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Scott Beale

Scott Beale

Primary Tentacle of Laughing Squid, an online resource for art, culture & technology and independent web hosting company.
‘Walking Dead’ Executive Producer Gale Anne Hurd & Graphic Novelist Warren Ellis Teaming Up to Develop New TV Series -
Socialist, A Handy App for Organizing and Sharing Lists of Things Like Restaurants and Movies -
Astonishingly Intricate Cut Paper Art by Bovey Lee -
Time Is Dancing, A Clever Wall Clock with an Articulating Ballerina Instead of Clock Hands -
Sense, A Sleep Monitoring System and Smart Alarm -
Puzzle Potatoes, Tots Shaped Like Tetris Tetrominoes -
‘Literally Everything Else From Your Childhood: The Movie’, A Video Mocking Hollywood’s Mining of Childhood Nostalgia -
Handmade Paper House Plants from Art We Heart -
I Know Where Your Cat Lives, A Data Experiment Featuring Public Pictures of Cats on a World Map Based on Metadata -
A Nostalgic Photo Series by Artist Javier Laspiur That Shows His Video Game History Through ‘Controllers’ -
Adorable Promotional Video for a First Aid Program for Parents Imagines a Boy’s Life in an Inflatable Safety Suit -
New Music Video for ‘Rumspringa’ by Doctor Popular Was Completed in 48 Hours for Music Video Race -
More Live Versions of New Yorker Cartoons Performed on Late Night with Seth Meyers -
‘Making a Mess’, An Interview With Artist Alex Pardee That Dives Into His Colorful Art Career -
Delightful Cut Paper Characters Made From Product Packaging -
Surreal and Twisted Conceptual Art by Fabian Buergy -
Foursquare Shifts Check-Ins to Swarm, Teases Update for Foursquare App Including New Logo -
A Series of Unbelievable Local Traditions -
A Morbid Supercut of Actor Gary Oldman Dying in Movies -
Vsauce Explains What it Means to Be Random and Why We’ve Been Using the Term Incorrectly -
Honest Video Game Trailers – Pokémon Red and Blue by Screen Junkies and Smosh -
George Takei Offers His Take On the Death of Iconic Comic Book Character Archie -
A Funny Mockumentary Trailer by Patent Pending for Their Fake Video Game-Inspired Band Mario & The Brick Breakers -
Massive Mayfly Emergence From the Mississippi River Caught on Radar -
Beetles Kill Los Angeles Pine Tree Memorial to Beatle George Harrison -
‘The Songs That Time Forgot’, A Pair of Graphs Demonstrating the Obscurity of Hit Songs From Years Past -
The Dipsy Doodle? A favorite of mine. Jeepers Creepers? Lovely to Look At? I'd count at least 7 of these as songs I know, all of them pre-1970. I credit old movies for this. - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
Neuroscientists Find that Playing an Instrument Is a Unique Workout for the Brain -
HBO Adapting Science-Fiction Classic ‘Westworld’ Into a Series Pilot Starring Anthony Hopkins and Evan Rachel Wood -
Tripp and Tyler Demonstrate the Many Things Cats Do that a Human Can’t Get Away With -
‘Mythical Creatures’, A Documentary About the Experience of Artist Gary Baseman’s Parents During the Holocaust -
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