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Jason Toney
RT @darrenrovell: This Mo'ne Davis signed baseball sold for $510 on eBay
RT @darrenrovell: This Mo'ne Davis signed baseball sold for $510 on eBay
dang, why would you sell it so early? #neededthemoneyIguess - MoTO: Tufted Coqeutte
Because you are betting that she'll never be hotter than she is right now. - Steele Lawman
RT @geekandahalf: Today's my one year anniversary as a librarian at @AULibrary. Whew, that went quickly (And a pretty awesome job)!
I miss Derrick here. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
me too - Steele Lawman
holly #ravingfangirl
oh google voice, never change.
oh google voice, never change.
The I don't know! - Joe
Set this to music and it would be a megahit. - Corinne L
Kevin Fox
Email could never be invented today. All new successful comm platforms are about proprietary products that own the customer relationship.
To be fair email was an answer to a problem posed by the poor disconnected networks of the day. We have different systems today because the technology allows it. The rest is just greed. - Todd Hoff
But as long as you own the email addresses used by your customers, along with their entire address book, you own the relationships. - April Russo
(Curtis) Alan Jackson
Doctor Who's Jenna-Louise Coleman quits role as Time Lord's assistant and will leave at Christmas - Mirror Online -
Doctor Who's Jenna-Louise Coleman quits role as Time Lord's assistant and will leave at Christmas - Mirror Online
"Doctor Who’s companion Jenna-Louise Coleman is set to leave the hit BBC show. The actress, 28, is believed to be quitting her role as the Time Lord’s assistant in a sensational Christmas storyline. Her exit could bring an end to her 18 months as Clara Oswald, creating a vacancy for another sidekick to star alongside new Doctor Who, Peter Capaldi." - (Curtis) Alan Jackson from Bookmarklet
Whaaaa??? - Julian
While it's probable, The Mirror isn't the most trustworthy source (or so I've heard). I can see how it'd make sense story-wise, though. - (Curtis) Alan Jackson
Gosh, am not sure any of our papers are wholly trustworthy, and The Mirror is certainly towards the more sensationalist end of the spectrum. But having said that I ain't surprised. Not loving the idea of older Doc and young girl. But that could just be me... - Heleninstitches from Android
Helen, I had to smile about your comment since The Doctors have had centuries on their companions. ;-) The previews and hints about Series 8 lean toward the show becoming a bit more serious and even dark. While I'm completely fine with that, I'm ready for a new companion. - (Curtis) Alan Jackson
I'm ready also for better writing - maʀtha
Personally I don't think the series is going to survive beyond Capaldi. My guess is he will be the last regeneration for awhile. - Soup in a TARDIS
Finally got my brakes did the other day. Part was $11, brake fluid $7. Asked neighbor what he needed for his work. He said $15. I gave him a crazy look. He said, "too much?" and I laughed. Gave him a twenty.
I am sometimes a very fortunate person. - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
sounds like an awesome neighbour. - Big Joe Silence
He is one of the good guys. - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
Louis Gray
Achievement Unlocked: Throwing Out the 1st Pitch at an A's Game:
P.S... I really miss the FF bookmarklet working. :( - Louis Gray
which browser? still works like a champ for me in Firefox. - Big Joe Silence
i miss the bookmarklet but dang that's rad! - kendrak
Grats, Louis! - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Steve C
Put me in coach, I'm ready to play, today; look at me, I can be, centerfield.
Oh my heavens, how adorable!! - Janet
<3 Handsome little man! - Tamara J. B.
*dies of the cute* - Jenny H. from Android
d'awwww! A Southpaw? - vicster: full-bodied
awww - Shevonne
He'll make a wonderful Red Sox someday. ;) - Soup in a TARDIS
And Soup is off the Christmas card list - Steve C
Very very handsome little boy ya got there. - Spidra Webster
That's almost too much cute to handle, right there <3 - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
You already are kid. - Stanley Mathis
Dave Winer
I also felt Doug Kaye and Steve Gillmor deserved credit for pioneering the content side of podcasting. They were doing it before I was.
Dave Winer
Re 10 years of podcasting. When you're trying to bootstrap something, no help. After it's gained traction, all kinds of people did it.
LB's 10:19pm Name Change
Please tell me they are starting a boy band??? - Steve C
Yes, they'll cover Mozart pieces. - LB's 10:19pm Name Change from Android
What's their band name? - Melly
!!! - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
Nope, that's already a band!!! - Meg VMeg
Sacramento. Who knew? - Micah
Thorn Between Two Roses - Melly
DJJ - Melly
phew - jambina
so really we need a wake. - kendrak
sounds like we should pull an Edson for libraries... oh wait, he kinda did already! - jambina
nah, let's rebrand the wheel. BIBLIOTECA FUTURISMO! - kendrak
Can we put big fins on the back of the building? - DJF from Android
I want to talk about the future of futurists. - Zamms
Your Unconference should totally include a wake for libraries. - ~Courtney F
Write a melodica piece "Dirge for libraries" - jönαthaη
theremin. this totally calls for a theremin. - RepoRat
listeners know i don't have a theremin, otherwise it'd be on the show. - kendrak
Wait, we covered my opinion on the future of libraries on the last show didn't we? I could just repeat my one thought on this over and over again and could become a paid consultant! - Zamms
you do have consultant hair. - kendrak
ONLY TWO MORE MONTHS TO LIVE! - Aaron the Librarian from Android
Two months it will be 10/12/14. Is that going to be bad for libraries for some reason? - Joe
Libraries will die the day before my birthday. THAT'S SIGNIFICANT SOMEHOW. - Zamms
Stephen Mack
My favorite movie sequence of all time is this bit from The Fisher King. #saturdayff
My favorite movie sequence of all time is this bit from The Fisher King. #saturdayff
(The Fisher King, 1991, directed by Terry Gilliam, starring Robin Williams, Amanda Plummer and Jeff Bridges. - Stephen Mack
I think I may have posted this before, come to think of it. - Stephen Mack
They had to film that at like 3 am. - Akiva
Shit. RIP, Robin. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
I wanted to love this again. - Julian
"I like New York in June..." - Kevin (aka ThreadKilla)
laura x
33 years later, I still miss my father. Today I discovered that Grinnell has put the finding aid to his papers online:
love to you, Laura. - Marianne
Hugs - Janet from FFHound!
<3 - Jenny H. from Android
I took classes my first year at Grinnell from your father. He was very kind to me and I learned a great deal from him He moved to Cornell the next year. - Clay Williams
What a wonderful legacy. - Megan loves summer
Thank you, all, and Clay, thank you for telling me. It means a great deal. - laura x from iPhone
Kevin Fox
Wow, FriendFeed was acquired by Facebook five years ago yesterday and it's still up and running.
As noted on twitter. - Joe
Well, he posted it on Friendfeed first, and even Ben Golub liked it. - NOT THE CRICKET
Sorry, didn't see that one till later. - Joe
just as a back channel, stay in touch via in case FF goes down. What's Paul B. up to these days? I really like Bret's Quip app. - Adriano
I'm still here! - Kevin Fox from iPhone
HI KEVIN! - Stephen Mack
Five years should not be allowed to go by so fast. Tell it to stop, please. - Laura Norvig
big stamina - thomas morton ☢
#upandrunning Thumbs Up :) - Maurizio
JD Lasica
RT @johnmgannon: "​This Is How You Write a Content Strategy That Works"
Kevin Fox
Five years!
Long live the FriendFeed! - Brian Johns
The weirdest part is still don't know if FF is on death row or in Shangri-La. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
Next major Facebook update: redirecting everyone from Facebook messenger to FriendFeed. Let the 1-star reviews flow! - Mark Trapp
Todd Hoff
Climatologist Who Predicted California Drought 10 Years Ago Says It May Soon Be 'Even More Dire' | ThinkProgress -
Climatologist Who Predicted California Drought 10 Years Ago Says It May Soon Be 'Even More Dire' | ThinkProgress
"Back in 2004, Sloan, professor of Earth sciences at UC Santa Cruz, and her graduate student Jacob Sewall published, “Disappearing Arctic sea ice reduces available water in the American west” (subs. req’d). They used powerful computers “to simulate the effects of reduced Arctic sea ice,” and “their most striking finding was a significant reduction in rain and snowfall in the American West.” “Where the sea ice is reduced, heat transfer from the ocean warms the atmosphere, resulting in a rising column of relatively warm air,” Sewall said. “The shift in storm tracks over North America was linked to the formation of these columns of warmer air over areas of reduced sea ice.” In January, Sewall wrote me that “both the pattern and even the magnitude of the anomaly looks very similar to what the models predicted in the 2005 study (see Fig. 3a [below]).”" - Todd Hoff from Bookmarklet
Freeda B.
Does anyone have any examples of libraries that prepare creative, effective, or otherwise remarkable annual reports (and make them available to the public)?
Was this a rhetorical question? <d&r> - Deborah Fitchett
Haha, sadly, no it was not. - Freeda B.
I don't think I've ever read a library's annual report - Christina Pikas
I have, a couple of them (local public libraries), but none that I'd call remarkable. "Serviceable and in reasonably clear English" is enough of a hurdle in most cases. - Walt Crawford
Ours are pretty fancypants: - Marie
Was it Aaron Schmidt (Walking Paper) who did something really fun, or is my memory failing? I'll check when I get to work. - Jaclyn aka spamgirl
i think it was Topeka that had one a few years back that made everyone oooohaaaah - jambina
Our annual report will kick your annual reports' ass. - ♫Robot Chicken, Trainer♫
Thanks, y'all. I also like this one, not fancy, but better functionality than usual: - Freeda B.
Louis Gray
This amuses me. I am shaking my fist at Matt Cutts. Always one step ahead!
Screenshot 2014-08-06 at 4.27.04 PM.png
Everyone has a Matt Cutts in their lives. =) - Yvonne from FFHound!
Andrew C (✔)
The half-life of a positive social interaction is far shorter than that of a negative one.
Testing! - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Andrew, you suck. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Andrew, you're awesome. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
How do you feel? 4:23pm - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Well, I didn't around to reading these until now (4:29 pm) but we'll see! - Andrew C (✔)
How about now? - Stephen Mack from iPhone
I'll be honest, your insult felt like it was all just part of a joke, so I would classify the whole thing as a single positive interaction. - Andrew C (✔) from Android
Which did fade pretty fast! - Andrew C (✔) from Android
Here's the in press version of the article on free / open law I co-wrote with Sarah Glassmeyer
12 downloads so far! - Pete
Sarah G.
Monkey Selfie is the name of my next band.
See, then Monkey Selfie Photobomb can be your cover band. - Jennifer Dittrich
+1 - Sarah G.
If I've ever wanted to frame a post and comment, it's this-a-one. <3 - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart from Android
Use These Workouts to Combat the Physical Stress of Sitting Too Long
Use These Workouts to Combat the Physical Stress of Sitting Too Long
I've done that in long meetings before. :D - Jenny H. from Android
Ministry of Silly Walks warm-up pamphlet. - Big Joe Silence
Hah ^ - Steve C
I know there's some overlap between these two rooms, so I thought I'd mention an ebook I bought last night: Good Housekeeping for the Chronically Fagged ( It's a really informal book, only about 40 pages, but I've found a number of things in there that have made me think. A few quotes:
"A routine is scheduled method for accomplishing tasks, in a particular order, at particular times. A routine, therefore, has objectives, priorities, a schedule, and means for seeing it through. A routine is not inflexible, but neither is it made to be broken or bent unnecessarily...For persons with compromised health, an orderly routine for sustaining a comfortable habitat and a clear conscience that finances are in order, is simply not optional. Disorder, whether it be clutter or unpaid bills, is stressful, and stress aggravates chronic illness." - Laura
"For those of us with chronic pain and fatigue, extended social time, or any time away from home, even to be with friends we dearly love, may increase our stress, pain, and fatigue...So it's important for us to enjoy being home. And if we enjoy being home, we should aspire to care for our home in a way that repays us with an environment that nurtures us and promotes our well-being." - Laura
"Things may become clutter if they are habitually out of context." - Laura
Thanks for posting. One of my issues is I don't have designated places for lots of stuff (gel I haven't used in 6 months but don't want to throw away, for example). - YvonneM
Robert Scoble
laura x
Check out the New York Public Library’s hilarious archive of librarians’ harsh children’s book reviews - Quartz -
Check out the New York Public Library’s hilarious archive of librarians’ harsh children’s book reviews - Quartz
"You can hear their spirited voices in the catalog of about 6,400 index-sized cards, which offers everything from critical take-downs of Green Eggs and Ham (“typical of Suess’ late-period”) to racy reviews of Fast Times at Ridgemont High and scandalized reactions to Judy Blume’s Forever. Perhaps because the reviews were for internal purposes only, the librarians were unabashed in their criticism." - laura x from Bookmarklet
I was preparing dinner. Em got scared by the tv. Josiah took charge <3
I was preparing dinner. Em got scared by the tv. Josiah took charge <3
ahhhh - Steve C
Amit Patel
Clever idea: a chromecast can talk to multiple devices at once. My friend made a board-game-ish game where every player can look at their own screen but they can also use the shared screen. - Amit Patel
Now I need to find that android device in a drawer somewhere, and charge it up … - Amit Patel
How is the latency on shared global display? - Todd Hoff
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