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I don't know why, but FriendFeed didn't pull this in from my blog RSS feed. - Michael Barton
You could go to your "me" page, then click "Edit/add" on the right. Clicking on your blog you can refresh the feed. - Michael Kuhn
Yes, I tried that, but nothing happened. I wondered if it was perhaps something related to FF's recent break down. - Michael Barton
@Michael, I was thinking this morning on what you commented about anonymising the data. Do you mean removing the country affiliation from every entry from a country with less than x number of entries? - Michael Barton
I didn't read the original discussion, but I'd like to see some kind of obfuscation - I don't know how much entries is there from Poland, but I'm pretty sure I could recognize what my friends and colleagues have entered. This wouldn't be fair. - Pawel Szczesny
I guess the most obvious solution would be to remove the data about country from the public dataset, which would make it pretty difficult to identify anyone. The other option would be to convert country to macro-region, then make the data available. - Michael Barton
Yes. I don't know what value of x would be reasonable (5? 10?). You could add another column for the macro-region to the data so that the geograph doesn't get totally lost. (We should learn from the AOL search data disaster and be careful... I don't know what other characteristics in the dataset could be used to personally identify people. - Michael Kuhn
On second thought, x (the cut-off for showing the country) should be fairly high as you'll have some further sub-divisions. Perhaps 25? - Michael Kuhn
Perhaps it would be fairer to just anonymise all countries to macro region rather than just those from a certain cut off? If anyone has any country specific questions, they could suggest them, and I could do the work myself. - Michael Barton