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B. LB.

B. LB.

Christ follower. Proud lifetime member of Team Frank. FSU Seminole. Archivist. Jawja peach. #napbus conductor.
I suppose I should get up.
You just stay put. - Anika from Android
Too late. - B. LB. from Android
not gonna, and you can't make me - FLEMING
You got up, we'll all get up. It'll be anarchy! - Anika
Then I took a nap. - B. LB. from Android
Thursday night football + Friday off = "Whaddaya mean it's not Saturday?!"
RT @gafollowers: Georgia State’s football team will play at Tennessee in 2019. The game is scheduled for Sept. 7 and Georgia State will receive $950,000.
We played there last year or the year before for our first game of the season. That year it was on my birthday and I had no idea who to root for. ;) - ellbeecee
RT @gafollowers: DragonCon, Chick-Fil-A Kickoff weekend, Atlanta Motor Speedway Races, Luda Day Weekend & Atlanta Braves vs. Marlins games. #LaborDayTraffic
RT @gafollowers: A record crowd of 62K+ people are expected to attend @DragonCon this weekend as it returns to Atlanta for its 28th consecutive year. #Hectic
RT @darth: *cover* MT @TheBloggess: #RuinAMagazine Manatee Fair @midnight
RT @darth: *cover* MT @TheBloggess: #RuinAMagazine  Manatee Fair @midnight
RT @cuteemergency: Waking up can be hard.
RT @cuteemergency: Waking up can be hard.
Looks like a pile of dog parts. - Kevin Johnson from Android
RT @undercovernun: Morning in the coffeeshop: LOL @ "I'd like the Breakfast Buffalo!" ... "Oh, it's Burrito? I really need new glasses!"
RT @archiveswindbag: "Why do you want this job?" isn't a rhetorical question or a trick question, either. If you don't know, we don't either! Why'd you apply?
RT @chrchcurmudgeon: So glad it's football season and we can stir up hatred for people in our own country. Healthy hatred.
RT @mercerfootball: That's the game! Reinhardt's missed field goal results in a turnover and a 45-42 @MercerFootball victory! #BearTrax
RT @mercerfootball: That's the game! Reinhardt's missed field goal results in a turnover and a 45-42 @MercerFootball victory! #BearTrax
No outside food or drink. Water is a drink. Therefore... It's not that difficult, people. #gameday
We've got some stadiums around here with a similar posting, but water is an exception (as long as it is in an unopened bottle.) - Jennifer Dittrich
Do they provide free water inside the stadium? If not, boo to that business. - Johnny from iPhone
My guess is they don't want to examine bottles to see if they're open. Plus Dasani is $3.50 a bottle at the concession stand, so there's money to be made. - B. LB. from Android
*belatedly adds CAJ to my IRL list*
RT @cuteemergency: When someone you don't like tries to make a joke.
RT @cuteemergency: When someone you don't like tries to make a joke.
A/K/A me in a number of meetings. - B. LB.
Huh. These must be my grumpy jeans.
To add to the people the Vicar looks like (see, may I present a new candidate: Hank Azaria (but not Moe Szyslak).
It's actually not that new. I've been hearing that since Heat came out. - Jim: with more caffeine!
I'm guessing by "Heat", you mean the Pacino/Deniro/Val Kilmer movie, not the Burt Reynolds movie, right? - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
Apparently my name is now Candace.
How ya doin Candy? - Joe
RT @charles270: If you tag me in a video of you dumping water on yourself, I'll post a video of me dumping your medicine in the toilet.
RT @charles270: Every time I put my work phone on do not disturb, I say "don't disturb this groooooooooooooooooove".
RT @charles270: A roach keeps pacing in front of my desk like he's guarding the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.
Not #SaturdayFF: I have never, until now, read Dr. King's _Letter from a Birmingham Jail._
I always thought it was required reading in all US schools up until around '01. In HS, Mein Kampf was required. My teacher figured if we had to read that, then we should read from the polar opposite. - Anika from Android
Hmmm. I haven't read that, either. - B. LB. from Android
I think I read King's letter in school at some point. I definitely haven't read Mein Kampf. - John (bird whisperer)
OH: "There's a stick in my girdle!"
Ouch - Janet from FFHound!
Not #SaturdayFF: Instead of singing "c'mon, fire me up" in Def Leppard's "Pour Some Sugar on Me," I sing, "c'mon and fatten me up."
I *might* have thought those were the lyrics. *cough* - B. LB. from Android
License plate I just saw: "MZ HISSY." Ok then.
Please tell me it was on a Honda Fit. - Betsy
+1 Betsy. - Corinne L
Ha! That would have been cute! Sadly, no. - B. LB. from Android
TIL that one of my college friends is the new Miss Gay East Coast America.
We did a performance of "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy" in college. He made a fabulous Andrews Sister. I need to find a pic from that for a SaturdayFF sometime. - B. LB.
RT @depresseddarth: When you see someone in public but don't want to say hi
RT @depresseddarth: When you see someone in public but don't want to say hi
Yes, I have done this. - B. LB. from Android
RT @thatdutchperson: Just called the bank for my account info and a voice whispered 'If you break the pack in half, Ramen noodles can last you two days.'
RT @mr_mike_clarke: I'm feeling old.
RT @mr_mike_clarke: I'm feeling old.
RT @chrchcurmudgeon: It will be easy to pick out this generation in heaven, because they'll all be staring at their empty phone hand.
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