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Stephen Mack
Hello from Lake Tahoe
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With my friend Kyrie and her twins. All four kids had their first snowboarding lessons and did very well. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Stephen f*ing adorable Mack and family!!! <3 - Laura Norvig
Helloe! - Brent Schaus from iPhone
Sarah G.
RT @philonedtech: Skeuomorphism gone too far
RT @philonedtech: Skeuomorphism gone too far
Do you know how hard it is not to make a thumb joke? Do you? - sglassme
Pull my finger? - John (bird whisperer)
Brent Schaus
My meat thermometer (not a double-entendre)
It's been making ALL the difference with any meat that I cook: burgers, steaks, chops. I'm actually feeling confident enough to try it out with larger portions: roasts and such. It's totally a difference-maker. I had no idea. - Brent Schaus
They are the best! - Katy S
Can I suggest a probe thermometer for roasts? Instant-read is great, but a probe thermometer means you don't have to open the oven door, lose heat, etc. - Andrew C (✔)
Andrew: for sure! Didn't know that was a thing. Thanks :) - Brent Schaus from iPhone
My probe thermometer completely changed my experience with roasts. - Katy S
The Other Yvonne
I MAY have bought a huge LEGO set for the boys today. It really felt like a guilt purchase since they didn't put much money of their own towards it, but I wanted it, too. =)
I may be adding to the Lego guilt for your kids today! - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Uncle Stephen!!! It's ok. They look happy. =) - The Other Yvonne from FFHound!
I always want Legos. I was very sad when I stopped getting them at Christmas. Which is to say, after college. - laura x from iPhone
Laura, I think toddler x should add some to his bday and Xmas lists this year. ;-) - The Other Yvonne from FFHound!
Steve Gillmor
Gillmor Gang Live Friday 02.27.15 LIVE recording at 1pmPT/4pmET
Hello GG friends and fans! Happy Friday to you all! - Tina Chase Gillmor
Here - Keith Teare
GG - messing with my productivity weekly! - Laura Norvig
Laura - That should be our show slogan! - Tina Chase Gillmor
Friday at 1pm like rushing home to watch Crackerjack at 5pm - clive boulton
Its Friday, Its 5 O Clock, Its CrackerJack! - Keith Teare
"Oh Hai!" classic. - Simon Tennant
If you don't remember that gender, Steve... - Tom Guarriello
Keith's camera seems amazing - maybe the lighting or lack of lighting - Michael Roberts
keith is black and blue? - Kevin Marks
Is it gold and white or black and blue? No one will know... - John Taschek
Llama, Kevin, llama - Tom Guarriello
I agree, Michael. Noticed it last show, too. - Tom Guarriello
Pre Barcelona. New Moto E LTE $149.99 value! - clive boulton
S6 $1000? - clive boulton
Keith is than apple camera? or something you purchased? curious what it is. - Michael Roberts
#whiteandgold - cc @kevinmarks ;) - J.C. Bouvier
its a Sony A7s DSLR - Keith Teare
4k into Skype via HDMI-USB bridge - Keith Teare
white and gold... but its really blue and black - Tina Chase Gillmor
Hangouts still supports XMPP - Google is just sunsetting the Windows Google Talk native client - Ankush Narula
The rig delivers a cool look, Keith. Good choice - Tom Guarriello
is there a link? - Kevin Marks
i missed the story - Kevin Marks
I missed a few weeks; glad to catch a show; @Keith... you change cameras? you look amazing ha (picutre quality) - Matthew Voshell
retweet the tweet above - Keith Teare
steve above search - Tina Chase Gillmor
RIP Spock - Tina Chase Gillmor
@Kevin - I'm mistaken - technically speaking Google Talk still support XMPP and connects with the Hangouts infrastructure - Ankush Narula
For sure, Tina. - Tom Guarriello
My work now we are fighting b/t age lines (50 and older) wont let go of native clients, under 50 are fine with browser based.. its WW1 style people hanging on for dear life; - Matthew Voshell
Sunsetting the native client is fine -- it works on the other platforms where people are actually doing the work - John Taschek
I have the hardest time understanding that. GTalk is now hangouts ... sort of. - Laura Norvig
@Laura.. i agree they havent done the best job branding that whole space; - Matthew Voshell
^^ here - Ankush Narula
Keith - how is an open standard "propriatary"? - Simon Tennant
I agree Laura and Matthew - not best branding. But google is moving toward more than just "talk" - theoretically taking more video in - John Taschek
@Tina, such a sad day. I should leave work early and hunker down for a weekend-long Star Trek TOS marathon. - Laura Norvig
@Tina.. get the guys to geek out even more with leonard nimoy stories? - Matthew Voshell
XMPP's feature is the X - extensibility. - Simon Tennant
and Federation. - Simon Tennant
HTTP doesn't federate. - Simon Tennant
Google making life unnecessarily hard for its ecosystem partners - clive boulton
But there's no question that Google is headed towards Hangouts and eliminating Talk/XMPP - enterprises using XMPP/Talk via Google Apps are the big holdout - Ankush Narula
@Keith... I use hangouts on desktop/mobile to talk with android people.. but i see people using whatsapp and viber for cross platform; - Matthew Voshell
http can federate if software enables it - Keith Teare
chat center is about to support domains - Keith Teare
will be fully federated - Keith Teare
but still centrally controlled? XMPP is more like email - no central ownership, just a gentlemen's agreement to exchange messages. - Simon Tennant
In app "sponsored posts" are so annoying.. verzion fios is doing the same thing but inserting paid movies in between channels; why dont they offer a paid version?? I'd pay for a twitter app not to have sponsored posts; and Apple tried iAd and look how non-successful that was... mobile advertising is hard.. just charge for your app and get it over with! - Matthew Voshell
Ben Thompson Peak Google post is worth a read - Tom Guarriello
We will use DNS host files to federate control too - Keith Teare
keith - interesting. Self-hostable? - Simon Tennant
Glass discontinued. Barges cancelled. Enterprise hard. Dart not Chromed. Node disliked. GTV backed away. - clive boulton
not initially, but eventually - Keith Teare
Google is doing alot for AndoirdOne? They are trying to own the delveoping world.. the next flow of users to sign up.. and most of them will have android phones... chromebooks are deploying to education like apple used to.. kids are going to grow up knowing google; its going to take awhile but its going to pay off in 10-15 years - Matthew Voshell
Not me. I was just trying to figure out that auction losers get $5 million thing... - Tom Guarriello
Will Apple buy .apk to compete? - Kevin Marks
I just spent time with teenagers at a technology academy, I asked them to tell me the top 2 apps they use, every single one said a messaging app... thats all they do with thier phones... message... - Matthew Voshell
or buy .apple - clive boulton
i believe that is .company - Matthew Voshell
the registrars are just trying to keep verisign in biz but releaseing new and more domains for people to just redirect to .com - Matthew Voshell
OT: @Keith, you streaming from an HDSLR? Looks good... - J.C. Bouvier
yes - Sony A7s - Keith Teare
@Keith.. that would be nice actually.. i use apppickr and product hunt got lots of funding.. what if google could search across app stores for the best apps for specific criteria - Matthew Voshell
@keith.. i have a D600.. can you post your setup? - Matthew Voshell
Steve is right. Search should become more and more voice activated (Alexa, Siri, Google, etc.).How do you return an audio ad? - Alex de Soto
you make the ad a result - Kevin Marks
also, audio search can give a visual result - Kevin Marks
@Dan... the google search app on iOS does this already.. it knows where my work is and sends a push notification to tell me how long itll take me and the best route.. when i wake up... i like it - Matthew Voshell
who purchased .foo - clive boulton
its just an HDMI to USB3 bridge - Keith Teare
My sense is voice force a federated standard no? - J.C. Bouvier
Googs search experience fairly stale since Marissa Mayer owned it. - clive boulton
it's walmart, and the other retailers that want to use thier own payment gateways... its VHS vs Beta all over again.. one will eventually win out - Matthew Voshell
disagree - a lot has changed - Kevin Marks
That does 4k - Keith Teare
mobile got alot better - Kevin Marks
knowledge graph is huge - Kevin Marks
RE: ISIL, destroying art is really crossing the line... - J.C. Bouvier
Google's search experience is stale? "OK Google", Now, Translate, Cards, etc - aren't these all Google Search products? - Ankush Narula
some good products as they get more contextual but the core search product of web search kind of sucks now (for researchers, librarians) - Laura Norvig
Search experience 'late June 2011'... - clive boulton
Google+ is really just identity at this point - it's embedded across all of the Google properties. - Ankush Narula
which was the original goal - Kevin Marks
Except they've let the bots into G+ - clive boulton
I'm not sure "social" matters in the same way it mattered 3-4 years ago. As Kevin/Keith said, Android gives Google plenty of metadata for their businesses and to establish a social/interest graph that includes sensor and (app) usage data. - Ankush Narula
Her. (personal search, personal assistant) - Laura Norvig
It's Scarlett Johansson search...which ain't bad! - Tom Guarriello
G+ is a damn mess...Google needs to EOL the noise and lift the cream (Hangouts, Hangouts on Air, AutoAwesome and Ident) out of that mess ASAP...create a Facebook Group/Page exporter and free up those dev resources into Cards/Now and Docs... - J.C. Bouvier
make shit up. ;-) - Laura Norvig
"@levie To the Gmail engineer that worked on autocomplete machine learning and likely has shifted focus to self-driving cars, we need you back" - clive boulton
GOP loses... - J.C. Bouvier
What about the new definition of Google Glass - the glass HQ - Josh Bradshaw
FCC voted party lines, but lost 3-2, ISP are going to classified as public utilities.. which allows for more regulations, - Matthew Voshell
They can also throttle companies that dont pay... making it hard for smaller comapnies to break out - Matthew Voshell
Oh is that right Matthew? I missed that...tx for clarifying. - J.C. Bouvier
Larry and Sergey have their focus off-focus. - clive boulton
Assuming Netflix/YouTube/etc are paying for the peering interconnections, who's paying to upgrade the capacity of ISP backbones? - Ankush Narula
#HouseofCards will eat your weekend. - J.C. Bouvier
it already is in the UK, a lot more than here - Kevin Marks
Better 1934 than 1984 - christina sponselli
jon oliver's expliantion does wonders - Matthew Voshell
@John don't worry about competing in a global economy - Comcast and Verizon will buy the competition - Ankush Narula
@Matthew, tx, will check it. - J.C. Bouvier
I'm on ATT grandfathered unlimted service... i get throttled to the point of unusability when i go over 3GB a month - Matthew Voshell
Matthew - are you allowed to tether with that plan? - Ankush Narula
Millennials avoiding ATT / Verizon, pay off college debt, using T-Mo / Sprint with wifi. - clive boulton
@Keith... I can see your skin pores.... i have to copy your setup - Matthew Voshell
:-) - Keith Teare
In this setup, Keith, you look a lot more like Sir Alex! ;) - Tom Guarriello
@Keith - still paying TiVo a monthly fee? - Ankush Narula
no bought the lifetime plan - Keith Teare
Tom - Minus the accent - Keith Teare
Well...minus that Northern accent... - Tom Guarriello
House of Cards season 3? - Ankush Narula
Wolf Hall - Kevin Marks
Fortitude | Extended Trailer - clive boulton
Hear that's really good, Keith - Tom Guarriello
Hole? - Ankush Narula
Wullffall - Tom Guarriello
Wolf Hall - Kevin Marks
Hawl - Ankush Narula
Worf Haul - Kevin Marks
Yah, looks nice. - J.C. Bouvier
@Alex - of course we have to wait :-( - Ankush Narula
April 5th on PBS - Alex de Soto
next week, sony going broke? - Matthew Voshell
Yes, steve, for $2500 - Tom Guarriello
Wolf Haulin' Oats - Jerome Hughes
+1 Jerome - Tom Guarriello
Vauxhall? ;) - J.C. Bouvier
@Steve, it all looks good, but the HDSRL is nice... - J.C. Bouvier
Ha ha ha. - J.C. Bouvier
Why Ustream and not YouTube Live? - Ankush Narula
'Tricaster' for cheapskates - clive boulton
@Steve @Tina.. why not post the shows on a youtube page? recorded of course - Matthew Voshell
Ha ha - J.C. Bouvier
podcast - Josh Bradshaw
Congrats to Salesforce, guys. Great job growing a powerhouse - Tom Guarriello
SHOW IDEA: lead tracking tech moves from desktop to mobile...? - J.C. Bouvier
Great episode name - Ankush Narula
Wool Fole - Ankush Narula
Will Fall - Kevin Marks
3 Men and a Baby was a fun movie - Tom Guarriello
Nerd Alert! - Matthew Voshell
LLAP all - good show - Ankush Narula
Indicates Goog's search experience is on the move - clive boulton
Stephen Mack
Emotional Design Fail: Divorcing My Nest Thermostat [Nielsen Norman Group] -
Emotional Design Fail: Divorcing My Nest Thermostat [Nielsen Norman Group]
Article from Feb 22, 2015 by Kara Pernice: "Summary: Don Norman’s 3 levels of emotional design (visceral, behavioral, and reflective) helped me understand how my pure love for the Nest thermostat morphed into abhorrence. I was a proud early adopter of the unique, cool, and pretty device. It helped me save energy, and communicated to me. But things went bad when it let me down emotionally." - Stephen Mack from Bookmarklet
More: "[...] When I turned the dial to increase the heat to 66 degrees, rather than responding by making the house warmer, or by informing me that it is now working toward this, it read, "in 1 hour and 20 minutes 66 degrees until 10:00PM.” The next day the house temperature plummeted to a punishing 50 degrees (I realize I may be spoiled) for no reason I was privy to. Here, by the way, is another usability heuristic not heeded: visibility of system status. Try as I might, it won’t listen." - Stephen Mack
She details how with her Nest, she can't actually set the temperature. I'm not a Nest owner, but that's shocking to me. Really? It won't let you actually switch on the heat or the A/C? It thinks it knows better than you what the temperature should be? - Stephen Mack
(Hidden motive: Part of why I'm posting this is because Cristo hates Jakob Nielsen so much that I'm hoping this will irk him into reactivating his FF account just to berate the user design model being leveraged here.) - Stephen Mack
I never had any trouble setting my Nest to the temperature I wanted, reliably -- barring when my furnace actually broke. Every once in a while, it would take a small change in habits a bit too far, but it was trivial to go in and readjust the schedule. You can also turn that function off, and set it all manually. My only beef with them right now is that when I got my new furnace (almost... more... - Jennifer Dittrich
I never had a problem with mine. - Glen Campbell
Haven't read through the entire article yet but I have two and have had no issues changing temps. - rønin
So this writer is divorcing for all the wrong reasons. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Pretty much. It's like she never even bothered to read the simple documentation, much less the more complicated. When it says "in 1 hour and 3 minutes" it is telling you how long it is likely to take for your house to reach that temperature. It visually indicates (by showing red, blue, or white) in the meter whether the furnace/ac is currently active, or passive (the picture shown is the AC, in an active state.) - Jennifer Dittrich
@Stephen you can set the temperature with your Nest. (Of course) - Louis Gray
holly #ravingfangirl
RT @emrgencykittens: It's a kitten hairband!
RT @emrgencykittens: It's a kitten hairband!
kitten hairband just makes me want to watch the viking kittens - holly #ravingfangirl
Kitten hairband = Faster Pussycat - Zamms
obviously! :D - holly #ravingfangirl
or Cats in Boots #soobscure - holly #ravingfangirl
Seven Layer Salad with Creamy Salsa Vinaigrette - -
Seven Layer Salad with Creamy Salsa Vinaigrette -
Seven Layer Salad with Creamy Salsa Vinaigrette -
Seven Layer Salad with Creamy Salsa Vinaigrette -
چه سالاذ رنگارنگ جذابی - NαrgeS
مخصوصا اون درسینگش :) - Mahdi
وای سالاد وای عشق من . سالاد باشه سوپ باشه غذا نباشه. اصن غذا چیه. همینا کافیه. سوپ هم نمیخوایم. سالاد سالاد ×: - MaryaM
این سالاد رو سعی کنید یاد بگیرید و درست کنید. عالیه - Mahdi
بذارید ببینم دقیقا چیا توش هست - MaryaM
دیدم به به . من هر چی سبزیجات داشته باشم تو سالاد میریزم. آووکادو هم چند روز پیش خریدم ولی متاسفانه سیاه شده بودن و خراب بودن دیگه ریختمشون بیرون. این ترکیب خیلی خوشمزه س . قارچ و اینجور چیزا هم من میریزم تو سالاد. حتی گاهی شلغم. کلا خوشمزه س - MaryaM
لبو و کلم قمری هم توصیه میشود :) سالاد تبوله رو هم امتحان کن. خیلی خوبه. قبلا دستورش رو اینجا گذاشتم - Mahdi
به به - پریشاهدخت
لبو که فصلش باشه پایه ثابت ماست و سالادامونه . کلم قمری اما فقط دمپختشو دوست دارم :)) نخوردم اینطوری. / تبوله رو هم حتما امتحان میکنم. اتفاقا دیدمش دستورشو مرسی - MaryaM
من وقتی این غذاها رو درست میکنم روانم هم سیر میشه - Sima
نوش جان سیما جان. سالاد از بهترین گزینه های غذایی هست. - Mahdi
Steve Gillmor
Gillmor Gang Live Friday 02.20.15 LIVE recording at 1pm PT/4pm ET
Here - Keith Teare
Hi. We are rebooting something. Stand by - Tina Chase Gillmor
We are all always rebooting something... - Tom Guarriello
Just like Detroit - Keith Teare
+1 there, Keith - Tom Guarriello
It looks like the show is aborted today due to Comcast "fixing" our line just before show time. It's not back up and not looking good. So sorry. Beyond our control. Man, is Steve mad! - Tina Chase Gillmor
Did you count to 60 after turning the modem off :) - Simon Benvenutto
I'm just a few blocks away from Comcast headquarters. I could go and pie someone there. ;) - Alex de Soto
Ugh... - Tom Guarriello
Tina, it happens to all of us... - Simon Benvenutto
Time for an adult beverage, Tina... - Tom Guarriello
Until next time. - Alex de Soto
We're back up - Tina Chase Gillmor
Anyone still around? - Tina Chase Gillmor
we are going to start in five minutes - Tina Chase Gillmor
We ar ON! - Keith Teare
Maybe one of you can get a tweet out, encourage the chat again. - Simon Benvenutto
someone help with a tweet - Tina Chase Gillmor
Will do - Tom Guarriello
Done a Tweet - Keith Teare
keith can you call on newsgangone - Tina Chase Gillmor
Comcast proving again the case for hybrid SaaS-Cloud in the enterprise (kills the consumer dead) - clive boulton
hello earth from - Kevin Marks
We're back! - clive boulton
Yay! - Ian Waring
Frigid North is right. We're way up to 14.5 here in Princeton - Tom Guarriello
headphones? - Kevin Marks
I love Digg Deeper - Francine Hardaway
Do you digg it deeply? - Frank Paynter
I also use it as my primary stream. - Francine Hardaway
Haha Frank - Francine Hardaway
But then I get the same items from Medium, Flipboard. - Francine Hardaway
Use Slack a lot here - Ian Waring
I'm getting triple copies of most notifications, from all the different curation tools I use - Francine Hardaway
G+ HOA has icon to adjust bandwidth (less picture / more sound). May be skype / tricaster adjuster. - clive boulton
digg deeper should subtract links I've tweeted or faved - Kevin Marks
IFTTT rebranded as IF, right? - Tom Guarriello
Sounds like John and Steve have colds. Thanks for fighting thru. - clive boulton
"the T is silent" "which one?" "all of them" - Kevin Marks
It's like the iOS app Workflow - Tom Guarriello
Kevin that's quite funny - Francine Hardaway
Never sure if I need to renew my Yo Tweetstorm subscription every time it fires - or not - Ian Waring
Keith should always use this camera location/angle - Tom Guarriello
Stays silent for weeks... - Ian Waring
ou mean we don't have enough attention span to deal with a piece of software anymore? - Francine Hardaway
I've taken YO off my phone for the fourth time. Scoble keeps urging me to put it back on, but then it doesn't prove useful. Other apps do what it does - Francine Hardaway
my dog has a squeaky toy - Kevin Marks
muting - Kevin Marks
Kevin ;-) - Tina Chase Gillmor
Single purpose Apps are really miniaturized narrow focus Windows apps. KISS to avoid confusion - clive boulton
Fido anyone? - Ian Waring
Its a 4k Sony A7s - Keith Teare
I'm drowning in individual apps, too - Francine Hardaway
Am I really going to download 3 "Do" apps and an "If"? - Francine Hardaway
+10 Francine - Tom Guarriello
what is that monitor in back of John B? - Tina Chase Gillmor
is it that "art on the wall" startup? - Kevin Marks
Next layer above iOS ~ second skin systems [mirror worlds] - clive boulton
not that different for me tbh - Kevin Marks
Using Outlook on my 6+ as my default email - links nicely with Dropbox etc - Ian Waring
I'm using HomeScreen - Francine Hardaway
Francine - I can always count on you to keep up. That's why you're part of G3! - Tina Chase Gillmor
How many users are there of HomeScreen? - Francine Hardaway
Excel nice too - Ian Waring
Thanks Tina. - Francine Hardaway
the calendar date and clock icons are dynamic, but probably a closed API - Simon Benvenutto
HomeScreen priceless analytics for incubator investments - clive boulton
If there are enough users who report their screens repeaatedly Clive - Francine Hardaway
Apple clock does that as well - Roger Shepherd
Tina, this is why we should use Slack for G3 - Francine Hardaway
Good point Francine - clive boulton
We have Jenkins piped into Slack - Ian Waring
I don't yet get Slack - clive boulton
As well as their Slackbot - Ian Waring
btw if there are any local peeps listening today (to the SF Bay Area) - I will be getting use of Scott Jordan's ( ScotteVest) PocketMan car early next week. If anyone wants a spin in it... let me know - Tina Chase Gillmor
Conversational VAX Notes - Ian Waring
slack is the IRC+ wiki model that engs already sue, made workable for normals - Kevin Marks
Shoot. am I posting as Steve or Tina? - Tina Chase Gillmor
As Tina, Tina - Tom Guarriello
Virtual watercoolers - Ian Waring
yeah. it's me tina. - Tina Chase Gillmor
But that's good Kevin. Workable for normals is good. - Francine Hardaway
You mean do they use it at WalMart? - Francine Hardaway
Salesforce customers are "true enterprise" - Tom Guarriello
We're using it at a 50 head startup - Ian Waring
It is a very good podcast. - Simon Benvenutto
Name this show: Xing blood brain barrier c/o Steve - clive boulton
But shouldn't you start by scratching your own itch? - Francine Hardaway
a16z definitely worthwhile - Tom Guarriello
I like listening to a16z. - Francine Hardaway
Yammer was internal Twitter - Francine Hardaway
That's the way I brought Yammer into clients, Francine - Tom Guarriello
In many ways the model Stewart describes is a ChatOps type model, its not so much the tool as using the channels as the glue that pulls the company together. - Simon Benvenutto
Track!!! - Tom Guarriello
track <3 - Tina Chase Gillmor
Slack integration handy for enterprise - clive boulton
you type /bug @kteare blah blah - Kevin Marks
I can't believe Steve is able to do the show today. He's got a crappy cold - Tina Chase Gillmor
Tina, you're doing a great job producing the show - Tom Guarriello
Nuzzel. I really like Nuzzel. Easier to read than Digg Deeper. But I read them both - Francine Hardaway
Nuzzel said I followed too many people - Kevin Marks
I do Nuzzle but not Digg Deeper yet. - Tom Guarriello
Since when do apps pass judgment on you Kevin - Francine Hardaway
all the time -have you tried ThinkUp - Kevin Marks
ThinkUp exists to pass judgment.. It tells me how many times a week I've said "shit" - Francine Hardaway
That's funny, Kevin/Francine. ThinkUp is trying to make sense of your words and punctuation marks. And your Twitter profile changes, of course. - Tom Guarriello
what is the name? - Kevin Marks
chatrate? - Kevin Marks
chatgrape? - Keith Teare
web actions is what we call it now - Kevin Marks
chatgrep? - Kevin Marks
Hi all - late today but loving the topic right now. - Laura Norvig
Does Slack have a free version for any enterprise? (or maybe for Nonprofits ...?) - Laura Norvig
yes, Slack is freemium - Kevin Marks
can't find "chat *" - clive boulton
Slack is free unless you need paid features - Keith Teare
you can set it up free, and you pay for extra users, extra integrations - Kevin Marks
Thx, Keith! - Laura Norvig
Laura - take a look at it. It does quite a lot without getting into paid versions - Tina Chase Gillmor
@Tina, would love to. Just getting our folks used to Chatter, though, don't know if they would get why we would add Slack. But I'll ask our super IT gal if we can test it out. - Laura Norvig
Simon - mucho thanko - clive boulton
I love continuity! I haven't been here live for months (hi everybody) and I can schloop right into the notifications discussion. Didn't miss a beat. - Amyloo
RIP Glitch. Stewart's previous venture. - christina sponselli
Amylou or stuck in a groove - Francine Hardaway
Amyloo - We've been here constantly :-) - Keith Teare
Just got distracted by Daring Fireball's piece on the prices of various Apple watch bands. Holy shit - Francine Hardaway
Francine - Beautiful or expensive? - Tina Chase Gillmor
Not being a watch person, I can't see paying so much. $20k Tina - Francine Hardaway
That was was an interesting analysis, right Francine? - Tom Guarriello
you can get response interactions on your watch - Kevin Marks
Every press piece I read raises the price:-) - Francine Hardaway
And Dave Winer thinks Heartbeat will be the killer app. - Francine Hardaway
bajeeeez - Tina Chase Gillmor
launcher apps are pretty big on android - Kevin Marks
But really lack of heartbeat is the killer app - Francine Hardaway
Cyanogen Mod - Francine Hardaway
this is a very good article on notifications - Kevin Marks
@keith -- Yes, here all the time -- and you guys were way ahead of the game. - Amyloo
I get pretty good notifications off my Pebble watch. - Francine Hardaway
Sounds like an Apple Watch scenario - Tom Guarriello
The problem is that an individual app sends notifications but so do 50 others. - Francine Hardaway
We need bots to manage all these notifications - Tom Guarriello
Twitter may turn out losers in Slacks apps climb. Talking in communities better UX than notifications from all. - clive boulton
just signed our team up for Slack! - Laura Norvig
Notifications are basically dumb at source: they are the apps interpretation of what I want !? Notifications need good filters, you guys have discussed before, and the filters must be contextual e.g.: I'm hungry :) - Simon Benvenutto
That video was great, Keith - Tom Guarriello
Foursquare is good at that - Kevin Marks
Steve - I hope your cold gets better.... - Roger Shepherd
Our little effort at diversity. - Francine Hardaway
Feel better all! - Alex de Soto
if you look closely you can see the person throwing the cat - Kevin Marks
I'm embarrassed that I'm not following G3. I'm a jerk! - Tom Guarriello
Thanks for the show! - christina sponselli
Let's use Slack for this. - Francine Hardaway
Tom, a misogynist - Francine Hardaway
Great show guys, you were missed last week, thanks for the effort in spite of the comms issues !!!!! - Simon Benvenutto
I'm afraid I could be charged with that on the basis of this data, Francine, but it is totally untrue!!! - Tom Guarriello
Name this show. Slack talk. - clive boulton
laura x
ten years in libraries
ten years in libraries
I always enjoy your writing Laura with an x. I will finish this when I get home later. I was wondering what you think inclines you towards the Episcopalians? - MoTO Boychick Devil
Scripture, tradition, and reason. Gotta love a church where reason is one of the three main pillars. But mostly I suppose I love the liturgy, in part because it's lovely and in part because it is familiar. - laura x
Stephen Mack
FriendFeed Bookmarklet Hosting: Micah W.'s ffbookmarklet v1.03 "Woot Tube" Release -- draggable version -
FriendFeed Bookmarklet Hosting: Micah W.'s ffbookmarklet v1.03 "Woot Tube" Release --  draggable version
Having trouble with the FF Bookmarklet in Chrome or other browsers? This is an updated version thanks to Micah and sizofroid. To make it easier to install, I'm now hosting it at my site, so you don't have to jump through hoops, you can just drag the updated version to your bookmark bar. - Stephen Mack from Bookmarklet
Yay! [update: uh, I don't see the actual bookmarklet on that page] - lris
Hmm, what browser are you using, Iris? - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Chrome, Mac. Here's what I see - lris
Well that's weird. Chrome on Windows is working for me. When you go to the FF tools page, is the button there visible for you? - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Yes it is - lris
Iris, have you disabled JavaScript by chance? I had a coworker test with Chrome on his Mac and it was working for him. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
No. And I did have adblocker running but I disabled it for that site. - lris
I love you. - Melly
I love you too, Melly! - Stephen Mack
Iris, hold on, gonna try something to fix it. - Stephen Mack
I'm running Chrome on Windows if that helps, FYI. - Melly
Iris, I changed how the image for the button was hosted. Did that fix it for you? - Stephen Mack
Yay! I see it! - lris
Yay! Hmm, you must have some pretty high levels of security set. All I changed was copying the image for the button from FF's server to mine. - Stephen Mack
I am not aware of extra high levels of security. Maybe I'm accidentally extremely careful. :) - lris
I'm sure it's no accident. :) - Stephen Mack
Hopefully no one else is having any trouble? - Stephen Mack
I added the older versions at the bottom, just in case there are any compatibility issues. - Stephen Mack
When I saw "draggable" I first thought it meant the popup can be dragged around within the page, to make it easier to select images that it would ordinarily be covering this old one: I am still using that one, but installed as a dedicated CustomButton. If you have the Firefox add-on installed, it's easy to install the button from here: What I would like to have is a combo of all the goodies into one awesome button. - April Russo
April, that's a cool idea. I couldn't get the one you linked to work for me, though. I wonder if we can beg Micah to add that functionality into his version. - Stephen Mack
I just did. ;) - April Russo
Ah! I don't know about CustomButton, though. What is taht? - Stephen Mack
Which one could you not get to work? The 1st or 2nd link? The 1st is instructions for modifying the official bookmarklet to use the drag & drop popup. The 2nd link requires the CustomButtons add-on installed in Firefox. You'd just click the link on my page to install the button, then right click a Firefox toolbar, go to... more... - April Russo
2nd link. But I see what you mean, it requires the add-on. Does it work on Chrome or IE, or just Firefox? - Stephen Mack
Compatibility: Mozilla Firefox 1.5+ SeaMonkey 2.0+ Mozilla Thunderbird 2.0+ Mozilla Sunbird 0.8-0.9 / Calendar 1.0pre KompoZer 0.8b1-0.8b3 Flock 0.7-1.5+ and Pale Moon (which is what I am using) - April Russo
Bump due to recent discussion. Micah, it'd be great to incorporate that feature from April's. Heard that at least one user is having trouble with the new bookmarklet. How's it working for others? (Works great for me! My default browser is Chrome.) - Stephen Mack
Working with Chrome, I'd say it works about 95% of the time really well. There are a couple sites where it just doesn't want to pull in the images, and sometimes the NY Times is tweaky, but both seem related to recent layout changes. - Jennifer Dittrich
Mine still doesn't work. I wonder if one of my plugins is breaking it. I've taken to browsing in Chrome and copying the URL over to IE when I want to post something to FF. - DB, Lil LB's Dad
It doesn't work for me: in Firefox (my default browser) it just brings up an empty box. As DB said, it might be a conflict with an extension, but I'm not sure which would be causing it. - John (bird whisperer)
First off, thank you for this work. I'll test it out in a bit. I have a lot of browsers to test in, and I use XMARKS so it should just pop to all my different browsers. - Eric - Let Me Know
Bump for Janet. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
please add this one on "firefox social" - orfe
Hero! - Antonio
doesn't work for me anymore, since the last couple of days. - Lucretia, my reflection ൠ
Hmm, working for me. Anyone else having trouble? Lucretia, does it not work at all? Which browser? - Stephen Mack
I'm having trouble with it on Chrome. same time period and I couldn't get to the site anymore to delete/reinstall it. - Sir Shuping is just sir
Oops, my host is down. Stand by! - Stephen Mack from iPhone
sure. thank you :) - Lucretia, my reflection ൠ
It's fixed now. So sorry for the problem. My host had shut me off for non-payment! (Because my credit card on file had expired.) Seems like they shut me off pretty quick, but they had tried to bill me last year and failed and then gave up but didn't bother notifying me about the problem until this year when they tried to bill me for both years. - Stephen Mack
yay! (this just reminded me that I also have a hosting to be paid, so double thanks!) - Lucretia, my reflection ൠ
It lives! - Micah from FFHound!
works for me now! yay! - Sir Shuping is just sir
Stephen Mack
Roy G. Biv was here.
rainbow after the rain? - Andrew Chunis
And/or during, yeah. :) - Stephen Mack
that's a proper rainbow, any gold? - Halil
that,s nice - samiraa1
Talenti was on sale so I finally tried it. Yummy, but the packaging is disconcerting. Every time I open the freezer my brain is all, "why is a jar of hair grease in here!"
But I must say, a screw top is the best thing ever for me because I only eat ice cream a couple spoonfuls at a time and it's nice to have a lid that doesn't get warped n loose. - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
I keep wanting to save the containers. They're so attractive and I think "Well, I know it's freezer-safe." - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
I'm thinking about repurposing it, the jar could be used for just about anything. Except I'm currently in "NO NEW THINGS, EVERYTHING OUT" mode, so it'll prolly go in the recycling bin when I'm done. - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
m9m,I think they're super attractive too! :) I didn't know Talenti made bars as well, so when I saw them in the store, I was way too excited. Tried these And of course, they're absolutely delicious, but at $7 a box for THREE, it will definitely be a special occasion dessert. - AHnix (Anna Haro)
Lord I didn't need to know those existed! - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
^So. damn. good. - AHnix (Anna Haro)
Love Talenti gelato! I have saved a few containers, as they are the perfect size for taking a generous portion of homemade salsa to a friend. No need to ask for the container back! - Corinne L
You had me at "hair grease" - MoTO Boychick Devil
It looks exactly like those old school jars of bergamot, etc, grease. Or the curl activator gel I used to use in Jayden's hair. I thought posting about it here would stop that nanosecond of WTF when I open the freezer. Nope. Brain still doing it. - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
Amit Patel
Morro Bay
This was the view from the hotel room. :) - Amit Patel
holly #ravingfangirl
YES PLEASE RT @shelnew19: !!!!!!! / ~Fried Mozzarella Corn Fritters! via @Po_st
YES PLEASE RT @shelnew19: !!!!!!! / ~Fried Mozzarella Corn Fritters! via @Po_st
50 Shades of Grey Literature #AddAWordRuinAMovie
I dunno, I'd watch the hell outta that... - RepoRat
me too - jambina
we are such nerds. - jambina
yeah, we are nerds, aren't we. :) - Marie
Leo Laporte
Twitter Acquires Niche: Tech News Today 1195 -
Twitter Acquires Niche: Tech News Today 1195
Catherine Pellegrino
Sending you a password in clear text via email is for amateurs. The Indiana State Library sends you your password on a POSTCARD.
Bless their hearts. - ellbeecee
wooooooooooow. woooooooooooooooooooooooooooow. wow. - RepoRat
holy st. omg. - Christina Pikas
Wow. - bentley
That's rather horrifically amazing. - Kirsten
Joe wins - DJF from Android
The least they could have done was ROT-13 it... - Peter Murray
Christina made me LOL. To be fair, the worst thing that could happen should this password fall into nefarious hands is that someone might get unauthorized access to a suite of public-library oriented databases mostly from Gale and EBSCO. But still, it's the principle of the thing, right? - Catherine Pellegrino
I suppose it would be harder to datamine passwords that are printed on postcards than passwords sent in emails.... but yeah. - laura x
Oh woolpigs....let me ask my sister if she knows about this. She works there. - Hedgehog
"woolpigs" - Aaron the Librarian
if they're holy woolpigs, watch out ;) - RepoRat
Once again, my home state embarrasses me. - Katy S
Yep, same here. Since the State Library is on Twitter, I tweeted this yesterday (, but haven't heard back from them. Their Twitter stream seems to be basically one-way communication, though -- and the governor is cutting $2 million from their budget, so I imagine they're kind of focused on that right now. - Catherine Pellegrino
The proposed cuts are catastrophic. I'm pretty sure everyone's in panic/survival mode right now. - Katy S from iPhone
Y'all, I just got a phone call from a guy at the State Library. Short explanation: this kind of thing only happens when someone very close to a state border (like, say, me) has an IP address that doesn't immediately authenticate as "within the state of Indiana." And of course, the postcard saves them $$ over sending it in an envelope -- needless to say, that $$ is probably much better... more... - Catherine Pellegrino
I don't think you should feel bad. Nobody should send out passwords on a postcard, full stop. I understand resources are tight, but this was poor judgement. - kaijsa
Also, a postcard costs more than an email. - lris
Oh, I forgot to mention why the postal mail: they have to ensure that it's going to an actual postal address in Indiana, because licensing agreements. So, email won't work. Should have mentioned that from the get-go. - Catherine Pellegrino
that's both horrifying and awesome. great example of vendors requiring crap security. may I borrow it for my NASIG talk? - RepoRat
Of course you may borrow it, but I'll point out that the vendor isn't requiring crap security: the vendor is requiring that the State Library confirm that the user has a postal address in Indiana. - Catherine Pellegrino
ah, so the password-in-the-clear doesn't actually need to be part of this scheme? - RepoRat
Based on what the person I spoke with said, no the vendors are in no way requiring the password be sent in the clear. They're (legitimately) requiring that the person using the password be a resident of the state of Indiana. The State Library uses postal mail to confirm Indiana residence, and uses a postcard -- as opposed to a letter-in-an-envelope -- to save money. - Catherine Pellegrino
Got it. So it's the use of the password on the postcard that's completely hornswoggling, and the library's to correct. (Spitballing because app dev is not my thing, but if I ruled the State Library, postcard would say "log into your library account and enter the following PIN:". So an attacker would have to both intercept the postcard AND hack the account to do something evil.) - RepoRat
Yeah, there are definitely other ways they could do this, especially since when you sign up for an account, you get a 'temporary' password immediately, which is then followed up by the 'permanent' password-by-postal mail. But again: appdev costs money. And, also, Indiana is modeling their system after other states, so it's not just us in this particular handbasket. - Catherine Pellegrino
oh, I totally believe that, no question. - RepoRat
Amit Patel
Hmmm, GRLD has a market cap of $92M. It's just an unprofitable grilled cheese food truck, no?
Maybe several food trucks. - Amit Patel
LMAO, I just went to see if you were being serious and found this quote in an article about them, “Our business strategy is to lose money on every sale but make up for it in volume.” - NOT THE CRICKET
I'm investing in MCNC, which is a chain of 153 Mac'n'Cheese trucks located in the Southwest. Currently their business model is to play their horn music so loudly that business owners pay them to park their trucks elsewhere. - Stephen Mack
Crazy world we live in. - Amit Patel
Mine was just a joke. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Yeah, that's what they said about Gillette having FIVE blades. "Just a joke" And look what happened! ;) - Amit Patel
True! And that Onion piece remains the greatest thing they've ever written: - Stephen Mack
Rainbow Smoothie Sampler - Teaspoon of Spice -
Rainbow Smoothie Sampler - Teaspoon of Spice
Rainbow Smoothie Sampler - Teaspoon of Spice
Show all
Rainbow Smoothie - Mahdi
It is great to have a fruity dinner. Tonight my dinner was a persimmon and an orange :-) - Mahdi
OMG - وارَش
قلبت درد گفت وارش؟ :دی - Mahdi
اصلا قابل وصف نیست :دی - وارَش
پس به صورت شعر بگو که دلنشین تر هم باشه :) - Mahdi
شاعر نیستم ولی شعر دوست دارم :دی - وارَش
وااای چه رنگولی - NαrgeS
آی ام هانگری ،گاد بلس می - امیدم from Android
Keep calm and eat a smoothie :)) - Mahdi
I bought myself flowers on the way home because I made it through the whole work day.
I've done that occasionally. - ellbeecee
Stephen Mack
#saturdayff (inspired by Holly's post about BattleBots returning) In 2001, some co-workers at TiVo built a robot for competition in BattleBots season 3 -- "Fast Forward." TiVo was a sponsor for the season, so a lot of us got free tickets to see the show. I spent a weekend on Treasure Island watching the robot fights. Glimpses of me appeared on TV. -
#saturdayff (inspired by Holly's post about BattleBots returning) In 2001, some co-workers at TiVo built a robot for competition in BattleBots season 3 -- "Fast Forward." TiVo was a sponsor for the season, so a lot of us got free tickets to see the show. I spent a weekend on Treasure Island watching the robot fights. Glimpses of me appeared on TV.
They don't show the prelims, but there were several rounds without audience and cameras (and with the arena hazards disabled). Fast Forward qualified in the prelims, then beat its early round competitor ("The Annihilator") to advance to a quarterfinal match that they told us would be on the air. But we lost in quarterfinals to a bot named "Twin Paradox" (which then lost in the semifinals). As it turned out, that quarterfinal match with TiVo's bot was never aired. - Stephen Mack
I can remember the face of the engineer who did most of the work, but not his name. He put a ton of hours into it, and had several of our hardware team members help him out. He had other sponsors as well. - Stephen Mack
Watching the matches live on Treasure Island was fun. I remember a few things about it now (crazy that it's nearly 14 years later): - Stephen Mack
1. I wanted to get Carmen Electra's autograph, but they must have taped her interviews very early or very late, because I never saw her around. - Stephen Mack
2. They had a massive hangar next door to the arena where you could see the builders work on their bots, and drive them around in roped off areas. They didn't let anyone who wasn't a builder enter, though, because of the bots being weaponized. - Stephen Mack
3. The announcers aren't there at all. Their commentary is added after the fact, not live. - Stephen Mack
4. All the bits where you see the audience rooting for a particular robot, or holding banners -- those are all staged. Production assistants would walk around during the downtime and ask for volunteers to wave banners that were pre-made, or cheer for certain bots. - Stephen Mack
5. The downtime between fights was really long -- usually 2 hours. - Stephen Mack
6. The fights themselves, though, were the real deal. None of the ones that I watched were staged in any way, or redone, or seemed to be decided in advance. - Stephen Mack
7. The builders were very chill, signing autographs and answering questions during the downtime. (2001 was before I had kids, but I invited along some kids of my friends who were interested. They loved it.) - Stephen Mack
Before one match, they had the 49ers cheerleaders show up and do a routine and give away t-shirts. - Stephen Mack
I think we ended up going back on two different weekends (or maybe later we had tickets to season 4 in November, which was also taped on Treasure Island). I'd catch glimpses of myself and the friends I took with me in the background of the matches sometimes. I swear this is me standing up and turning with my back to the camera in the lower left of the screen at 1:04 in (but you never see my face in this clip). - Stephen Mack
Sean McBride
DARPA robot can learn tasks from Youtube video and a neural net can understand video 20 times faster than a human
DARPA robot can learn tasks from Youtube video and a neural net can understand video 20 times faster than a human
Victor Ganata
Act Two. Freedom Fries. - This American Life - so basically being annoyed with vocal fry is associated with misogyny and age discrimination against young people?
"A man wrote 'Listen, I know there's pressure to hire females, in particular young females just out of college. And besides, they're likely to work for less money. But do you have to choose the most irritating voices in the English-speaking world? I mean, are you forced to? Or maybe, as I imagine, NPR runs national contests looking for them.'" - Victor Ganata
"There's now robust evidence that men do this too. And like a lot of the other coverage, The Today Show story pathologizes vocal fry. It says that it's some kind of problem instead of just the way that some people talk." - Victor Ganata
"The Today Show story and other stories treat vocal fry as if it's a new phenomenon, on the rise, a fad, an epidemic. But as a linguist at the University of Pennsylvania, Mark Lieberman, has pointed out, there is still no evidence of that, pro or con-- no evidence that it is more common now than it's always been." - Victor Ganata
"What's striking in the dozens of emails about vocal fry that we've gotten here at our radio show is how vehement people are. These are some of the angriest emails we ever get." - Victor Ganata
"They call these women's voices unbearable, excruciating, annoyingly adolescent, beyond annoying, difficult to pay attention, so severe as to cause discomfort, can't stand the pain, distractingly disgusting, could not get over how annoyed I was, I am so appalled, detracts from the credibility of the journalist, degrades the value of the reportage, it's a choice, very unprofessional." - Victor Ganata
Is it really surprising, though? They're some of the easiest, safest targets for disdain. - Jennifer Dittrich
I guess I shouldn't be surprised. But I find the story of how the phenomenon of vocal fry got processed by the media as this terrible new affliction fascinating. And I'm always amused by how linguistic prescriptivism tends to go hand-in-hand with other regressive ideas. - Victor Ganata
I don't have disdain for people who talk like that. I talk with several people who have the affect. I enjoy our conversations, I just find their voices extremely grating. - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
I'm listening to the audio because I keep forgetting what "vocal fry" is. - MoTO Boychick Devil
To my ear Ira Glass has a touch of vocal fry. - Corinne L
*shrug*... *files under America's criticism of "black sounding names"* - MoTO Boychick Devil
I mean, sure, there are people with annoying voices, but it's fascinating that people will use that as a marker of education and professionalism (or the lack thereof). - Victor Ganata
"Listeners have always complained about young women reporting on our show. They used to complain about reporters using the word like and about upspeak, which is when you put a question mark at the end of a sentence and talk like this. But we don't get many emails like that anymore. People who don't like listening to young women on the radio have moved on to vocal fry." - Victor Ganata
see my previous comment. - MoTO Boychick Devil
I found the Lindy West piece quite gripping. She rocks. - MoTO Boychick Devil
Ira Glass: "Yeah. Have you noticed that I do it too?" - Victor Ganata
Ha! I listened to the audio but wasn't paying close attention to what he was saying in that portion. His vocal fry doesn't seem to be at the ends of sentences, though, more like certain words trigger it. - Corinne L
I couldn't even hear it in that piece. Found this video and now I can hear it - Laura Norvig
Stephen Mack
If FF were a university, would this be an academic question? #questionmark
Can a question be both academic *and* rhetorical? - Victor Ganata
The trajectory with which FF is developing mostly suggests eschatological questions. - ⓒⓔⓐ
Do you have a citation for this? - Joe
*skips class* - SAM
Is this going to be in the final? - bentley
Who's Mark? - Andrew C (✔)
FF isn't much of a university. Shouldn't at least a few have graduated by now? - Stephan from iPhone
We are on the 8 year plan. Changing majors 5 times wasn't the best idea. - Joe
I would be in academic probation. - imabonehead
Robot House! - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
t-ra supports #LOLSpidra
date from Saturday texted to say again that he had a great time and would like to get together again soon with a schedule of his availability this week. well done, sir. well done.
we've made plans to go to a local artist market on Saturday. I told him that's what I had planned to do this Saturday, and he said "I'd be excited to join you. I love craft fairs!" loves craft fairs with an exclamation. *chair dances* - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra
Tell him Crazy Unca Junior is watching him. - MoTO Boychick Devil from Android
haha. will do, B. thanks for that. - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra
laura x
I'm thinking of starting a podcast. Talk me into/out of this?
Word. If I did it, it would be interviews with my friends about their obsessions. - laura x
What will be the subject of the podcast? - Jenny H. from Android
I would love a 15-30 minute podcast of yours ... whatever it was. - Marianne
where do I subscribe? - MoTO Boychick Devil
Plan, plan and plan. Pick a time and make that your regular podcast recording time. Leave enough room either side of it for set up, technical difficulties and running late. Make notes. - Johnny
Now I can't remember why I thought this would be a good idea.... - laura x
Do eet. If nothing else, it's fun for the first few episodes. Then it becomes work. - Eric - Let Me Know
that sounds interesting. i love obsessions. - kendrak
I remember you having a lovely voice. Go for it. - RepoRat
i'd subscribe to your podcast, laura x. i'm sure it'd be good. - Brent Schaus
This is not at all to discourage you, but "interviews with friends about their obsessions" is also the subject of the Don't Get Me Started podcast: - Andrew C (✔)
When you do this, have at least 10 episodes planned and maybe also recorded before you release the first. - Holly's favorite Anna from Android
What ever you do keep to a semi-regular release schedule. And just be yourself. Choose live or taped then released content. Use multiple places to distribute your work. - ♫Maurice the Trainer♫ from FFHound!
Andrew, but that's some famous guy's friends. This would be my friends. If I do this, of course, I will not follow any of the excellent advice given here, since I like to do everything the wrong way. I may actually be joining a friend's podcast instead, though, so we'll see. - laura x
That's So CAJ!
<grumble> To eek a little more life of an older TV, I'm trying track down an inexpensive way to convert HDMI to DVI plus RCA (L/R). I might be able to go HDMI to Component +Audio assuming I can find the cables for the device plugged in there. It might just be my bad searching but my usual go-to Monoprice didn't seem to have what I was looking for.
Anyone have any site suggestions/links/etc? Thanks! - That's So CAJ!
I'm not sure you can do a straight conversion. What are you trying to plug into the television? Does it have a separate audio-out, or is HDMI your only option? Generally, you have to do HDMI to DVI (which can be done with a cable for <$10), but you have to do the audio as a separate feed, as far as I know. - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
Yeah, the source is HDMI out only. I'm looking to hook a Roku to an older TV that I'll use to watch Classic Doctor Who while my wife is gaming on another TV. - That's So CAJ!
Thought I had a solution and realized that it had HDMI as the output. <sigh> - That's So CAJ!
you people are weird - MoTO Boychick Devil
Your comment exemplifies your title. ;-) - That's So CAJ!
Looks like it'll strip the HDCP copy protection. Should work. - Rodfather
Ended up going with a HDMI to DVI option via an adapter that pulls out the audio to RCA and then an HDMI to DVI cable. Now to wait and see if it all works. :) - That's So CAJ!
To follow up, it works like a champ. There was only a small issue when I was hooking it up. I couldn't figure out why there wasn't any audio. I tried different adapters and cables. Reset all the equipment. And then I finally realized I had connected it wrong. The RCA input was on the left of the DVI port...not the right. Oopsie! (And to think I had a perfectly clear picture available to me!) - That's So CAJ!
Steve Gillmor
Gillmor Gang Live Friday 01.30.15 LIVE recording at 1pm PT/4pm ET
Here - Keith Teare
We're waiting for the famous call. - Robert Scoble
keith can you0 call in on Newsgangone - Tina Chase Gillmor
keith trying to contact you via skype - Tina Chase Gillmor
excellent. Horses in the gate. - Tina Chase Gillmor
Hi - Ian Waring from iPhone
weird ringing noise from someone - Kevin Marks
No - tasks are getting smaller bits - Ian Waring from iPhone
Don't need a larger screen - Ian Waring from iPhone
hello folks!!! - Tina Chase Gillmor
London checking in - Scott Jones
Scoble can't wait to try Outlook for iOS - Tom Guarriello
hello London! - Tina Chase Gillmor
50 miles west of London checked in! - Ian Waring from iPhone
Any truth to this rumor of security issues with Outlook for iOS and Android? - Alex de Soto
Thanks Tina x Have to say...and cant believe I am saying this...Windows 10 is actually pretty bloomin good - Scott Jones
Labels still seem to be the big email stumbling block - Tom Guarriello
Google has been lazy for years. No focus. Look at Google Search - Moe Glitz from iPhone
Exchange calendar also links up with Microsoft Lync and shows your status on Lync if you're in a meeting. - Alex de Soto
studio cat is raising a fuss - Tina Chase Gillmor
IT'S OUTLOOK!!! HOW INNOVATIVE CAN IT BE?? (Sorry!) - Tom Guarriello
Moving forward since Ballmer left - Moe Glitz from iPhone
Dos was a buy in - Ian Waring from iPhone
Was genuinely going to ditch microsoft, completely. Have set up windows 10 and suddenly I'm like...erm...ok..they have one last chance. Will say email wise that inbox by google is pretty decent. - Scott Jones
Riveting, guys! - Tom Guarriello
The Mac Outlook client is still a dog. Does the iOS App support non-Exchange POP/IMAP? - J.C. Bouvier
iterative progress - Tina Chase Gillmor
I give Microsoft a last chance every two years! - John Taschek
hahahha - Scott Jones
email "bucket of crap" - Tina Chase Gillmor
I have to use Exchange and the iOS app works very well and very fast. Notifications are good because the app uses something called "Focused" which somehow figures out what's important, mostly based on your contacts. - Alex de Soto
The Outlook IOS and Android Preview work with pop, exchange, gmail - John Taschek
wait, did Robert just compare himself to Bill Gates? - Tina Chase Gillmor
Yes, Tina, we did hear that... - Tom Guarriello
Handle? - Tina Chase Gillmor
Consumers ditching email only Enterprise still using it - Moe Glitz from iPhone
Tx John. - J.C. Bouvier
thanks Tom - Tina Chase Gillmor
I don't think the UI is better than Google's own -- it's a few functions that make the difference (which are part of user experience). But it's just fascinating -- it's like email is getting new life - John Taschek
He's heating up, People - Tina Chase Gillmor
*Ding* - J.C. Bouvier
iOS Outlook has "Focused," emails from your contacts, and "Other" which is everything else. "Quick Filter" shows: Unread, Flagged and Files (with attachments). - Alex de Soto
did my tech crunch link go out. Usually more folks in this chat - Tina Chase Gillmor
Aren't Surfaces making a splash? Their NFL partnership seems to be going very well - Tom Guarriello
Previous versions of their own products has traditionally been their biggest competitors - Ian Waring from iPhone
+100 Keith, Nadela said as much in his keynote comments; platform agnostic, experience centric...if he's serious, they've certainly got the runway... - J.C. Bouvier
Tom: only relative to past failure. Still too small a business, and if software is the futur, hardware is a distraction - Keith Teare
Think Microsoft may have to acquire to find new business revenues - Moe Glitz from iPhone
No doubt, Keith. Just looks like a bit of hardware success - Tom Guarriello
Nothing like open sores coders - Frank Paynter
How about Amazon throwing Wall St a profit bone and getting a huge bump today? - Tom Guarriello
Hey, Windows Phone will support FLAC in Windows 10...don't know that it's a game changer...but there's an influential audience looking for the feature...they're doing things that guys like us are paying attention to...does it translate to cohesive ecosystem is the qeustion. - J.C. Bouvier
J.C. there aren't enough people who care about FLAC to matter. NOT A SINGLE ENTREPRENEUR at Techstars in San Antonio was carrying a Windows Phone. It's totally dead and not coming back. - Robert Scoble
39% gross margins...crazy talk. - J.C. Bouvier
Not everyone has to do 18 billion a quarter like Apple ... 5 or 10 with a software business are nice, too. - Johannes Siemers
Nice. John is very chatty today. I like that. fiesty - Tina Chase Gillmor
FLAC is nothing special. apple lossless is equivalent; uncompressed is only twice as big - Kevin Marks
Can Apple ramp to 100m iPhones a quarter...Q4 next year? - J.C. Bouvier
Apple has an integrated hyperfocus throughout design to sales and support. Everyone else is marginalized. - Arnie Klaus
Apple need the Watch to succeed, cause right now it's all about the iPhone - Moe Glitz from iPhone
Apple has figured out how to ace the phone upgrade cycle. - Alex de Soto
The iPod is dying and the iPad sales are stalling - Moe Glitz from iPhone
Yah, getting Chinese consumers to pay luxury prices against native vendors at 8 units to 1 is a real thing... - J.C. Bouvier
The China market was huge for Apple -- and it came at a time when the flagship Android vendors didn't come up with enough design (i.e., Samsung) - John Taschek
If there is a full Apple TV in stealth mode, now is the time to push it forward - Moe Glitz from iPhone
Xaomi is doing OK - Kevin Marks
1.4 Billion Android Smartphones shipped? - John Taschek
Scoble switched back - Tina Chase Gillmor
@Kevin, I'm w/you, I'm not a real FLAC guy, just saying... - J.C. Bouvier
And China market is not proving as price sensitive as was commonly assumed. As China's economic growth continues, Apple's 40 new stores there will be hugely productive. - Tom Guarriello
An iPhone 6+ is about 1/2 the size of an iPad Mini. - Ian Waring from iPhone
utterly disagree with Scoble. Apple is US ONLY. - Scott Jones
Speaking as a data point... I'm swapping back, my android for an iPhone ASAP. - Frank Paynter
Nice John, Sierra Nevada? ;) - J.C. Bouvier
Scott absolutely not true. Same numbers exist EVERYWHERE I meet with entrepreneurs. - Robert Scoble
I find tasks are taking less and less screen real estate - Ian Waring from iPhone
According to App Annie, there are more Android app downloads though -- Google Play generated nearly 60 percent more worldwide app downloads in 2014. - Nir Ben Yona
Samsung is the new Blackberry. - J.C. Bouvier
NBC live steaming Super Bowl to all without signing in with cable provider info. - christina sponselli
Apple also succeeded in creating products that generate recurring revenues. First with the iPod (music) and now with the phone (apps) and iPad (apps and media). - Alex de Soto
Samsung still have a chance as their new Galaxy looks a carbon copy of the iPhone - Moe Glitz from iPhone
Agreed... Samsung kinda blew it. The phone is well designed, but the data flows are out of control. Google eats up all of my data every month. - Frank Paynter
Its also about how much powerful and intelligence the skunkworks that a comapny has. - Arnie Klaus
Howdy geek friends - Laura Norvig
plane - Kevin Marks
Just got the Meizu MX4 Pro -- The most powerful smartphone on earth right now. - Nir Ben Yona
I really need to order more Gillmor Gang mugs. - Tina Chase Gillmor
gmail, G+ photos and like that - Frank Paynter
ageed keith - Arnie Klaus
anyone interested in GG coffee mugs? - Tina Chase Gillmor
or something else? - Tina Chase Gillmor
I'd order one, Tina - Tom Guarriello
@tina sure! I love coffee and I love GG - Laura Norvig
set your photo upload to wifi only frank - Kevin Marks
I've heard data consumption issues with iPhones too. The more apps you have.... - Alex de Soto
good enough for me. Ill plan for some nice ones - Tina Chase Gillmor
look at your data profile, frank, which apps are using it - Kevin Marks
Thanks kevin, sounds like a good idea - Frank Paynter
Facebook Videos loading non stop - Moe Glitz from iPhone
Unlimited here for less than $20 per month inc HSPA+ and LTE - and 10GB/month when in many places abroad - Ian Waring from iPhone
Need that app on all platforms that will help reduce consumption - Arnie Klaus
Inc the USA - Ian Waring from iPhone
what about Amazon getting into enterprise email? - Tina Chase Gillmor
Software is eating my Data - Moe Glitz from iPhone
i could be wrong, but I feel that Google Maps uses more data on my iPhone than other navigation apps like Navigon or even Apple Maps. - Alex de Soto
normals don't know how to change all these settings, come on - Laura Norvig
Cats are well designed accessories. - Arnie Klaus
yeah, that's when we got married, early 90s. oh course Steve doesn't remember - Tina Chase Gillmor
Kevin Bloefield - Moe Glitz from iPhone
Bricked my iPad mini too - Ian Waring from iPhone
The chat is limited to 20 people. - Nir Ben Yona
You DM and then can add additional folks, Kevin. - christina sponselli
FB messenger - Tina Chase Gillmor
it wouldn't be like the FF experience if it doesn't archive and display well - Laura Norvig
Google Maps - has layers that can be turned on or off. I think Waze also used more data. It's doing more? - John Taschek
Twitter lacks internal vision. Users made that company - Moe Glitz from iPhone
Why did so many folks come to Dick Costelo's defense this week? Was he under fire? - J.C. Bouvier
93 people on Friendfeed - Tom Guarriello
I'm lurking. - Robert Scoble
I'm lurking! - Roger Shepherd
Use slack at work. Very good. - Ian Waring from iPhone
At least half is what they're saying... - J.C. Bouvier
Hello, I was lurking! - Tony Stanislawski
Now 95 - Tom Guarriello
I'm lurking. - Alex de Soto
CHEESE - Scott Jones
Lurking :) - Simon Benvenutto
I'm lurking - Robin Jewsbury
i'm lurking ;) - Jan Winter
I'm lurking! - Nir Ben Yona
lurking - Sam Harrelson
Making Coffee - Darius Dunlap
Very interesting lurkers - Tina Chase Gillmor
Okay... now, who is twerking? - Frank Paynter
Join in peeps - Tina Chase Gillmor
You hit 20 already. - Alex de Soto
#lurking - me too - John Taschek
we'dlove to have some of you visit in the chat for G3. Lonley there so far, right Darius? - Tina Chase Gillmor
The Lurking Gang - Moe Glitz from iPhone
Isn't the core issue with DM on Twitter Just how many people mistake a 'private' channel with the 'public' version? It's been the undoing of plenty... - Monty Hamilton
that was more an sms problem monty - Kevin Marks
Excellent set up, Keith! - Tom Guarriello
less likely with the web or the app clients - Kevin Marks
Set up an IRC channel if you want to replace FriendFeed - Jeff
Ding! The secret "woid": notifications. Tina: You should have a duck come down when that word is first mentioned. - Alex de Soto
@Kevin - The proximity of two messaging channels in the UI is just confusing - nobody uses Twitter via SMS/Text here in Australia - it's always been in the app... FB is fundamentally different UI - Monty Hamilton
drinking game. used to be "track" now it's "notifications" - Laura Norvig
a notification sound effect - Kevin Marks
you need an app to have a notiication - Robin Jewsbury
we don't have radar detectors anymore - Tina Chase Gillmor
FB split the app deliberately - Kevin Marks
in my view to make notifications clearer - Kevin Marks
need cop finders - Tina Chase Gillmor
have to return to the stand-alone radar detector - Frank Paynter
Notification enable efficient response only. - Jeff
i still flash my lights! - Tony Stanislawski
why would they take that out. it's good for people to slow down. and it's not as if cop cars are incognito ... - Laura Norvig
me tooTony - Tina Chase Gillmor
Response + Intelligence is the future of notifications; otherwise it is nothing but a pager on steroids - John Taschek
Yah, what's the API from FriendFeed into SFDC? - J.C. Bouvier
Notification aware Siri... - J.C. Bouvier
I'm bummed I missed G3 this week. Had a con. call while you were recording, Tina. - Darius Dunlap
Of course the guys aren't going to talk about the Newsweek article/cover - Tina Chase Gillmor
Notifications don't support me when I want to post - Jeff
Jack Dorsey: Twitter is the closest thing we have to a global consciousness. And I believe the world needs that right now. - clive boulton
you guys should really make notes ;-) - Tina Chase Gillmor
Twitter needs to find a revenue model - Moe Glitz from iPhone
2 percent are creators; 98 percent are librarians - Jeff. Notifications is for the librarians - John Taschek
Google needs Twitter for conscious real-time search. - clive boulton
shesgeeky is on today isn't it - Kevin Marks
Fair comment John. maybe I'm part of the 2% - Jeff
what about just listen - Tina Chase Gillmor
or let women speech in meetings? - Tina Chase Gillmor
or invite them onto boards? - Tina Chase Gillmor
Tacky cover. But that's what the Media think of women - Moe Glitz from iPhone
or..... - Tina Chase Gillmor
Me I thought the cover fit the article - Tina Chase Gillmor
or have them on Gillmor Gang - Robin Jewsbury
but many people totally disagree with me - Tina Chase Gillmor
Amelia's post was excellent, obvious the real MVC founder. - clive boulton
There is pattern matching that is meaningful and pattern matching that is bullshit. The former is much more rare than the latter. - Darius Dunlap
link Clive? - Tina Chase Gillmor
men have children too - Kevin Marks
But when it's your own pattern matching, it's very difficult to recognize one from the other - Darius Dunlap
I just posted it tina - Kevin Marks
you'e both right - Tina Chase Gillmor
Has anybody else watched the brilliant woman in a meeting get her idea stolen, co-opted, and adopted by the alpha male who is happy to take credit for the stolen idea? - Frank Paynter
Yep, Tine. But personal confidence is not the whole story. - Darius Dunlap
few women learn to "brag", "strut their stuff", etc - Tina Chase Gillmor
it's not about favors - Tina Chase Gillmor
heard Maxine Williams - Facebook diversity person - on a podcast just the other day - can't remember which podcast - a lot about need to be way more deliberate in recruiting and hiring for diversity - Laura Norvig
yes laura, that's what I was saying - Kevin Marks
good question steve - Tina Chase Gillmor
Frank: Skill always been getting the alpha male (or female) to adopt and take credit for your idea. - clive boulton
a "male" view - Tina Chase Gillmor
absolutely - Jeff
I've said before, if you are having trouble deciding between a "guy like me" and another person, woman, black man, whatever... Pick the latter, because they had to be better to get where they are. - Darius Dunlap
Friendfeed and the live broadcast are so out of sync for me. There's a delay with the video on Ustream or with Friendfeed. A seven second broadcast delay? Maybe that's a good thing. - Alex de Soto
the supply of smart white young male engineers is so abundant ... - Laura Norvig
always, always, always have a diverse work force. It's just good business. - Jeff
can't see it scoble - Kevin Marks
Men who think that way are less than men. And only Men can change that. - Darius Dunlap
How many women are on the boards of any major company, never mind Tech - Moe Glitz from iPhone
"Us" are humans - Tina Chase Gillmor
Clive: sometimes getting the idea out there is more important than the credit, but getting credit for the idea increases a person's capital... women get ripped off over and over in my experience - Frank Paynter
Good point Tina. - Simon Benvenutto
VC look for "strong" founders. But what does a "strong" founder look like? - Tina Chase Gillmor
This is an excellent study from Harvard. Not tech-related, but very apropos: - Alex de Soto
like them when they were younger, in general - Kevin Marks
because someone believed in her - Tina Chase Gillmor
Frank: good point. - clive boulton
Yep, Tina. They may be better served by looking for thoughtful and intelligent founders. - Darius Dunlap
There's zero excuse for the Valley to white/asian male dominated - Jeff
YMCA Combinator - Kevin Marks
Ha! Excellent, Kevin - Darius Dunlap
It wasn't for women's benefit. It was for the war effort - Tina Chase Gillmor
More child care. Better eduction. More paid leave - Tina Chase Gillmor
The problem is boys..... ..... they kill women's confidence. - Roger Shepherd
Yep, Roger. - Darius Dunlap
Most companies hire the token 'Asian, Latin, African, Woman' to feel as if they are part of the modern world. - Moe Glitz from iPhone
Brad Fitzpatrick - Kevin Marks
Although, I'll point out that women to it to one another, too. - Darius Dunlap
Im happy to hear the guys tackle theses issue. Sometime on G3 it feels like we're saying the same thing over and over but often preaching to the choir - Tina Chase Gillmor
women were and are bloggers - Blogher showed that - Kevin Marks
not a deeper problem - Tina Chase Gillmor
similar problem - Kevin Marks
yes Kevin - Tina Chase Gillmor
same problem ... intersectionality - Frank Paynter
Yep. Too few. I know several, but embarrassed to say it's ONLY several. - Darius Dunlap
Very interesting article on Palo Alto: - Alex de Soto
that was good, Alex - Kevin Marks
"...and if they don't do that, what's the point?" — indeed! - Darius Dunlap
twitter 2006 - Frank Paynter
Thank you, Darius - John Taschek
name the show, folks!! - Tina Chase Gillmor
Guys and Gals - Keith Teare
Boys, not Men. - Darius Dunlap
more... - Tina Chase Gillmor
this article was telling - Kevin Marks
Tools for tools - Frank Paynter
notifiations is power? - Tina Chase Gillmor
to deliver their own boise? - Tina Chase Gillmor
Tina -- How about "Turn your Mic on, Tina" - John Taschek
Taschek++ - Darius Dunlap
I have no mic, John. ;-) - Tina Chase Gillmor
"media is complicit w/tech sexism by reducing all work by women to being 'about sexism' instead of all the things we do & make." - Kevin Marks
About Standpoint Theory which relates to the article Kevin just shared above (before Kate's tweet... - Frank Paynter
I went into dinner prep mode, which is listen only, but wanted to give a big +10 to this gender conversation - Tom Guarriello
Can a woman bring a baby to a VC meeting without being labeled and judged by it? no way - Tina Chase Gillmor
XML - shudder - Kevin Marks
Kevin Marks++ - Darius Dunlap
nice Tom. I agree - Tina Chase Gillmor
need more men talking about it - Tina Chase Gillmor
Gotta run guys - it's 9:20am here in Melb, thanks for a fun Sat morning (Fri afternoon). Catch you all soon, Mont - Monty Hamilton
bye Monty - Tina Chase Gillmor
I recall Adam said he would choose Json over XML if he did it all over again - Michael Roberts
more show titles? - Tina Chase Gillmor
Notifications use json - Robin Jewsbury
XML was an attempted formalization of HTML - Kevin Marks
it failed, HTML keeps going - Kevin Marks
Mmm, surely that was XHTML? - Simon Benvenutto
JSON? - clive boulton
HTML predated XML - Kevin Marks
it was based on SGML - Kevin Marks
++Simon - Frank Paynter
We used XML in 1998, worked with Tim Bray - for us it was the opportunity to connect data without having to centralize - beginnings of the open data movement - Michael Roberts
How about the death of TUAW? - Frank Paynter
Have a good weekend! Seattle or New England? - Alex de Soto
no sportsball predictions? - Laura Norvig
jinx Alex! - Laura Norvig
He's a real Notification Man - Moe Glitz from iPhone
Notifications central because they are micro interface messages (not verbose XML) - clive boulton
Apps are very much me going into the toolbox to find the tool for the job at a given point in time. Notifications have the opportunity to bring that tool to me, when its relevant, depending on whats happening in the world around me. Its contextual. - Simon Benvenutto
How many can they make in the first six months? And how many have they got in inventory? - Frank Paynter
twitter are fairly bulky - Kevin Marks
We need a GG Apple Watch sales pool! - Tom Guarriello
+1 kevin. - clive boulton
1.2 million Apple Watches the first weekend. - Alex de Soto
the amazing thing about the watch is the number of $1000 versions sold - Robin Jewsbury
XML was a big innovation at the time - what's seems to win out is simple - rss was simple - twitter is powerful but simple to use - notifications to me connect things together and are simple - so yes I think they will do well and there is still lots of innovation to be had - Michael Roberts
2 million for weekend. 18 million of the first quarter. - Darius Dunlap
i have to drop at 2:35 - Keith Teare
With a high ASP - $500+ - Darius Dunlap
Scoble: 20, Keith:15, Taschek:?, Kevin :20 - Tina Chase Gillmor
AI may wrap around notifications to build interfaces for enterprise (peel the onion) - clive boulton
I had said 50 million in a previous Gillmor Gang -- but there was no timeframe - John Taschek
cat does NOT understand that she can't get out of the studio til the show is over - Tina Chase Gillmor
I think it's going to be 12. 15 doesn't sound right. Apple believes in even numbers - John Taschek
xml vs json is like sql vs nosql - Daniel W. Crompton
the difference between markup and interop :) - Simon Benvenutto
old vs new - Robin Jewsbury
original purpose of XML was to separate data from formatting and repurpose the data in cool ways. A librarian's dream but just wasn't used right, IMO - Laura Norvig
why are we starting a fight at the END of the show. Save it for the beginning of the NEXt show - Tina Chase Gillmor
SOAP killed everything - Robin Jewsbury
+1 Laura - Michael Roberts
ha ha, you should edit into next weeks intro Tina. - Simon Benvenutto
Let's have a fight about something interesting - not XML v. HTML - Roger Shepherd
without xml there would be no rss - Frank Paynter
Apple Watch: 25 million the first month; 40 million the first quarter. - Alex de Soto
I'm happy to do this next time and explain the indieweb approach - Kevin Marks
twitter didn't need RSS - Kevin Marks
Tina++ - Darius Dunlap
For the Hoodie - Darius Dunlap
html worked because it was simple - it started really simple then got more complex over time - xml - tried to separate the presentation from the content - Michael Roberts
Thanks everybody! - Daniel W. Crompton
It takes two to have a fight..... - Roger Shepherd
Someone's wrong on the Gillmor Gang - Darius Dunlap
<p>Thanks for the show Gang!</p> - Simon Benvenutto
You guys are having an inside out vs outside in perspective argument - Jeff
Great show - Roger Shepherd
Yes, Great Show - Darius Dunlap
Kevin is still fighting. ;-) - Darius Dunlap
Have great weekends! - John Taschek
And you as well enjoyable show - Jeff
Great show. Have a great weekend. - Jaoued Ahmed
why not json- thanks Kevin - clive boulton
and - - What has been your biggest failure? Funnily enough, I’m going to say XML. Yes, it is a standard, but the vision of a simple easy text format for sharing data between applications across the web which is what I had in mind was corrupted by a disastrously over-complex schema language and... more... - Michael Roberts
great show, thanks everyone! was the most extreme sort of (live) lurker today, burning up my data plan watching on a train on my "tiny" 5S so couldn't be here in #FF as didn't have the foresight to bring another of my iDevices - Jerome Hughes from iPhone
Great reference, Michael! XML can be used in non-web applications. It's not dead, just pining ... - Laura Norvig
(get it? remember Pine email ... oh, never mind) - Laura Norvig
I wrote one of my final papers for my MLIS about XML in the year 2000. I never really learned it all that well, just wrote about the conceptual promise and possible applications! - Laura Norvig
@Jerome -- yes GG requires 2 devices. Maybe Steve's new GG app can combine view and interaction (attention collections that span mobile to desktop so needed) - clive boulton
Laura: Yes Pine email - the good ol days when email was simple, and mostly spam free. Indeed XML is not dead - I helped to create a standard that uses it and its very much still in use. - Michael Roberts
Here is the feed for the audio version we talked about - Manuel Diaz
Stephen Mack
Kids always get passes / When they wear new glasses
(Passing grades in class because now he can read the board, that is. Apologies to Dorothy Parker.) - Stephen Mack from iPhone
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