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Photography in colors: Orange -
Photography in colors: Orange
Photography in colors: Orange
Photography in colors: Orange
Beautiful. Plus, it looks like it would fit right in with "CSI: Miami." - Sue Radd
Wow! That's beautiful! - Mohammad Abdurraafay
John Bracken
BeatBlogging.Org - Andrew Nystrom, first dedicated social media employee at the LA Times -
see for a glimpse of what else the LAT has been up to in the social realm - Los Angeles Times
Thomas Hawk
A Video Prank at Domino’s Damages Its Brand - -
A Video Prank at Domino’s Damages Its Brand -
When two Domino’s Pizza employees filmed a prank in the restaurant’s kitchen, they decided to post it online. In a few days, thanks to the power of social media, they ended up with felony charges, more than a million disgusted viewers, and a major company facing a public relations crisis. In videos posted on YouTube and elsewhere this week, a Domino’s employee in Conover, N.C., prepared sandwiches for delivery while putting cheese up his nose, nasal mucus on the sandwiches, and violating other health-code standards while a fellow employee provided narration. The two were charged with delivering prohibited foods. By Wednesday afternoon, the video had been viewed more than a million times on YouTube. References to it were in five of the 12 results on the first page of Google search for “Dominos,” and discussions about Domino’s had spread throughout Twitter." - Thomas Hawk from Bookmarklet
OMG, that's freaking gross - Rahsheen
This is like Michael Phelps. Why tape or take pics of yourself doing something that can be your demise? - Shevonne
Customers are not the only source of bad buzz for the brands... - Aurélien
I bet this seemed like a good idea at the time. What idiots. - Kreg Steppe
criminal arrests and now a civil lawsuit. Not smart. - Thomas Hawk
You can mess up your life and your brand very quickly online. Glad these two people aren't making food anymore. - Robert Scoble
I've only ordered pizza delivery from Domino's once in my life. Never did that again because if I'm at home, I might as well cook something. - Morton Fox
Such an endemic problem in the fast food business: young people, first job, bad management, insufficient training. Add in social media and you have quite an explosive dynamic. What should/could Domino's corporate do? - Francine Hardaway
Vile. I'm so glad I don't order from Domino's right now. *adds this story to the why you need to monitor your social media presence even if you don't have one on purpose file* - Leslie Poston
I just ate a Domino's pizza :| - Parth Awasthi
Yes in the viral webs it's a lot harder to quietly fire idiots like this. Dominos needs to a) do it publicly, and b) launch a whole "see how clean we are campaign". - Ryan Stanley
This is why I link to the conversation @dsilverman -- in this case the conversation here is just as interesting as the news item. Also, this is why you need to hire smart people if they are going to post stuff online. You no longer have any control of our employees and whether or not they talk with the public. So you better hire well and train them for the new PR world. - Robert Scoble
Even more "ick" than previously thought of the company (buy local pizza!). Reminds one of - Shane Curcuru
...but it makes me wonder about the food "security" of ALL restaurants. you think Domino's is the only food chain with sketchy employees? This is the best argument I've seen for cooking at home. Hello Food Network. - Landor Associates
I think Domino's did as well as they could handling this. They seemed to get on it pretty early. I'm not sure that there is much else that they can do. I don't eat Dominos pizza generally speaking, but this video wouldn't keep me away from it. This could happen to any company. Remember when that woman faked the finger in the chilli at Wendy's? - Thomas Hawk
I stopped going to the local Burger King because of racism. I also stopped going to the local Taco Bell because the manager yelled at me. I'm not even going to speculate on what they've been putting in my food. Fast food chains really don't have much control over their employees beyond firing them when something bad comes to light. - Morton Fox
It was disgusting. A lot of damage control to do with the credibility of employees under scrutiny. - Kannan
Looks like they weren't able to avoid the Noid. - Rob
Domino's fiasco also about video camera/phone in workplace? Many folks are not allowed. I think we will see a growth in corporations taking cell phones @ the door similar to schools. - Catholic Meme
Problem is we never know about this kind of stuff until after the fact. And the brands are at the mercy of franchise managers and the potential psychos they may have hired. Could be *any* food service provider. - Ryan Stanley
@Shevonne: I think they did it because they thought it was funny... - Landor Associates
that's all well & fine, but I can't remember the last time I ate Domino's on purpose... they're like pretty much last on my list of pizza options - Krikit Media
This will also force more businesses onto social networks. If I worked at a large brand with millions of customers I would have teams online that would work just to make sure that if something like this does happen that there wold be people to answer it. - Robert Scoble
I don't think it's wise to assume such acts are rampant across fast food chains and yes having an online team for such large organizations is a must. So how do you think they handled the situation ? what could they have done better ? - Mayank Dhingra
Trust is a big issue. Over the years we've placed a lot of trust in others who prepare our food. Anyone remember when Julia Child accidentally dropped a chicken on the kitchen floor, placed it back on the platter and chortled "no one will ever know." - J.D. Deutschendorf
Robert is right, all these exposes seem to be happening via social media, yet businesses still have to rely on traditional media for their damage limitation. - Iain Baker
Iain: businesses have no clue anymore how stories are built. The quotes from the Domino people demonstrate that. They assume that bloggers or Twitterers with 15 followers don't have any power. I know they do. - Robert Scoble
Iain: when I quit Microsoft I told 15 people and in three days had millions of media impressions, according to Microsoft's PR firm. 15 people can DESTROY a brand, if they have something like these videos in their hands. - Robert Scoble
Wow, this is a great example on so many fronts. Think before you act, Think before you POST (most certainly)... and Aurélien makes a great point about customers not being the only source for publicity with Robert really fleshing out some of the reasons why. AND this is why I love FF... so many great comments describing varying facets and the ripple-effect this type of medium now offers. - Ken Stewart | ChangeForge
@Chris White. Zachry's does make damn good pizza. it's also a coop with a majority of the business owned by it's employees. I'd think employees would have a strong incentive to make sure that this sort of thing would never happen there. Their Mediterranean pizza is amazing. - Thomas Hawk
Robert: Absolutely. We're going to see more of this sort of thing happening, can't understand why firms aren't preparing strategies to deal with it. - Iain Baker
Iain: most businesses think this stuff is unimportant because it seems "small." Businesses are committees. Ask 100 people whether the New York Times is important. You'll hear 99 yesses. Ask them whether some Twitterer with 15 followers is important. You'll probably hear 87 nos. - Robert Scoble
Chris: objectivity is overrated. - Robert Scoble
Hmmmm, I don't think it's a question of making social Media important, it's about recognising that information and news, good or bad, flows freely along whatever channel it can find. - Iain Baker
Paging the Darwin Awards. - Mike Doeff
BTW, I noticed no one has posted the video. Here it is! - Andrew Baron
What a silly couple. Didn't they know they were getting into trouble? Or maybe they wanted trouble and attract attention to something... uhhmm... I wouldn't be surprised if we see these two running their own show on MTV. - Alexis Bellido
Valeria: good response. - Robert Scoble
I wonder how much this really "damaged" their brand. They don't make very good food. They are a bottom-rung fast food joint. How much do people really expect from them to begin with? - Jeremy Brooks
@Chris White: If you are close enough to get Zachary's, you are close enough to get a real pizza from Lanesplitter. ;-) - Jeremy Brooks
The response from Dominos is going to be text book. Here's a discussion of why: - Robert Scoble
Kamikaze 2.0! - Dimitar Vesselinov
Urgh *barf* :( - Tyson Key
Based on the photos, these two aren't 16 working their first job. - Bill Sanders
So the question I have at this point is which SNL cast member gets to play Kristy in the reenactment of the skit this weekend on snl? - Thomas Hawk
they may call in the big guns for that one - another gig for Tina Fey. - Karma Martell
Where's the video? - Outsanity
Thomas Hawk
Los Angeles Times - FriendFeed -
Los Angeles Times - FriendFeed
Los Angeles Times on FriendFeed. - Thomas Hawk from Bookmarklet
Another one! - Robert Scoble
boo RSS feed. - Carlos Ayala
they might try to do more with it Mohomed. I've been emailing with a guy there who works in Social + Emerging Media for them. They've had a big presence on Twitter and are interested in looking at using FriendFeed as well. - Thomas Hawk
Thomas -- if they do decide to "do more" get back to us. If they aren't prepared to engage they aren't worth looking at IMHO. - Brian Sullivan
Howdy folks. Thomas was kind enough to point me to this thread. We're definitely in the alpha stages of exploring friendfeed + other social media realms. Any and all feedback - positive, negative, ruthless, whatever - is most appreciated. I'll get a personal FF account going soon so we can engage there. In the meantime, you can check out how @latimes is engaging elsewhere via Sincerely ~ Andrew Nystrom, social media guy embedded in the LAT / newsroom - @latimesnystrom - Los Angeles Times
I told Andrew that one thing they should look at is making sure that the L.A. Times feeds use media enclosures in order to have images published with them on FF when they post. I know that I'm using the WP media enclosure plug in and it looks much better when my blog posts are posted here. They use media in their feeds as well apparently, but in looking at their FF page it doesn't look like there images are coming through like the ones on my blog are. Not sure why. - Thomas Hawk
Looking at image enclosures now, tx (again) Thomas. We push out xml for typepad blogs, RSS + OPML via feedburner, MRSS for videos and some other formats via Django for - suggestions most welcome on how to get images in our feeds. You'll see on Twitter that we're far from RSS/feed-only. Look forward to engaging with y'all. - AN - Los Angeles Times
Nice. As Thomas said .... images are very important to entries. Glad to have you here. - Amani
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