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Scott Beale

Scott Beale

Primary Tentacle of Laughing Squid, an online resource for art, culture & technology and independent web hosting company.
Four Pit Bulls Pull Their Skateboarding Human Along Behind Them Creating A Modern Version of ‘The Iditarod’ -
Russian Firefighter Floats on a Platform in the Air With the Help of Six Fire Hoses -
Honest Movie Trailers – The Wolf of Wall Street by Screen Junkies -
Twelve Impressive Long Takes Filmed in Movies -
Entertaining Bar Graph Comparing the Awesome Qualities of Cats Versus the Awesome Qualities of Dogs -
The Restart Page, An Online Recreation of Classic Operating System Restart Sequences -
Missing Lincoln, Nebraska Toddler Found at Bowling Alley Playing Inside a Stuffed Animal-Filled Claw Machine -
Record Store Day, An Annual Celebration of Independently Owned Record Stores -
‘Epic Pen Spinning’, Writing Instrument Manipulation Turned Into an Art Form -
Genesis 2014, Classic Video Games in the Style of Early Renaissance Fra Angelico Paintings by Dan Hernandez -
‘Aerial NYC’, Beautiful Overhead Footage of Manhattan Shot Using a Drone -
Action Bill, A LEGO Stop-Motion Short Film About William Shatner Traveling Back in Time to Kill William Shakespeare -
Glow in the Dark Smart Highway Opens in the Netherlands -
A Construction Time-Lapse of ‘The Kelpies,’ Scotland’s Monumental Horse Sculptures -
Bird and Butterfly Flipbook Machines by Juan Fontanive -
Die Gstettensaga: The Rise of Echsenfriedl, A Feature Length Sci Fi Comedy by Johannes Grenzfurthner and Monochrom -
A Bizarre Japanese Ad for Vitaminwater in New York City Featuring a Rapper With a DJ Turntable Head -
Talented Pole Dancer Performs Astonishing Acrobatic Routine In Empty Strip Club -
A Fascinating 1970s Information Brochure for ARPANET, Progenitor of the Internet -
SciShow Explains Why Humans Yawn -
Mountain Biker Geoff Gulevich’s Insane Downhill Canyon Run Filmed on a GoPro Camera -
Cat Behaviorist Jackson Galaxy Talks With Li’l Bub’s Human Mike About How They Found Each Other -
WordPress 3.9, Featuring Better Visual Editing and Audio and Video Playlists -
Schadenfreezers, Deliciously Mean-Spirited Popsicle Stick Jokes -
Game of Thrones Medley, The Houses of Westeros Sing Their Hearts Out in a ‘Game of Thrones’ Music Video Parody -
Kermit the Frog & Fozzie Bear Hilariously Engage In Improvised Existential Banter During 1979 Camera Test -
‘Welcome to Doha’, A Time-Lapse Look at the Capital of Qatar -
A Statue of Edgar Allan Poe Will Be Unveiled in Boston in October -
Even More Company Logos Edited with Honest and Funny Slogans -
The Futility of Existence, An Introspective Video of an Inebriated Man Attempting to Climb a Fence -
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