool - Matthew Voshell
Siri on iOS 7 is much improved. Transcribes my messages when driving perfectly - Ian Waring
Google hangouts does not come with Tina, but I might consider using it for a show I might host... - Tina Chase Gillmor
@Ian i find that google voice rec through the google search app on ios is still better than siri - Matthew Voshell
Jared Diamond: The Third Chimpanzee: The Evolution and Future of the Human Animal will answer all your questions. - Arnie Klaus
we could do an experimental one - Kevin Marks
What about the supposed hire of Vivian Schiller for Twitter News! - Tony Stanislawski
Apple doesn't have the cloud services to back a contextual OS - Ankush Narula
He did not run the fuel band team... he headed up the Innovations Lab. - Jerry Schuman
@Tina lol... What are "tina" s going for these days? Thats a hot commodity no? - Matthew Voshell
@Mathew: Can you save videos on your laptop / SD card? (other than their cloud service). - Nir Ben Yona
Ankush ++ - Murray Macdonald
Jerry sorry about that, thanks. - Robert Scoble
Could do Gillmor: After show/hours on hangout on air for test and further explain that penis test - Matthew Voshell
Apple is heading directly into true lifestyle technology... fashion is coming and quickly - Jerry Schuman
Bow to greater experience on Google Voice - not used it here - Ian Waring
@Nir in ref to google hangouts on air? - Matthew Voshell
must we explain the penis test? - Tina Chase Gillmor
Matthew: A Hangout with your wang out? - Ankush Narula
Google Now knows my desktop searches on my mobile. I search on my desktop, get in the car and it has driving instructions. - Murray Macdonald
this is devolving very quickly - Ed Schlesinger
@Ankush... yes... yes indeed - Matthew Voshell
Google Now cards on a watch may be the only decent app for a watch - Ian Waring
@Mathew In reference to Dropcam Pro. - Nir Ben Yona
Robert, do you have a Nymi bracelet on the way? - Jerry Schuman
will that test "stand up" to scrutiny Tina? - Charlie Isaacs
Apple won't let me use Chrome on iOS - they make it very difficult - Ankush Narula
Jerry: I don't think so. I have said yes to so much hardware lately not sure. - Robert Scoble
You can now queue Google calendar reminders onto future Google Now cards - Ian Waring
Chrome allows WebRTC - Murray Macdonald
SO who really uses WebRTC? - Ludwig Ederle
NYMI is a BLE bracelet specific to EKG fingerprinting for security... freaking rocks - Jerry Schuman
i use safari on mac as chrome doesnt work well with gestures, the add-on is all back to front and not that great - Darren James
Instapaper/Readability/Pocket - Ankush Narula
who cares about reading list? - Ankush Narula
anyone using google hangouts - Kevin Marks
sounds like an endorsement, John - Jerome Hughes
@Nir I'm not sure, it has offically released yet but i know thier cloud service is really how they make money; I dont know what you can pull the videos out, espically that thier software in teh cloud helps you fast forward to actions http://www.engadget.com/2013... - Matthew Voshell
I use hangouts on a daily basis - Jerry Schuman
Readability - Ankush Narula
freaky europeans have this thing with google, so few use hangouts :-( - Ludwig Ederle
Kevin, when I get invited on a Google Hangout I join, otherwise I don't use it - Charlie Isaacs
Colleagues are trying a public hangout in a couple of weeks, Kevin. - christina sponselli
Readability extension for Chrome - Ankush Narula
Jerry - tell be the shortcomings of hangouts - Tina Chase Gillmor
my daughter is in Paris ... using Google Hangouts - Ed Schlesinger
WebRTC is cool. P2P video without a server in the middle is cool. - Murray Macdonald
What are you them using for, Jerry - Ludwig Ederle
@Mathew OK.. Thanks! - Nir Ben Yona
Google email looks TERRIBLE VIA SAFARI - Ed Schlesinger
The killer feature for hangouts that is currently missing is Hangouts On Air but by invite only... when that comes to fruition watch enterprise use go through the roof - Jerry Schuman
You are right, Murray, but how many people use it? - Ludwig Ederle
Agreed - Chrome way better than Safari on MacBook Pro - Ed Schlesinger
I'm all apple hardare but i only really use chrome on MacOS but safari on iOS - Matthew Voshell
Chrome on iOS doesnt always load mobile versions of pages which is annoying - Matthew Voshell
I have a running Ambient Hangout for Co-Workers... and I use it for all my clients - Jerry Schuman
I don't get that Jerry: there are no Hangouts on Air by invite only? - Ludwig Ederle
@eventparrot - Nir Ben Yona
I started with Cisco Networking Academy on wednesday night and safari shits itself when trying to load the interactive content so i have to use chrome..i also use chrome for my Mega cloud storage - Darren James
no HOA are open to public... - Jerry Schuman
there is no constraining an HOA yet - Jerry Schuman
eventparrot - Tony Stanislawski
got it - Ludwig Ederle
HOA being the realtime YouTube version of the hangout - Jerry Schuman
Yea I only got on DM - Tony Stanislawski
in the hangout can be invite only... the broadcast can not - Jerry Schuman
Hangouts on air is invite only... the only people able to join it are invite, but you can also have it open for anyone to joinl you can always restrait who can view like most youtube videos (publc/people who have link) - Matthew Voshell
I just followed eventparrot today but nervous about getting too many DMs. Loving @magicrecs though, which is exactly how I heard about eventparrot - Laura Norvig
I use google drive alot and its way better on chrome than safari obiously - Matthew Voshell
@Robert He ran the Innovations Lab. - Nir Ben Yona
All you have to do is follow @EventParrot. It'll DM you with breaking news. - Charlie Isaacs
for ibeacons? - Darren James
Tina, the biggest thing about hangouts is 10+ users depending the version you have access too... and easy of use. - Jerry Schuman
Call me back, Mac died - Kevin Marks
I also have Estimotes - Jerry Schuman
does it increase your penis size? - Ed Schlesinger
Dev pack.. - Jerry Schuman
+Robert is holding up a RoachMotel - Charlie Isaacs
+1 charlie - Ankush Narula
The Estimote has both BLE and accelerometers on board - Jerry Schuman
Robert - What BT protocols does it support? PXP? (Proximity Protocol?) - Murray Macdonald
Low Energy Dating - Ankush Narula
walk away from bar and it can notify you of a 20% discount if you come back - Jerry Schuman
No.. the beacon - Jerry Schuman
Too much penis this show - Matthew Voshell
Ed.... He said it does "things' so maybe - Tina Chase Gillmor
Love you tina !!! - Ed Schlesinger
Spam Beacons = Facon - Ankush Narula
Accuracy is far more exact with BLE vs. GPS. Also 2+ year battery life - Jerry Schuman
less - Jerry Schuman
What do the apple stores use? How is it different then just doing what the apple does in having that self cheeckout i use it all the time - Matthew Voshell
lots of penis talk today... show name? - Tina Chase Gillmor
there is also an accelerometer - Jerry Schuman
Two inches to one device. To determine position you need to triangulate from multiple sensors, and multiple sensors will be affected by the stuff between them. - Murray Macdonald
I only got one DM - Tony Stanislawski
@Tina ambiguous genetalia - Matthew Voshell
"show us your..." - Tina Chase Gillmor
Laura: I followed @MagicRecs: got this message today: - Daniel W. Crompton
@VivianSchiller was just followed by @HilzFuld (11s ago), @dannysullivan, @Jason and 16 more - Daniel W. Crompton
Plus they are supposedly hiring Vivian Schillier who only tweeted 1800 times...OM had a good article on this yesterday - Tony Stanislawski
"triangulate this" - Ed Schlesinger
Wow, I'm sorry I'm late to today's show given these comments! - Tom Guarriello
Ed - good one - Tina Chase Gillmor
enterprise application - security? - Ed Schlesinger
Daniel, I am loving magicrecs. Generally get a few recs per week. Not overwhelming. - Laura Norvig
Me too re: magicrecs, Laura - Tom Guarriello
I discovered it yesterday when I found eventparrot. - Daniel W. Crompton
These would obviously be cheaper; what are they going to cost @Robert? - Matthew Voshell
electronic signage is another possible enterprise application - Ed Schlesinger
UStream on Iphone is 14 seconds ahead of desktop, yet I am able to respond to you in realtime on the desktop? Timewarp - Arnie Klaus
LTE-Advanced and HetNets will help with more accurate indoor mapping - Ankush Narula
BLE is going to be EVERYWHERE - Jerry Schuman
You can also do significant heat map analysis with these devices - Jerry Schuman
Interesting. I thought you can't mass DM your friends. With @eventparrot Twitter proves different. - Nir Ben Yona
Jerry, yes, everywhere and SOON - Tina Chase Gillmor
attendance, time entry systems - Ed Schlesinger
I sure am hoping so... I'm betting my farm on it. - Jerry Schuman
Could be leveraged for NAC too - Matthew Voshell
Workday, other ERP vendors - Ed Schlesinger
BLE proximity PXP protocol (https://developer.bluetooth.org/Technol...) supports a limited number of connected devices at a time. - Murray Macdonald
that's sad john - Ed Schlesinger
Retailers will fund BLE first no? - Ankush Narula
we hear everything fine - Daniel W. Crompton
Could you carry one on your person and design what gets broadcast to people around you - Tony Stanislawski
beacons not gps killer - Da
Tony, yes. - Jerry Schuman
Enterprise in social sheeps clothing - Aron Michalski
six degrees - Jerome Hughes
WHat?!!? I HEar a NOISE?!!? lord old man show - Matthew Voshell
Beacons will kill NFC technology. - Nir Ben Yona
NFC is dead - Jerry Schuman
cost for deployment between NFC and BLE is dramatic - Jerry Schuman
We're not hearing that noise... Perhaps it's in the headphones only. - Murray Macdonald
what noise? - Ankush Narula
Scoble is a foreground type, background is the enemy. - Aron Michalski
It sounds fine to me. - Laura Norvig
poor kevin - Darren James
have you spoken to your therapist about this Robert? - Ed Schlesinger
I hear tinfoil hats can help. - Laura Norvig
we're not hearing it on the outside - Charlie Isaacs
Tinfoil earmuffs. - Aron Michalski
I hear some guys talking - Ludwig Ederle
none of us can hear it - Matt Hicks
the audience isn't hearing it - Charlie Isaacs
Kevin Beacon - Jerome Hughes
How would you do this in google+ - Arnie Klaus
Yeah Kevin - get it together - Ankush Narula
beacons are gonna die if not adopted by android - Da
Penis talk to just being a dick...progress not perfection. - Aron Michalski
BLE is supported by Google in Android from the latest revs - Jerry Schuman
Kevin poor Kevin - Tony Stanislawski
Hide some estimotes under some seats at Dreamforce - Jerry Schuman
But the Android BTE stack only lets you get Radio Signal Strength when scanning. They'll need to update it to realistically support beacons. - Murray Macdonald
Android BTE is in rev 1 at the moment... they know what they need to bring to the party. Problem is they put their eggs in the NFC basket. - Jerry Schuman
Is the keynote being streamed live? - Matthew Voshell
dreamforce is also going to have a devzone area where dev's can hack with some of the new (and old) IoT devices - Charlie Isaacs
Robert you seriously need to get yourself a Nymi bracelet. - Jerry Schuman
Kevin I'm playing with a customizer NoterLive, don't you live tweet GillmorGang? - Daniel W. Crompton
Yes -keynotes are streamed live - as are many of the interviews - John Taschek
we have 9 sessions in the IoT track - Charlie Isaacs
The Android transition was from theBlueZ BT stack to the Broadcom BT stack. The Broadcom stack supports stuff that isn't yet available in the OS. You can write directly, but they need it in the OS. Perhaps 4.4 will support the new stuff. - Murray Macdonald
The Road to Dreamforce is here: http://www.salesforce.com/live... - John Taschek
now Robert is talking about stuff I'm not allowed to talk about :) - Charlie Isaacs
finally going to get discovery at the level it's needed - Jerry Schuman
Charlie: heheh. - Robert Scoble
Robert - Can we expect something similar from Web Summit at the end of the month here in ireland? - Darren James
Darren: yes. Hopefully that gets live streamed too. - Robert Scoble
Kevin's in the Matrix - Ankush Narula
lol - Darren James
I gave Robert indigestion by crashing his lunch :) - Charlie Isaacs
My daughter was Marc's wife fashion consultant - Jerry Schuman
Oh no, you muted Kevin! - Tom Guarriello
whoa. andy warhol-esque - Laura Norvig
Mum = Mom for the non-british - Matthew Voshell
It is hard to live tweet when talking - Kevin Marks
thanks Matthew - Keith Teare
LOL KEVIN - Charlie Isaacs
Now that you're muted I mean - Daniel W. Crompton
lol anytime kevin - Matthew Voshell
I'm in a Dreamforce State of Mind .... - Ed Schlesinger
i missed it... i was in the other room - Matthew Voshell
It means I don't have to manage my online community. Of course it also means the community will be hard to start up when the government opens. - Laura Norvig
will be soon... i'm in DC and all my feiends are tweeting form thier couch - Matthew Voshell
by the way - WHY wasn't the insurance exchanges built on the force.com platform - duh? - Ed Schlesinger
if a tree falls.... - Tina Chase Gillmor
Utah just opened all their parks... paid the fed to do it. - Jerry Schuman
Tina- lol. - Aron Michalski
LOL! hillarious - Jerry Schuman
Lots of stories of people being impacted, but Congress continues to get paid - christina sponselli
The shutdown is illegal - http://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode... - Seditious conspiracy - Murray Macdonald
This is embarrassing for the U.S. - Ludwig Ederle
This is just what the NWO wants.... plain and simple. Waiting for the economic collapse next. - Jerry Schuman
loose interpretation Murray - I've been asking around about this and Section 9 Article 1 - Ankush Narula
I'm a student. Or a senior. Whichever is cheaper. - Laura Norvig
NGL questions in a GG world... - Aron Michalski
congress should have to live like everyone else... that's the deal - Tina Chase Gillmor
true dat Aron - Tina Chase Gillmor
I had to switch to my nexus 7 as the mac died - Kevin Marks
Ankush - ...to prevent, hinder, or delay the execution of any law... - Murray Macdonald
I don't agree, Keith - Ludwig Ederle
Of the people, by the people is an app waiting to happen - Arnie Klaus
this show has turned into NGL. - Jerry Schuman
The interesting thing is that a conservative Brit would say the same thing. That is the difference - Tony Stanislawski
tina - I have to drop off at 2.20 - Keith Teare
Bezos start exerting that WaPost influence? - Matthew Voshell
ok Keith - Tina Chase Gillmor
Ludwig - elaborate - Keith Teare
government forgot what they are elected and paid for, but not only in the U.S., in Europe as well. - Ludwig Ederle
Lets hope the Ted Cruzes ride away on Google bikes - clive boulton
certain industries need govt invovlemtn.. or atleast give options... you want something cheapr but slow? us the USPS, want somethign faster but expensive? use FedEx - Matthew Voshell
Do the next show in Sign Language. - Murray Macdonald
Murray - I'm with you - but the lawyers i've talked to say it won't apply to congress - Ankush Narula
WTF? They've been stealing money out of your wallet for years under the guise of "maintaining infrastructure". How's the street lately in SF btw? - Jerry Schuman
We are the government - Its an app - crowdsourcing - Arnie Klaus
But the Koch brothers aren't congress. - Murray Macdonald
+1 Jerry - Ludwig Ederle
blue circle in the middle of his screen - Ed Schlesinger
the government and penises... redundant - Tina Chase Gillmor
hahaha - Ludwig Ederle
NSA owns Skype and Microsloth - Jerry Schuman
Ludwig - we don't disagree about that. incompetence or outright self-interest creates cynicism - Keith Teare
@Tina HERE HERE!!! - Matthew Voshell
Murray - so go find the evidence to charge them and make a case to the DOJ (when they re-open) - Ankush Narula
+1 Keith - Ludwig Ederle
How good is government at this in the US, Robert? Not good over here, not good at all - Ludwig Ederle
Ankush - I'm not an American. Just a spectator. - Murray Macdonald
The movement of control from the States to the Fed is the real crime of the century. - Jerry Schuman
national districts are drawn by state legislators ...der - Matthew Voshell
The day the Government cared about research and the future were a long time ago. - Tony Stanislawski
The Supreme Court with Citizens United ruling started this problem. Campaign Finance Reform is required. - Murray Macdonald
the lack of pork barrel without taking away districting seems to be the problem - Ed Schlesinger
Or going back to the basic meaning of public service - Ludwig Ederle
Robert that is where you are wrong. Do not fall into the trap of making all things equal - Tony Stanislawski
be nice if we were like england and have a 6 week election sessions; alan grayson on bill maher last week said congressmen spend on avg alteast 30 hours/week fundrasiing - Matthew Voshell
Murray - this has been going on longer thanCitizens United - that just made things legal (and worse) - Ankush Narula
its the combination of redistricting and pork barrel that greased the wheels - Ed Schlesinger
Well, british government isn't any better - Ludwig Ederle
Also these are not Republicans, these are Tea Baggers - Tony Stanislawski
yes; definitely strange bedfellows - Ed Schlesinger
Vote for whoever runs on Campaign Finance Reform. Sadly that's no one. - Murray Macdonald
redistricting means the representatives become lifers - Tina Chase Gillmor
without the government, there wouldn't be the internet - Da
These are not even close to agreeing with someone like GW Bush Senior who was in power not too long ago - Tony Stanislawski
Welcoming the rise of a true 3rd party. - Jerry Schuman
not a TRUE 3rd party. - Ed Schlesinger
I can't believe that a country like the US still has death penalty but no public health care but this battle on public finance - Ludwig Ederle
Don't landlines have ringer controls? - Ankush Narula
We didn't talk about the demise of Google TV .. - John Taschek
3rd party will never work in a winner take all system - Tony Stanislawski
Third time lucky? - Murray Macdonald
watch that be keith's wife or something... - Matthew Voshell
TV kills brain cells - Da
At least Colorado and Utah are dipping into the state coffers to open the national parks ... - John Taschek
no. its keith wanting to get to say something - Ed Schlesinger
The Whigs used to be the second party here in the US.... then there was a 3rd... and then no more whigs - Jerry Schuman
that was funny! - Ed Schlesinger
Did you hear about the NSA power-spike setting back their new facility? - Murray Macdonald
LOL at Keith - Tony Stanislawski
We interrupt this program... - Arnie Klaus
Leave it off the hook - Tony Stanislawski
Benioff donation to schools was good to see - Darren James
Deported back to UK ..:) - Tony Stanislawski
I'll take Keiths open slot ;-) - Jerry Schuman
If we're talking politics ... http://www.addictinginfo.org/2013... - Laura Norvig
gerrymandering by david horsey http://www.latimes.com/opinion... - clive boulton
Brad Stone - Nir Ben Yona
many states earn alot of national parks tourists revenues - Da
Amazon warehouse is coming to WI - Tony Stanislawski
Scoble will guide us out of the political mire... it's not shiny enough. - Aron Michalski
Sales tax on my purchases starts Nov 1 ...dang - Tony Stanislawski
In Europe Amazon warehouses are moving to Poland - Ludwig Ederle
im about to lock on a mortgage for a new built house... and i cant wait to lock before it hits the bceiling - Matthew Voshell
If foreigners can't get travel visas it's going to impact tourism. - Murray Macdonald
Forget the 16 million that have been out of work for the past 6 years - Jerry Schuman
not sure foreigners want travel visas any more with all that news on the transparent Obama administration, Bush was bad but it doesn't seem to get any better - Ludwig Ederle
what is it, 40% of congressmen think dinosaurs and man lived at the same time?? if they hate the government why do they run?! - Matthew Voshell
yeah, Brad Stone. - Robert Scoble
Dog poop got a higher approval rating than Congress. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013... - Murray Macdonald
Yeah - I heard an interview on Stone - it was interesting - that is here: http://www.businessweek.com/article... - John Taschek
In time voter demographics will change everything. - Murray Macdonald
Too much political chat. Catch you all next week. Stay safe! - Darren James
Culture wars, folks, culture wars...50 years and counting. - Tom Guarriello
libertarians would be that... but its hard for them to get any penetration... being fiscally conservative and socially liberal - Matthew Voshell
dems and repubs are too entrenched in the american psyche - 3rd major party is very unlikely - Ankush Narula
Is Kevin parked next to an airport runway? - Jerry Schuman
<-- libertarian.. don't count us out. - Jerry Schuman
The GOP are three separate parties. The Rich, the Religious and the Freedom Lovers. - Murray Macdonald
Murray: good point! - Robert Scoble
Jerry - you guys are divided between your own party and republicans - Ankush Narula
Jerry - supposedly he's as at a cafe in Half Moon Bay - Tina Chase Gillmor
money = free speach - Matthew Voshell
money = expensive speech - Ankush Narula
The third party will happen when the GOP fracture. - Murray Macdonald
money = corruption - Ed Schlesinger
if the horse's dead, stop riding it - Ludwig Ederle
I can't wait until Tina names this episode. - Laura Norvig
Keep bleeding the american public and see what transpires. - Jerry Schuman
I have watched a lot of cspan in the last two weeks. - Laura Norvig
politics is so important - Ed Schlesinger
is sorkin writing for Steve these days? - Ed Schlesinger
engage! - Ludwig Ederle
80% of America are walking zombies. - Jerry Schuman
"Digital Shutdown" - Murray Macdonald
"Measure up or mute" - Aron Michalski
Go Steve! - Tony Stanislawski
miley cyrus takes over the ethos... and our news is dumbed down... see this video of russell brand on MSNBC http://www.youtube.com/watch... - Matthew Voshell
woot! NewsGangLive is back! - Jerry Schuman
social media can engage more people in governance - Da
Watching US politics is one of my favorite spectator sports. Wish I could vote. - Murray Macdonald
I know where this is going. - Aron Michalski
give the students studentforce so they can apply to college and for scholarships - Ed Schlesinger
sorry - couldn't let it go! - Ed Schlesinger
Thanks for touching on Politics. More interesting than talking TV shows ;) - Murray Macdonald
Have a fun afternoon in Half Moon Bay! - Ludwig Ederle
Don't forget to update Facebook if you're in NY - Ankush Narula
Thanks guys! - Daniel W. Crompton
yeah GG Google hangout - clive boulton
good show - have a good weekend - thanks - Ankush Narula
JT does the Tina arm-wave - Charlie Isaacs
Good show guys! And great job of not decoupling what goes on in the US Gov. and what it means to pushing forward with context, technology, and the rise of geekdom! - Tony Stanislawski
Thanks Tina and team... - Murray Macdonald
Bye Bye - Ludwig Ederle
i still here that noise... does anyone else hear it? ;) - Matthew Voshell
always.. a great group. - Jerry Schuman
cheers everyone - Jerry Schuman
Entertaining & informative. Thanks. - christina sponselli
Robert - What was the name of those beacons? - Murray Macdonald
Estimote - Jerry Schuman
Thanks Jerry - Murray Macdonald
You can pre-order a dev pack but they're horribly backordered at the moment - Jerry Schuman
make sure and check out the NYMI bracelet too... - Jerry Schuman
Damn! I missed the show. Have to catch the replay this weekend. :( - Alex de Soto
Bad luck:( we missed - Mumbai Flora
Steve Gillmor
Looking forward to Gillmor Gang at 1pm - Kevin Marks
that's what I'm talking about - Vezquex
The Penultimate 2009 show! I'm now standing by waiting for the Skype call. - Robert Scoble
Connecting to the stream now =) - Kish
I cannot watch the video from iPhone. Can you guys enable that in 2010. It would really help! ty - Nishant
There's a ustream iPhone app, I hear that works. - Cliff Gerrish
Nishant: yes, the ustream iPhone app works great. - Robert Scoble
2 or 3 minutes until show time. - Cliff Gerrish
One to two minutes until we start. - Robert Scoble
please discuss the Nexus One - Vezquex
still flies in the face of the current change to conversation vs. clicks - Jerry Schuman
I cannot seem to find 'gilmor gang or building 43' on the ustream viewer app. any tips? thanks a lot. - Nishant
Search Newsgang - Rob La Gesse
great. thanks! - Nishant
spamming google with real-time: by @sugarrae http://outspokenmedia.com/seo... - Kevin Marks
And now I have to look at the top one to two to three link after the real time mess. - Ken Sheppardson
Actually, for Tiger Woods, the "Latest Results" is now just above the fold at the bottom of the page, as the 5th or 6th result. - Ken Sheppardson
I don't care if they keep it - but I do hope they let me turn it off. I'm not a fan. - Rob La Gesse
I like the Social Search feature that adds in links from people I follow http://www.google.com/experim... - Kevin Marks
I think they'll just push it down the page so we don't have to see it, Rob - Ken Sheppardson
For Scoble, maybe :P - Jalada
entertainment! fun! - Christopher Harris
Cruel but true. - Ken Sheppardson
hey, Jason - Vezquex
gotta love a guest who starts off insulting the listeners of the show - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Welcome, Jason - Rob La Gesse
hello, don't you people have something better to do. - Jason Calacanis
Nope, this is about it. - Cliff Gerrish
You mean listen to the show, or talk about it, Jason? - Ken Sheppardson
i've got this on in the background - Christopher Harris
Heheh - Robert Scoble
Wow, that demonstrated how far behind I am on ustream. - Jalada
Hey guys, don't tell Curry I'm here ;) - Michelle
Here in Norway we don't have much to do. either watch Gillmore Gang or have Obama over for coffee - @LarsenTweet
The idea @Jason was suggesting sounded like http://topsy.com - Kevin Marks
Subtle. - Jalada
Hello there, Michelle! - Rob La Gesse
So don't expect real time feeds embedded on Mahalo. - Ken Sheppardson
even if it's a tool that the curators would use? or does Mahalo expect their curator to spend more time off of Mahalo? - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Has Aardvark (vark.com) come up on GG recently? Anybody tried it? - Ken Sheppardson
Aardvark is trying to address this exact example. - Jerry Schuman
You beat me to it Ken. - Jerry Schuman
The real-time component of Google is like introducing the Slashdot effect to the most popular site on the world. People better be prepared for it, infrastructure wise. Jes' sayin. - Michelle
Michelle: That's what elastic hosting is for. Cue advert for Rackspace Cloud Sites! - Jalada
A google fail whale would be sorta cool. - Cliff Gerrish
@Cliff - it exists. It is called Wave. - Rob La Gesse
getting them weekly for gmail, igoogle and so on - but they only last a couple of minutes mostly - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
They need one of those cute graphics to really annoy people. - Cliff Gerrish
Google isn't scared of this stuff at all. Ask Matt Cutts. If it gets big, they'll just buy it. - Michelle
It's not a threat. The Google ecosystem is much bigger than just search. - Michelle
Results are changing from links to widgets. - Cliff Gerrish
Have we started "search is dead" yet? - Ken Sheppardson
the biggest change for google search is that now its more dynamic, fade in's, drop downs and so on - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
scared is a loaded word... let's say concerned. - Jason Calacanis
@cliff, totally agree with the links to widgets. We're moving back into compound document architectures backed by some fairly sophisticated intelligence. - Jerry Schuman
Widgets can handle streams of data... - Cliff Gerrish
Robert, not by name, but I'll bet a bunch of people do what I do...say , gee I sure wish I had that... - Karoli
@cliff, yep that is absolutely what we've been focusing on here. Stream aggregation that can ID context and conversation are absolutely the next huge implementations. - Jerry Schuman
stream down - Jerry Schuman
off air - Vezquex
oh, where'd it go :( - Jalada
down down down - Christopher Harris
up up up - Christopher Harris
stream down - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
hit refresh - Jerry Schuman
who tripped over the cord? - gfurry
Jason loved the tricaster too much - HansVanRock
destination sites are DEAD - Jerry Schuman
pundits decrying what is dead.... is dead - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Pubsubhubbub revived Atom, though - Vezquex
"obsolete enough to be useful" is what Gillmor means by 'dead' - Kevin Marks
Streams a little funky - going up and down. - Cliff Gerrish
stable for me, except that one glitch - Rob La Gesse
facebooksense - Christopher Harris
Every big Network service will need a public and private component. - Cliff Gerrish
soc graph is definitely a triangulation point for identity - Jerry Schuman
physical devices and their unique fingerprint is going to be another triangulation point for identity - Jerry Schuman
Facebook search sucks. - Karoli
read the quantum computing blog post from Google. They're working on this exact problem - Jerry Schuman
Karoli--that's why they bought the engineering team for this social network! - Michelle
Agree, Michelle. FF search is the finest I've used. - Karoli
facebook as an identity platform will go the way of Microsoft Passport if it's 1) not open standards and 2) they don't use the private identity info for corporate gain - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
I won't use FB as an identity platform because they have exhibited anti-privacy behaviour - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
my issue with FB was the default to google indexing while giving users the impression they were protecting them. - Karoli
i think they totally duped the development community beyond what they've done to the end users. - Jerry Schuman
Jason is right 100% - Antonella Stellacci
What was changed was the default for people who had not set them to public or open (i.e. using the FB default which was private) - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Congress may care about privacy on the internet, but they don't actually know what that means. - Cliff Gerrish
privacy is dead - Vezquex
nice cam angle - HansVanRock
Cliff I agree with that, but they can sure mess with us a lot. - Robert Scoble
the difference is the data that people have invested into the Facebook data environment - it's a lot more personal than Twitter could ever collect - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
LOL...jason is a little bit sleep-deprived. he's babbling. - Karoli
is there #TWiSt tomorrow? - Vezquex
Karoli - I don't think Jason is the one getting up for the night time feedings - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
put Cliff in the place of Jason. - Jerry Schuman
Facebook users at risk of "rubber duck" identity attack, people see this? http://www.sophos.com/pressof... - Jalada
What about HTML5 for Android development? Why have native apps? - Cliff Gerrish
even GMail is using HTML5 now - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
HTML5 and websockets... going to be an interesting place to play - Jerry Schuman
HTML5 works on Android, iPhone and Pre... - Kevin Marks
it should be called HTML5bis - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Yeah, but you'll want to use JQtouch for iPhone web app development... - Cliff Gerrish
I like arguments that consist of "Yes", "No", "Yes", "No"... :-) - Ken Sheppardson
HTML5 has handoff provisions... that is what he's getting to - Jerry Schuman
the <video> html5 tag allows webkit to expose codecs for devs to use - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
do browsers actually have codecs inside them? - Vezquex
So HTML 5 isn't a standard until the browsers actually support it. - Cliff Gerrish
it's a standard when the committee says it is - Vezquex
well, it can be a standard - just not a well implemented standard - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
If a standard falls in the forest and no browsers support it, does it make a sound? - Cliff Gerrish
heck, they are still arguing amongst themselves on what is going to be in the HTML5 standard - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
802.11 (WiFi) devices were available (and *mostly* compliant with the standard) years before the standard was ratified. - Rob La Gesse
yes, 802.11 is an excellent example - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Actually, HTML5 is on 'last call' according to WHATWG, but not according to W3C. So, it's sorta close. - Cliff Gerrish
the point is that there are implementations in the wild regarding HTML5 in anticipation of a ratified standard. Not much different then what happened to 802.11 N - Jerry Schuman
ok.. quit stealing my damn thoughts before I can type them out - Jerry Schuman
That's why you have a closed Chrome hardware play -- you can implement HTML5 in a closed system. - Cliff Gerrish
I switched OurDoings to HTML5, but I'm only using the parts of it that older browsers can handle. - Bruce Lewis
Well, since I was there when 802.11 was born, I had to bring up the example :) - Rob La Gesse
Robert's point is very valid - the app devs will be able to get on board the HTML5 train and enjoy the benefits and hopefully the standards body will avoid tweaking it out of usability - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
I want to see a closer pic of Kevin's whiteboard over his shoulder ;-) - Jerry Schuman
google must be *loving* html5 because they will get all of those apps to be immediatly usable on any new Chrome netbook and also all new Android devices - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
no.. they'll hack up their own solutions in the meantime. Hell Comet/Push was hacked together prior to the standardization of websockets - Jerry Schuman
Android and iPhone implementations of webkit are different. So, there are different capabilities there... - Cliff Gerrish
you also have to look at what Google is doing with GWT. It plays a big role on supplementing what they're doing in HTML5 - Jerry Schuman
ATT is Austin completely sucks - Rob La Gesse
Randall Stross wrote that for the Times, but it was largely debunked. - Cliff Gerrish
Hey, Kevin, is there a 140 character comparison of Google Voice vs Ribbit Mobile? - Ken Sheppardson
Then why does the iphone only have to seem to have the major issues in the US? - gfurry
Chicago, New York, Dallas (HOME OF ATT!!!) all suck (as does SFO). - Rob La Gesse
It's because AT&T is the only network with the iPhone. Check Mary Meeker's stats on iPhone use in her Morgan Stanley Mobile internet report. - Cliff Gerrish
"The people of Boulder against ATT" : http://www.facebook.com/group... - Rob La Gesse
Will Google maps/directions only be available on Android? Why not an HTML5 version that runs on the iPhone too? - Cliff Gerrish
the platform is too large not to port to iphone - gfurry
This seems a bit like having to develop apps for each make/model of laptop... HTML5 FTW - Ken Sheppardson
as long as what happened to HTML within IE doesn't happen to HTML5 - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
it will be in OS 3.5 or 4.0? - gfurry
margins are razor thin on hardware... why would they give up online revenue by not porting new advanced features to iPhone - Jerry Schuman
Bing maps work nicely in the iPhone. - Cliff Gerrish
controlling the DECK is dead. How many people replaced their main camera app from Apple with something more sophisticated? - Jerry Schuman
ATT pays Apple handsomely for each new iPhone contract. - Rob La Gesse
mapquest makes a mapping app for iphone as do several GPS makers. The platform is too big not to - gfurry
Thanks everyone! - Robert Scoble
great episode you all - HansVanRock
so are we continuing this thread from last week into this week? - Karoli
Nope, new thread. - Cliff Gerrish
Robert Scoble
Re: It is ridiculous startups have to pay to pitch - http://scobleizer.com/2009...
"I don't invest money but the hell I don't invest in startups. I invest my time and audience attention. Both of which are worth A LOT for startups." - Robert Scoble
This is wrong.. to make startups pay to get pitched.. - @LarsenTweet
I googled a littlebit and found this: http://www.texasstartupblog.com/2008... - @LarsenTweet
Robert Scoble
Shhh, don't tell the spammers, SEO experts, the bots, or the social media experts, but I will follow anyone who comments here (on FF):
August 2, 2009 - Comments disabled - Share
No comment. (disabling comments on this thread - that would be funny :D) - Micah
Micah: I'm already following you! :-) - Robert Scoble
is a like the equivalent of a comment? And by follow you mean on FF or on Twitter or on both? - Sean Scott
Sean: not really because if you comment I can see if I'm already following you. And, yes, I mean on FF. - Robert Scoble
Hello :) - Brandon Roeder
That's really awesome of you, Robert! - Harald Nesland
Beau: I'm already following you. - Robert Scoble
Awesome. Hi Robert :) - Andy Parkinson
It's an ugly world when Scoble stops autofollowing. - Michelle MacPhearson
Did FriendFeed make you say this? - Social Nerdia
No love for SEO experts? AWESOME. - Than R
@robert i think we're already following each other on FF. :P - Sean Scott
Didn't send that one from Twitter. ;-) - Kathy Fitch
Are you openly admitting to being easy? - Lydia Sugarman
I am not a bot, I am a human being!!! - Daniel Buckley
@stevenmhall likes this -- thanks for your work. and the great green picture - steven
Nothing more to say - Mel Buckpitt
I already follow you, but interesting experiment - Cam
I just gave you "High Five"! Check it out: http://bit.ly/5sHMZ You should send me a gift back ;) - Louis Gray
✔ Thx for ☛ Follow :-) Good idea. I do not speak to those things anyway - RetiredTeacherD
SocialNerdia: no. - Robert Scoble
really? neat... - Jorge Chapa
Follow Sunday? ;) - Ideas At Random
LOL ... this is fun. - Richard Laksana
At least I'm not the only one who thinks SEO isn't everything. - Leon Bacud
Hmm… I may just be more active in FriendFeed. - Evan Hindra
The above is an actual DM spam I got today. :) - Louis Gray
Leon: if you abuse SEO types they send Google Hate your way, which, by the way, is the same thing as Google Juice. - Robert Scoble
neat idea! - Aloke Fernandes
So we get to be in the cool club? Yay! ;) - Vicky Teinaki
watching this list expand is more fun than anything on TV right now. - steven
But Robert what will all the Bots do without your input. - Pentaxfan
This is fun! lol. Follow me! @thehenry - TheHenry
Is Google juice akin to Google Kool-Aid? - Stefan Holmes
evangelizing aint ya - Luka
I think Robots get a bad rap ;) - Robert J Taylor from iPhone
What's this FriendFeed thing? Back to my safe, comfy home on Twitter. - Dan Grossman
I expected more comments, oh thats the idea :-) shhh everyone - Andrew Nimick
Is there something to be gained by following someone on both FF & Twitter? - Rob Michael (Atmos Trio)
WT?? @pogmohoin needs to be loved again.. now how did you do this cleanout again?? Australia Out.. - Pogmohoin
I'm already in but i wanted to get in the fun! - Fee501st
I just noticed that Scobleizer unfollowed but am glad it was for the above reason and he unfollowed a lot - Allen MacCannell
Cannot wait to see you (again) at Gnomedex after that sensational news panel at #140conf. You set the bar high for yourself there ;) - Maya
I am all flesh and bones Robert :D - Antonio Montero
Rob: FriendFeed is better. - Robert Scoble
Louis, NOW I know where all those are coming from. Time to blacklist you ;-) - Jesse Stay
Friendfeed FTW! - TheHenry
Not a bad filter at all. - Robert Anderson
Why would you want to follow me,i have nothing to offer but my ears to learn. - Paul Downing
Hi Robert, I'm a real person and would love to be followed. - Steve de Mena
What if the spammers, SEO experts, the bots, or the social media experts all comment here? - Andrew Trinh
Word up - Charlie Haims
Scoble smash Twitter spammer like Hulk! - Peter Hodges from iPhone
Dare I? - Spidra Webster
and then I will comment on whoever follows me here... - Alpay Erturkmen
Louis, I recently got the "high five" DM spam, too. So off-putting! - Robert J Taylor from iPhone
I just need to spend more time setting up FF so it is my friend that intercepts all my social media content but only from who I want to read! - Pentaxfan
Friend feed seems like mainstream to most serious ones? - jibzy
Friendfeed has it's strengths once you get it setup - Chris Lindhartsen
@robert whether or not FF is technically better than <insertsocialnetwork> its really a question of said network reach - Sean Scott
Once a week I go through my followers and delete most/all of the spammers, but I only have like 50-60 so it's not hard to do. - Allison Warnock
Let's hope the spammers and bots and etc don't attack us here on FriendFeed next. I won't tell them if you don't. - Louis Trapani from iPhone
Sean: well, FF has better search, grouping, real time, a better community, and more. - Robert Scoble
Sean, you have to start somewhere! - Pentaxfan
Really Robert? Will you follow me here or Twitter - Kevin Krewell
Last time I checked I was human. - Luke™
What, even if I've got these hot videos where I ... Haha, not really ;-) - littlegingerkid from iPod
Kevin: here. - Robert Scoble
In two years on Twitter I have never used any bots nor even tried to sell anything. I always look at profiles personally before following anyone and have never been concerned with how many are following me. - Gord Young
That's nice of you. - Michael Owens from iPhone
Why? - Stefano Maggi from iPhone
Yea, i dont want FF to get has "known" has twitter, I'm selfish - Fee501st
Mainly on Twitter myself, but everything updates to here + I tie in a couple things through here to Twitter. - Chris Lindhartsen
Will you actually read my posts? - Kimber Scott
oh really :D - Sinem Co
See, cross posting that offer to Twitter is misleading - Kevin Krewell
It is fun to watch my follower ## on Twitter go between 200 and 230 it is a constant battle to see what I post. Just not that interesting at times! - Pentaxfan
Interesting project! Please follow us @streamfile :) - Kimmo Gläborg
Checking in here...hope we continue to follow each other, Robert! - Cathryn Hrudicka
Even if we write in Turkish? - Emre Güneş
@robert again not arguing with you. I think better community in your POV but from marketing / UX pov not yet. - Sean Scott
thank you - - pat o'bryan
I'm pretty sure I've commented here before Robert, but you don't follow me here or on Twitter. Not that I want you to under just for the sake of it... - Gurpreet
Today's secret password is "cheese". - Andrew Smith
...only if you actually find my tweets interesting enough. - Gurpreet
It's Unfollow Sunday. Just purged all the bots, spammers, SEO/social media types from my own Twitter account. I never autofollow. Still got the "high five" DM spam, though... - Dennis Jernberg
Nice when you integrate Facebook and twitter and multiple accounts so you can read all at one place. I have to say I use Seesmic to read posts more than FF. - Pentaxfan
bit bucket... here i come :) ps: scoble, what if we just "like" your post ;) - simran
@pentaxfan of course. not wanting to start a FF vs Twitter debate. just saying the glasses through which we judge better or superior are diff based on our interests. Plus in the end FB will take it all :P - Sean Scott
This is a sly way to get us to sign up for FF :) - valb00
Shhhhhhhhhh - candy from Nambu
@valb00 said it! - Dennis Jernberg
According to my following list, Scoble was the second person I followed after joining Twitter. A long time ago that was. - Stephen Sclafani
UX tip for FF. Be nice to be able to click on the comment link at the end of a comment stream. Having to scroll back up on these long threads breaks flow. - Sean Scott
Kimber: wait and watch http://friendfeed.com/scoblei... and see if I like any of your posts. I read a LOT and if you are posting interesting stuff I'll probably like it. - Robert Scoble
Sean: click twice on the time stamp and you'll get a window of just this chat and you'll see a comment entry area at the bottom. - Robert Scoble
Kurt: maybe! - Robert Scoble
You will end up following me anyway. They all will. :) - Matt G
But you're already following me here on Friendfeed, Robert. How is Twitter going to be different? - Mahendra (SkepticGeek)
FriendFeed is better, deeper, yet Twitter works better on the go - Majento
There's a lot to like about FF, except it needs a bigger community. Twitter is like the iPhone - for iPhone it's all the applications, with Twitter (and Facebook) it's all about the number of poeple. - Kevin Krewell
following me is good stuff :-) - N.G. Gordon - RadarSync
@Sean, that is why we are always looking for new and improved apps to operate at a better level with more consistency. Take it easy! I'm off to bed for my 5 hours of mediocre horizontal time out. - Pentaxfan
Hi Robert, you are obviously going to be following a lot more people. Thanks. - Rob Zachritz
Is this an experiment? - Theresa Shin
so will you follow me too - aybars badur
Theresa: no, I do this from time to time and always find interesting people to follow. - Robert Scoble
FF hmmm about that... - Philip Small
Robert, you have lost a lot of followers. I have been watching all night. - TheHenry
I don't get the appeal of auto-following. I for one would not want thousands of updates showing up in my timeline. - Alex Knight
Twitter -ly ♪ and FriendFeed -ly ♪ livin' in perfect har-mony ♪♪♪ LOL Why can't we be friends ♪♪♪ - RetiredTeacherD
Just created a corporate FF account so you can follow our corporate Twitter at http:/www.twitter.com/senderok - Plug-in with anti-phishing icons for the inbox and photo business cards in the header pane - SenderOK
I'm here I'm here! :D just curious, what do you have against SEO and Social Media experts? - Celia
Really? BTW I'm just a regular geeky gal. - Teresa O
TheHenry: and I will lose even more this week. No biggie. I don't define myself by who follows me, especially if they are there just to get a follow back. - Robert Scoble
@Scobleizer is a man of his word - Charlie Haims
Zomg you has to follows me!! I r teh most important persons here!!! - Tom Vohs from iPod
Joining the experiment - Jan Schultink
robert, you are a "pearl" under all the blogger,.........and i'm sure, you know that!!! sunshine and light to you from france, martin - martin
To all those new to FriendFeed, remember to add your Twitter, blog, Flickr, YouTube, and other accounts so we can see all your stuff! - Robert Scoble
...and I was wondering where is my one-lost-follower...here on FF. - Danica Radovanovic
I have nothing to say - Paul Denlinger
You should follow a game designer, Robert :) - Federico [Kurai]
Wait, does this mean I need to spend more time of friendfeed? - Shea from iPhone
Federico: I'm already following you. Roldano: I'm already following you too, but don't let it get out. - Robert Scoble
Shea: yes. This is where I spend most of my time! - Robert Scoble
That's encouraging - Keith - @tsudo
I cannot recommend following me, I rarely have anything interesting to say. - Shaun William
What's the catch? - Rory Conway
We're already facebook friends. And I think friendfeed friends too. But FF just hasn't hit critical mass yet. It'll be cool when it does. Nice job throwing another rock at the hornet's nest! :-) - Dan Becker
Rory: the catch is I might like one of your posts and then you'll have to deal with my other friends. :-) - Robert Scoble
I'm glad to know that you are still interested in hearing from us :), I'm @tsudo - Keith - @tsudo
scoble i like you man, but you're crazy - patrick
I applaud your mass unfollowing, but following back via FriendFeed comments seems inefficient (says me, the efficiency consultant). - Marina Martin
Dan: well, that's what Twitter gets for treating me like a lame early adopter that isn't needed anymore. - Robert Scoble
Cool - I'm in. Thanks Robert - from the land down under. - Monte Huebsch
Marina: you haven't discovered that FriendFeed has groups yet, have you? - Robert Scoble
patrick: crazy like a bat! - Robert Scoble
Ouch Robert! Telling it like it is to Twitter - Keith - @tsudo
Do you never get SPAM in FF? - RobinDotNet
You might regret that :-) But thank you - Stephen Baugh
Hi, i had created a new website name http://bit.ly/Od5Xx now please guide me in increasing traffic - mohammadhassam
Robin: I have only seen a handful of spams here. They are easily blocked and there are other defenses against them that I won't talk about here. - Robert Scoble
Are we not allowed to comment if you are already following us? - RobinDotNet
Are all those SEO types you're unfollowing now following me?! - Dennis Jernberg
@Justin, try this for a starting point for using groups http://www.knowthenetwork.com/blog... - Keith - @tsudo
Okay )) - Лёша
Yet another comment, from an ordinary twitterer not a spambot. :-) - Joshua Lee
is this a bait to get more people to use friendfeed? ;-) - Ritu
Robin: I like all comments. I can see who isn't following me because their icons are white. Yours is blue. - Robert Scoble
speaking of spam, twitter seems like it's about 90% spam lately - Derek Chilcoat
Robert -- that's good to know. Those people are insidious. Will you ever tell us how to block them? - RobinDotNet
It'll be interesting to see who follows the leader to @schoolpr. - SchoolPR
The SEO experts, bots and social media experts don't have good content, and FF makes their crappy content easy to hide, and ignore, too. - Andy Bakun
Andy: bing! - Robert Scoble
Robert, was that an endorsement of bing? ;-) - RobinDotNet
SEO experts endorse bing. ;-) - Joshua Lee
@Justin (1 more) my friend Ken did a great post on groups as well http://www.changeforge.com/2008... - Keith - @tsudo
Why, oh why is my first thought to respond with "FIRST?" - Jonathan Hardesty
I'm not a bot :-) - Nir Ben Yona
Jon: I want to respond with "penultimate." :-) - Robert Scoble
Even me??? - Kevin Arth
Can't imagine this won't end in a big mess... - Justin Howard
Nir: I know you aren't a bot. That's why I follow you. - Robert Scoble
wwooww :) - Emre BAHADIR
So far not a spammer has shown up. - Robert Scoble
commented! - Jeremy Lane
I think scoble is on Twitter just to get people to read friendfeed. :-) - Joshua Lee
Joshua: no. I'm here to talk about the 2010 web. :-) - Robert Scoble
This is some elaborate mind game, I'm sure:) - Aaman (Clone of FF)
Can we put some restriction on bots . means use some software who block them - mohammadhassam
Joshua, i liked your Bing comment :-) - Majento
and the 2010 web is.... friendfeed! - Joshua Lee
Thank you, Sir. I'm impressed. :) - Kevin Arth
Joshua: the real time web is only one part of the 2010 web. - Robert Scoble
Ah, I think you may already be following me, but just in case... - Ranger Craig
Nice - Fred Morales
Thing I don't like is that FF doesn't have a very good topic when the primary line is directed at twitter. There may or may not be a link to something after FF part. Which means FF becomes a bit of a treasure hunt. I like FF for commentary but I hate the initial post. - Justin Howard
SPAM. :) - Jason
Mona :-) - Majento
Mmmmm. Bacon. - RobinDotNet
Erik: I would even follow Mike Arrington, yes. :-) - Robert Scoble
Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer? - RobinDotNet
what are some other examples of 2010 web, Robert Scoble? - Joshua Lee
Robert: Thanks mate, interesting and probably efficient idea. I'll do the same for quality content, tired of those "I just used whateveryoucallit.com to gain 300 new followers right now!". - Nir Ben Yona
Hi Robert, I had to do the exact same thing to nail all the twit spam I was getting. Hope you get it all sorted! - James Brown
Even as we sit here, my iPhone dings with new follow e-mails from spam/marketing people. Sigh. - RobinDotNet
Stephane: LOL, probably. I took this line from Chris Brogan's "Twitter Etiquette Guide". - Nir Ben Yona
Robin: on Twitter, though, right? - Robert Scoble
wow been fascinating watching this exercise :-) - Peter du Toit (S.Africa)
So this is like a captcha? - Dylan Verheul
also on twitter? - Sinem Co
The joys of not being internet famous means I can check out followers personally, block where required and I've only ever got about 2 DM spam. But with the volumes that Robert gets, it's obviously not possible. - Rachel Clarke
I think Twitter needs something like captcha to keep the bots to a minimum, IMHO. - Dennis Jernberg
Nope, I'm just following here. - Robert Scoble
But feed your Tweets in here and what's the difference? - Robert Scoble
OK, thanks :) - Sinem Co
Hi Robert, I've been following you quite some time, and what you do here is very open and brave too, congrats! - Kaan Bingol
This must be a plot to move everyone to FriendFeed ;-) - Masatake E. Hori
Masatake: plot #458. - Robert Scoble
Great thanks for the offer and follow - Stephen Brown
Masatake: I think you're right. :-) - Joshua Lee
Robert -- yes, on twitter. It seems the more you tweet, and the more people you communicate with, the more spammers follow you. Hoping for auto-follows I guess (I disappoint them in that regard.) - RobinDotNet
Good way to filter, you know the spammers don't actually read anything or participate - Justin Luey
Derek: why don't you see http://friendfeed.com/scoblei... and see just how many people I touch. - Robert Scoble
What is the utility of being "followed" by someone who doesn't tweet and who follows thousands? What do they do, sit at their terminal and watch the tweets go by all day long? - RobinDotNet
hi Robert u r already following me how r u? - Ali
I dont get it. - Andru Edwards
yeah? I think most spam bots have the AI to search for such threads! - Rohit
Derek: or how many people I interact with. Check here: http://friendfeed.com/scoblei... 28,000+ comments. - Robert Scoble
oh, hi there! - Jeremy
Gaith: doing fine, gotta work on my videos, but thought I'd do this instead. - Robert Scoble
Robin: I'm guessing the mass followers rarely take a look at the flow - it's about being able to talk about the numbers - Rachel Clarke
follow me on twitter please... - Özgür D. Cyric
First day on Friend Feed and Robert Scoble is available. What a welcome.... Carey@holisticdds - Carey O'Rielly
What will you do when the spammers/SEOs infest Friendfeed, as they will, or do you believe this is better crowdsourced and will be able to hold against the hordes? - Aaman (Clone of FF)
Rachel -- But numbers alone don't mean anything. Are they that shallow? That must be a stupid question. - RobinDotNet
Is this going to be the 'most-commented-ever' post on Friendfeed? 240+ already! - Mahendra (SkepticGeek)
Aaman: FriendFeed is FAR more defendable against spam than Twitter is. - Robert Scoble
and how would this benefit people who follow Robert Scoble? - Seyfi Erol
Mahendra: probably not. - Robert Scoble
That seems like a good idea, but I think you're already following a lot of these people - Carlton Prest
Seyfi: why don't you follow me and see how it goes? - Robert Scoble
I've gotten 4 follow e-mails since my first post here from people I don't want to follow. Do the bots start running right around midnight? - RobinDotNet
Mahendra, you're not following the threads in Russian (that's my only hint) :D - Micah
Robin: oh yes. But I'm never sure what's worse. the people who just want to talk about the numbers or the people they may be able to impress. - Rachel Clarke
Aaman - Friendfeed doesn't make link-tracking easy, so it's less interesting for spammers to infest. - Mahendra (SkepticGeek)
Is this a test of interaction or more likely a sort of audience verification? - Gilgamesh
Gilgamesh: it is what you want it to be. For me I followed you. - Robert Scoble
If twitter is noise, and FriendFeed is conversation, Robert Scoble followers are their own discussion. It's like using an entirely different website. - Carlton Prest
Rachel, that's a good point. Is Facebook the same way? I joined that and suddenly got all these people I've nothing in common with who want to be my friend. Creepy. - RobinDotNet
@Micah: Oh, good I don't read Russian! :) - Mahendra (SkepticGeek)
Derek: heh, yeah, I am watching this, among other things running across my screen. - Robert Scoble
Robin: Facebook is the same but I think to a lesser extent - it's harder to find people I think. But still got a load of friend requests that I ignore as I don't know them - Rachel Clarke
I already do. what i mean is if we don't keep FF, Twitter limited to our interests, wouldn't it be garbage we already try hard to get rid of. Or how far can we extend our interests in life or amount of information we consume? - Seyfi Erol
Derek -- I mean people I really have NO connection with at all. I've only friended a couple of people I work with, and 2 other real friends. I'm getting friend requests from people I don't know at all. - RobinDotNet
Seyfi: you haven't discovered FriendFeed's groups and lists yet, have you? - Robert Scoble
I got a Russian-speaking follower on Twitter. I didn't follow him because I don't understand a word he tweets. - Dennis Jernberg
Mahendra, And I've been told http://translatorize.com has successfully translated all 6000+ (oops - update: 7000+) comments http://friendfeed.com/ideali... from Russian to English :) - Micah
Thanks Robert! - Jan Ignatius from iPhone
Seyfi: you can separate your friends into lists. That way you can keep your quilting buddies separate from your football ones etc. - Robert Scoble
I'm the spammer u follow alrdy HA! - Rich Weaver
Did you know that Facebook has started selling parts of itself to the Russians? At end of May, they sold 1.96% stake of Facebook to Russia's Digital Sky Technologies for $200M. - RobinDotNet
Robert: I shouldn't have underestimated you. You probably have started much longer comment threads on Friendfeed before. - Mahendra (SkepticGeek)
Mahendra, Robert, I agree, FF has been very good at keeping out junk - Aaman (Clone of FF)
Micah: Uh, wow! - Mahendra (SkepticGeek)
Mahendra: I have. I gave away $5,000 once and got more than 1,000 comments on that. But that cost me a lot of cash. Can't afford to do that again. - Robert Scoble
DST is run by Alisher Usmanov who is closely tied with Putin. You feel ok to that, but re-read the company's user agreement where it says it can share all of your info with third parties. Of course, it's irrelevant to this thread, but I thought it was interesting. - RobinDotNet
Robert: I think your Twitter follow is worth more than that? - Mahendra (SkepticGeek)
Even if it's a lame comment and I don't actually say anything? Woohoo! FF looks interesting anyway,,, - Matt Harward
Yes, Matt! :-) - Robert Scoble
FF is interesting assuming the topic is FF... and/or Scoble's next devilishly clever stunt to generate FF comments - John Hardy
John: there are lots of interesting topics here on FriendFeed. Did you know you could search by them based on number of likes? Click "Advanced Search" and try. - Robert Scoble
John: Nope. Twitter's 'bout Trends, FF's 'bout Friends. - Mahendra (SkepticGeek)
Very bold, I like it, are you going to keep the people you follow under 2000? - Joe Dawson from iPhone
Tell me the newest best way to use FriendFeed! - Shoichi
I'll not tell anyone ;) - PaperDoll
I hope I am interesting enough to be followed! lol - Carlton Hackett
Some of the reactions to what you're doing are pretty interesting, Robert. - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
Social media experts? What are those? - Alasdair Munn
But what if someone doesn't want you to follow them :) ... It's not me.... - Amit Nangare
lmao - Andy Ghozali
woww! that is a lot of comments. - Sumanth Kolar
Joining bandwagon. - mwydro
Yo Robert: a man has to do what a man has to do, so one surfer to another: go for it! - Geer
Here here! A good cleansing is good, now and then... Starting fresh is the way to go, get all of that nonsense out and maintain a core group of people for solid conversation! - Brian Partridge
Great taking the tour w/ you, Levar Burton & @VegasBill during CES 09 at the Atomic Testing Museum. I would appreciate the follow back. Thanks Robert! - Chris R
There is change in the air... - Zack Brandit
Chris: I'm already following you, no need to beg! :-) That was fun times, wasn't it? - Robert Scoble
You've got to admit anyone who's on friendfeed instantly gets more exposure since it nicely imports people's public @ reply's anyway? - Matt Randles
I'm a ff fan;) - Cheray from iPhone
Thanks for following back on Twitter Robert. Cheers from Las Vegas! - Vegas Bill
I'm pretty sure we're friends here, only just wish there was a easy way to check... and if there is, that some one will let me know.... - Grant Bierman
this is such a classic move! well played. - laura
So why can't SEO people be tech as well? Actually requires a good tech aptitude. - Paul M Evans from iPhone
Make sense, Scoble :) - Grant Laird Jr
Just out of curiousity, why are there fewer spammers and bots on FF compared with Twiitter? Is it because they haven't discovered FF yet? - Sally Church from iPhone
there are occasionally spammers on FF but I think they mostly get handled quickly vs Twitter where more than occasionally clusters of spammers just follow each other... - Shannon Clark
Choose wisely :) - Özkan Altuner
Go FF its the Best - Robert Wheeler
followww meee - Thomas Christory
Scoble-plicity .-) - Del_
I use TweetLater to vet new followers. Helps get rid of spammers fast. - Bob Morris (polizeros)
Wow! I've never seen so many people comment on Friendfeed as much as this! - Armand
Yo! peteryared on twiter :) - Peter Yared
Your biggest fan and follower in Cambridge, UK. Thanks for the DuoFertility video. Great as ever. - Philip Baddeley
Fantastic, I want to be followed :-) - Antonio Correnti
Sally: I don't explain spam defenses in public. I don't want spammers to figure them out. But there are quite a few defenses against spam here. - Robert Scoble
Refollow me on Twitter! @carloscomputers - carloscomputers
nice one - Ken Post Jr
I was surprised about the spammer comments, until I started getting female nude model followers and I'm a women. Maybe a nude male model but not Sparkle or Hootie McBoob - Corrine Pearce
Corrine: hope you don't see that here on FriendFeed. - Robert Scoble
Why are you doing this? You have one of the best listening audiences on twitter! Is there a point to prove that we will post here or go to wefollow? - David Cole
Now those not on FF will miss this one;) - JP Holecka - Jaypiddy
David: actually that's not true. Most of the Twitter audience I had has moved over here. - Robert Scoble
I'm intrigued and will watch with interest -- and hey, you're always interesting. Well worth the follow! - Don Tamihere
real-time on FF is awesome - nchenga
David: and I can prove that. Twitter's audience has become less and less engaged lately. - Robert Scoble
Wow, powerful shift by Robert Scoble, I'm really interested in seeing how this works for you Scoble. I slept through all the big news here tonight. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Always up for your social explorations Robert. - JP Holecka - Jaypiddy
And you're not even halfway through the unfollowing process. :) - Ken Brady
wao, let's good. - naokits
Interesting experiment. This is probably one the most commented feedfriend threads in history! - Menno te Koppele
Plus, David, if you all are listening, you are listening because of my ability to find cool stuff. Mostly that's been because of FriendFeed over the past 18 months. Now I've seen how ascerbic Twitter's spammers have gotten on my accounts. - Robert Scoble
agree, it's an interesting experiment. - nchenga
Menno: actually it's not. There are many 1,000+ comment threads here. - Robert Scoble
Here's a search with all 1,000 comment threads displayed: http://friendfeed.com/search... - Robert Scoble
Interesting. This is going to boost 1000 egos for sure :-) - Freddie Benjamin
So will it be a matter of just trying to say ahead of the spammers by jumping from one early adopted social network to another? - JP Holecka - Jaypiddy
JP: no. I am not leaving Twitter. I AM, however, deleting all their accounts so I will no longer be passing them juice. - Robert Scoble
I wonder how will your FF homepage look like after this. - ahmet bulent
Does this make you anti-social media? - Cory Brown
To follow commenters from here on Twitter will be a lot of work for you Robert. Or do you have some magic tool that helps? - Tibor Holoda
Robert, how many of the 100k do you think you'll still be following when you are done? - RobinDotNet
1,100 - Robert Scoble
That's good to know. - George Hall (Australia)
So what if you have all 58k + comment on here? And you have to keep everyone! And your plan is foiled, sir. Okay give or take 10k for the neglected abandoned twitters and the spammers. Btw, you're already following me on both twitter and here. But come on, you're not really. : / - Lise
That's cool. I am finding the spammers too much to manage these days myself. - JP Holecka - Jaypiddy
I promise I want tell them - Noel Kelly
Because I can't keep myself from doing math, that's 1.1%. - RobinDotNet
Lise: I see you a few times a day, but you're right. Heheh. - Robert Scoble
Are you trying to make a point about FF v Twitter? I have spammy things to say about my amateur photography, potential homelessness, and run-ins with public-run health system in the US. Isn't all Twitter spam--just spam you want? :) - Dean Hall
the auto-refresh on this thread is mind-blowing, fun to watch - nchenga
Do you ever worry about SM burnout Robert? How do you pace your self? - JP Holecka - Jaypiddy
Interesting to note many of most commented threads are in languages other than English. Can we suggest FF has a better international appeal than Twitter? - Kaan Bingol
Good idea, as you say, stop juicing up the spammers - it'll be interesting to see the stats once you've finished. - Andrew Piggott
Dean: your Tweets aren't spam. I might keep you. Heheh. - Robert Scoble
I only followed people who were interesting to me, otherwise it is like trying to find a needle in a haystack of brain dumps. - Daniel Durrans
Exactly. So I expect to be cut. And considering I'm in a crowd of close to 60k, it'll be the same thing. - Lise
There should be a counter in front of the comments... - Willem Karssenberg
okay seriously ? - Asankhaya Sharma
What sort of comments do you want Robert? - travispuk
Lise: actually no. On FriendFeed I can absorb quite a few more people than on Twitter thanks to Groups. - Robert Scoble
a good cleansing is wise once in a while :) Power to the (real) people. - Benjamin
Travis: I'm already following you. - Robert Scoble
Lise: and because FriendFeed's search engine is better here too. - Robert Scoble
Robert, yeah I know. Thought you might have meant for your secretscoble twitter account ;) - travispuk
It's kind of like a giant SM break up Robert. *Oh the hearts you are breaking...* - JP Holecka - Jaypiddy
I'm fairly selective about who I follow and I follow so maybe you will follow me back! - Richard Cunningham from iPod
Robert, care to explain how you use groups in this kind of context? Because I don't get the point of following people who are then placed into a "I don't read this much" kind of group. How do you use groups so that you're (1) not overwhealmed, and (2) actually read what people are saying? - Ian Betteridge
How many people do you expect to end up with, Robert? What is a reasonable number? - Lise
You don't have to follow me on Twitter. I think the FriendFeed party palace is mighty fine. - Josette from fftogo
(Not that I'll probably see your response, btw - something at the bottom of 350+ responses is effectively buried until FF has better threading tools. Which I'm sure it will, some day.) - Ian Betteridge
@Ian I believe that it may come in Google Wave. - JP Holecka - Jaypiddy
@Daniel - ditto, and for me it is generally development related also. Robert - I know you have to try and keep up with everything going on in the social media space, but I'm always surprised when people follow so many others as it must be extremely difficult to find the wheat in amongst all the chaff. - Donald Matheson
Robert: I did not know about that search trick. Thanks! - Menno te Koppele
looks like a lot of comments - Rory Partalis
Ian: a "I don't read this much" kind of group is awesome for serrendipity. Also, anyone who I find there who is high value gets quickly moved to a smaller group. - Robert Scoble
What? Are you saying you're not following me already...? ;-) - Jarno Peschier
Lise: on Twitter? Less than 2,000. I can't follow more. - Robert Scoble
Done. :) - Smeerch
Jamo: I am already following you. Scott: why not? I am already following you too. - Robert Scoble
Robert, it might be a problem for me re-gaining your following as my tweets are not 100% English only (whether that means trying to speak English or no English at all ;). How do you deal with occasional non-English tweeters? As that's clearly a noise for you. - Tibor Holoda
if only twitter were as engaging as FriendFeed has become, and as instantaneous as things like this comment thread, then maybe I would use it more. Hence why I'm all for unfollowing who you conceive as uninteresting; and if that includes me, then so be it! - Nick Soden
Tibor: I just skip over most of them. Sometimes I translate them to see if I was right. - Robert Scoble
It is my hope that I provide you with something as interesting as what you provide me with. Either way, I will continue to peruse your posts with interest. - Absentee
hmmm - imran
Hi, I'm still newish to this social media thang - but good on you for taking a stand. - Jus
Do you prefer night owls? Because what about all the poor people in SV who went to bed at a decent hour and missed your post? Bummer for them, huh? - RobinDotNet
I'm back from picking my wife up at the airport and ran across this on my way back to sleep. - nuBound CEO - Mark
shhhhh - Luigi Filograna
Robin: heh, all the real geeks in SV are still up. - Robert Scoble
Interesting idea. I firmly believe SEOs are working day and night to figure out FF. - Ian Ceicys
Ian: I bet they are too since FF is starting to pull better on Google than Twitter is. - Robert Scoble
I am such a sheep. @markmeyerphoto - Mark Meyer from iPhone
I have nothing interesting to say, don't follow me. - burc sahinoglu from BuddyFeed
what about me? ... sniff - Andy Ghozali
Me me me ;) - Alemsah Ozturk from iPhone
looking for owls? - Dave Senior
Well I am out for the night. Good luck on your mass un-follow Robert. I look forward to your report on the results. - JP Holecka - Jaypiddy
Robert, this is looking like a long thread already. :) - Robert Miller
Andy, Alemsah, and Dave, I'm already following you. - Robert Scoble
Do you consider FF to be less spammy if you are trying to find your new Twitter "friends" here? - Dušan Šimonovič
Dusan: are you a spammer? - Robert Scoble
lmao on here you are, not on the big T tho nevermind I will follow you there too, been a fan.... - Andy Ghozali
why? - takmaz
bold and yet gutsy move...love the trending topic already! - Feersum Engine
Follow on FriendFeed or Twitter? :P Or Google Rader? :P - @LarsenTweet
Türkçe ne diyor arkadaş ? - Sinan İŞLER
The wild and woolly blogosphere is replete with all sorts of good stuff. Hard to follow 500 people, let alone 1000. I applaud you for trying to take the reins. - Jack B
hey there - deadmanwriting
And will you unfollow me if I send a DM ;)? - Sudar
I don't get it - Sheldon Levine
Qbat: I'll follow here on FriendFeed. Sheldon what don't you get? - Robert Scoble
Sudar: no, if you send me DMs here, that's good. - Robert Scoble
How long is the unfollow process going to take? And do you think FF will have as much noise as Twitter? - Duc Nguyen
So it's Twitter DM that you don't like? - Sudar
Sudar: right. - Robert Scoble
I'll make one comment and raise you two more. :) - BRҰANSAҰS from iPhone
And will you follow me? don't know if you ever have, but I am following you on twitter. - Jus
Hey, Thanks for following me - Michael_techie
Would love your company, Robert. - Daniel Zarick from iPhone
Even worse is Twitter DM spam, of course. - Dennis Jernberg
It funny you put spammers, SEO experts, bots, social media experts all in one bucket. What are you implying? Btw, I'm none of these... - Peter Chee
.. and it works!! Just got a mail saying Robert is following me now... :) - Sudar
Peter: I did that to piss off the SEO experts. :-) - Robert Scoble
This makes me realise that posting from Twitter as opposed to "to twitter from FF" allows the Twitter stream to grow on the back of FF comments ! otherwise not : as in my case - what do you think Robert ? FF to Twitter ? Or FF aggregating all your tweets ? - Nicholas Paul Gordon from iPhone
Nicholas: shhhh, you are discovering my secrets! I'm doing more and more from FriendFeed lately. - Robert Scoble
I comment and you follow me. Its totally worth it - Arvind
Arvind: even better I was following you before. Mobilepax: no. I really don't care about followers. Inbound is more important than who is listening to you. - Robert Scoble
Awesome. I'm the 439th commenter. :D - Jhay Rocas
Mobilepax: no. I translate interesting posts to English. - Robert Scoble
More than 400 comments in about 2 hrs. Not bad. I wonder if there'd be nearly as many twitter responses/mentions. - Franz Binder
Franz: no way. Not even close. - Robert Scoble
Nice one - it's cool that you give friendfeed (and all the commenters of course ;-) much kudos. - Alex Vermeule (@alexve)
If you just follow everyone in this thread, won't you just wind up with noise from 'engaged' people. I mean, does this solve the problem? - Christopher Harper
Good thing its 4am and my car alarm went off, otherwise you wouldnt follow me! I had to look up a video online how to break the key fob apart becuase aparently its battery leaked and was self activating the panic switch. Damn VWs! a replacement key is only like 150 bucks!! - Charlieray
Missionary: no. You have not discovered that FriendFeed has groups and MUCH BETTER search. - Robert Scoble
Its funny that if you say "SEO" on twitter its an instant 10 followers - Charlieray
A friendfeed promotion experiment? - John Mandia from iPhone
What is a comment? - Meriç Dağlı
I'd rather follow you on Friendfeed, Robert. Your tweets get cross posted here anyway, and there's a much greater sense of engagement in that conversation than there is over at Twitter. - Andrew Terry
John: no. Meric: you just made one. - Robert Scoble
John: I've been promoting FriendFeed for 18 months. Where have you been? - Robert Scoble
FF rocks :o) - Cowan Group
Everyone that "follows" you really does know you love FF. So did you build a tool to follow everyone back that comments on here or are you seriously going to manually follow people back? - Peter Chee
Theres 451+ comment here, do you really follow *everyone*? - Fajar Nurdiansyah
woohoo! I'm in :P - Tim Bergman
Because I am up at 1:20 a.m. PT, why not... I must be your target audience then. - Georgiana Comsa
It must show you how many people enjoy engaging with you Robert, with the number of people posting here. - Steve Farnworth
Amazing to see the comment thread to this entry expand constantly in real time. - Christian Bolstad
Peter: I've manually followed everyone on this thread so far. - Robert Scoble
Peter: although to be fair I've already followed quite a few people who have commented here. - Robert Scoble
Hi, you are already following me. My solution to get rid of spammers on Twitter is to block them, that is what I do. If everyone started blocking them, I think things would improve - Asgeir
Are you going to sleep tonight, or watch the fun?:) - Aaman (Clone of FF)
is that enough to get followed? - Ouriel Ohayon
do I accumulate credit, maybe towards an afterlife? You are already following me :-) - Anindya Chatterjee
really anyone? :D - Francesco M.
What about the SEO experts who accidentally find this feed? - phil baumann
Robert, but you're following commenters here, not on Twitter, right? Not that i care about Twitter that much, as for me it's just a pipeline. FF and FB are conversational platforms for me, or the places i hang out these days. - Tibor Holoda
Aaman: Sleep? some of us are just starting the day. We're waiting for the US to go to sleep so we can talk about you ;-) - Rachel Clarke
Spammers being blocked doesnt do anything as they are hoping for that 1 in 100 hit of someone clicking that link, eventually they get banned and create a new account. - Charlieray
the term SEO expert is a crock of shit - Charlieray
like that's gonna work... - thinkingpot
I hope you like hype machine loved tracks. - Neil Godfrey
FriendFeed is better only if U want feedback and have the time to check it out. - Marko Dvornik
Hello from the UK... - robkeynes
Marko: not true. It's better because it has very little spam. It's better because it has a better search engine. It's better because it has comments and likes. It's better because it's an aggregator. And more. - Robert Scoble
you don't have to follow back. but i'll take the chance to say great work with building 43. - Alexandre Gamela from twhirl
Massimo: right up top. Heheh. Alexandre: thank you! - Robert Scoble
After 6 months out of the social media loop I came back to a whole bunch of follows that I either couldn't remember who they were or why I had followed them - how can that be relevent? So, I culled my follows back to less than 200. I'm now just looking to find the signal amongst the noise. - Colin Walker
What about FriendFeed? Is there any @notsecretscoble too? - Ludwik C. Siadlak
Friendfeeding for Scoble to follow me while on vacation in Montauk. There is something wrong with me. - Mitchell Schneider
Mitchell -- you just don't want to miss the fun. - RobinDotNet
robkeynes -- nice to see you up and about - RobinDotNet
Ludwik: no, because here I can just start a new list of users. - Robert Scoble
Well, this has been fun to watch, but it's almost 2 a.m. and I have to be very smart tomorrow morning, which is easier when I'm not too tired, so everyone have a great [whatever comes next in your time zone]. - RobinDotNet
Robert, I'm trying to understand this follow/unfollow strategy you are applying as Napoleon Bonaparte on a battle field ;) Interested to know the result - Thierry R. Andriamirado
I really do think the way Twitter has changed in the last few months, with all the media attention, certainly begs for it to be used differently now. - Nicola Quinn
SEO what?! :) - Kobayashi
Wow that's a whole lot of people commenting in the last 2 hours, Rob - How many of the new people you are following from this list are NEW to friendfeed? (estimate?) - Roy Herrod
i'm new! - Luigi Filograna
Roy: 40% - Robert Scoble
Does this constitute a comment or are you looking for some insightful commentary on the state of new media? ;) - Iwan
40%? This must have turned out to be one of the biggest promotions in FF history, even if it wasn't intended that way. BTW, I'm new to FF too. - Dennis Jernberg
guess it's good to clean up the list once in a while. - Yan PHUN
Ha ha, nice.... So any major ramifications from the mass unfollow? - Alistair (alpinefolk)
Alistair: other than losing about 1,000 followers so far? No major ramifications. - Robert Scoble
Robert, I'm coming out with a project in the Continuing Medical Education field in the next weeks so if you are interested, I wouldn't mind if you will follow me :-) - Marco Fabbri
Won't tell anybody, specially Seo people, ssshhhh..... - Giorgio Burlini from iPhone
No comment ... :) - Charlie Anzman
Too late. - Alex Gonzalez
You had me at don't tell the spammers... - Sean Kelly
I think it's a hoot. Now I'm wondering whether to reverse my recent move towards following more, not less. I do believe that from my experience so far FF is more attuned to building/maintaining community than is Twitter. - Des Walsh
Great move Robert - I like it a lot - Robert Davies
Des: on FriendFeed you can do both strategies at the same time. You can follow a lot more in one list while following even fewer in another. - Robert Scoble
Des - Once more people re-engage in the conversation here, they'll realize the continuing outright potential of Friendfeed. I still some here before I read my e-mail - Charlie Anzman
Hi Mr Scoble, I'm with you (but on a smaller scale) I unfollowed about 150 users on Friday, felt good! I pretty much hang out in FF now at my home page and my groups - Lee from iPod
wow...just wow :) Robert, you have many fans !! - Hayk
Good luck on hiding from the bots, they have ways of finding people.... :) - Chris Holm
well, who am I to refuse such a nice offer? here I am!!! - niccolò vecchia
Good to hear! I have only ~2000 followers, but I can't follow more at the moment due to Twitter's follow limit rule. - Martin Lindeskog
I can't resist. skeptical, however. - thinkQuick
Robert maybe the effort to get to 1 million is too great?? LOL Look forward to being in special company - Wayne Mansfield
lol! ;-) - auro
Following for the sake of it - Rudi
follow, unfollow. it's all work... - punkwithgun
Great way to test the chemistry between FF and Twitter. I like it. - E-Advocate Network
Robert - I'am definitely not a spammer when it comes to broadcasting anything to people, who doesn't want to hear it :) but I do sometimes respond (mostly on twitter so @reply) to some tweets not aimed on me, but that's what everybody actually asks for when publicly broadcasting anything. - Dušan Šimonovič
Lovely. - Kevin Montgomery
Scoble is a superstar :) - Peter
Woohoo. :) - mjc
Enjoy your tweets - Keith Humphreys
Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto. Himitsu o shiri tai. (Secret secret. I've got a secret.) - Rich Puskarich
Welcome! - Bob Stewart
Shhh...don't tell anyone but I'm neither of those (the spammers, SEO experts, the bots, or the social media experts,) though, I like the heck out of the concept of this thread... - Vincent Wright
@euaneggs :) - Euan Rowlands
Good idea about the unfollow. It was an interesting experiment whilst it lasted but given your lifestyle I'm sure most Twitter messages just passed you by. I never DM'd you however, it was nice to think that I had the option if I wanted to. Anyway I've been on FF for ages now, and what I need is a good FF app (for pc), any ideas anyone? - Nick Bristow
Nick: I just use a browser with FriendFeed. - Robert Scoble
Only 530 comments so far? Come on people you are not even trying. - John Cooper
FIRST... well almost - Rhys Amos from iPod
oh,i'm 538? - M∂hmood
hello hello! - May Wong
I am really curious to check the result of this experiment... - Alessandro Galetto from twhirl
why are you doing this again ? - startup ticker
To confuse you. - Robert Scoble
LOL - nice one Robert. - Darren Rowse
Lol! that dude definitely sounds confused :-) - Freddie Benjamin
:-) well done - Johni Fisher
Knock three times on the ceiling if you want me. - Gilbert Harding
Nice! Subscribe me!!! ;) - stakhov
cool~ - kang
promise? - David Semeria
well i'm only bemused, is that close enuff ? - startup ticker
so quick~ - kang
I'm interested to see how this turns out for you. - Brandon Eaker
talk about noise! - Miles Media
550 commants!!!! wtf? - Rob Sellen :o)
Good to know. Scoble is a superstar. - jaspio
@Rob Sellen, did you see the comments on the most recent ffundercats podcast entry. http://friendfeed.com/ffunder... Over 1000 in a very short period of time. Although I expect that this post will also get up to those levels. - travispuk
Ah Scoble allways busy. - erwin blom
NOTICE: I am closing comments here because I gotta get some sleep. I'll consider doing this again sometime. Sorry if you didn't get in, but see you tomorrow night. - Robert Scoble
Robert Scoble
TechCrunch is down. Twitter is up. That is how we know it is 2009 and not 2007.
the concept of authority is still in both, the "I hate pseudo authority guy." - abdellah
Perhaps it's Twitter's fault. - Jose Alvear
Perhaps it's DoS. Karma-style. - Jason Hargrove
CNET is down too,,, coincidence ? - Tate
Apple fanbois DoS? - Mark from iPhone
Techcrunch is not just down, it's completley dead. Dropping 100% of all packets - Mark
TechCrunch down, web and all startups survive - Aaman (Clone of FF)
Twitter is more reliable than YouTube these days. I think we've just walked through the looking glass. - Tom Milsom
They should have gone with Rackspace. I can imagine Arrington will be fuming. - Mark
@TechCrunch: TechCrunch is experiencing some turbulence right now. Please remain in your seats and fasten your seatbelts. http://www.techcrunch.com/ about 1 hour ago from web - @LarsenTweet
so many speculations... I'm sure the site is down for no special reason and will be up soon. the important thing is that I already read the quitting the iPhone post :) - Orli Yakuel
Yes but Techcrunch never goes down :( - Mark
@arrington sez: Media Temple is fired - Aaman (Clone of FF)
CrunchPad. - Brian Hill
yeah lol Media Temple is fired. - Mark
Big Chance for scoble to score a new contract here - Mark
TechCrunch is BACK. - Mark
almost funny.... I hope they had a funny down picture like twitter - blackysky
Mark: I've learned never to pitch when someone else is down, it just brings bad karma your way. I'd rather win business on service, APIs, flexibility, overall quality, etc, not on whether you're pissed off because your host is currently down. EVERY host will go down, and if you aren't planning on that you aren't making good architectural and business decisions. - Robert Scoble
I'm like that, too nice and honest. That's why ruthless people in business like Trump and Murdoch etc are zillionaires and I am poor :D - Mark
I'm enjoying the growing movement that believes Twitter is a waste of time. From what I have seen so far of FriendFeed I hope it replaces Twitter. Disclaimer: In my humble opinion of course. - paul watts
People often ask me what ROI do I see from twitter and I just point them to the blog and website numbers showing where traffic comes from. - Stephen Brown
if i've more $ i would already head 2 rackspace was my 1-2nd choice - polou/indigo_bow
robert i vote this post as THE BEST FF post ever. so funny - Ouriel Ohayon
Ha Ha Ha , who will write about Techcrunch downtime - Michael_techie
That's good to know! - Kevin J Hatton
Robert Scoble
I want to upload videos longer than 10 minutes to YouTube. I have a director account, but it doesn't let me. Anyone at YouTube can help?
At least I think I have a director account, but they say that they no longer let people upload longer than 10 minute videos. Anyone know the trick to getting longer videos uploaded? - Robert Scoble
I think you have to apply to be a YT Partner to upload +10 minute videos - Outsanity
insane really, when you think about how far we are into youtube's life that "director's" can't upload over 10 m - Mark
everybody should be able to upload vids more than 10min, thats my opinion - @LarsenTweet
Qbat, +1 i agree with you. - Oguz Serdar
I think Scoble probably qualifies. He has a dedicated video man producing his work too. Look at the list of current partners. There is a bunch of girls in bedroom style video series and stuff and some wacky guy who plays the piano. - Mark
Tim: I just applied, thanks! - Robert Scoble
I hope you are accepted so going forward Building43 vids appear on youtube and I can watch them at the gym. No distractions then! - Mark
Of course Flash 9 on the damn thing would be even better. Stupid politics. - Mark
Good luck! YouTube has a reasonable player, and a good audience. Plus, they are not evil. What more could you reasonably ask for? - Tim Tyler
Could your company apply 4 a partner account? - polou/indigo_bow
Try viddler in the meantime if the goal us just an embed. They don't have time limits. Vimeo maybe? Or revver? I use tubemogul to upload all stuff - Courtney Engle from iPhone
I got my Director account before Youtube was bought by Google in 2006, so I have always been allowed to upload more than 10 minute length videos, without being a Youtube partner. Though I really want to become a Youtube partner, they don't allow citizen of countries that are not in the G8 list of countries. Even though all my videos are in English and most of my viewers are in the USA or UK. - Charbax
I think Youtube should simply charge people for the right to upload longer than 10minute videos. For example, $10 to instantly unlock unlimited length uploads or something (activation of the new uploads may vary depending on verification of user identity, Google automatically knows users are reliable if they have used Google accounts for years). Youtube should also charge for priority encoding speeds. I'd pay sometimes if I urgently want them to encode and publish my new uploads. - Charbax
Robert Scoble
The PayPal press conference #platformpreview is live streamed at http://www.x.com/platfor...
Cool URL! - Robert Scoble from iPhone
The requested URL /platforrmpreview was not found on this server. - @LarsenTweet
Not Found The requested URL /platforrmpreview was not found on this server. - Mark
This link works, its LIVE on Ustream: http://www.ustream.tv/channel... - @LarsenTweet
I will try to get the correct one. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Use the Ustream one, sorry: http://www.ustream.tv/channel... - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Ⓒⓗⓡⓘⓢ Ⓟⓘⓡⓘⓛⓛⓞ
where can we get this app? - @LarsenTweet
aah lol, didn't watch the last 2 sec's there.. my bad - @LarsenTweet
Robert Scoble
Theme for today: how can I be helpful to others who want to make their businesses better?
That is a question that businesses who have been helped by you in the past can answer - @LarsenTweet
You help me the most when you focus on startups/other tools that actually HELP me in what I do each day. Lots of startups don't - they're amusing, but they're not a big help. What startups out there are building business support tools - from individuals/freelancers to larger businesses - that work well and do interesting things? The more of these you highlight, the more value you have (for me, anyway). - Trent Hamm
You help businesses by keeping the video interviews of new stuff coming =) I have been introdused to many nice tools , like FriendFeed, through you Scoble.. keep up the good work - @LarsenTweet
Stay on the bleeding edge and set a course for the stars - Aaman (Clone of FF)
On a serious note, though, what is the easiest/best way to document one's plan for a new web-based startup? Have the domain and the germ of the idea but not much more - Aaman (Clone of FF)
@steve , esquire ;-) - andy brudtkuhl from iPhone
Tell them what you want to see from them! Be a responsive beta tester! Offer constructive criticism! - Steve Lynch from twhirl
Keep us and other competitors/colleagues on our toes with great products, fluid communication, and a healthy dose of occasional rants on the tech industry! ;-) - ServInt
Keep talking about the little companies, the ones that don't have a lot of publicity even though they deserve it -- for example, FriendFeed. - Val Klump
Highlight needs that can be filled - MaryAnn Chick Whiteside from iPhone
I second Val K's comment. Also, highlighting interesting uses for emerging technologies that weren't what the designers originally thought they would be used for. - Danny F Santos
Thanks Robert you are already doing a great job! Personally all the web 2.0 and 2010 developments are a little overwhelming. How can a non-programmer utilize all these tools for a new online project. Is there a resource (other than say elance) to step a business owner through the steps and connecting them with application developers? - ASKJDOG
pimp yourself and prostitute yo mind !! :)- - Peter Dawson
Give feedback to each in terms of how you see them fit into your personal hopes for the future, your personal ideal. (I would keep myself to advising companies making things of use to me) You have more sense of the big picture than entrepreneurs because they must be focused on building a small piece of it. - Meryn Stol
Also, with regard to their "businesses": Let them know how good "PR" works. I very much like how Edwin Khodabakchian engages with others on FriendFeed for example. @feedly account is good too, but I like a little more depth. :) - Meryn Stol
Ⓒⓗⓡⓘⓢ Ⓟⓘⓡⓘⓛⓛⓞ
If, when I wake up, I discover that the comments for this entry are out of control, I will be disabling comments for it. So, here's your word of warning: do not comment on this entry. That is all. Good night.
ok, no more - michael sean wright
I'd suck your underscore, but I really can't stand the taste. - Ⓒⓗⓡⓘⓢ Ⓟⓘⓡⓘⓛⓛⓞ
pineapple - Beau Liening
are they disabled already? - Citronella still FFing
Nah, they're still active. At the moment. - Tyson Key
either will I - @LarsenTweet
Why would I comment when I was told not to comment? Commenting when told not to comment is completely ludicrous. Whoever comments on this post which we were clearly told not to comment on is a blatant idiot! Jeesh! - David Ford
@David Ford, you're right, no one will comment here. - Citronella still FFing
I will not take the bait - adam garrett
Is he awake yet? - Jannifer @wordsforliving
Is he a light sleeper? Does he snore? - jan geronimo
Robert Scoble
I like FriendFeed real time "look" much better that twitter's - @LarsenTweet
Me too. - Robert Scoble
the FF search is for folks sending to FF only, though, right? not the twitter firehose + FF? - Karoli
i see twitter and ff in the search return. - Chris Jackson
Karoli: right. They must be on FF and putting their Twitter here. - Robert Scoble
i think it should be a requirement for anyone who signs up to twitter also push their updates to FF :) - Jim Halligan @jim
Looking forward to a day when FF envelops the entire Twitter stream. FF would be the ultimate twitter client. - Daniel Sims
Daniel: It almost already is the best Twitter client! - Jim Connolly
Twitter itself seems to be very slow today. Not realtime at all... - Marlin Forbes
FF seems cleaner, but I do like seeing trending topics on the right in twitter.. - monkeystick
i need a mac based friend feed client and then its all go on FF... until then i gotta stick with twitter... - Brian Page
i just embedded the FF search on a page on my blog with the ustream embed...Friendfeed box on the right sidebar. Kind of a real time search/chat/video experiment. - Karoli
The most important difference between FriendFeed search and Twitter search is that in FriendFeed you can add "friends:me" to your query http://friendfeed.com/search... - Daniel Sims
Robert: Has there been any talk of a geo advanced search operator in FriendFeed? Twitter can do it according to loc in bio. I think that would be an interesting feature to have given all the activity pushed here from the various social sites and blogs. - Jim Halligan @jim
Jim: that's a very needed feature on FriendFeed. Even Twitter's location sucks because it's global, not by tweet. For instance, I bet my Tweets right now show I'm in Half Moon Bay, not in Cambridge. - Robert Scoble
Right. Most of the tweets I see are from iPhones with lon/lat populated into the bio. As services grow closer to enabling location on a per post/update basis, this type of search will be huge. For one, through a WP plugin, I geo tag my blog posts now- even though that's technically not "real-time". I'm hoping services like Flickr & Twitpic step up big in this area, allowing our devices to easily tag stuff so it can be discovered through real time search. - Jim Halligan @jim
http://ffholic.com/ seems to have some FF trending topics. - Tim Tyler
Leo Laporte
Alarm went off at the Cottage. Went in to meet police. Nothing. Can't sleep now. Off to China in the AM.
Sorry to hear.. typical that stuff like that happends when you need your slepp. Have they found out why the alarm went off? - @LarsenTweet
I bet it was the same guy who stole your salad that set the alarm off. haha - Steven (optionshiftk)
Dvorak looking for his slippers - Mel Buckpitt
Something spooky going on there. Dvorak called the 3 pitchman theory there. Karl Malden is dead. Pitchman #3. - Patrick Hall
I think it must be the A/C acting up! Maybe it leaked and the running water tripped the alarm! :-) - Keith Dugas
So the police did show up this time? If so at least you know that it works - jccalhoun
safe trip leo! - howardrs
Have a safe trip, Leo, and be sure to bring back plenty of photos! - Thomas Ward
who's going to go if it goes off tomorrow night? - D Lets
Oh no.. :( Have a safe trip though Leo! - Daynah
I was just thinking you need better security at the TWiT Cottage Leo! - James Hague
What an ingenius way of saying "I'm going away, but I've got security in place!" Well played Leo. Have a safe trip! - Joe "The Anvil" Pierce
Details On The Upcoming New Facebook iPhone App. Now With Events! - http://www.techcrunch.com/2009...
"Details On The Upcoming New Facebook iPhone App. Now With Events!" - @LarsenTweet from Bookmarklet
Jason Calacanis
nice background music on that introduction - @LarsenTweet
Ⓒⓗⓡⓘⓢ Ⓟⓘⓡⓘⓛⓛⓞ
but, tried to search for it on AppStore, could not find it? - @LarsenTweet
I get the following message: it is not available in the Norwegian store :( - @LarsenTweet
Qbat, oh no. I wonder why it's not available internationally. - Daynah
Robert Scoble
TwitSnaps brings better image handling to Twitter photos - http://www.viddler.com/explore...
TwitSnaps brings better image handling to Twitter photos
Really cool integrated zoom function there.. - @LarsenTweet
Robert Scoble
Craving intimacy in our social networks - http://scobleizer.com/2009...
not so much looking for a better way as much as better ways to use what's already there. FF is at present the app of choice, then Twitter. FB doesn't do much for me but it may be purely an issue of bias. - thinfilms
@Robert: do we need our own "private" FF/Twitter networks? or is there something else needed? - MikeAmundsen
I use Friendfeed and Twitter to find out what's going on in the BIG world. I use Facebook to know what's going on in MY world, friends of the past and present. There IS a difference. - Steve Hampton
Steve, you make a good point. Perhaps configuring one to interact with the other [big and small] in flexible, relevant ways is the key here. - thinfilms
Yeah, I guess it would be really great if I had one tool to handle both the big world and my world, it would be great, But there are times that I like the separation of the two. - Steve Hampton
@Robert: I find myself using Twitter less and less, FF only marginally, and have an FB account but do not use it. For intimate, more personal discussions, I find that niche social networks are best for me--networks that are created with a specific demographic in mind. I'm very involved with the development of BuddyPress (BP) and see some interesting niche social sites being created using BP. - Jeff Sayre
@Adam, BP is not about forums, although that is one component of the platform. With BP you create your own social networking site. It's obviously not for everyone, but it is more intimate than a one-size fits all approach like FF or FB. http://buddypress.org/ - Jeff Sayre
Steve: I've been working away in my mad scientist's lab for the past 6 months trying to solve that (and other) problems with these real-time stream and friend/frenemy-related issues. You never know, but I think that me and my partner (Lisa Padilla @lisapadilla) may have come up with a solution for your problem... it's called Grabbit, and we're on track with our development team at... more... - Fred Davis
Robert Socble talking @140conf (recorded) LIVE now -> http://www.livestream.com/140char... - @LarsenTweet
I ment Robert Scoble ;) - @LarsenTweet
really interesting.. talking about cnn's coverage on Iran - @LarsenTweet
Find Jeff Sayre comments interesting. Buddy Press could be something that people will explore and like as it is more intimate. - courtney benson
Robert - I agree although I'm not sure if any social network by nature can perfectly fit into the "biz" or "personal" pigeonhole. I personally use FB only for private sharing with "real" friends - my postings are completely closed to non-friends. I use FF, Twitter, Google Reader, LinkedIN as extensions of my "professional" life. This "firewall" between personal and professional helps me... more... - Jim Tierney
Robert, I use twitter and friendfeed, have FF but don't use it. Still in a research mode.Like FF for professional and ability to go beyond 140. Beginning to get pretty annoyed with the spammers on Twitter and I expect it will only get a lot worse - courtney benson
Jim: As these social network platforms evolve, new tools and functions become needed, and then those need to evolve, too. What is needed is further evolution of what I call Friend Management, which should ultimately do simple things like sort out personal from biz, and also more sophisticated things like reputation tracking, relationship tracking, etc. ... back in web 1.0 I was working... more... - Fred Davis
@Steve Hampton I like having that boundary too, though I use LiveJournal for the private part. - Zian Choy
One of the main reasons I'm on FF is the private groups. I've setup a private group with a couple of close friends and we use it very frequently. We were using Twitter with private users, but I prefer having the inline photos and video here. The problem with FaceBook is that although I really like my friends on there, I don't particularly want to socialize with that many people that frequently. - Chip Ramsey
@Steve Hampton: I agree completely, well said. - David Ziembicki
@Robert I'm convinced the biggest reason people use our site, totspot, is the very search for intimacy that you describe in this article. well put. - Michael Broukhim
I do not crave intimacy from my social networks, only honesty and transparency. That is why I like Facebook so much, because people are who they say they are. Twitter would do good to do more to copy Facebook in this respect. Twitter is at odds with itself because when you sign up for an account it encourages you to use your real picture and name, and then they show you the suggested... more... - Garin Kilpatrick
Robert, have you ever done research into the history of two way communication online and some of the robust communities -- including private ones, as well as ones people pay to be a part of that have been around for nearly ten years? I think in order to really talk about this form of engagement/interaction online, everybody should have sort of a sense of the history of it. I'm sure with... more... - Patricia
The Pirate Bay SOLD to Global Gaming Factory - TPB goes legal http://www.neowin.net/news...
They had no choice? - @LarsenTweet
Robert Scoble
Rackspace outage and info - http://scobleizer.com/2009...
You know what Robert? This might sound ridiculous but I think the techcrunch post about this was designed to punish you. - Mark
"No suitable nodes are available to serve your request." -- some irony there -- good thing twitter isn't hosted at Rackspace? - Brian Sullivan
love the link to your page that I cannot see becasue of Rackspace problems :-) Priceless :-) - Rasmus Lauridsen
Not liking this. Right when I'm in the middle of a freaking upgrade too. - Andru Edwards
Link works fine here - @LarsenTweet
RackSpace link works fine here to (UK) - Jim Connolly
All sites work fine here (UK) - Mark
I got the following: No suitable nodes are available to serve your request. - Rasmus Lauridsen
It's a routing issue mostly affecting the United States (from what I've been able to tell). - Michael Owens
This is purely meant to punish Robert: http://www.techcrunch.com/2009... - Mark
Link worked fine for me. East Coast - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
works fine yes, from Norway - @LarsenTweet
Yes its his employer telling him to get the F back in here :-P - Rasmus Lauridsen
I blame Scoble. (Is that still a meme?) - Tony Ruscoe from fftogo
Scoble picked the wrong week to stop Twittering! - Patrick Breitenbach
From CNET: Updates: Whatever has affected the Rackspace DFW facility has also hit its phone lines, a spokesperson tells us - Mark
I was wondering why I have all of these emails accumulating in my Outbox. For the record, USUALLY Rackspace is awesome for hosting. We use Rackspace Cloud for http://modea.com/ Rackspace (just Rackspace) for hosting client sites, and Rackspace Email for MS Exchange. All fab MOST of the time. - David Catalano
Robert: Techcrunch is killing you guys! - Jim Connolly
"No suitable nodes are available to serve your request." – Slovakia - Tibor Holoda
The TechCrunch post was designed to punish Robert for daring to go against Mike. And to humiliate his company which "never goes down". - Mark
Maybe its a CDN problem since its only some of us that get it... I'm in Denmark using opendns.com. That mix sometimes kills stuff for me.... - Rasmus Lauridsen
Yeah, as much as I want to take off from the Real Time web something drags me back in. Looks like it's a power outage. It's 104 degrees in Texas right now. I've seen reports that when our power switched back from generator to regular power something didn't work right. There's a team figuring it all out now and we'll have a report soon. First priority is getting customers back up and running, though. - Robert Scoble
Oh, and Arrington and I had a nice talk this morning. I don't see this as an attack on me. Our servers are down and our customers are in pain. - Robert Scoble
Rackspace: All power is restored to the DFW data center - all devices affected are starting to come on-line. Details to follow - @LarsenTweet
Rackspace: Phone support is not down at Rackspace. Heavy call volume, but no issues with those systems. - @LarsenTweet
Rackapps Twitter account is here: http://twitter.com/rackapps -- they are giving other details on the mail customers who are affected. - Robert Scoble
I've been following them on FriendFeed - thanks Robert. - Jesse Stay
Looks like our SocialToo outage was just coincidence then. I thought it was our fault, which it probably was. :-) A reboot fixed the issue for me. Gotta figure out what happened to the database though. - Jesse Stay
Either that or Chris Brogan's recent blog post killed it. :-) - Jesse Stay
WOOT! Email is back up and running on Rackspace! - David Catalano
Strange that this happens today when Rackspace had a planned maintenance window for today to replace some USP batteries - Jon Dillon
Just caught off my Webware tweets - Melanie Reed
I hope Robert has something deliciously inspiring to say after the very minor downtime. - Mark
This does perhaps illustrate Google's reason for building their own servers and network gear, each with its own battery backup: great big UPSs tend to be single points of failure for a large portion of a datacenter. - DGentry
Robert Scoble
Someone just asked me if there's a good way to get a holistic look at Twitter or friendfeed followers. I don't know of any. Do you? Answer here:
She wants to know, for instance, how many of her friends on Twitter live in San Francisco. I'd love to know that, and how many of them use Google Chrome, for instance. - Robert Scoble
sovereignjohn: no, the search engine on Twitter isn't that good. - Robert Scoble
I'm looking for a Tweetie/tr.im/Delicious/CRM app myself. Perhaps a bit more holistic than this, but do let us know if you find one. - Kawika Holbrook
http://nearbytweets.com/ will identify nearby tweeters - Carrie Krinock
exactly.. I would love to be able to group friends and followers by their location.. This can do much on getting relevant group conversation.. Tweetdeck has a grouping feature but Twitter certainly can do more... eg. I like to be able search certain keyword within a group just because a word can have multi interpretation depend on where you live and what language you use.. - Pico Seno
Perhaps your friend just found a niche worth filling. I don't know of any good Twitter apps with decent address books. - Kawika Holbrook
nearbytweets is cool!! Thanks Carrie... - Pico Seno
This yahoo pipe can plot your twitter followers on a map: http://pipes.yahoo.com/pipes... but it stops at 100. (this one does your friends: http://pipes.yahoo.com/pipes...) I could probably whip up a quick script that shows them all. - Daniel Sims
Wow! Thanks for all the suggestions. So far the http://pipes.yahoo.com/pipes... is the closest. Thanks! Anyway to make it hide my twitter password though? - Susan Barnes
@Susan, @Daniel I wrote the pipe and there's a 200 friend version here http://pipes.yahoo.com/mmmeeja.... I did have one that would list all friends but it got deleted because there was too much recursion :-( Haven't figured out a way around the need for a password for a map of followers but the API has changed since then, so I should revisit it. - Andy Murdoch
I'm looking for the same thing. We need this, and some sort of twitter quality index... - Andy A.
Ⓒⓗⓡⓘⓢ Ⓟⓘⓡⓘⓛⓛⓞ
EXCLUSIVE: New Macbook revealed: http://vimeo.com/5319991 [Video proof]
nice one Chris, thank you.. need to buy a Mac soon.! I am a PC guy and have never own a MAC, but now I want one.. lets hope my shares go up and I make enough money on them so I can buy one :P - @LarsenTweet
haha - @LarsenTweet
1 pls. - anna sauce
Robert Scoble
53% of my 96,000 followers don't follow directions. They are useless. The others will discuss this on FriendFeed here:
you mean like so? :) - Iwan
:-) seriously, everyone wants followers but what good are they if they won't do anything you tell them to do? Useless! - Robert Scoble
hahah that is soo funny - Susan Beebe
yet sooo true. wondering just how long until people figure it out - Susan Beebe
is this a timed challenge? - Iwan
Hmmm... - Adam
Literally LOLing at this, Robert. - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
Yes master... - Chris Forbes
i'm not sure what you mean ;) - Suzannah Archibald
I want to know how many of them consider themselves social media experts? - Colin Anawaty
bit of a pompous mood today? when have you ever expected anyone to follow directions on the net? - Doubledown_inSL
I was lost when Robert was at the 140 conference - he wasn't active here so I didn't know what to read...haha - Mike Bracco
*looks around for FF koolaid* - Susan Beebe
Fine, so I am useless. - Julie Anderson
Any reccomendations for friend feed convos on the iPhone? - Stuart Tracte
FF sux nardz - Doubledown_inSL
How could I defy the techno-hulk? - Amanda Magee
You are fired up today...you might want to switch to decaf. GOOD GODS, WHAT AM I SAYING. - M.L. Stone
but 47% of people go on FF? that is quite good - Billy Fung
So, 47% or your followers are expected to discuss here? The comment counter is going to explode. - Brome
3% of Scobes followers are still trapped on Myspace - Doubledown_inSL
twitter wasn't an interactive medium was it? :P - jaspio
What? - fanch_guy
Kevin: only about 42,000 of my 96,000 followers are here. Useless! I think they are all spammers or bots. - Robert Scoble
You mean 95,999 followers. - Robert Peterson
Very clever. - Nicole
that mass growing of the thread would be the 47% who can follow instructions ;o) - Carl Grint
I keep having to block spammy, icky followers on twitter, mostly porn and get-rich schemers..augh! - Susan Beebe
I refuse to respond to such a claim! - Al Fuller
seriously, how much is FriendFeed paying you? - Greg Hollingsworth
"I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep." John 10:11 - don manu
What am I not supposed to do? Where is the line? - Brian Goss
Spammers and bots eh? Great minds think alike? - ralphsaunders
What prize are you going to give your 100,000 follower? - Mike Bracco
*reading and where is my popcorn? ;) ;)* - Ronald
Greg: I got a free t-shirt. - Robert Scoble
Flame bater - Ron Hudson
promised to cure cancer at 100k - Doubledown_inSL
I won't comment this thread ;) - DAL
Spammers are everywhere though including here. - Brian Sullivan
@Doubledown_inSL Now that's funny. - Mike Dowden
Power is a double-edged sword, Robert...lol... can be tough to galvanize one's - Carol Lynn Martens
wow... think we could crash friendfeed with this thread? - Chip McComb
I don't get it - Amelia Rangel
Do you want followers or slack-jawed lackys? - Mark Petzold
how many comments per minute will appear in average :D - Flavio
LOL @ Justin - Doubledown_inSL
No one has to do anything anyone says/ - Paul Kinlan
let's see how 'stableizer' FF really runs *bumping up this thread *g* * - Ronald
No. I refuse to. But that doesn't make me useless. :-P - Ordinarybug Heather
show me a bridge - I'll jump after you! - BEX
FF is great, it just requires a higher level of interaction that many people don't have time for or interest in. - Stuart Tracte
That's truth but I am one of the direcitons follower - Gent Thaçi
Just following instructions. - Larry Roth
Glad I caught this in my Twitter feed - I'd hate to be a bad directions-follower. - Shawn Farner
whatever you say - George Deane
^^ yeppers, i robot :D - Ronald
If you're happy and you follow (Scoble), clap your hands! - Carlos Granier-Phelps
I may of missed something, my bad.. - Sebastiaan van den Akker
Doh! Sorry, I clicked that link by accident - I'm in the 53%. As you were... - Andrew Jordan
Must do what Scoble says... Slow down comment box... forgot what this tread was about. - Drew S
/claps hands - George Deane
do what? - Mick
I agree that FF is better for tracking conversations, and hopefully @Twitter will get that. I still spend more time on Twitter - Matthew Scott Horbund
I follow directions but am often useless. Where do I fit? - Aaron Ball
53% your numbers are inaccurate. - Carlos Ayala
This should be interesting... - Robert Lee
wow, I'm not the only one who has no clue what's going on.. - Sebastiaan van den Akker
Grr... shouldn't have commented... Now I'll be getting IM updates forever!!!! - Carlos Granier-Phelps
I think this is just a psychology experiment... - Chip McComb
Commenting so as not to appear useless - Herb Hernandez
hahaha - Ronald
Carlos: lol - Larry Roth
what is actually ment by "directions"? - Clemsen
yes how is the number 53% found. - Daniel Graversen
as usual im in the minority (43%), Im never in the majority :( - George Deane
I hope you're wrong, Chip. Otherwise, you didn't see me here. - Shawn Farner
reporting for duty... - Todd Goldstein
baaaaah - mikepk
Scoble does have a lot of followers... - Sebastiaan van den Akker
I thought men were basically incapable of asking for directions, so why would they follow them? ;-) - Julie Bovee Hill
Robert, you are looking angry today. Take it easy, man! - Walter Lounsbery
d'oh! I meant 47% - George Deane
I am in building 44. Can you give me directions to 43? - David Connell
??? is this a test of the national broadcasting system? - Robert Wilkins
damn it scoble! get a real job! =) - Jonathan Crossland
Wow--never thought I'd wish for a "Don't Like" button or link, Robert! - Kathy Fitch
Robert's comments are very important particularly for political & development work. - Justin Long
Also important for business marketing. - Justin Long
U made me upset in first look then I realized what u mean and I found Im not not one of those. Hope you are not angry sir and wont fire me.. - Abhijeet Singh
I need a job like Scoble's... but in Miami. - Carlos Granier-Phelps
to comment or not to comment.... that is the question... - Kim
Are trending topics on friendfeed called "friending topics"? - Larry Roth
Slaves, obey your earthly masters with deep respect and fear. Serve them sincerely as you would serve Christ. (Ephesians 6:5 NLT) What was the question again? - don manu
hehehe... nice trick - Gustavo Munoz from twhirl
i think this thread goes 'epic' on FF ;) - Ronald
Robert, I'm up to the CHALLENGE of not being "useless." Actually, my business communication students at SFSU just heard my initial remarks which included THREE RULES FOR SUCCESS in BUSINESS [and everything else!] The rules: LISTEN CAREFULLY, READ CAREFULLY and FOLLOW ALL DIRECTIONS! - Shari Weiss
Apathy is the big killer of networks. - Justin Long
I'm here. That makes me not useless, I guess? - Celia
Robert Wilkins: it is my test to see how many spammers, bots, or jerks are following me. - Robert Scoble
I get alot of spam about sites who gives you followers, whats the point of the followers have no interresting to give to you? And whats most crap is that they have enabled auto-follow back.. grrr :P don't sign up on those sites people.! - @LarsenTweet
I like the constantly refreshed list but it doesn't half distract me from my own comment! - Joshua Davidson
hahahahaha, ok.. now I get it - Sebastiaan van den Akker
I Welcome our FF Overlords! - Al Fuller
Does this mean that you expect there to be 45,120 comments here? - Andrew Pass
I like Viagra. - Paul Puri
a spammer... - Sebastiaan van den Akker
this is the only ff link of yours i followed. - moogs
You are usefull for us Robert =) - @LarsenTweet
I am getting a few new people to follow here, which is good! - Robert Scoble
Qbat aka Larsen: Agreed! - Larry Roth
I am not a bot! I am a free man! - Jeff Newfeld
Talking directions? - Sardar Mohkim Khan
Why do you think that people take the time to comment here? - Andrew Pass
This thread is like watching the real time web on steroids.I can't type fast enough to keep the comment box in view....yikes! - Dana Fosburgh
Robert - me too, thanks! :) - Susan Beebe
All you have to do is insult people and then they come :-) - George Deane
Notice how many of us follow when we are told we are not following. - Sandy McMerty
So, you're saying that people who don't use FF are spammers, bots or jerks ? - Djordje Lukic
So when you figure out how many there are, How are you going to auto filter them out? - Robert Wilkins
I read, I clicked, I arrived. I guess that means I'm not useless. - Mike
This comment intentionally left useless. - phil baumann
Seriously though let's not take the term 'followers' too literally. Just because I read a column doesn't mean I share the authors views. Just because you say lets discuss this on friendfeed doesn't mean I log onto FF and.......ah. OK....What is thy bidding?! - Joshua Davidson
You suck, man. I refuse to be a minion. Oh, wait... shit... - Joey Gibson
<Insert clever comment here.> - That's So CAJ!
Am I in the 53% or the 47%? - Tony Connor
What type of followers do you need Robert? Tell us and maybe we will try to be better. - @LarsenTweet
DeVries: oh, I understand. We need better notified control. - Robert Scoble
150th - Harscoat
Well, those who don't do what you tell them are actually more useful. No for you directly, but for the society. They mix your directions with their own to create new ones. - Kirill Petrovsky
Is this a roll call :) - Boon Kwee
i'm just commenting to hang with the cool kids - ukgrad98
^^ Nope 'happy hour' at Scoble's ;) ;) - Ronald
"Follower" is a weird term. "Watcher" may be better. Follower implies action and engagement, and anybody who's used social media for more than 20 minutes knows that just isn't true. - Jared Smith
Have I responded quick enough not to deemed useless. I feel a little baaaaa now. - Crispin Heath
Jared: bing! - Robert Scoble
So if you ever figure out how to deal with the bots and all the "I will teach you to make millions with Twitter" junk let us all know! - Marshall Huwe
you are talking about twitter, they would be useless but they are numbers and number always count. - Madhav Tripathi
If we need to use friendfeed to be useful, are there any clients or is it only the webinterface. - Daniel Graversen
Marshall: this is how. Bots and spammers don't get FriendFeed. - Robert Scoble
Daniel: what is wrong with the web? - Robert Scoble
inscribo ergo sum (I write therefore I am) - Jeff Newfeld
Nothing, just seem deficult to follow more threads. But that is probably not needed because the whole conversation is in once place. No need to multitask. - Daniel Graversen
is it just me or is the most used "plugin" on FriendFeed twitter? - @LarsenTweet
Actually, I find FriendFeed useless. I was reading an article about Twitter being useless, but the news get faster there. We'll have to say thanks to TwitScoop for that. - Dragos Pirvu
I never use FriendFeed. it just agregates all my other feeds into one feed. thats all :D - Zafarali
Dragos: wait until you compare search here to Twitter before calling it useless. Among other features. - Robert Scoble
No bot me, no. Count me out for that one. - Ton Zijp
FriendFeed enables comments on your tweets.! - @LarsenTweet
Robert Scoble: I think the proliferation of tools for Twitter let you slice and dice the data the way you want it and that is helpful to many. I do like the Web interface for FriendFeed, but imagine the possibilities that some cool tools could bring. No? - Larry Roth
So then we need someone in your vast network to write us a little app that will map the Twitter users who comment on FF and then block all the rest! Or at least create a "Real" Group in TweetDeck for me. - Marshall Huwe
ha! - Ned Baugh
there are SO MANY COMMENTS HERE - Zafarali
the best part is u can track em - Zafarali
Is this the way to San Jose? err ... I mean Friend Feed? - Tom Horn
Twitter should have a option that people who want's to follow you must write a small text for WHY you should let them follow you or the other way around - @LarsenTweet
Did you know that more than 90% of all statistics are made up? ;) - Tim Young
I'm getting tired of having to block the spam followers everyday. - Ron Hudson
Working on both FF and twitter - but FF is easier to follow comment threads - kathysd
What is interesting is I am already following most of the people who commented here which proves my point. - Robert Scoble
I was carefully looking at this list the other day http://spinn3r.com/rank... - turns out many people on it barely/if at all - use friendfeed. - Nir Ben Yona
Can you guys slow down - I can't keep up :( - Al Fuller
I think Twitter and FF provide different things and there is space on the internet for both :) - Tom Griffin
I've had friendfeed for quite a while, but I've not used it much, how do I expand this chat? - Ron Hudson
How does this post check for bots? - Amit Morson
Followers can not be useless. At least you can be proud of the sheer scale. And I believe, you don't want to have a conversation with thousands people at once. That would be truly useless. - Grigori Milov
I am here with you - I think it is that only half want to have a say. - Robert Freeze
On Twitter I talk strangers V on Friendfeed I am among friends - Asgeir
I'd like twitter to have a "report spam" button, this would avoid quite a lot of hassle... - don manu
Ron: just click on comments link under the topic - @LarsenTweet
ya like that! thanks. How do I do that? - Ron Hudson
Why is it important that followers comment & discuss U2, @Scobleizer? BC U R green? - Petter Griph
Amit: bots don't follow directions from people who are not their owners. No bots here. - Robert Scoble
FriendFeed should get a comment button under all the comments - @LarsenTweet
Qbat: click on the time under the post and open it in a new window - Robert Freeze
Andy: I'm in the 35% that read the comments. Didn't want my lame joke to be a REPEATED lame joke. :D - Tim Young
Robert Freeze: aaah.! Thank you =) - @LarsenTweet
Robert: unless perhaps the bot has directions to comment on every Scoble post? - Brian Sullivan
This reminds me of that "following directions" test from grade school. 1. Read all instructions before beginning. (2 -> N-1). Lots of crazy instructions which we all did. N. Don't do any of the previous instructions. Turn the page over, write your name, and wait. - Don Faulkner
Robert Freeze, that never worked for me - Amit Morson
Go watch Perez Hilton's video about being beaten up last night and going on techcrunch - Mark
time for a pint :-p - tony bland
Robert Freeze that worked. that should be labeled a bit better - Ron Hudson
Andy: I didn't tell you to read all the comments! :-) - Robert Scoble
If I reply here that I think it's less than 53% I may actually prove myself wrong. So be it. - Arnd Jan Gulmans
Should be a rewind and play button so you can play back all the comments.. like google wave - @LarsenTweet
And how many minutes/comments-in does the Scobalizer stop reading the comments? Opps, I just see that we are not supposed to "read" to comments...only discuss them. - Stephen Price
Thats cause they were busy seeing what I am doing!! LOL, your not the only person bossing people around. - T.S. Elliott
How big is the percentage of your followers that doesn't follow you? - Arnd Jan Gulmans
I love Friend Feed! - Robert Freeze
Click here for 101 ways to get rich ... Woooops, sorry wrong percentage group. - Chris Spencer
The reason I don't use friendfeed very much is because there is no SocialScope support on my blackberry. As soon as I can get a sweet blackberry app I'll be here more. - Ron Hudson
Now if I can just get my mom on here. http://www.building43.com/blogs... - Robert Freeze
I don't want to be in the wrong group. :P - Sheryl
Done, in. - Thom Kennon
Tom Griffin, I saw that, and it's "usable" but it's nowhere near the elegance and simplicity of say UberTwitter,SocialScope, or TweetGenious. I use SocialScope. It is an absolute Killer app. - Ron Hudson
Do I get partial credit for skimming the comments? No? Sorry, master. - malackey
Cool, so, I'm in the 47%, 35%, 29.4%, 100% and 100% ranges! I'm all over the place. Thanks Scoble and Andy for helping me learn something new about myself. - Tim Young
I see the "224 more comments" bit on FF and know I don't need to add another comment. Erm... - Ian Betteridge
FFtogo doesn't auto-refresh - Ron Hudson
To follow or not to follow, or to passive follow versus have an active conversation? - Peter Simoons
It's all about the user experience though - it's easier to comment to someone's question on Twitter by quickly clicking @ than click a link through to FF, faff about sizing the screen on the screen to wait for the comments to load, read them and then post, so yeah, I can see why many respond on Twitter than FF. I'm doing that more myself as currently very busy with work projects. This... more... - Sally Church
I refuse to fall prey to this ruse, Robert. Oh...wait... ;) - Robert J Taylor
I added you to my Live acct weeks ago. No reply. - Bret
I'm too sleepy to read all this right now. - Daniel Zarick
clever early morning link-bait - Jake Ludington
nice one :) you should do an NHST on that hahaha - The Pageman
They should change that from "followers" to something like "watchers" or "subscribers". As in "I have a subscription to the Scoble lifestream." - Steve Lynch from twhirl
discuss (Would hate to be useless) - Charlie Anzman
So is this a casual social experiment to determine rough percentages of active/rabid users who like to engage/participate with those they follow? - Eden Hensley
I completely agree! Unfortunately I might be considered part of that 53%! The only reason I am responding is because someone else I follow re-tweeted it. I personally have over 5000 followers but only regularly interact with 50 or so. Isn't Social Media about conversation and being engaging? Hmmm...... - Robert Dominguez
Robert: Very interesting experiment, one should use there own judgment over there (twitter) regarding bots and spammers. - Eran Even-Kesef
@Scoble: I'm listening. What are you going to say, or what did I miss? - Jason Cronkhite from Alert Thingy
It is a direction. Anybody must walk all alone ... so, what is the point? - bishoph
same here, most people don't read - Michael Reese
Smile and wave boys, smile and wave:) - Rick Bucich
great man!!no protect update.... and i just follow ..i 'd like be the unless fllower..lol~~ - HealingBrush
Not being a bot, I am compelled to follow directions. - Randall Fink
I am useless :-( - Andrew
Andy Bold, I played with iPhone page too, but it's just a pain to have to open the browser. The blackberry environment is all about easy simple communication. If I have to jump through hoops it breaks down. Not to mention a friend feed experience without push is not a friendfeed experience.\ - Ron Hudson
99% of your followers will not read the 250 comments proceeding this one, and I am one of those 99% - Steve C, Team Marina
That'll teach me for ignoring Twitter for a few minutes a couple of hours ago! Late as usual. - Graham Stewart
Hey, much better here! Twitter sux.... after getting locked out of @freddavis for months with NO reply from Twitter, even after you tweeted @ev and @biz (thanks!)... so I my new Twitter name is @fucktwtr ... but much better to use FriendFeed! - Fred Davis
I almost thought that you have a big ego. :) - Shuuro
followers are for cults. twitter should change to readers/reading, because at the end of the day this is all about reading - Jim Posner
Adding my opinion to the rollcall, though I've just realized that i actually have no opinion on this. - Chris Foley
Clever. :-) - Patrick Ward
To much noise, the good data is lost. - Adam Mesenbrink
Yes to much noice. Maybe a way to mark comments as good could be a way to filter the comments. - Daniel Graversen
Adam, I think that's a limitation with the threaded discussion model of FriendFeed - it becomes very, very difficult to follow a conversation once it goes beyond a hundred or so comments. Of course, Scoble will come up with a search filter which makes it easy in about three comments from now, just to prove I'm wrong... :) - Ian Betteridge
I didn't realize followers were supposed to do what their followees said. Does that mean I have to open those links to help me make money on twitter? I was just using it for communication. Silly me. - RobinDotNet
Robin: communication takes someone on the other side listening and talking back. - Robert Scoble
Useless to YOU, perhaps. I'll bet they are getting value from the info you rpovide. Social media doesn't have to be about communication, it can be about "transmitting information" or some other morer restrcitive definition of what goes on. Some people just like to listen! - Jim Tierney
Useful post :) - Krishnamoorthy
Agreed! There are those like me who sit in shadows, read and do not comment... oh wait, crap! - Danny F Santos
Talking back is definitely good, but I'm still not clicking on those links telling me I can make money on twitter. I do talk back to people (as evidenced here). :-) So you have a lot of followers who don't. Do they even tweet? Can anyone explain why people join twitter and don't tweet? - RobinDotNet
Jim: I'm not a broadcast, though. Are people who just consume really useful? - Robert Scoble
And BTW, if you don't realize the value your personal brand gets from having those 48,000 followers whether they reply back or not, you're missing something! - Jim Tierney
Robin: people are used to consuming info and not talking back. I understand that. Jim: there is some value in having lots of consumers, yes. I just aspire to more. - Robert Scoble
lucky you that non all of them have an active role in your FF... how can you think of have an interaction wth so many people? - Paolo Galli from IM
I think you math is waaaaaaaay off. Looks like somewhere around 0.3125%(300/96,000 - rounding up) of your followers are useful, meaning you should edit your comment to say 99.7% of your followers. Really makes me wonder the true value of twitter if one of the top uses gets this percentage of useful following. The other possibility is that as followers increase, the percentage of attentive/usefull/whatever-you-want-to-call-it decreases. - Robert D. Fraser
Paolo: I've had interactions with tens of thousands of people here on friendfeed, just not all at the same time. Robert: you're right. :-) - Robert Scoble
Do you think those non-tweeting-twitterers sit at their desk and read all the tweets coming across? Or are they looking for something specific. - RobinDotNet
Scoble: You are asking questions and experimenting with stuff that I find interesting. Just reading through this thread provides some interesting insights into users' perspectives on Twitter. - Matthew Schrock
Is that southeastweb thing from a bot or some kind? - RobinDotNet
Robin: I think it's a spammer. But at least it's a spammer that follows directions. That said I think I'm going to block it. - Robert Scoble
Blocked. - Robert Scoble
Scoble you really can do it? I'm very impressed :) I'm jocking... I think many users on the web just read information but doesn't partecipate... it's to difficult ;) - Paolo Galli from IM
97.2% of all statistics are made up. - Jason A. Nunnelley
Tekany: and the statistics that aren't made up can mislead. :-) - Robert Scoble
Seeing a spammer blocked just makes me feel warm all over. It's so awesome. - RobinDotNet
Geoff: that's why I follow you! :-) - Robert Scoble
Following instructions is way overrated - Iphigenie
That's what I'll have on my next business card: Scoble found me useful, what about you ? - Antoine Bertier
RTFM or GTFO said the BOFH. - Jon Winters
Although at this point I would welcome someone giving me instructions as to the next steps in life - far too many options. Maybe I should crowdsource it, but I am certain not to like the results - Iphigenie
Walt: heh. - Robert Scoble
LOL! Great job of being satirical! You have a lot of great followers. :) - James Stratford
Alex, uhm like totally and stuff ... and uhm. Ya know. Cool. - Jason Nunnelley
Walt: here on friendfeed. - Robert Scoble
Robert, you dropped your twitter response button. Makes sense, but was it purely to reduce redundancy? - Jason Nunnelley
viewing people as "useful" is problematic..useful to who?..tools are "useful'...people not so much...helpful may be a more precise word. - Jim Posner
Jim, wordsmith! - Jason Nunnelley
.LOLz...great thread! - .LAG liked that
Jim: you're right of course. I was just trying to be an egotistical bbbaaaahhhhssssttttaaaarrrrrdddd to get a conversation going. Jason: what did I drop? I didn't do it on purpose. - Robert Scoble
Damn it Robert, you got me to make an account here three days ago, what more can I do for you? ;-P - Shane Trammell
Robert, you are smart - Arvind
This is an easy way to get rid of bots. They don't have anything intelligent to share (like me)! - Carlton Prest
WTG sheeple for getting conned into commenting here... wait. um. - Scott Breakall
Robert, what if people want to reply and be engaging but don't feel like they have anything of value to say / to add to the discussion? - Wang Yip
Robert - what is the point of this? I took carrot... - Liza + = ?
Robert, I just put the lime in the coconut. Now what? - Sue Radd
Robert-Great discussion at 140, BTW. On another topic just watched the Perez Hilton video and trying to get my head around that rant..if you haven't seen it you should watch both sides of the feud with will.i.am. Interesting use of twitter and video to address insult/outrage. - Jim Posner
Sue, like it. - Liza + = ?
Yahoo Inbox: 178 messages. 132 are notifications of new comments here. Good job. :) - Tim Young
Ok now I "get" this FriendFeed experience. - Ron Hudson
lots of people commenting here--I wonder if it has to do with the time of day more than the topic - Brent R Jones
I have a fear of being useless. - Ron Wening
I hope I'm not within the 53% - Michela Cimnaghi /cimny
I just drove from Pierre SD to Fort Totten ND, so I'm a little bit groggy. What exactly was I supposed to do to pass Robert Scoble's version of a Turing Test? Also, is it really important that people think I'm not a bot? I bet there is still money in AI. - Matthew McCowan
Is that percentage of useless followers greater or less on Twitter. (I think I can predict your answer!) - Curt Mercadante
"I would never want to belong to any club that would have someone like me for a member." - jacek
This thread is taking me a long time to read when I haven't had coffee yet today. - Jannifer @wordsforliving
So, my understanding is.. one who doesn't give 'directions' to his followers is useless too. Mmhhh! yeah - Thierry R. Andriamirado
Robert - there's nothing egotistical about it! I'd also be remiss if I didn't add that I get plenty of thought-provoking value from you even when in "read-only" mode. Understandably my usefulness to you is nil in those cases. However (and I'm echoing at least one other commenter here: IRONY ALERT) I've found that by the time I comment in this type of thread, my exact thoughts have... more... - Jim Tierney
I just hope Scobleizer never directs me to do something self-destructive. I hate it when that happens. - DGentry
I don't think lurker are useless :), I don't think number of followers have a great significance, Friendfeed is a Virtual Life Streaming, and in virtual life (as in real life) some people don't have a direction, they live (however i prefer LIVE with all capital letters, and have a direction!!!). - CantorJF
90% of community members lurk. - Ⓒⓗⓡⓘⓢ Ⓟⓘⓡⓘⓛⓛⓞ
Really, you Are scaring - Eta from Nambu
here. - metalerik
Yay for the other 47%. - Colette
So if we post here, are we teacher's pets? :) - Daynah
Members of the "TV Generation" are just not used to follow directions... (they sit and consume with chips&beer and maybe do some shopping via telephone - these are a well trained habits and hard to change)... - Arne Krueger
I'm jumping up for another cup of tea, be right back... - Deborah E. Bifulco
There clearly comes a point of scale where FriendFeed fails to delivery clarity...nothing useful on the first screenful or last... does that mean that 47% of your followers are unable to provide significant value? - David Race
Will there be and end of this direction? Do we want to close directions? I think somewhen even directions become useless - Vedran Rudelj
delivering significant value to ff and/or the subscribers depends on the roi they get... some people are just not using it - as it is intendet to be used. so what!? - Arne Krueger
If technology fails you, next time you are in Memphis lets get together for lunch. Great value remains in human contact. - Jeff Milton
That is priceless - Keith - @tsudo
I am not a bot, I am huma ... wait, oh yeah, I am a bot .... never mind, back to being useless. - John
Bots are human too. - Thom Kennon
No one say anything useful, otherwise this will have meaning. - Liza + = ? from email
Liza: shhhh. Heheh. - Robert Scoble
I found this thread useful. - Mike Nencetti
Love these types of threads - quite enjoyable! - Jannifer @wordsforliving
O Captain! My Captain! - Nicola Mattina
Commenting so I'm not included in the useless category... Also, I'd love to chat about this the next time you're around the FF office. - Ross Miller
There are 3 kinds of people in the world: 1. Those that follow Robert Scoble because he doesn't act like he's too good to talk to us. 2. Those that follow Robert Scoble because he is known to follow everyone back, and therefore he is good for "inflating" their follower count. 3. Those who have no idea why they are following Robert Scoble. - April Russo (FForever!)
4th type of person follows for great feeds that generate discussion on FF. - Mike Nencetti
April, you forgot the fourth category: 4. Those who don't subscribe to Robert Scoble but find far too many of his posts liked and commented by their friends. - Kristin of Two Everything
But the only reason why Robert generates great discussions is because he is part of that discussion. He doesn't just drop & run, or only talk to people he thinks are "somebody", completely ignoring the rest of us. While he may have a big ego, it isn't so big that he thinks he's too good to have a real conversation with us. - April Russo (FForever!)
53%? That seems a generous estimate. - Rob Michael (Atmos Trio)
Rob: I have almost 42,000 followers here and 96,000 followers on Twitter, which comes out to 43%. Glad someone caught me on my math! :-) - Robert Scoble
My casual research indicates about 1% will respond. - Rob Michael (Atmos Trio)
even if they don't respond there is something to be said about passive observing- no? - michael sean wright
You call this a discussion? - Phil Boiarski
Phil: this is not a discussion. It's a lot of people following directions. :-) - Robert Scoble
Hi Robert, nice experiment! - Luis Enrique León
Aye aye Cap'n Scoble. Sorry I'm late but I just got done eating a plate of waffles in some diner in midtown NYC... - Aaron Strout
53% of your followers aren't followers in the sheep sense. That's a good thing. Lose the other 47% - C. K. Sample III
C. K. why must you self loathe on my thread? - Robert Scoble
I feel kind of funny. - Mike Nayyar
It's not easy being part of the 47% - Aidan Mann
I am not a sheep! Oh wait, maybe I am. - adam garrett
RS - The puppet master : ) - Mark Harai
I feel compelled to comment here... odd - Jan Ole Peek
Mark: who is the puppet master and who is the puppet? I'm answering you now. - Robert Scoble
Just following directions. Too many Mark's here though, I wish FF signed thing with our usernames. - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
You can change your display name any time by clicking on your name in the top right corner. - Mark
Robert: communication still occurs when unidirectional, surely the works of Socrates convey concepts to readers even today? - Mike Chelen
Wow! It wasn't till I finished reading through almost all the comments that I got what Robert was trying to say :) FF good, Twitter bad. But I can't complain since it was Leo Laportes constant references to FF that got me to join and Roberts comments that got me to try and really understand what FF is all about. Initially FF was a little overwhelming and the only reason I've stuck it through so far is because of the higher quality of content for a (mostly) passive FFer. - Anant Gairola
Writing that last comment took me 10 minutes! Really really wish there was a good FF iPhone application!!! - Anant Gairola
Anant: the content here keeps getting better as more and more people join (which is quite a few every week lately, my numbers are going up much faster here than on Twitter, the tides are starting to move). - Robert Scoble
baa baa - Kim Landwehr
I'm sorry... did you say something? - Sean
You have no Idea how tempting it is to reshare this - and discuss it over there >>>>>>>>>> - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
No rain, no rainbows.. - BryanSchuetz
FF is the only place I can dip into your content 'at will', Twitter is to noisy and makes me dig a lot further to see the flow of conversation and any associated references. - Threepwood
I like to lurk most of the time. I usually don't have much to add by the time I am able to read the whole thread. - Dan Douglass from Nambu
I'm with Dan (above). - Miss Elle from fftogo
Better late than never! - John Rubier
Testing the maximum for FF comments? :P - Barbara
Are you happy with how friendfeed is developing? What would you change, if you were in control? I love the daily digests, I prefer something filtering the best content from those I follow - Ryan Singer
first post... wait. - Aaron Baer
following........ - sirishkumar
amazing post. - Guy Vander Heyden
Suivez moi? - Gordon Joly
Oui, monsieur Gordon ! Où allons nous ? - Brome
<----- not a bot so what percent does that make me? - Howell Selburn from BuddyFeed
bleet bleet - Sriks7
Adding myself to the list :) - TiTi
Why a follower must follow direction? :) - Christine Yang from BuddyFeed
Lead, follow or whatever...Info on Neda http://tinyurl.com/nm9xdn - JoWazzoo
:) - Tony
This is a wicked and interesting post on FriendFeed =) - @LarsenTweet
by the way some of my twitter followers complain that, like you, I redirect them to friendfeed on every post there. Some say I have to choose between the two and they will follow me there, but not on both services. - Kostantinos Koukopoulos
Kostantinos: it's an open question how best to interconnect FF and Twitter. remember that there are a wide range of options, including sending comments or posts, and sending posts automatically or manually. the feedback from readers is helpful if it can be used to find the right balance - Mike Chelen
53% of your followers will leave you and then what? insult the other 47%. You can't just say it that way. You need to treat your followers with respect. Especially when you are your biggest fan. People will leave you in a heartbeat. - Jack Scalfani
Be a nice little follower, and drink the damn kool-aid! - James
Robert Scoble
I am off to see a cool new thing from HP. I need to get my mind off of Iran a bit.
stream it :D - @LarsenTweet
Not sure I will be allowed to. - Robert Scoble
Hey, why do companies show off products to bloggers and journalists early and then tell them they cannot talk about them? - Mark
Mark so they can show it to more than one group of bloggers/journalists without pissing anyone off. - Robert Scoble
you can't ... - رامین
HP keep bringing new stuff out. I noticed a bottle of BBQ sauce in the supermarket yesterday. Oh wait, that HP. - Gilbert Harding
Are you sure its secret Rob? Sarah Lane just posted "Getting ready to host a fun panel at hp.current.com, starts at 9 pacific, I prob go on around 9:15. #hpreveal" - Mark
Mark: yeah, it's at http://friendfeed.com/search... lots of geeks here. - Robert Scoble
Web connected home printer?? - Mike Hellers
Mike: yup. - Robert Scoble
What's that? I need a wireless home laser printer, is that the same? - David Schmidt
David: I'll know more in a few minutes. http://current.com/hp-reveal/ has details. I'm watching the first demo. - Robert Scoble
Not so sure if I get the point of this...normally the printer is next to your PC?Mac anyway, so why not use your much larger screen to choose what you want to print instead of using a small touch screen... - Mike Hellers
Although I like the way that they integrate twitter into the website and stream. - Mike Hellers
Mike: a lot of people want to print something automatically. Or, not have to wait for their laptop to start up. Or print photos without finding their computer. - Robert Scoble
I guess I am not a typical user...very rarely print stuff these days. More often access the info when I need it on my mobile phone directly. - Mike Hellers
Oh I forgot small. So to repeat again, I need a wireless, small and stylish home laser printer. HP? - David Schmidt from email
Robert Scoble
I changed my icon on Twitter and FriendFeed back to a green one to support Iran protesters.
I certainly hope that the oppression in Iran will be crushed Hulk-style and the will of the people prevails. - Obayoo
Thank you to Thomas Hawk who made this photo of me (it was shot in FriendFeed's headquarters -- they have some "Hulk" gloves sitting on a table there. I put them on and Thomas shot this on the day they showed us the Real Time features). - Robert Scoble
I decided on putting some green in a selected area as the total green icons are just too hard on my eyes. I get it that people want something fast. I like that your face has a tad orange for contrast. :D - mrsha
Oh, Thank you - Farzad
Tnx a lot - Aly
I was wondering when you'd break that out. Nice Robert. - AJ Kohn
I like that it's an angry green icon. Seems appropriate on this day when I'm remembering Neda's father. - Robert Scoble
Peter: I didn't have it done. Thomas Hawk did it without me asking for it. - Robert Scoble
Peter: the original image is here: http://www.flickr.com/photos... - Robert Scoble
thx for supportT that's kind of u/ - TaaTaa
Peter: yes. Thomas did that to make the photo more interesting and to try to make me look like the Incredible Hulk. - Robert Scoble
i was wondering when u were going to do that! awesome! - Jason Pollock
Always liked this icon :) - Jason Nunnelley
I made the face to his camera just goofing around while we were at FriendFeed's offices. - Robert Scoble
thnx robert - حاج مهدی ©
I did the same now - @LarsenTweet
Thank you very much - Hachure
I am happy to see this image. I liked it the first time that you had it. - Tamikka
Thank you very much - Count MohammadV
THANKS A LOT ... - Viva Vida
Awesome Robert!!! - Bo Stern
Good going, Robert! (To Iranians reading this thread: You have my support, dear Iranian readers. My wishes are with you as you face this struggle, and my sincerest hope is that you prevail in creating the change you want.) - Absentee
I was wondering how long it was going to take to get the green hulk back up in support. - Luke Kilpatrick
Bravo Robert ! thanks for your effective support to Iran by recommending all of us tools like FF that make us less blind and ignorant. - Harscoat
Robert I have been thinking of: Neda, people who want to "be heard", raising awareness to influence change, and the green overlay on our icon... Why don't we do a "Web Neda's day" vs a "minute of silence" by putting all an overlay of Green on our websites for 24 h (a little bit like Google put a different logo once in a while on its home page) . Her name was Neda, you explained it means "beautiful Voice". Robert You are the incredible hulk, I am sure you could be the one turning the web in green for 1 day. - Harscoat
Robert Scoble
My iPhone is being updated to 3.0. I hope it goes well. I'll have a Palm Pre and a Nokia at tonight's NYC Tweetup too.
How big pocket do you have? :P - @LarsenTweet
let us know how it goes... - bailey
Larsen: big, big pockets! And two of them plus one one my shirt. :-) - Robert Scoble
Why did you leave the conference? - Eric
Palm Pre as a backup! Should be other way round! Heheh, hope all goes well at the Tweetup. I'll be in NYC next week Monday! - Gaurav Patel
Eric: I just didn't make it out of bed today. Was very tired, the Building43 launch finally caught up with me. Plus I have a panel to do tonight and I have to be up early tomorrow to video StockTwits. - Robert Scoble
Robert, I hear folks are having issues with 3.0 update, AT&T servers overwhelmed, "activation" issues?! caveat emptor! - Susan Beebe
Susan: I hit the activation issue too, but just tried it again and it worked fine. Just a few more seconds... - Robert Scoble
Too bad there's no WebOS update today. I was hoping to see some of the niggles fixed to "combat" iPhone 3.0. *sigh* Have fun in NYC, Robert. If I had time to drive up from the Philadelphia area tonight, I would. - Kevin C. Tofel
Oh, my, I'm already in love with iPhone 3.0. After 30 seconds I can tell you that having search on the phone freaking rocks. I have thousands of contacts and this is a life saver. - Robert Scoble
When is FriendFeed having a conference? - Eric
Yeah I just got that message too. - anna sauce
taking robert's advice and re-installing - anna sauce
3X and still get error. - anna sauce
Palm Pre and iPhone are just pushing each other to update and bring more features to the table in a much faster timeframe. Great for us consumers. - Ron Wening
It was instantly impressive how different it was in so many little ways. And for an OS that was already fantastic. - thinkQuick
my update went fine even on my 4G iphone, disconnected iphone but a weird error message keeps popping up on my computer can't connect with this iphone error.... - Kim Landwehr
@Kim Landwehr: Sounds similar to error message I got (iPhone 3G). Find your .ipsw file and open it using iTunes. That fixed it for me. http://ff.im/46ruU - Ashish Rangole
Robert - glad to hear that the update went thru successfully for ya! awesome. My new 32GB black iPhone 3G S is getting closer! It's no longer in China, it's now in Louisville, KY!! w00t...tick, tock! Can't wait for the UPS brown truck to arrive! - Susan Beebe
updating iphone now. With mms, i'll have a 21st century phone at last - Ken Power
"Activation server" issue can be fixed by breaking internet connection (pulling the ethenet cord or turning wifi off) while firmware expands after the download. - Kirill Petrovsky
Robert Scoble
At #140conf -- already met tons of world's top Twitterer's in hallway. Too many to mention. The hall is PACKED!
would there be any live streaming or live video blogging from you at #140 Scoble? - @LarsenTweet
Robert Scoble
Can you help teach a class in real time? Right now you are on the screen. Can you teach me everything about "leadership?" Help here:
Feel free to point to blogs, videos, or other things. - Robert Scoble
Hello Y'all - Kreg Steppe
Where do you want it, in the comments? - Ton Zijp
www.whitehouse.org :) - Stephanie Segel
hell NO.. too much noise !! - Peter Dawson
Don't tell people how to do things, tell them what to do and let them surprise you with their results. -George S. Patton - Ross Miller
HBR : Ten Fatal Flaws That Derail Leaders http://hbr.harvardbusiness.org/2009... - David Peacock
or would that be www.whitehouse.gov -- dammit :( - Stephanie Segel
Leadership means taking risks, calculated or otherwise, and being willing to either fail or succeed, but to learn in any case. For many, social media's risky--and that's exactly why you may find leaders here. - dontgetcaught
"I'm going to do something I never do; give a direct order." Captain Hawkeye Pierce, M*A*S*H - Dan: Bibrarian
WIKIPEDIA about leadership ---> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki... - @LarsenTweet
desmond tutu on leadership - http://www.youtube.com/watch... - Netbooknews
Peter Drucker's books are a good go-to for a start... - Helene
The Art of War (on Google Book Search): http://books.google.com/books... - Josette
If you have to say you're a leader, you probably aren't. - Ordinarybug Heather
658.4092 - Dan: Bibrarian
Best leadership quotes: http://houseofquotes.com/quotes... Because saying something is more important than actually doing it ;) - Carlton Prest
A leader is a dealer in hope. Napoleon Bonaparte - Stephanie Segel
VIDEO - Seth Godin Explains Why You Need a Tribe -> http://www.youtube.com/watch... - @LarsenTweet
Leadership is practice what you belive in..courage to stand up in hard times.. and the will to make a difference !! .. - Peter Dawson
Leaders know when to sit in the passenger seat and button the lip. Leaders empower others rather then themselves. - Vincent Lowe
Ken: this thread. This is awesome. - Robert Scoble
How long do you plan to run this class for? 10 years? Leadership is not taught, it's learnt. - thomasrdotorg
thomasrdotorg: this thread goes forever. The physical class is for the next 50 minutes, though. - Robert Scoble
Let the students run the class. - Carlton Prest
A leader is someone who allows his people to do what they need to do, stay out of the way, protect them from interference and let them shine. - Steve C, Team Marina
Carlton: you're running the class!!!!! - Robert Scoble
I haven't had this much fun in a class since I skipped history classes in high school.... - Stephanie Segel
Great idea for a thread but the best I could do would be post a reading list... Leadership is such a deep subject... Siddhartha, 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, How to Win Friends and Influence People, Fierce Conversations... it could go on forever. - SAM
I remember someone from Pixar did a great speech on Leadership for TED not long ago. I can't seem to find the link. - DocileWalnut
Leadership: Don't fake it, people smell fear - Dave Hodson
Listen and take good notes! - Mark Layton
Being a leader is very different from being a manager. - Ordinarybug Heather
Leadership is standing up for what you think is right, and leading the way in that effort - Jesse Stay
open source leadershi p via joi ito :)- http://joi.ito.com/archive... - Peter Dawson
A leader does not command respect or demand respect, he earns respect. - Aron Michalski
"Leading Minds" by Howard Gardner: http://www.amazon.com/Leading... - Fred Yankowski
Compassion. - Kenley Neufeld
I can show it to you http://www.youtube.com/watch... - Lee
Larson, anything by Seth Godon is just brilliant - Shawn Hickman
Leadership - when you post a question on friendfeed and hundreds reply in several minutes. For free. :D - Sasha Kovaliov
I am trying to think of a way to tie the Darth Vader Corset featuring boobs into the leadership conversation. - Steve C, Team Marina
This is real, real time - watching the number of comments from 0 to 41, 42..43 44 45 - Ashu Joshi
Join Toastmasters - Prolific Programmer
Leadership is influence. - SAM
"A successful leader seeks and accepts responsibility and accountability"- http://www.scribd.com/doc... - Capn' One Eye - adrift
Leaders ask, listen, then decide...a lot like social media best practices. Maybe the technology's helping us catch up to where we should be. So let me ask: what do *you* think leadership is? - dontgetcaught
Leadership lessons from Ulysses S. Grant - Manuel Arroyo
good leaders listen and realize that good ideas can come from anywhere and anyone. - Sara DelektaGalligan
The picture says a thousand words, but a caption helps: http://www.mos95b.com/New... - Carlton Prest
teach people correct principles and let them govern themselves - Jan Dawson
agree with Sara - Manuel Arroyo
Be decisive - Shakeel Mahate
Asking the right question at the right time and listening for the answer. - Aron Michalski
To unleash creativity, sometimes you need to be ready to lead from behind - Sameer
do not be afraid to make decisions - Manuel Arroyo
Building a Dream: The Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy: http://www.imdb.com/title... - Ton Zijp
Leadership: doing something no one else does...showing the way. Showing the possibilities. Paying attention. Engaging, reciprocal conversations. - Sheryl
"The Art and Science of Leadership:" http://www.nwlink.com/~doncla... - Carlton Prest
A different way to learn about leadership is to read Memoirs of Hadrian, a novel by French writer Marguerite Yourcenar about the life and death of Roman Emperor Hadrian. http://www.amazon.com/Memoirs... - Paul Rodriguez
Define a leader with Google Search: Just type this in the search field: define:leader - @LarsenTweet
The Purpose of Pedegogy - http://elgg.net/vinall... - Peter Dawson
Hello class: “A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.” Ohh, and you should bare in mind - Popularity is not leadership. - Nir Ben Yona
Henry Ford once said "If I asked people what they wanted, they would have said 'A faster horse'." So try something dumb or unexpected at least once in a while. - DocileWalnut
Best book I've read on leadership: http://www.amazon.com/Leaders... - Tim Costantino
Robert, are you putting this up on Kyte? - Manuel Arroyo
A good team makes a good leader. Without a good team leadership is nothing but herding cats. - Dilip Dand
Leadership = Responsibility. - Sasha Kovaliov
Learn from the mistakes of others, what you should not do as a leader - you cannot be partial to some, or have favorites, you cannot intimidate, you cannot lie - Shakeel Mahate
I disagree with the "waffling" comment. A good leader continues to consider new points of view and isn't afraid to say, "I've reconsidered." - Vincent Lowe
"A very generic concept of leadership is that of directly or indirectly influencing others, by means of authority, formal or informal, or by personal attributes, to act in accordance with one's intent or shared purpose" - same ref as my last - Capn' One Eye - adrift
The Manager's Cheat Sheet: 101 Common-Sense Rules for Leadershttp://www.insidecrm.com/feature... - Ton Zijp
Leadership: Having the best BS detector in the room. Even if the room is expanding and expanding... like this one... - Mark Zip
"If you're dumb, surround yourself with smart people. If you're smart, surround yourself with smart people who disagree with you." Issac Jaffe on SportsNight - Andy Roth
If you aren't the lead sled dog, the scenery never changes! - Jim Tierney
according to Carol Bartz of Yahoo, it involves "███████ drop-kicking people's █████ to ███████ Mars" - Karim
"A leader takes people where they want to go. A great leader takes people where they don't necessarily want to go, but ought to be." -Rosalynn Carter - Leanno Software
oh I 4got to like this thought tapestry.. this is actuall open source cull point.. Scobles is da man !! :)- - Peter Dawson
Sorry, I'm not doing video, didn't have a video compatible ccomputer. - Robert Scoble
Leadership is Michael Arrington whining about the lack of a decent tablet device. Then making his own, and making it look really fantastic. - Carlton Prest
How does a company get Leaders in management positions? and why doesn't it happen more often? - Steve C, Team Marina
Monday Morning Leadership was also a decent book http://www.amazon.com/Monday-... - Manuel Arroyo
@Sasha it's more ... Leadership = seeking out and accepting Responsibility - Capn' One Eye - adrift
To lead you have to fight the urge to run when things are scary. If they're scary, that's exactly what you need to do. You grow by trying new things. Complacency achieves nothing. - Sheryl
Listen voraciously, speak cautiously, invest in others before asking for something in return, don't assume influence - build it, maintain vision, back it with understanding and knowledge, and continually focus on being the best most creative and humble person you can be. Then try to get others to do it all with you. - SAM
Here http://bit.ly/IRqOk - real time "leadership" on the net :) - Sasha Kovaliov
at this 2:38am all I can say, what my teacher once told me, take the responsibilities and don't be afraid of them, help people by showing the right way of doing things - Hameedullah Khan
In case we're in a techy mood, Steve Jobs once said that "“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” - Nir Ben Yona
When you scream, tell, me to do something be sure you tell me exactly what to do or you may find you get what you asked for. rough paraphrase of Neil Young (as heard on PBS earlier today) - Angela E. Taylor
@Capn' One-Eye ☠ - agree :) Btw, this is better than http://www.ask500people.com/! - Sasha Kovaliov
well said @Hameedullah Khan - Capn' One Eye - adrift
@Carlton , wth was that about leadership and Mike A ? thats Total BS !! - Peter Dawson
management can be taught, leadership cannot. - Sherri
Just read 'The Prince' leaders are defined by their victories; even companies its the same; once they win in a major market its hard to move to a new style of victory. - James Watters
@Sherri - leadership can be cultivated. - Capn' One Eye - adrift
If your looking for bullet points the John Wooden Leadership Pyramid is a pretty good place to start: http://www.entrepreneur.com/managem... - Bill Rawlinson
@Peter, the man wanted a decent tablet device. Instead of whining about it constantly, he decided to make his own. It's called initiative, and all good leaders have it. - Carlton Prest
@Sasha - agreed! - Capn' One Eye - adrift
Great Leadership doesn't boast. It doesn't need to. It's almost palpable. - Sheryl
@Capn' One-Eye - yes, but only if the seeds are there. - Sherri
Leadership theories in MS-Word format http://www.snc.edu/lsi... - LPH™ and his dog P™
@Sherri - yes that's true - Capn' One Eye - adrift
hey scoble! thanks for using social media to change the world! - Jason Pollock
I believe Leadership can be learned, by observing a good leader. I think this counts as leadership can be taught to those willing to learn. - Steve C, Team Marina
Are the people at this conference impressed with your social media prowess yet? i hope so! - Jason Pollock
An answer I posted on StackOverflow about leadership in tech - before I had an account - http://stackoverflow.com/questio... - Capn' One Eye - adrift
Leadership comes from people who have a clear vision of what they want and then they go out and get it. - Jason Pollock
+1 sheryl - mehdi
As a starting point I'd want my class to read and try to appreciate Machiavelli's "The Prince" within the context in which he lived: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki... - Rick Bucich
Leadership comes from the dude with the biggest camera lens. - Jason Pollock
A leader does not have to ask to be followed. A leader is one who people want to follow. - Dilip Dand
@ Rick Bucich; The Prince is just about all you need to understand about leadership - James Watters
hey nobody brought up knowledge at Wharton - series :)- http://knowledge.wharton.upenn.edu/categor... - Peter Dawson
Leadership is a cloudy concept because people confuse the art of being followed, with the art of directing followers well. - James Watters
Lead Follow or get out of the way! - DivemasterDoug
My answer on StackOverflow is the green one ;) - Capn' One Eye - adrift
Woodrow Wilson said: The ear of the leader must ring with the voices of the people. - In other words, in order to lead you must pay attention to those around you. - Sheryl
leadership comes from people who take a chance when everyone else thinks they are crazy.. like the characters of my new feature film.. The Youngest Candidate, http://theyoungestcandidate.com - Jason Pollock
best read of middle eastern leadership :)- Dubai Media Deputy CEO Najla Al-Awadhi: Empowering Others through Information - Peter Dawson
The ability to move and direct people to a certain destination. - Michele Lorito-Chase
Leaders don't just post links or quotes - James Watters
oppyss heres the linky for my previous comment http://knowledge.wharton.upenn.edu/article... - Peter Dawson
Leaders don't need social networks either, James... - Ton Zijp
@ Peter Dawson; don't you think empowerment is slightly separate from leadership? - James Watters
I believe everyone is a leader to some degree... it's not a definition but an innate part of being human and being involved in society. Like a sense of humor... everyone has one, even if you can't detect it from the jokes you're telling. - SAM
@James, no its part of being a leader. empowering others ! - Peter Dawson
This exercise has proven a rare breed of leadership - realizing when those around can add incredible value and letting them take center stage. This is a very tough lesson for most leaders to master, but it's illustrated quite well here! - Tom Parnell
Nicholas, Zuckerberg needs money to be a leader. ;-) - Ton Zijp
Leaders don't waste time being critical of others. It's to their benefit to raise their groups morale, not pull it down. - Sheryl
General Petraeus at Harvard ROTC comissioning: "“1st, lead by example. If you lean forward in the foxhole, your troopers will too.”" http://www.julescrittenden.com/2009... - Charles Fenwick
@Ton; I'm not the leader in this case, scoble is, I'm just in the rank and file - James Watters
Interesting, the student is very silent. Is he listening or has ADD :) - Dilip Dand
Mental toughness. No one can lead without being criticized or without facing discouragement. - Jannifer @wordsforliving
A leader listens - Michele Lorito-Chase
Robert, are the students commenting also btw? - Sasha Kovaliov
@James, most leader empower their team and then get the hell out of way so the team can run the race. they (the leader) are there only to remove the hurdles.. most CEO are chief Hurdle removers !! - Peter Dawson
A truly great Leader can lead with his mouth shut. - Sheryl
people browser is awesome - rich price
I maintain that leadership is just the art of being followed; management is what comes after - James Watters
Scoble, you mind if I sell this thread to Franklin Covey or John Maxwell? - SAM
Nicholas: so Zuckerberg is not a leader yet, one could say. - Ton Zijp
A leader gives credit when contributions are made, understanding that perceptions vary among the collective intelligence. - Michele Lorito-Chase
We are here posting for Scoble because he was one of the first big victors in corporate blogging; case in point; we arent posting for a also ran; being followed stems from victories and conquests always has - James Watters
@Scott, only if you give the $$$ to the SickKids foundation :)- LOL - Peter Dawson
Interesting that so many people are posting "traits" of a leader - only one portion of leadership. - LPH™ and his dog P™
Michele, there were lots of leaders who didn't listen, but they still lead. They should've, but they didn't. - Ton Zijp
@LPH - hey yeah traits are better, after all Hitler was a leader too !! let not forget that .. likewise Pol Pot, Stalin and a host of others.. there is the dark side of leadership too ! - Peter Dawson
Leadership is about being genuine, and enabling others to achieve their full potential with your guidance. It's the capability to deliver and achieve while compelling others to do so as well. - Louis Gray
@ Louis Gray; -1 squishy - James Watters
++1 Louis Gray ! - Peter Dawson
Nicholas: but maybe Zuckerberg is being lead too (not that I totally agree with what I'm saying myself, but I like questions ;-)). - Ton Zijp
A genuine person without a victory will not be followed - James Watters
Peter - yes - I was meaning traits is only one theory about leaders. Followers are just as important - as are circumstances - as are so many other factors. - LPH™ and his dog P™
Ton, you are correct. Bad leadership desires a thread of it's own. - Michele Lorito-Chase
Leadership is optimistic! :) - Sheryl
http://www.leadershipjot.com/ - Thoughts, suggestions, and tips to improve leadership. - Jannifer @wordsforliving
http://www.siliconangle.com/ver2... post responding to gap between social and business leadership traits - James Watters
The Leadership Challenge from Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner (suggesting leadership is a learned behavior) http://www.leadershipchallenge.com/WileyCD... - LPH™ and his dog P™
@Jeff +10 - James Watters
Jeff: talking about leadership is talking in cliché's? - Ton Zijp
don't be a turd. Bosses are normally turds. Leaders are people that lead first by doing and teach you how to do it the right way without being overbearing or conceded. - Zach Scott
When wolves fight for pack leader they don't fight to the death or great injury; just till the moment they know who would win - James Watters
It's worth noting (if it hasn't been already) that great leadership involves setbacks almost by necessity. It's how those loses are learned from and adapted that differentiate how well individuals move forward. - Rick Bucich
Leadership is not about directing followers, rather it's about influence; acting in a way that others find useful, interesting and engaging. - Marcia Conner
@ Marcia +1 distinguishing between influence and management; thank you! - James Watters
The best leaders I've seen are wise enough to surround themselves with very smart people. Smarter than the leader in many cases. - Kevin C. Tofel
If the students aren't interacting, this is like listening to 300 lecturers at once. - Bruce Lewis
+ Bruce - Todd Hoff
Did I miss someone posting about transactional leadership? People are motivated by reward and punishment. - LPH™ and his dog P™
@ Bruce; yes and since no one can clearly win for best lecture there is no leader - James Watters
Robert: I feel like a guinea pig. What are you teaching the students about this? :) - Sheryl
Nicholas: Yes - McGregor's ideas -- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki... - LPH™ and his dog P™
Sheryl; I believe his hope was more about the human search and link engine than our personal thoughts - James Watters
did i make it to the screen - rich price
I'm spent. l8tr - Capn' One Eye - adrift
In a healthy environment motivation comes from within (not reward/punishment). We need people who think & act, not retrieve & salivate. - Marcia Conner
Don't be afraid to make mistakes... or own up to them. - Steve Lynch from twhirl
[adjusts monocle] ja, ja, but reward & punishment in ein hierarchy is der basis of der Führerprinzip ("leader principle"). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki... a TRUE LEADER demands ABSOLUTE OBEDIENCE from those below him. you Amerikaners are so soft.... [swats riding crop into palm] - Karim
Well, one thing you could teach is that geeks have a short attention span. Over half an hour and we move on.... - Sheryl
glad @marciamarcia pointed me to this. when I've led, I've followed 2 principles: 1) Shunryu Suzuki's principle of control: the best way to control a person is not to try to control, but to watch, and give them lots of space and 2) peer pressure. a person follows me as a leader because the group wants to and the person wants the acceptance of the group - Lou Clark
way 2 go, robert! - Adri Munier
Leading without being in charge: http://www.slideshare.net/selenam... - Michael R. Bernstein
Jeff, do the principles that effect good leadership change when you're doing it from the head of the pack as opposed to within? - SAM
Kouzes & Posner are the best foundation ever. 5 practices - their pentathlon: inspire, challenge, model, encourage, enable. Can't beat 'em. www.theleadershipchallenge.com - Dan Mulhern
What is the purpose of the class - why do you want to learn everything about leadership? Is it to improve the participants leadership skills or just to tickle their curiosity? If you really want your class to improve their abilities to lead, you need to put them in a position where they do lead. People learn from what they do. So go ahead and give each participant (or group of participants) a challenge: lead us out of this crisis! - Olavur Ellefsen
Jeff: +1 you make a great point. A person does not have to be a top dog, so to speak, to be a leader. Leaders come in all shapes and sizes. (Statuses too) - Sheryl
WOW. The class was blown away by seeing this happen in real time. THANK YOU!!!! - Robert Scoble
Robert: How many in the class already use FF? - Sheryl
Sheryl: only a couple. - Robert Scoble
are you looking to train a new leader or just come up with metrics for identification, Mr Scoble? - Prolific Programmer from IM
Robert: WOW! That's amazing! We can still teach those young whippersnappers a thing or two! WOOHOO! :) - Sheryl
And was there somebody to film them being blown away? :-) - Ton Zijp
What an amazing accumulation of thoughts and links to pursue. Thanks for mentioning it on Twitter. - Violet Bliss Dietz
Never try to lead people. It doesn't work. Better off building and guiding a team. If you can organize a team that works well together, you'll spend less time trying to hold the team together and more of your energy guiding them and being productive. Treat every team member with respect. If you don't listen to them, they will not listen to you. Keep your ego and temper in check. It... more... - April Russo (FForever!)
Leader listens to everyone but when he/she speaks everyone listens. - Ashish
Leadership & personal development often go together. I'm inspired by @BrianKlemmer & http://klemmer.com. Repetition & Experience are best ways to remember & learn. Leadership is a choice and an ongoing way of life. - Courtney Engle
Leaders who inspire me have the knowledge: "If I can see further than anyone else, it is only because I am standing on the shoulders of giants" Newton, etc. do not pop up in blogs much, but it seems the game changers know exactly who to thank. - E-Advocate Network
Stupid is as stupid does. - sime0n
What Only the CEO Can Do A,G. Lafley http://hbr.harvardbusiness.org/2009... - Jorge Barba
“Leaders are visionaries with a poorly developed sense of fear and no concept of the odds against them.” - Jorge Barba
Gary Hamel: How to Tell If You're a Natural Leader http://blogs.wsj.com/managem... - Jorge Barba
I was with a guy for 3 years, he always told me he loved me and that we wouldn't break up because if you love someone you make it work. We could never work out a time when we were both free and just a couple days ago he said we should just be friends. I know he dont me anymore. When we were dating he said to everyone that I was his girlfriend and introduced me, told his friends he... more... - Suzan Perry
Robert Scoble
Symbaloo is one hell of a cool start page: http://www.symbaloo.com/us/ How did I find that? Wakoopa reported it was fastest growing.
Still don't quite see the point in Wakoopa. Though I guess discovering apps like this is one point at least...hah. - Jalada
We're glad you like it! If you have any questions, I'm doing an internship at Symbaloo at the moment, I'll be glad to answer any questions you have - William Beekhuis
:) very cool. Love the design & the concept - Lindsay Davies
Very nice.. wakoopa is a great site for discovering new apps.. - @LarsenTweet
Nice app,but there is a need for importing all feeds from "google reader" automatically. - Mostafa Lameei
Feeds section is good. News arranged in a good way too. But custom google search is with two large ads at the top... A startup encashing before becoming popular enough I guess... - Amit Mehta
Frode Stenstrøm
BuddyFeed 2.0 Polishes FriendFeed Experience for IPhone - http://www.pcworld.com/article...
I'll try to install BuddyFeed 2.0 =) thank you for the tip - @LarsenTweet
Leo Laporte
"Introducing fit-PC2 CompuLab introduces fit-PC2 – the smallest, most power-efficient Intel Atom PC to date. fit-PC2 architecture is what sets it apart from other nettop PCs - fit-PC2 is designed around the Intel Atom Z530 1.6GHz and the ultra low power Intel US15W system controller hub, rather than the Atom N270 and 945G used in other nettop-PCs, thereby reducing power consumption by more than two thirds. US15W incorporates hardware video acceleration. This allows fit-PC2 to run Windows XP or Ubuntu Linux at just 6W and to play full HD 1080p H.264 video using less than 7W." - Leo Laporte from Bookmarklet
some limitations of the fit2pc: no n wifi, only 1gb ram & is soldered, reader is not sdhc, no wol, hdmi still needs sep audio line. if it could remedy those, then it would be more awesome than i originally thought it was. still cool idea. (edited to add: forums say hdmi does not support hdcp. boy, lots of surprises in what it *can't* do. almost a parody of an 'efficient' device.) - sɹǝɥʇɐǝɟʞɔɐןq
Got error when clicked the link. Actually I thought I could show the screenshot, but ff can not add images to comments. - ThinkEzy
Where and when can we buy this ?? - @LarsenTweet
Very nice - Amit Morson
as sweet as a purring kitten - Willem (@wim66) ☠
I hope it is a cheap as a laptop or even cheaper!! ;) that would be a great deal!! - Paul from twhirl
And here I was waiting for netbooks to get better performance and instead we see the same low performance spreading from the mobile world, where it made sense, to our desks. Crud. It's nice that it's got low power requirements, but that seems to be it. - Henrik
When do they start building the computer into the keyboard? - Brian Sieker
I need a small, very low power consumption system with two ethernet ports to replace a home server. The fit-PC2 is so tantalizingly close; I'd have to add a USB ethernet dongle, and those are teh suck. - DGentry
"Want" is a serious understatement. I could do some evil, evil things with that! - ax0n
Very sexy! I can imagine having three or four of these with SSDs around my house. - Barry Biddlecomb from twhirl
For the right (low) price, even with it's flaws it could be a great little media server. And here I was wishing upon an eee-box-star. - thepete
sɹǝɥʇɐǝɟʞɔɐןq: Thanks for those helpful pieces of info. Please consider using punctuation and capitalization in the future. I know it's not cool, but it serves a purpose (e.g. it helps knowledge transfer, the supposed reason for commenting in the first place) :P. - coldbrew
I want this as well. - Doug Slater
Ooh, I like this! I want! Me! Pick me! - Daan Berg from twhirl
I doubt that 1080p H.264. is watchable. Need some proof. It would be a key factor for me. - Dmitriy B
I want one of these. - Robert Gregory Browne
The newer boards use a dual-core Atom and NVidia 9400M chipset. Even has CUDA support. I believe it could decode 1080p. http://mini-itx.com/2009... - Rodfather
Looks great. I want also. I'll wait for Windows 7. - Scott Kraatz
Smaller than a MacMini. I'll wait for Windows 7 too. - Randy Caldwell
I'd love to attach this to the back of a monitor and hang it on a wall - Camden
Brian Sieker: Asus already started stuffing the whole pc inside a (nice looking) keyboard, take a look at the Eee Keyboard http://gizmodo.com/5124985... - Rui Pires
I wonder how well this will run Boxee.. Is it the perfect boxee box? - raf
I'm always skeptical about the 1080P claims for nettops. - Ryan Whitwam
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