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Laura Norvig

Laura Norvig

Dabbler in social media, organizer of information, builder of communities, mom of famous YouTube star. I like nice people who make cool things.
Checking out yik yak
Bespoke is the new artisanal.
Waiting for your Santa's Village #saturdayff, Stephen!
Heh, sorry -- been up at Hardly Strictly, now off to a friend's birthday. It'll be a late SaturdayFF -- maybe Monday night. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Oops, got too busy with work last night. But I'll get around to this! - Stephen Mack
The story is as mythical as Santa himself. :) - Ken Gidley
I was going to write it up today but my head hurts. Another time! - Stephen Mack
There will always be more Saturdays! - Laura Norvig from iPhone
*cough* - Laura Norvig
Catching a little bit of @Neilyoung and @algore on the #df14 livestream.
. @Dreamforce will there be an archive recording of @dfjsteve keynote? Please, please say, "yes." kthxbai. #DF14
My mind is still reeling with possibilities hinted at by @mlevchin and @reidhoffman at #DF14 . For them, disruption is not just a buzzword.
. @SteveHeye I am so sorry to have missed you! #DF14 kicked my butt. In a good way, but I retreated 2 work 2day @mbaizman @jfouts @judis217
I had so much fun listening to the awesome @pono last night while drinking a margarita served by a robot from @FirstRain #DF14
RT @mikey007mike: Can you believe the beach boys are playing at #DF14.
RT @mikey007mike: Can you believe the beach boys are playing at #DF14.
RT @steveheye: Cool to see @Salesforce do more than just donate to schools, they are there volunteering! #DF14 cc: @SFDCFoundation
RT @stephrouth: How not to suck at data visualization, from Stephanie Evergreen @evergreendata. A delicious read! @NTENorg
RT @stephrouth: How not to suck at data visualization, from Stephanie Evergreen @evergreendata. A delicious read! @NTENorg
RT @stevegillmor: RT @TechCrunch: Gillmor Gang: Back to Mono by @stevegillmor @dsearls @kevinmarks David Ossman @TinaGillmor
RT @stevegillmor: RT @TechCrunch: Gillmor Gang: Back to Mono by @stevegillmor @dsearls @kevinmarks David Ossman @TinaGillmor
In other news, @tonyrobbins is not my style. #df14
Just had an @stevegillmor sighting - so exciting! #df14
. @jtaschek @gcolony was great - enjoyed that @Dreamforce
ZOMG Dreamforce. Crazy.
Ugh, feeling weird. I need to perk up.
Stayed home from an annual gathering for the first time in about 16 years to get things done ... didn't get much done yet. - Laura Norvig
On the positive side: relaxing, doing laundry, writing lists of what needs to be done to the house and to prepare for moving, researching termite companies. Plus, I think I connected with an awesome person to help with all of it. - Laura Norvig
OK, Benefit brow bar is open till 8 - I should get off my butt and get waxed. (to clarify, not waxing my butt ... waxing my brows). - Laura Norvig
Ok now that's cute and funny as hell - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra from Android
inside joke ... - Laura Norvig
The wimmins of @NTENorg (present and previous) are incomparable!
Jacob Martinez of @DigiNEST and @ETRASSOCIATES makes @TechCrunch news -rockin' the do gooder geek cred!!
Jacob Martinez of @DigiNEST and @ETRASSOCIATES makes @TechCrunch news -rockin' the do gooder geek cred!!
Awww, @askdebra you are kind. I haven't been tweeting much lately though, it seems. So busy! *waves to #MDOsocmed students*
Got a credit from Comcast for some On Demand movies. Watching The Fault in our Stars. Anticipating a few tears.
"Some infinities are bigger than other infinities." - Laura Norvig from iPhone
Funny we were *just* talking about that at dinner before I watched the movie. I even had Wade call Peter to ask him if infinity plus one, and infinity minus one, were both still infinity. - Laura Norvig
Love. This. Went through something very similar recently. "Letting go of things. And history." by @louisrosenfeld
Love. This. Went through something very similar recently. "Letting go of things. And history." by @louisrosenfeld
A video of Wade's that was dwarfed by his big hits. Took a lot of work to make - I think it's pretty cool. #lego
A video of Wade's that was dwarfed by his big hits. Took a lot of work to make -  I think it's pretty cool. #lego
I want to live life, instead of life living me. Do you know what I mean?
I am having the same thought. - Stephan #TeamMarina from iPhone
I'm glad that we are pretty easy going types who know how to kick back and relax. However two things happen to me: 1) I start to freak out about how much I have to do. 2) I can't seem to make time to get out and enjoy the world enough. Just little things like going to the farmer's market, or for walks on the beach or in the woods, or to meet friends for a drink or coffee. I need more of that stuff. - Laura Norvig
Took myself out for a snack and a drink overlooking the yacht harbor. Baby steps. - Laura Norvig from iPhone
Yes. - Jenny H. from Android
Yes. - Monique Judge
Trying not to freak out about the house. We shortened the investigation period. Have been doing inspections and my main concern is the "cheap-ass siding" as our inspector called it. It's pressboard and very susceptible to water damage as well as termites. On one whole side of the house it's warped.
So basically, we need to put new siding on the whole house, really. But even bigger concern is if any mold got through. Although it didn't smell bad or anything. Ugh, this sucks. Off to talk to realtor and think about negotiating a cash-back offer maybe. - Laura Norvig
Good luck, Laura! - Jenny H. from Android
Wow. Horoscope today: "This is a challenging week. In the beginning you must learn information which is difficult and detailed. Then it may be changed and you start all over again later. A similar situation occurs with your home or property. A contractual deal that you thought complete turns out to have a flaw and needs re-working." - Laura Norvig
Siding can be 20-40K. Good idea to make them kick in for that. - Todd Hoff
When I was looking late last year, we had put a offer in one place and were waiting for inspections to come back, at the same time to calm our anxiety over what might be found, we kept looking at other homes just in case that fell through. It helped a lot. Hope this turns out well and you get your home soon. - Me
OK, maybe I was exaggerating. Don't really need to replace all the siding, necessarily. but may face unknowns once we start digging in to repairs. I guess that's how it goes. We're asking for a modest cash-back credit. - Laura Norvig
A different horoscope today (different astrologer - how do they all know I'm buying a house?): "Even though you've touched the bottom-line, you may still hope that a situation will turn out OK - even when you know that it might not. A renovation project could be involved - or just plain history. Explaining to someone close that the costs of a development are 'worth it' might be challenging in the extreme - especially when you're so emotionally wound-up." - Laura Norvig
Got the credit we asked for! Hopefully that is just because the seller is anxious to be done with selling, not because they are trying to unload a lemon on me ... - Laura Norvig
Dear Today, Please go slower. Kthxbai.
. @Deborah909 cool, clearly it's needed! @amysampleward @NTENorg @NPtechJobs
Besides the green beauty that is the Borland (Enterprise Technology Center) grounds, I love that my freeway exit is now "Santa's Village". I love the trees we can see out all of the windows. However, my cube is still just a cube, and I face the computer with my back to the corridor, so I don't get to see the trees.
Santa's Village has to be the topic of my next #saturdayff - Stephen Mack from iPhone
I vaguely remember the actual Santa's Village. There were rides and you used to be able to see them from the highway. - Rodfather from Android
Ah I was 5 when it closed. I do remember going there. - Rodfather from Android
Yeah, it closed the year I came to Santa Cruz. But you could still see most of the stuff that stayed there for awhile. - Laura Norvig
I'm in a Santa's Village group on Facebook. Also one for Frontier Village. Memories! - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
Hee hee - Amit Patel
Today I walked around the whole entire walkway of all the modules that runs around the third story of the whole complex (which is HUGE). It runs everywhere EXCEPT around what was Phillipe's office. He didn't want people peering in his windows, I suppose. This meant I had to knock on a window to get someone's attention because I couldn't get back to the proper door where my key card would work. - Laura Norvig
It's green because they use recycled water on the grounds, but it still feels SO sinful in these drought times. - Laura Norvig
I wasn't living in this area back then, but I had so many Borland products and imagined they were all made in a magical place. I was greatly surprised the first time I drove on highway 17 and went "HEY!", recognizing what that place was. - Amit Patel
I remember when, if someone said they worked in Scott's Valley, it was either at Seagate or McDonalds, lol - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
#saturdayff When I was very little, we lived in Amherst, MA and there was a corn field right next to our house. We used to play hide and seek in it and I have a vague memory of getting lost in it. We moved from there when I was six, so it is a pretty vague, yet visually vivid, memory. I see the corn stalks and how tall they were compared to me!
I can smell the dirt, too. - Laura Norvig
My brother and I were not allowed in the corn fields at my great-aunt's farm. The soybean fields, yes. Corn fields, no. We found a lot of Native American arrow heads in those soybean fields. :D - April Russo
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