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Basic Twitter Links for Journalists « Patrick LaForge, New York Times - http://palafo.com/2009...
In May 2009, I joined several active Twitter users at The New York Times in giving a series of presentations to the newsroom on how to use the microblogging service for journalism. This post is a basic collection of links gathered for the talk, with beginners in mind. I’ll post notes from the presentation later. A Few Interesting Twitter Tools : There are hundreds of Twitter tools and sites out there, and perhaps as many blogs that will list them for you. But you really only need a few, and even some of these are just curiosities. - Los Angeles Times
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Panoramic image: Lakers celebration, faces in the crowd - Los Angeles Times - http://www.latimes.com/news...
Panoramic image: Lakers celebration, faces in the crowd - Los Angeles Times
"Lakers fans fill the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum as they wait for the team to arrive and celebrate their 2009 NBA Championship." - Los Angeles Times from Bookmarklet
Los Angeles Times
Twitter Lingo Demystified! | Facebook, Twitter, Social Networking to Grow Your Business! by Mari Smith - http://whyfacebook.com/2008...
Many of my tweeps (Twitter people) have asked me lately about various acronyms, odd lingo and twords (Twitter words). I’ve compiled below a shortlist of the most popular terms many active Twitterers, including myself, use in everyday tweets. - Los Angeles Times
Los Angeles Times
PR 2.0: Is Twitter a Conversation or Broadcast Platform? - http://www.briansolis.com/2009...
Brian Solis is Principal of FutureWorks, an award-winning PR and New Media agency in Silicon Valley. Solis blogs at PR2.0, bub.blicio.us, and regularly contributes marketing & tech insight to industry publications. He’s a published author and an avid speaker on the topic of new marketing and engagement. Solis is among the original thought leaders who paved the way for Social Media. He’s a co-founder of the Social Media Club and a founding member of the Media 2.0 Workgroup. - Los Angeles Times
Los Angeles Times
How Social Media is Radically Changing the Newsroom - http://mashable.com/2009...
Did Biz Stone, Evan Williams, Jack Dorsey or even Mark Zuckerberg ever portend that their means of connecting among social circles would be the news du jour in many newsrooms across the country? Social networking sites are some of the newest tools for reporters to use in news gathering, networking and promoting their work. But many newsrooms are fuzzy on the usage. - Los Angeles Times
Los Angeles Times
How should the NYT & established news orgs use social media? | BeatBlogging.Org - http://beatblogging.org/2009...
Jennifer Preston was named social media editor of The New York Times today. Yes, the Gray Lady now has someone in charge of social media. The idea and title may seem funny to some, but it’s better than what The Wall Street Journal and others have been doing lately. It remains to be seen what Preston will do exactly and if she will really help make the Times more social, but early returns have been promising. Preston asked users on Twitter today, “How should @nytimes be using Twitter?” My first suggestion to Preston and the Times would be to be social. This is a given right? Wrong. - Los Angeles Times
Los Angeles Times
How should news sites use Twitter? | BetaTales - http://www.betatales.com/2009...
The New York Times appointed a new social media editor - Jennifer Preston - this week. On Twitter suggestions for how the NYT should use Twitter poured in. Here are ten of the best suggestions she received: - Los Angeles Times
Los Angeles Times
In this movie, North Korean defector calls the shots - Los Angeles Times - http://www.latimes.com/news...
In this movie, North Korean defector calls the shots - Los Angeles Times
"Ju-min Park / Los Angeles Times Filmmaker Chae Myeong-min, a North Korean defector, says he has seen enough movies depicting life in the North to know that South Koreans fail to capture the harsh reality. They fake the accent and cannot perform from the heart, unable to fathom the famine and brutality suffered by ordinary North Koreans, he says. What his amateur cast lacks in training, it makes up for in insight, he believes." - Los Angeles Times from Bookmarklet
Los Angeles Times
How Twitter Will Change the Way We Live - TIME - http://www.time.com/time...
The one thing you can say for certain about Twitter is that it makes a terrible first impression. You hear about this new service that lets you send 140-character updates to your "followers," and you think, Why does the world need this, exactly? It's not as if we were all sitting around four years ago scratching our heads and saying, "If only there were a technology that would allow me to send a message to my 50 friends, alerting them in real time about my choice of breakfast cereal." - Los Angeles Times
Los Angeles Times
The Future of Twitter on Flickr - Photo Sharing! - http://www.flickr.com/photos...
This is a mind map that I started for my presentation at TWTRCON and the built out with the audience. Now it's your turn. Where should we take this? - Los Angeles Times
Los Angeles Times
Search powered by the social web. Rec by Chris pirillo - Los Angeles Times
Los Angeles Times
See which residents in L.A.'s 113 newly mapped neighborhoods are the richest, oldest or most ethnically diverse -- we've revised and relaunched our interactive Mapping LA project; we made more than 100 changes based on 1500 reader comments. Please let us know what you think. - http://projects.latimes.com/mapping...
See which residents in L.A.'s 113 newly mapped neighborhoods are the richest, oldest or most ethnically diverse -- we've revised and relaunched our interactive Mapping LA project; we made more than 100 changes based on 1500 reader comments. Please let us know what you think.
LA Times on Friendfeed. I can respect that. Good post too. - Steve C, Team Marina
Thanks Steve. I spent a day with Robert Scoble recently and he convinced me the LAT should be more active here, so I'm trying to figure out how it all works -- eg, couldn't get main map image from our Django page http://projects.latimes.com/mapping... to post here...~ AndrewN, LAT social media guy - Los Angeles Times
And, since the bookmarklet hides the cool logo, I couldn't get it to pick it up off the Venice page :-( - ɐ ɯıʞ sıɹɥɔ
Scoble, Steve et al: How about this notion - People #tag their local news status updates w/ #zipcode or #neighborhood tags, so the news can then be aggregated on pages like #90012: http://projects.latimes.com/mapping... ? - Los Angeles Times
The http://latimes.com/datadesk (@latimesdatadesk on TwitteR) crew is very open to suggestions on way to incorporate more community contributions directly on the 113 neighborhood pages, which we plan to iterate on indefinitely. ~ AndrewN - Los Angeles Times
Geodata is published along with a lot of publicly available feeds (status, photo, etc). It could be added as another dropdown; something like, "Recent Social Media Activity" or something relevant. - ɐ ɯıʞ sıɹɥɔ
I'm sorry you leaped over my head with that one, I am one of them there less techy folks. - Steve C, Team Marina
haha. Me too, really, @Steve. Just noticed that there seem to be a lot of location-specific applications popping up, so to speak. Some of the Twitter clients post geodata, if available. Flickr, BrightKite (certainly), TwitPic, etc. Seems like it would be simple to aggregate that available data. - ɐ ɯıʞ sıɹɥɔ
Los Angeles Times
DirecTV's Chase Carey named deputy chairman of News Corp. [RT @latcompanytown] - http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/enterta...
DirecTV's Chase Carey named deputy chairman of News Corp. [RT @latcompanytown]
"DirecTV today said it has accepted the resignation of its chief executive, Chase Carey, to pave the way for him to take the job helping Rupert Murdoch run his News Corp. media empire." - Los Angeles Times from Bookmarklet
Los Angeles Times
Bernanke says the time to act on deficits is now - http://www.latimes.com/busines...
Trying a new approach to http://latimes.com/ff - I just turned off the http://latimes.com/RSS firehose feed - Watch for several new, more granular LAT Times friendfeeds, soon. ^AndrewN - Los Angeles Times from Bookmarklet
Los Angeles Times
10-year-old La Mirada girl's brave battle with breast cancer | L.A. Now | Los Angeles Times - http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/lanow...
"Hannah Powell-Auslam is 10 years old and battling breast cancer. Doctors say it's incredibly rare for a girl her age to suffer from the disease, and her plight has garnered attention both in her hometown of La Mirada and across the nation." - Los Angeles Times from Bookmarklet
Follow http://twitter.com/latimes... on Twitter for more positive headlines and #goodnews (by popular reader demand) - Los Angeles Times
Los Angeles Times
PHOTOS: E3 opens in L.A. - E3 - Los Angeles Times - http://www.latimes.com/enterta...
PHOTOS: E3 opens in L.A. - E3 - Los Angeles Times
"Sony PlayStation gaming ports are a major draw at E3." - Los Angeles Times from Bookmarklet
See full coverage at http://latimes.com/E3 - Los Angeles Times
Los Angeles Times
Twitterverse v0.9 diagram / mindmap by @BrianSolis & @Jess3 - http://www.flickr.com/photos...
Robert Scoble
Who was my roommate on the Nimitz? The Los Angeles Times Twitterer who I had asked to be fired two weeks ago. That was interesting and I learned that my judgment was wrong.
Whoa, good for you...flexible Robert :))) I like that! - Myrna
Hmm - thelarssan
Wrong? Like.. not right? Whoa - Shawn Farner
I go to sleep for a few hours and this is what happens? I feel dizzy. - Akiva
Why would you ask to fire him when you aren't with LA Times? Yes, we aren't always right! - Moushumi Kabir
It also is something I will use before judging again. Imagine I will have to hear I was wrong face to face. - Robert Scoble
BCK: total fate. - Robert Scoble
Do you have a link to a story about this? Why did you want him fired? - Jose Alvear
Karma Robert? - Myrna
karma? - Moushumi Kabir
Good lesson I mean - Myrna
Hardest thing for a person to do: admit they are wrong about something. Props to you Robert - Robert
Haha, how did you end up being roommates? - Bas
totally unrelated but love to see the absolute real-time on FriendFeed. - Moushumi Kabir
Jose: he was one of those that passed along an old story about Prop8 that a lot of Twitterers passed along as current. - Robert Scoble
So you should be thrilled that this guy was there to irritate you in the first place and then be a vehicle for good learning - Myrna
Myrna: he was very nice about it. - Robert Scoble
Yes, but he is not the important thing, that you were irritated is...the irritation got you to have a big 'ah hah' - Myrna
Bas: the Navy doubled everyone up. - Robert Scoble
What did you talk about? - Peter van Teeseling
Myrna: Yup - Robert Scoble
Here's a VentureBeat story about the Prop 8 / Twitter incident: http://venturebeat.com/2009... - Mike Doeff
Peter: photography, blogging, Twittering, friendfeed, etc. Also the Prop8 incident. - Robert Scoble
So it was a 'random' thing? :) - Bas
Bas, nothing is 'random' lol - Myrna
Bas: random as far as I could tell but someone might have known. - Robert Scoble
Someone? hah! Beyond our 5 senses - Myrna
Well, let's take Einstein's words in consideration for this one... “There are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle; you can live as if everything is a miracle.” - Bas
so which one for you Bas? - Myrna
Really liking watching the real-time conversation on this story! - Steve Farnworth
And I like what you and Einstein said - Myrna
Steve, is that what a 'lurker' is? - Myrna
Myrna: the Navy people who planned the trip are all on Twitter. I wonder if they thought about it. - Robert Scoble
Yes, but that doesn't matter on a deeper level...nothing passes in front of anyone that's not some lesson. Otherwise it would just skip you if you have nothing to learn regarding... - Myrna
Myrna: I live as if things are a miracle of course. Cases of synchronicity, as defined by Carl Jung (see Wikipedia). - Bas
I know Jung...and glad to hear about the miracle choice - Myrna
How can I do 2 deep things at once..this is beyond multitasking...Fareed Zakaria discussion with Kissinger on Japan and my favorite subject here - Myrna
Myrna: Yep! We can observe social conversations about things that matter (well, to those of us who care), like watching a debate! Robert, was it slightly awkward to start off with, or did you face the issue straight on? - Steve Farnworth
Steve, I like that question - Myrna
Look what just passed by on my screen: RT @lorimcneeartist: "A coincidence is a small miracle in which God chooses to remain anonymous." - Myrna
Oops, didn't mean to imply you don't know Jung. I was referring to the synchronicity part, but after checking out your profile, I'm sure you're familiar with that too. :-) - Bas
:) - Myrna
Interesting Scoble - Jeremiah Owyang
did they knew that they were fired because of you? - Hameedullah Khan
sure that was all you talked about? Not about the Nimitz? - Peter van Teeseling from IM
lol Peter - Myrna
>Hameedulla: he wasn't fired. Luckily his bosses had access to what really happened. - Robert Scoble
So you get on the Nimitz and all you can talk about is tech-stuff? Reminds me of a tshirt: "My parents went to New York and all they got me was this lousy tshirt" - Peter van Teeseling from IM
Peter: nah, we were too tired to talk about THAT. Heheh. I walked up more stairs in the past two days than I had in the past year. Whew. - Robert Scoble
Steve: it was just slightly awkward when I finally figured out that I had just called for him to be fired a few weeks ago. Then I started asking questions. - Robert Scoble
Haha Robert, great news about the workout, uh exercise-only 20 more days to make it a habit :))) - Myrna
My roommate, by the way, was Andrew Nystrom. His Tweet is here: http://twitter.com/latimes... - Robert Scoble
Myrna I need you as a trainer - as long as I get some of that food you keep sharing to FriendFeed - Jesse Stay
Robert, are the pictures already on your Flickr account? Great stuff that must have been. - Peter van Teeseling from IM
Peter: yup, they are at http://www.flickr.com/photos... (about 150 photos) - Robert Scoble
Jesse: *blushing*, you're just looking- Do Not Touch!!! Anytime you want some workout tips, let me know. And anyway, never mind my food, you should be exercising daily if you want to last. - Myrna
Myrna, I'm just starting to get into exercising again, but I keep cheating and putting it off for a few days. Wii Fit is my workout lately - seems to keep me going at least. I'm trying to go one day of aerobic, one day of toning exercise. - Jesse Stay
Robert: Did he know that you had called for him to be fired before you realised he was the one you called out? - Steve Farnworth
Jesse: If you get Fit TV, you can choose any program to follow daily at the same time. Gets you into the habit easily. I follow Gilad at 10AM EDT(Robert...hello!!!..) - Myrna
Myrna, interesting idea - I take it that's a cable channel? - Jesse Stay
Yup - Myrna
Digital - Myrna
Robert et al (howdy): It was a pleasure to share a Nimitz stateroom w/ you and talk social media. Lots of good lessons learned from the 'Prop 8 incident': about Twitter, news, the new virality, crowdsourced factchecking, peoples' (sometimes mistaken expectation/assumption) that anything tweeted must be happening *at that moment* (our story I accidentally linked to was clearly... more... - Los Angeles Times
Now to decide if it's worth getting cable again just for that. I get over-the-air, and use Hulu and Netflix for the rest, which is amazing considering how much of a TV junkie I am. Anyway I'll stop hijacking Robert's thread. :-) - Jesse Stay
I find myself jumping up from pc at 10am, almost automatically - Myrna
HEY Robert, I actually did the same thing as Andrew on Prop8. I RTed the same article from 08 but someone quickly corrected me and I deleted tweet. What do I know!!!!! It sounded good. - Myrna
Jesse, exercise is good for everyone including Robert S. I already had the conversation with him in person lol - Myrna
FTR: Lots of other folks (including Perez Hilton) were retweeting our May 2008 Prop 8 story several hours before I jumped in and was trying to highlight that the link going around was was dated, old news. Anyone following the issue closely was aware that a Prop 8 decision was not due to come down that week, and many folks pointed that out quickly. DannySullivan asked Biz Stone last week... more... - Los Angeles Times
Robert: nice pictures! - Peter van Teeseling from IM
Andrew: thanks for the clarification. I missed that story completely (I'm in Europe), but it's an interesting issue. Thanks for sharing. Hope Robert didn't snore too much ;-) - Peter van Teeseling from IM
More FTRs: No, I didn't reply that Robert should be fired (who would fire him, anyhow?) for saying I should be fired ;-) #2 I was too knocked out to hear if Robert snores, especially above the Hornet aircraft landing over over heads all night. My initial @USS_Nimitz pics, including a nice one of Robert + Guy Kawasaki, are here (more to t/k soon): http://www.flickr.com/photos... ~ Andrew @latimes - Los Angeles Times
Cooliris was a great way to soar over your photos... nicely done. What areas where you NOT allowed? - Brett Schulte
Brett: only one: the nuclear power plant. - Robert Scoble
Los Angeles Times
Twitter & New York Times Reporters Ethnography: New York Times Reporters & Twitter: An Ethnography - http://smithj676.blogspot.com/2009...
I have always been intrigued by the issue of journalists’ transparency, especially when it comes to social media. Being a journalism student, I feel like it’s unethical to ask journalists to hide political affiliations and opinions just to ensure neutrality. It makes me feel like by becoming a journalist, you have to agree to have the right of free expression taken away. I feel like it’s wrong to force journalists to keep part of themselves secret. That’s why I’m a big supporter of journalists being transparent. I would rather know what potential biases a reporter has so I can take them into account while reading his or her article. Because of this issue, I decided to study Twitter for my online community. More specifically I looked at how New York Times reporters use Twitter. I wanted to find out if they use it for social or professional purposes and if they were using the site to its fullest potential. I also looked at how transparency affects what reporters tweet. - Los Angeles Times
Los Angeles Times
Chicago Tribune Launches New 'Huffington Post Meets Facebook' Blog Network | Poynter Online - E-Media Tidbits - http://www.poynter.org/column...
On Tuesday, the Chicago Tribune launched ChicagoNow.com in beta. The Web site, which ChicagoNow Editorial Director Tracy Schmidt described as "Huffington Post meets Facebook for Chicago" at an SND Chicago meetup two weeks ago, is currently a network of 34 niche Chicago-focused blogs. Tribune's promo video for the site outlines plans that involve expanding to at least 80 blogs by the end of 2009. The site, which was built on the Moveable Type blogging platform, is targeted to take market share from Google, Yahoo! and the Chicago editions of The Huffington Post and ESPN. - Los Angeles Times
Los Angeles Times
Industry Moves: NYT Creates ‘Social Media Editor’ Post | paidContent.org - http://www.paidcontent.org/entry...
(On Twitter, Brady also pointed to other social media editors, such as LATimes.com’s Andrew Nystrom and Mathew Ingram, who is the communities editor at The Globe and Mail, as other examples of how pubs have been carving out new newsroom duties.) - Los Angeles Times
Los Angeles Times
Breaking news: California Supreme Court to rule on gay marriage Tuesday; More soon at http://www.latimes.com
This one is from 2009. :) - Stephen Mack
California Supreme Court to rule on gay marriage Tuesday; http://bit.ly/z980Y - See http://latimes.com/prop8 + @latimesprop8 for ongoing coverage of the CA Supreme Court's upcoming ruling on the legality of Prop 8 #prop8 [about 4 hours ago from web] - Los Angeles Times
Event unearths the deep Jewish roots of Boyle Heights - http://www.latimes.com/news...
At Fiesta Shalom, Latinos and Jews unite to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Israeli statehood in what was once the biggest Jewish enclave outside of New York. On a sunny Sunday when men with 10-gallon vaquero hats mingled with men wearing yarmulkes, Sonny Estrada, his wife Susan Miller and their 9-year-old daughter Eliana stepped into the aging synagogue in Boyle Heights as unwitting symbols.
Please note that "LAT24" is an unofficial/unauthorized feed account that is not endorsed by the Los Angeles Times or latimes.com - see http://latimes.com/ff or http://friendfeed.com/latimes for our official stream. ~ AndrewN, @latimes social media guy / @latimesnystrom - Los Angeles Times
Los Angeles Times
California Supreme Court overturns gay marriage (Prop 8) ban: http://www.latimes.com/news... - RT @latimeslocal
Why we were all hoaxed? Oh, yeah, a professional news brand tweeted this: http://friendfeed.com/scoblei... Someone should get fired for this. - Robert Scoble
They pulled this Tweet off of their Twitter account. It turned out this story is a year old. - Robert Scoble
Maybe several someones. If this is really the LA Times, this is very bad. - Dr. Headcrash
Dr. Headcrash: this really was the LA Times. They admitted it on their Twitter account. - Robert Scoble
The off-by-one-year date did strike me when I saw the article. But still -- how could a news organization be fooled by their own morgue? - Dr. Headcrash
Pulling a tweet is even worse than useless as a response. It just makes everyone confused as to the source. - Dr. Headcrash
Dumbasses - sofarsoShawn
No year in the timestamp, but it's in the URL /www.latimes.com/news/local/la-me-gaymarriage16-2008may16,0,6182317.story?page=1 See, May 16 2008 And now, there's a year in the timestamp on the article. - FFing Enigma
Hmm... you'd think that the folks involved in tweeting would be the story editors writing today's news, not someone going through back articles in the morgue. - Dr. Headcrash
Heh. Maybe they had some random temp or intern manning the Twitter feed. Bad idea. Hopefully everyone has learned a lesson. - Dr. Headcrash
Good job la. Keep it classy. - Daniel Morgan
DOHHHH!!!!!! - Thomas Hawk
Bitches. - Derrick
LOL no time stamp or any SC trial leading up to the judgment ~ EGADS. Quit reporting as TMZ! - sofarsoShawn
Shades of the United Airlines selloff last year after Google mistakenly gave a current date to a six year old story:http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn... - Brian Sheehan
On FF, the LATimes account is a real person named Andrew. (See http://friendfeed.com/zeigen... where he jumps in to answer some questions.) Andrew, can you address the issues raised here? - Stephen Mack
This tweet was a misfire. Once it was noticed, it was a) removed from twitter to avoid confusion. b) acknowledged and corrected as an FTR: http://twitter.com/LATimes... c) we shared links to our most current coverage. We appreciate your feedback and suggestions on best practices for how to handle similar future situations that occur beyond latimes.com ~ Andrew / @latimesnystrom / LAT social media guy - Los Angeles Times
Please watch our LA Now blog - http://latimes.com/now - for an update on this. ~ Andrew / @latimesnystrom - Los Angeles Times
"feedback and suggestions on best practices for how to handle similar future situations" <--- My feedback and suggestion is to not tweet things that are old. Simple as that. - Rochelle
+1 Rochelle :) - Charley M
LOL yes I echo that feedback proper journalism wouldn't have allowed the misreporting to happen, that damn itchy Twitter finger is not such. - sofarsoShawn
time to start a score board keeping track of how many times social media corrects a big media story and how many times big media corrects a widely distributed SM story - mike
This ruined my day. - Fleagle
Here's a direct link to the LA Now blog post, from 2:13pm PDT: "False report on Proposition 8 being overturned lights up Twitter" - http://tr.im/ltFR - Here's an excerpt from the end of that post: "The court's ruling on Prop. 8 is expected in the next few weeks. Full Times coverage of the gay marriage fight is here [http://latimes.com/prop8]." ~ AndrewN, LAT [full-time social media guy, not an intern] - Los Angeles Times
Seems to me that there is a need for some grown ups to be involved ensuring that journalists check their sources and editors ask the question of their journalists - Simon Rogers
Unfortunately the 61% homophobes who agreed to Prop 22 may argue this. - Jeffrey Allan Boman
Too bad the vote of the court means more than that of the people! :( - Joey
August 2, 2006 @latimes Pulitzer-winning story resurfaced by @tonyrobbins 11hrs ago [w/o any mention that it's an older story]: http://bit.ly/iP9lC Makes @retweetist list of top RT; I'm sort of surprised there' no outrage on Twitter or FriendFeed. Q: Should every tweet of non-breaking news include some sort of disclaimer? ~ Andrew, LAT social media guy / @latimesnystrom - Los Angeles Times
Robert Scoble
Why were we all hoaxed about Prop 8? The Los Angeles Times tweeted it: http://friendfeed.com/latimes... More here:
To me that's a fireable offense for a journalistic organization to Tweet something like this. - Robert Scoble
yup, NOT amateurs there, though don't know about firing... - sofarsoShawn
How often does 140 characters or less cause such a tidalwave of controversy? - BenKarl
Why do we still call them journalists? - Jonathan Brown
BenKarl: every once in a while. - Robert Scoble
I had hopes their account had been hacked... LOL - Fred Garrett
http://www.latimes.com/news... Why did they write a four page story if its a hoax? - David Lloyd
I busted a RT when I saw it in my stream and trending... First time I saw Twitter trends be so false. I usually thoroughly check before RTing but the sources looked legit and figured the headline said it all.. Lesson learned :) - Jesse Newhart
Mark: it's not technically a hoax. The story is just a year old. Look at the dateline carefully. - Robert Scoble
Those bastards :) - Drew Lucas
I have a screen capture because they've deleted the tweet here too. If anyone cares I can upload it. - Robert Scoble
Yes please, it's proof of their embarrassing reporting practices, which they should apologize for - sofarsoShawn
sofarsoshawn: Here's the screen capture. http://www.flickr.com/photos... - Robert Scoble
warning, tooting my own stuff, but this is another reason why _content_ is important on the realtime web, not just conversation. here's a screen shot for a OneRiot SERP on "prop 8" http://www.flickr.com/photos... The good news here is that the realtime web can get information out *fast* (of course). but it also has to be reliable. - Tobias Peggs
http://bit.ly/DA "Working out the social politics of who you can trust and why is, quite literally, what a very large part of our brain has evolved to do. For some batty reason we turn off this natural scepticism when we see things in any medium which require a lot of work or resources to work in, or in which we can’t easily answer back – like newspapers, television or granite. Hence ‘carved in stone.’" - Kevin Marks
"What should concern us is not that we can’t take what we read on the internet on trust – of course you can’t, it’s just people talking – but that we ever got into the dangerous habit of believing what we read in the newspapers or saw on the TV – a mistake that no one who has met an actual journalist would ever make." - Kevin Marks
Scoble: Thanks I just tweeted that screenshot http://ff.im/2VCt8 - sofarsoShawn
Give the inflammatory language a rest. "Hoaxed?" That implies a deliberate intent that I've seen no evidence of. - Kristin of Two Everything
Dewey Defeats Truman! Wait... - David August
looks like Prop8 goof may have started from this individual tweet: http://twitter.com/Juliana... and amplified by many, many others, LATimes being one. (via http://daggle.com/how-pro...) Question then becomes whether that original tweet was driven by erroneous GOOG news alert etc. or just human error. - Dan Rua
Robert, as Dan notes in pointing to my post above, it wasn't that the LA Times tweeted it. That came well after the original tweets started. Not good, added to the confusion, but not the source. - dannysullivan
nice work Danny...ironic that posts/tweets highlighting the goof/bad information (old news) starts propagating bad information about the origin of the error...it's like a viral mutation. - Dan Rua
Robert, thank you for opening this debate. Just posted this clarification over on our original FF version of the tweet in question:This tweet was a misfire. Once it was noticed, it was a) removed from twitter to avoid confusion. b) acknowledged and corrected as an FTR: http://twitter.com/LATimes... c) we shared links to our most current coverage. We appreciate your feedback and... more... - Los Angeles Times
Please watch our LA Now blog - http://latimes.com/now - for an update on this. ~ Andrew / @latimesnystrom - Los Angeles Times
I figured it was either an intern who didn't really understand twitter, or a mistake. But yeah, being that it was a media organization the size of the LATimes, it's pretty scary. It shows, though, the passion and interest around Prop 8; and more importantly, the necessity to actually READ the links one retweets. - Karoli
@LA Times when & where exactly on the Blog? I can't seem to find mention of it or does anyone else see a response? - sofarsoShawn
Hoax? It's called checking everything before RTing. :) - Ⓒⓗⓡⓘⓢ Ⓟⓘⓡⓘⓛⓛⓞ
Who are you having on your show Oprah? - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
I'm confused - you said "have you on my show" and then referred to Beyonce, and she's not here - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Well at least it's not an emotionally charged topic for anyone. I'm sure no one will pick up on this. I'll get the torches, Robert, can I borrow your extra pitch fork? - Kevin Murray
Here's a direct link to the LA Now blog post, from 2:13pm PDT: "False report on Proposition 8 being overturned lights up Twitter" - http://tr.im/ltFR ~ AndrewN, LAT [full-time staffer, not an intern] - Los Angeles Times
I'M SICK OF THIS ISSUE! BOTH sides have repeatedly violated the law in an attempt to either shove legal gay marriage down Californians' throats or shove marriage discrimination against gays down Californians' throats. I support the legalization of gay marriage, but not the illegal tactics used by BOTH sides to force victory on their side. - Thunderwing from twhirl
Los Angeles Times
WHEN TWITTER IS DOWN ... here's what to do - http://whentwitterisdown.com/
is down :( - Los Angeles Times
Los Angeles Times
LAFD_ALERT-subscribe@googlegroups.com - Los Angeles Times
Los Angeles Times
twitter.zappos.com | 434 of their 1,500 employees - http://twitter.zappos.com/employe...
as of April 23, 2009 [via http://scobleizer.com] - Los Angeles Times
Los Angeles Times
[PHOTOS] Wind-driven blaze in Santa Barbara - Wind-driven blaze in Santa Barbara - Los Angeles Times - http://www.latimes.com/news...
[PHOTOS] Wind-driven blaze in Santa Barbara - Wind-driven blaze in Santa Barbara - Los Angeles Times
"Wind-driven blaze in Santa Barbara" 63 @latimesphotos - Los Angeles Times from Bookmarklet
Los Angeles Times
Manny Ramirez suspended: The L.A. Dodger is suspended 50 games after positive test results - Los Angeles Times - http://www.latimes.com/sports...
Manny Ramirez suspended: The L.A. Dodger is suspended 50 games after positive test results - Los Angeles Times
Now there's no chance of me catching a homer in Mannywood. :( - Victor Barrera
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