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What time is it where you are right?
now - Melly
9:36 AM - ellbeecee
9:36 AM. *looks around for Ellbeecee* - LB: Ratchet Bear
She's upstairs. - Melly
Where are you Lucretia? - Melly
:) - Melly
I'm right ALL the time! - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
8:40 a.m. in OKC - Kirsten
(currently 6:40 am in California) - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
It's 11:40pm here. - Melly
9:45am - ronin
It's 3pm in Yorkshire! - Heleninstitches
9:01am - Yolanda
7:01am - Mary Carmen
4:02pm (Milan!) - Monica Belushi
Where are you, melly? - Monica Belushi
9:03AM (Winnipeg, Canada) - AJ Batac
7:13am - Tamara J. B.
16:22. - Jenny H. from Android
6:52 PM - Hamed
07:23 - imabonehead
7:53 a.m., but it's an hour after you wrote that. And, I guess, 52 minutes after Mary Carmen responded. - Walt Crawford
11:07am - Meg VMeg
10:08am - lris
10:10 am - Steven Perez from Android
11:10am 2 hours after you posted. - Jim is digging out. from iPhone
17:11, almost done at work! - Xabaras (G.O.)
11:57 am - MoTO Moca Blend
11:40 am - Betsy
As a married man, it is seldom I am right. :P - (Curtis/Alan) Jackson
12:12 pm - Brent Schaus
20:14 - Mark H
Now it's 3:18 PM. How'd that happen? - ellbeecee
6:01 (18:01, that is.) - Jkram|ɯɐɹʞſ
Getting later and later. - Uli
No, wait! 18:02! - Jkram|ɯɐɹʞſ
4:33 pm Pacific Time on April 23. - Corinne L
WITH A BASEBALL BAT! - Big Joe Silence
6:36pm CDT - Big Joe Silence
Steele Lawman
Looking for online archives of interest to theatre and dance historians. Really looking for digitized collections usable remotely, so lists of finding aids and the like isn't so helpful. I have the NYPL Digital Collections. What else? might have something, mostly just collection pointers, they're working on better interface currently. - Hedgehog
A few collections in may be of interest, notably Historic Theater Posters, Illustrated Shakespeare Collection. If you have any Brechtians, . - RepoRat
And speaking of Shakespeare, of course. - RepoRat
If you're willing to drill down a lot and dink around with facets, a search at might turn up some good institution leads. - RepoRat
Rochelle *boom* Hartman
Those of you who talk about "inbox zero," do you mean getting rid of unread messages? Or do you literally get your inbox empty?
My goal is to file or delete all the messages. Right now, I would be delighted with Inbox 100. - maʀtha
A lot of us are referring to Merlin Mann's Inbox Zero series: . For my part, I try for less than a screenful of un-dealt-with inbox. I'm not there at the moment, I admit. - RepoRat
Yeah, filed or deleted so there's nothing in the inbox. I get there every once in a while. I get twitchy if I have more than a screenful of un-dealt-with stuff in my inbox. - lris
what iris said. - holly #ravingfangirl
Yep, nothing at all in the inbox once a day is my goal. - Steele Lawman
I make up for all of you with my email hoarding ways. ;) - ellbeecee
Inbox 914. - DJF
you're not even close to me there, buddy. Inbox 6,000 and counting. (I can hear the gasps across the country from my admitting that. Breathe, everyone. :) ) - ellbeecee
I follow the Getting Things Done method of do, delegate, and defer, so I aim to file or tag for follow up all messages every day. I get there at least every three days. At this time of year, I give myself a pass to have a few more. - GretelSK
I'm not an evangelist for inbox zero--when it comes down to it, 6,000 messages in "inbox" isn't that different from 6,000 messages in "saved mail." So it all depends on what makes you feel less anxious and what allows you the freedom to do the stuff you want to be doing, rather than fretting over email. - Steele Lawman
My goal is to have no scroll bar, with everything still in the inbox a legitimate "to do." Everything else gets filed or deleted. - Kirsten
I'm with Kirsten - right now, I'm all unread with about 50 unfiled message. (some I leave in inbox because they make me smile, like this from lolhusband >^•.•^< ) - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Right, for me, less in the inbox lowers my anxiety. If I remove stuff from the inbox before I deal with it, I forget about it entirely. - maʀtha
Something that's helped me get my work inbox down is a 'for meetings this week' folder. I can stick stuff in temporary holding there and I try to clean it out every other week, by then the meetings have passed - Hedgehog from Android
Same as Kirsten - everything in my inbox is something to deal with, and I never leave more than 10 in there. - Lily
Thank you ellbeecee! DJF! I am ashamed to admit this, but I actually started printing out emails relating to stuff that needed to be fixed on the new website. It really helped me to be able to touch and scribble "done" or "followed up on...." I've also learned that I'm very good at GETTING organized, but dreadful at staying that way, so I have made friends with "search Inbox" and tried not to feel less loser-like. - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
My inbox is like 2700. I love search. - laura x from iPhone
Filed, deleted, and followed-up-on. My inbox is my workspace, though I do call "inbox zero" only when the items flagged for today or overdue are completed, and when there are no new messages to process. - Holly's favorite Anna
I have a "pending" folder, which I guess is kind of cheating? But it helps lower my anxiety as well. - YvonneM
I like to have less than a screen of stuff pending, and archive or delete the rest each day. Time out of the office is tough, though. - Elizabeth Brown
I lol at the idea of inbox zero, though I live to delete. - kaijsa
after this thread I did go delete some. when I left for the desk at 4, I was down to around inbox 4000. - ellbeecee
*fistbumps Ellbeecee and Laura X* It must be a Laura thing. ;) - LB: Ratchet Bear from Android
I too am a "search" person. I periodically clear out list messages which helps knock things down. I think of the email addresses I use most often, the one with the least messages has around 750 (unread), the next couple have around 2800 (unread). Then there's alter ego's email which has around 18,000 (unread). Basically, I skim the subject lines and often don't bother to do anything beyond that. - Katie
It *is* a Laura thing! Personal inbox 6,431. Work - who knows but there's 2176 unread ... - Laura Norvig from iPhone
Monique Judge
I am getting extra points in my social media class because when we are tasked with writing about a platform, we get extra points if we are the first person to post about that particular platform, so I just keep using FriendFeed in all my examples, and I stay winning.
Thank you. - Monique Judge
Like I probably won't have to use any of the other extra credit points because I keep getting them from these FriendFeed posts. - Monique Judge
I gladly accept cash or booze as payment for services rendered - Steve C
:) That's cheating. - Louis Gray
Quite a bit to talk about too. - Derrick
Louis, /cheating/ is using a full scale oven instead of an Easy-Bake. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
Easy Bake ovens are no joke. - Louis Gray
DO ANYBODY NO how Nadia is? #randomquestion #thinkofthechildren - LB: Ratchet Bear from Android
Louis Gray
Happy Birthday to both Stephen Mack and Tudor Bosman today! Both great guys and good dads too!
I'll let you guess who is who. Photo 1 I took and Photo 2 is courtesy Thomas Hawk. - Louis Gray
Happy birthday Stephen and Tudor! - Georgia
Happy birthday Stephen and Tudor. - Jim is digging out.
Happy Birthday! - Kevin Johnson
Happy B-days! - Ken Gidley
Happy Happy - Rodfather
Happy Birthday, gentlemen. - Monique the crochet freak
Happy Birthday! - Not Me
I know who is who but I'm not gonna' tell... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BOYS!!! - Lisa L. Seifert
Thanks Louis and all! But don't forget it's also Kelly's ( birthday today too! - Stephen Mack
Happy birthdays! - LB: Ratchet Bear
Happy Birthday, Tudor and Stephen! It's a great day for birthdays! - Anne Bouey from iPhone
Happy Bday! - Heather, 30k Camper
Happy Bday guys! - Steve C
Happy birthday great guys and dads! :) - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
Happy birthday to you both! - Jenny
Thank you! - Tudor Bosman
Whose code are you looking at in that picture? :-) - Bruce Lewis
Happy Birthday Stephen! - AJ Batac
Happy Birthday Tudor! - AJ Batac
Thank you! - Tudor Bosman
Happy Birthday, Stephen and Tudor! :-) - vicster: full-bodied
I will reshare this every year. - Louis Gray
I will comment on this every year, provided Louis finds it and bumps it first, of course. - Lisa L. Seifert from iPhone
Stephen Mack
Happy Birthday Adam (of Adam and Tam), Helen, Kelly, Tudor, and me!
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Is there any other day when five FFers share a birthday? I think not! - Stephen Mack
Happy collective Birthday!!!!!!!!!! - Uli
Happy birthday! - Spidra Webster
Happy day! - LB: Ratchet Bear from Android
Happy birthday! - Maitani
Woo-hoo! - Betsy from FFHound(roid)!
Hap5y birth5ays evereryone! :)) - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Happy B'day all.. !! - Peter Dawson
Happy birthdays! - Stephan Planken from iPhone
Happy Birthday Everyone! - Jkram|ɯɐɹʞſ
Wow, what a great day for FriendFeed! Happy Birthday, everyone! - vicster: full-bodied
Happy birthday! - John (bird whisperer)
Happy birthday!! - Tamara J. B. from FFHound(roid)!
Happy Birthday! - Kevin Johnson
Happy birthdays! - Eivind from Android
Happy birthday! - Katy S
Happy birthday to all of you! - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart from Android
Wow, you guys are all sorts of stacked up, aren’t you? Happy birthday to everybody! - Akiva
Happy Birthday!! - Georgia
HAPPY BIRTHDAYS! - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
Feliz cumpleanos, everyone! :-) - CarlC
Happy Birthday, y'all! - Kristin
Happy Birthday, fabulous people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Melly
happy birthday!!!! - RudĩϐЯaЯïan from YouFeed
oh my goodness all the fabulous! wishing a great day for all of you! - t-ra: lose,find,repeat
Reason to celebrate! Happy birthday to all!! - Kathy
Happy birthday all! - Eric - Watch Me Now
That's so cool! Happy Birthday, all! - Yvonne
Happy birthday to all five of you! - Anne Bouey
Goodness it should be a friendfeed holiday with all those superstars having the same special day - Steve C
Wow! Happy birthday to you all! <3 - Jennifer Dittrich from FFHound!
Happy birthday to the FFFabFive! - Corinne L
Happy birthday to you all! - Mary Carmen
Happy Birthday, all! - Brent Schaus
LB: Ratchet Bear
WTF is a Redfoo?
Google says it is this alarming fellow: - Soup in a TARDIS
Yeah, he's the guest judge on DWTS tonight. I'm frightened. - LB: Ratchet Bear from Android
Does he still dress like that? - Soup in a TARDIS
So it would seem. - LB: Ratchet Bear from Android
He's sexy and he knows it. - Hookuh Tinypants from FreshFeed
Well that is terrifying. - Soup in a TARDIS
Thanks for the earworm, Tinypants. - Katy S
He was a guest judge on a local talent show here. Sad to say, was probably the best thing about the show - Johnny from iPhone
Whoa, his daddy is Berry Gordy. - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
It still cracks me up that Sky Blu is Redfoo's nephew. And that Redfoo is the same age as me. They always seem like a couple of stoner frathouse rejects. - Hookuh Tinypants
>.> Redfoo and Sky Blu? *judges* - Soup in a TARDIS
Michael W. May
I am having a really good birthday *smile* thanks all for the cards, messages, etc #loved
Happy birthday! - Anika
happy day, my friend! - t-ra: lose,find,repeat
Happy birthday! - Anne Bouey
Happy birthday to you!!! - Kathy
Happy Birthday, MWM! - Bren from iPhone
Happy birthday! - LB: Ratchet Bear from Android
Happy birthday!!! - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
LB: Ratchet Bear
Vacation day tomorrow FTW!
Me too! - Marie
*fistbumps Marie* - LB: Ratchet Bear from Android
Slept in. Breakfasted. Now reading. - LB: Ratchet Bear from Android
I should have called in lazy today. - ellbeecee
LB: Ratchet Bear
Hey, are any of y'all within driving distance of Sioux Falls, SD?
LA is just a little bit southwest, so....yes? :D - Marie
:D True enough if you're willing to drive that far! - LB: Ratchet Bear from Android
*recalculating* - Marie
18 1/2 years ago i would've been 20 minutes away. - Big Joe Silence
LB: Ratchet Bear
Praying tonight for a couple of friends enduring a long, dark night of the soul. :(
It makes me nervous when I reach out via text/FB and don't get a reply. :( - LB: Ratchet Bear from Android
:( - Janet from FFHound!
LB: Ratchet Bear
Bah, the local, convenient Methodist church isn't having its contemporary service tomorrow. :(
Well, that is stupid. - Friar Will
That's the kind with the non-traditional hymns, right? - Soup in a TARDIS
Soup, they do more contemporary music shown on screens, no hymnals. I like that they're close to the house. - LB: Ratchet Bear from Android
Will, I agree! Sadly it's too late for me to drive up to PA to other Methodist churches! - LB: Ratchet Bear from Android
I'll figure out all this Baptist terminology eventually. EVENTUALLY - Soup in a TARDIS
Baptist? I thought this was about a Methodist service. - Katy S
Doh, it is. Utterly failed to note that. LB has been teaching me the finer points of Baptist history at work (although the fact I keep referring to "primitive Baptists" as "primeval Baptists" is totally on my head, not hers). I assumed this was more of the same. - Soup in a TARDIS
Soup, one of the closest Baptist churches has a similar service. :) - LB: Ratchet Bear from Android
primitive . . . primeval . . . what's the difference? :^) - Friar Will
Friar: one has dinosaurs. - Betsy
Baptists on Dinosaurs...sounds like a kids' Saturday cartoon! - Soup in a TARDIS from FFHound!
I went to their traditional service and surprised myself with how much of the Apostles' Creed and the Gloria Patri I knew. They closed with a singing of "The Hallelujah Chorus" and invited folks to join the choir if they had sung it before or just wanted to, so I did. Good times! - LB: Ratchet Bear from Android
Betsy, one could say that any church that has primitive as part of its name (Primitive Baptist, Primitive Methodists) also has dinosaurs. :^) - Friar Will
:-) - Betsy
LB: Ratchet Bear
The smell of apple cider vinegar always reminds me of coloring Easter eggs.
Same here. - Katy S
Steven Perez
Somebody hit a hydrant & crashed thru the fence into the vacant lot, and our street flooded. Then someone rear-ended responding fire truck..
Gah! - Tamara J. B.
:( That's nuts. - Spidra Webster
Just another weekend in the hood. - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
He is Risen! #fb
He is risen, indeed! Happy Easter! - LB: Ratchet Bear from Android
*punches down dough and preheats oven* oops, did i misread something? - Big Joe Silence
If you're baking, then all misreading is forgiven :D - Melly
*rolls down the car window and looks for cops* - Big Joe Silence
Steven Perez
Barry and Bunneh @ The Alamo
Barry and Bunneh @ The Alamo
You couldn't bring him the sun so he went to you. What a guy! - Spidra Webster
I promised Barry that I'd turn off the snow. :-) - Steven Perez from Android
Also, got to meet Wife and Waif. Tickled that they thought I wasn't real. :-D - Steven Perez from Android
#bunnehMoTO I swear there was a snow bank following him - MoTO Moca Blend from Android
So much awesome in one picture. - Tamara J. B. from FFHound(roid)!
Hey, you leave Vera alone. I raised her from a mere snowflake. :D - Steven Perez
i need to meet both you guys. :) - Big Joe Silence
Mega jealous! - Jenny H. from Android
*melts* - Heleninstitches
Too bad it was the briefest of meet ups. Unfortunately, no beers were killed. We will have to fix that next time. - MoTO Moca Blend from Android
If ever there was a recipe for trouble... - Jkram|ɯɐɹʞſ
We just didn't have enough time... this time - MoTO Moca Blend from Android
Happy Birthday, Marianne!
Happy bday! - Joe - Systems Analyst
Happy, happy birthday Marriane! - Galadriel C.
Thank you! - Marianne
Yes! Happy birthday, my dear friend. May the coming year bring peace and excitement in proper proportion. - lris
Happy birthday! - John (bird whisperer)
Very best to you, today, Marianne! - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
Happy Birthday!!! - Hedgehog
Happy birthday!! - ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
Happy birthday! - Steele Lawman
Happy birthday! - LB: Ratchet Bear from Android
happy birthday! - Sir Shuping is just sir
Happy Birthday! - Jen
Happy Birthday to you!!! - Kathy
Happy birthday Marianne!! - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Late but happiest of days, my friend! - laura x from iPhone
And another belated birthday wish from me, too! - Catherine Pellegrino from iPod
Thanks, all! - Marianne
LB: Ratchet Bear
ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: new laptop purchased. :)
Congrats. I need to do that, but HATE shopping & making the move. Was forced to buy a new printer today...and not wild about that process. (Canon Pixma MX992, if anyone cares.) - Walt Crawford
I went with a basic ASUS 15.6" with a touchscreen. - LB: Ratchet Bear from Android
Where did you get it from? Congrats!! I got me a tablet! - Jenny
Best Buy. What kind did you end up with? - LB: Ratchet Bear from Android
I'm in the market for a new laptop right now and I'm having trouble making a decision. What made you go with the ASUS? - Katy S
Hrm. It was a reasonably priced option with a touchscreen and built-in DVD, Katy. Those were things I wanted. :) - LB: Ratchet Bear from Android
I got a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3. It's 16 GB, but I don't need more. Apps don't take up that much room and for any pictures it has an SD slot and I won't be putting music on it. Going to a 32 GB was about 120 more and I just don't need it. Had to order online from Bestbuy b/c they didn't have in the store. - Jenny
LB: Ratchet Bear
(testing new laptop) - LB: Ratchet Bear from Android
LB: Ratchet Bear
OH: "Little in the middle but she got much back!"
*hip bump* - LB: Ratchet Bear from Android
*waves hands in the air shakes derriere* Whoops, wrong song! ;) - Anika
*puts her hands in the air like she don't care* Word Up! ;) - LB: Ratchet Bear from Android
So, I'm sitting outside playing these songs loud on my laptop and having a sad little dance club. - Anika
Nothing sad about it! *shimmies* - LB: Ratchet Bear from Android
*bump* - LB: Ratchet Bear from Android
Hi, Dr. Nick! - LB: Ratchet Bear from Android
O HAI, MELLY! :-) - Steven Perez from Android
Impress 'em with your Spatula of Arts degree.
I've actually got a Botulism of Science. - SAM
I have a Colander of Medicine. - Akiva
I had a student turn in homework where he mis-copied Bachelor of Science as Bachelor of Violence. - LB: Ratchet Bear from Android
My onion router startup totally disrupted the knife and chopping board industry. Not to brag, though. - Micah
Ach! Somebody tell Colleen (Warmaiden) that I accidentally touched "unsubscribe" on her FF name while trying to access a certain related group. She has a private feed so I can't just resubscribe. Dang tablet touchscreens anyhow!
I gave her a heads-up if you want to send a new sub request. - LB: Ratchet Bear
Yep, just send a sub request :) - ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤ from iPhone
I've done that plenty of times on my phone! - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart from Android
Thanks Colleen. ;-) - Jkram|ɯɐɹʞſ from Android
What is Your Disney Personality Type? | Oh My Disney -
What is Your Disney Personality Type? | Oh My Disney
"INTJ (Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Judging): Bright and forward-thinking, you are independent and a natural leader, but you also have a tendency to be skeptical and pessimistic. You are very motivated to reach your goals and hold yourself (and others) to a high standard. (There are some instances where you can learn to let it go.)" - Jessie from Bookmarklet
I got this one, too. - LB: Ratchet Bear
*fistbumps LB* - Jessie
but I don't WANT to be Cogsworth. But I supppose someone has to. might as well be me. - ellbeecee
(Curtis/Alan) Jackson
Having one of those moments when I am thinking of adding someone to a network outside of FF but not sure if know that person well enough to do so. LinkedIn in this case, but also happens with FB too. As much as I share here, you think it'd be a no-brainer.
If you can be stringent on what you share (FB) as I have many on a restricted list for my normal cat type posts. Only those closest to me or understanding of me get to see the general things. - Janet
It's an odd thing with LinkedIn for me. While I tend to want to connect with people I know from FF to build my network, it seems kind of odd. Of course, if anyone from FF asks to connect I almost always do so. lol - (Curtis/Alan) Jackson
*endorses CAJ for "judicious sharing"* - LB: Ratchet Bear from Android
Does anyone have Bitcoin? I need about 0.01 BTC for transaction fees. Will pay current rate + 10%
Not me. Anyone? - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Bump? - Johnny from iPhone
I don't think I have that much, since I diversified everything into other altcoins, and then MtGox destroyed the market. - Not Me
I tried very hard, I have 0.0098 in one account, and couldn't transfer less than 0.01 from the other one, which doesn't have 0.01 in it. - Not Me
Even if it's 0.005 BTC. Need to cover miners fees on a significant transfer - Johnny from iPhone
What's the address? - Not Me
1KE3KuZdMVhUkuhm3a4SacfihcxE9Hnm4D - Johnny
Let me know where to send the cash - Johnny
Don't worry about it, it's only $5. It wasn't doing anything but sitting about. Sent 0.00981 just needs to be verified by the network. - Not Me
You're a star. I owe you big time. - Johnny from iPhone
+1,000,000,000 sir. - Johnny from iPhone
Should be confirmed very shortly. - Not Me
Weavers fees because the name miner makes Bitcoin like coal unsustainable :) - Eric Logan
Went through. Ass TOTALLY saved. - Johnny from iPhone
Hurrah for Jimminy! - Stephen Mack from iPhone
W00t! - LB: Ratchet Bear from Android
I was totally on the edge of me seat over this for 14 hours (no, really, not sarcastically). WHAT IN THE WORLD REQUIRES BITCOIN FOR TRANSACTION FEES??? - lris
LB: Ratchet Bear
Re-posting for FFeeps: any recommendations for fun things to do in Winnipeg?
From AJ's posts, it seems to snow there until like, July, so you can have snow fun. - Anika
Ooh, just DMed him. :) - LB: Ratchet Bear
We took a little boat tour of the Red River at The Forks last summer - it was great. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
Thanks, Micah! - LB: Ratchet Bear from Android
LB: Ratchet Bear
Slow Cooker Orange Beef. Tasty, but not very orange. - LB: Ratchet Bear from Android
laura x
I am going to make myself go to Target this afternoon over my lunch break because we need more non-spilly sippy cups. Please tell me something frivolous I could get there for me for $10-15 that will cheer me up.
cute socks? - t-ra: lose,find,repeat
boxed wine - kendrak
a t-shirt in an outrageous color - Catherine Pellegrino
Easter candy - Catherine Pellegrino
Bottle of wine :-) - Shannon - GlassMistress
A place mat and plastic flatware and dish for lunches at work. - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
I totally misread gel pens and wondered when Target started selling sex toys... - WebGoddess
Bouquet of flowers. - Kirsten
Bunny ears. - Yvonne from FFHound!
If I could get a decent sex toy in that price range anywhere I'd be astounded. :) - laura x
"decent sex toy" seems positively oxymoronic. - DJF
I was going to go now, but all the other senior staff have left the building, which makes me feel I should stay. - laura x
You guys, I suck at frivolity. I bought sippy cups, two glass canisters for food storage, envelopes, and a mop. - laura x
Were they frivolous envelopes? - Stephen Mack from iPhone
No. #10 safety. - laura x
was it a fancy mop? - ellbeecee
It was the best of a lot of bad options. I really miss my old mop that I bought at the Container Store years ago and foolishly left with my mother. - laura x
Swiffer. - Laura Norvig
I refuse to buy Swiffers because I am obnoxious that way. - laura x
boxed wine is a necessity. my new thing is placemats. - kendrak
I hate Swiffers. I thought it left my floor less clean than when I started. - ellbeecee
the only thing left that we haven't discussed are the glass canisters. do they have frivolous lids? - Marie
No. They're about the most frivolous things on the list, since I could go on storing the granola in a plastic bag on the counter, I suppose. - laura x
Dang, now I'm reminded that I really need a new mop and am thinking about what my options be other than a Swiffer. I guess an old school one with the wringer bucket? - Derrick
Nah. I'm with ellbee and laura on Swiffers. Good old sponge mops. Too bad Target discontinued the snazzy architect-designed spongemop and its refills (a couple years back); none of the newer ones work as well. (Can't remember the designer's name--he did dozens of household things for Target, but now designs for JCPenney, as a sideline.) - Walt Crawford
I used to mop my kitchen floor with cloth diapers and soapy water and then rinse with plain hot water or maybe hot water w/ a splash of vinegar. Way better than Swiffer, but my knees can't take it and it takes about five times as long and uses more water. - Laura Norvig
I have this thing by Libman that's like a Swiffer WetJet but with reusable pads and a refillable canister and it is my BEST FRIEND EVER. I think Rubbermaid makes one too. - Catherine Pellegrino
yup, i have the rubbermaid one and it is great too. it's has reusable pads, including one that you can use dry with fringy stuff on it to pick up stuff. ETA: - ~Courtney F
Close enough; I think mine's an earlier generation, but it's the same principle. - Catherine Pellegrino
WebGoddess - Some Target stores do sell the Trojan sex toys (or, so I'm told). - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
Gotcha. Gonna swing by the hardware store after work. :) - Derrick
Target has some DVDs for $13 or less this week. That might have added to the frivolity. - LB: Ratchet Bear
i use a libman sponge mop and alternate that with swiffer wet and then sometimes just a wipe under my foot and skate around a bit... and my floors are still pretty dirty - Christina Pikas
I never watch DVDs, sadly. [ETA: Except of course for Stop Making Sense, which we watch daily.] - laura x
1. I like placemats for the cat food dishes. 2. Does anyone else think "libraryland" when they use their LibMan thingie? I have a LibMan scrubbie and every time I see it, I want to ask you all that. :-) - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
I haven't watched "Stop Making Sense" in years. I should dig that out & see if my VCR still works. - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
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