Lars Juhl Jensen
After realizing that SlideShare is not good for posters, I decided to simply upload high-resolution images of the posters to a Picasa web album. At least it allows zooming and ensures that everything is rendered correctly. - Lars Juhl Jensen
Talking a closer look at the images, it is clear that Picasa seriously degrades the quality relative to the jpeg files that I uploaded. So neither SlideShare nor Picasa seem to be good solutions for storing posters online. - Lars Juhl Jensen
What about scribd ? saving your poster as pdf should keep all the information/quality ? BTW , you can also handle your pdf's with google docs. You could also try . . - Pierre Lindenbaum
I could obviously just upload the images to my blog and make a page with captions, thumbnails of them and links to the full versions of the posters. But then I would have to be editing HTML every time I add a poster and they would not show up on FriendFeed. There must be a better way to do this ... - Lars Juhl Jensen
Pierre, thanks for the suggestions - I do have PDFs of the posters. But do any of the resources you mention play nicely with FriendFeed? I would like to see thumbnails here like I get from Picasa and SlideShare. - Lars Juhl Jensen
did you select 'actual size' when uploading to picasa? - Thomas Lemberger
@Lars, oh, i did not understood you wanted something FF-compatible :-) - Pierre Lindenbaum
@Thomas, yes I uploaded it in "actual size" and if I download the jpeg then I get exactly the same file that I uploaded. So it is Picasa's web viewer that degrades the quality. - Lars Juhl Jensen
@Neil, just took a look at ePosters. As far as I can tell, the only service they provide is to host a PDF file for you and assign a unique id (ISSN?). They obviously mention tons of advantages of submitting your poster, but as far as I can see I would achieve the same by just putting the PDF on my blog: anyone can see it, anyone can print it, it becomes searchable, etc. - Lars Juhl Jensen
I just enabled the RSS feed of my downloads section (I use Now any file I put in my download section will be in this RSS feed: (where the 4 denotes the RSS version, in this case Atom). It doesn't seem this is FF compatible, is it? - Björn Brembs
Eh, imported the feed to Google Reader and then shared it. No good, too complicated - Björn Brembs
In an ideal world, what do people want in a poster sharing site? An embeddable flash viewer with zooming/panning? RSS feeds with thumbnails? I work on Nature Precedings and we're actively looking for ideas to encourage the sharing of posters. Please feel free to post thoughts in our forum: or use our feedback form to submit ideas: - Hilary
I'd say that if you took SlideShare, added zooming and panning to the flash viewer, and fixed the bugs in the rendering of PDFs then you would have exactly what I'm looking. - Lars Juhl Jensen
You can try a postercast in scivee (example: but it will not be FF friendly. I don't even know if they have RSS feeds for users. The same was as presentations, you can sinc parts of a video to zoom in sections of the poster (click show poster on the video). - Pedro Beltrao
Hi Lars, would Smugmug work for your purposes? FF does include it. - Ruchira S. Datta
What about things like Scribd or similar. For things like posters they might work out quite well. - Deepak Singh
pdfs and amazon s3? - mjc
Flickr will scale down your image to less than 1024x1024, unless you have a Pro account (for which to pay). S3 you also have to pay for, and it doesn't play well with FriendFeed either (see Lars' comment: "But do any of the resources you mention play nicely with FriendFeed?"). - Michael Kuhn
FWIW, FriendFeed will display an image along with the post if the RSS item contains a media:thumbnail tag of the right dimensions ( However, getting your standard blog platform to include this won't be easy. - Michael Kuhn