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Scott Beale

Scott Beale

Primary Tentacle of Laughing Squid, an online resource for art, culture & technology and independent web hosting company.
Krampusfest 2014, A Los Angeles Celebration of the Demonic Christmas Krampus -
The Next Episode of ‘The Simpsons’ Will Parody the Burning Man Festival -
Illustrated Prints That Pair Together a City’s Iconic Architecture With Its Signature Drink -
Adorable Australian Shepherd Puppies Try to Climb Aboard a Big Yellow Swing -
Swiss Cyclist François Gissy Reaches 207 MPH on a Rocket-Powered Bicycle -
‘Astronaut – A Journey to Space’, A Collection of Gorgeous Time-Lapse Footage From the International Space Station -
An Apple Watch Product Video Parody by CollegeHumor Threatening to Kill Anyone Who Calls It the ‘iWatch’ -
A New Clip for ‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1′, Cressida Introduces Katniss to the Rebel Crew -
Frustrated Father Releases an Instructional Video to Teach His Teenage Children How to Hang up Wet Towels -
An Incredible 4K Time-Lapse of the Sun Showing the Largest Sunspot in 22 Years -
‘Ascension’, An Upcoming Syfy Miniseries About a 100-Year Covert Space Mission to Populate a New World -
Fred Armisen Narrates Ann Droyd’s New Book ‘If You Give a Mouse an iPhone: A Cautionary Tail’ -
‘Geek-Art: An Anthology’, An Art Book Featuring Geeky Pop Culture Work by Nearly One Hundred International Artists -
A Lyrebird Mimicking a Laser Sound Effect -
Ten Days or Whatever of Kwanzaa, A Holiday Mystery Gift Promotion by Cards Against Humanity -
The Pantone Hotel, A Hotel in Brussels With a Vibrant Design Inspired by Pantone Colors -
Marnie the Rescued Shih Tzu Dog With a Long Tongue Spins In Circles for Her Dinner -
Cute Illustrations of Idioms From Around the World -
Kids React to Old Film-Based Cameras -
Handwrytten, An App That Uses a Robot to Convert Text Into Old Fashioned, Handwritten Letters -
AsapSCIENCE Explains Why People Find Their Own Farts More Appealing Than Other People’s Smelly Farts -
Japanese Distillery Demonstrates the Fiery Process of Charring a Whisky Aging Barrel -
The White House Issues a Statement Outlining President Obama’s Net Neutrality Plan -
Rock Band Guster Debuts a New Album Cover Featuring Psychedelic Magnetized Liquid Art -
Mother of Four Makes Cute Scenes Using Sunny Side Up Eggs for Her Kids’ Breakfast -
Timo the Cat Rolls Across the Floor On a Dolly, Lays in Bed Like a Human and Is Very Happy Just Being Himself -
A Match Being Struck Captured With a Colorful Scientific Imaging Technique -
Space Station Astronaut Uses an Earplug to Demonstrate the Challenges in Successfully Landing on a Comet -
‘The Tick Tock Doc’, A Short Documentary About a Vintage Clock Repairman -
Mental Floss Dispels Common Misconceptions About Pregnancy -
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