Is It Possible To Enjoy Solitude A Little Too Much? -
Image from Early this afternoon at work around 2ish I was conversing with my co-workers about how we chose to spend our weekends. In the midst of our conversation, another co-worker approaches me and kindly asks if I'm interested in hanging out with him and some mutual friends at a bar downtown. I fibbed and told him I had already made plans (it actually wasn't a fib it was a plain flat out lie if you ask me). After he left, a random thought entered my mind and I spoke it aloud and asked, "I enjoy solitude. But do I enjoy it a little too much?" My female co-worker who is married with 2 kids said in a kind and honest tone, "Of course not! Enjoy this time Jamie. Soon you will be married and miserable with kids and have no quiet time for yourself!" I chuckled and felt a sense of relief. She has a talent at nurturing my concerns, even though I secretly wonder does she think I'm an anti-social introvert like everyone else seems to believe. I could have easily caved-in and said... - Laura