Stuffa Puffer jacket gives you a hands-free experience -
The Airline industry has been pretty harsh in the recent years by charging passengers a checked baggage fee even for the first item. However, one has to learn to find a way around the system and ‘smuggle’ your stuff in. The Stuffa puffer vest is something that lets you do just that. In addition to keeping you toasty and warm, the impressive jacket holds your clothing and miscellaneous accessories. The amount of stuff that actually fits in is pretty remarkable- a pair of socks, a light hoodie, a pair of long shorts, four T-shirts, six pairs of socks, four pairs of gentleman’s undergarments and a winter scarf, all in 12 pockets! All that junk does not even look shabby falling out of the pockets, because the jacket comes with zippers. The Stuffa jacket could also be a good replacement for bags during trips, keeping you light and your hands free. The only plausible problem here could be the only water-resistant nylon material of the jacket, that doesn’t provide protection to your... - Laura