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Scott Beale

Scott Beale

Primary Tentacle of Laughing Squid, an online resource for art, culture & technology and independent web hosting company.
A Tiny Baby Ring-Tailed Cat Wakes Up to the World and Looks Around In Adorable Befuddlement -
Distorted Paintings of Urban Nightlife That Resemble Night Photography -
Apple Announces Thinner iPad Air 2, Retina Display iMacs, Mac Mini, and Releases OS X Yosemite -
Butterfleye, A Portable Camera That Allows Users to Check on Their Homes From a Smartphone -
‘Comedian Dies’, A Collaboration Between Artist George Pfau & Comedian Caitlin Gill Showing a Comedian Dying on Stage -
Monkey Gives Herself a Bath in the Kitchen Sink In Preparation for Radio Interview -
A Video Mashup of the Original ‘Star Wars’ Trilogy & Intro Music From the 1980s TV Show ‘The Greatest American Hero’ -
‘Emulsifier’, A Glass Sculpture That Displays 4 Different Images Depending on Viewing Angle -
Playful Tabby Cat Gets Stuck to A Bright Orange Balloon Due to the Inconvenience of Static Electricity -
Puddles Pity Party Performs a Moving Rendition of Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah’ Live in San Francisco -
Woodkopf, An Awkward Czech Sport Where Competitors Try To Knock a Wooden Board off Their Opponent’s Head -
Confused Black Dog Wanders Onto the Playing Field of Argentinian Soccer Match and Gets a Belly Rub -
A Mormon Missionary and a Michael Jackson Impersonator Square Off in a Dance Battle in Barcelona, Spain -
An Honest Video Game Trailer for ‘Dark Souls’ -
‘Story In a Bottle’, Tech Innovators Share Their Unique Stories With Dan Maccarone Over Cocktails in Weekly Podcast -
Dan Newbie Plays ‘The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim’ Theme Song on Wine Glasses -
Apple Expected to Announce New iPad, iMac, and Mac Mini Versions During a Live Stream Event in Cupertino, California -
Shanks FX Recreates the Forced Perspective Effect From ‘Back to the Future’ Using Scale Models of the Delorean -
‘Tuning ’77’, An Audio Supercut of an Entire Year’s Worth of Grateful Dead Live Instrument Tuning -
BASE Jumper Leaps Off of the KL Tower in Kuala Lumpur and Lands in a Swimming Pool Below -
The Plot of ‘The Matrix’ Trilogy Explained in Two and a Half Minutes -
The Sound of Stones Being Skipped Across a Frozen Lake -
Donut Selfie, A New Technique for Snapping Interesting Selfies by Moving the Camera in a Circular Motion -
Facebook Safety Check, A Tool that Alerts Friends and Loved Ones After a Major Disaster -
CBS Announces Stand Alone Online Streaming Service, CBS All Access -
An Amusing Comic by Doghouse Diaries About the Opportunity Costs of Life Decisions -
First Person GoPro Video of a Trip Through a Pneumatic Tube -
An Incredible Collection of Leaked Concept Art From ‘Star Wars Episode VII’ -
French Drone Club Holds ‘Stars Wars’ Inspired Forest Racing Event -
Filipino Artist Creates Beautiful Burnt Wood Art With a Magnifying Glass and the Sun -
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