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NoMU - eat. drink. live. -
Spices, herbs - Lazygal
NoMU - eat. drink. live. -
Spices, herbs - Lazygal
walt crawford
Is Netflix trying to force TV-series viewers to streaming? Seems like they're skipping over TV discs in our queue. (Anybody else having this problem?) Since that's 2/3 of what we use Netflix (disc-only) for...
I'm having that problem for some series - interminable "Very Long Wait" notices. - Lazygal
Hmm. I'd note that the series we're having trouble with aren't hot-off-the-tube/HBO, Showtime etc. Interesting. - walt crawford
I'm not getting any static about Leverage. We'll see what happens when I get to Fringe. - RepoRat
walt crawford
Anybody else having a LOT more trouble with FireFox since it went to version 9 (9.0.1 in my case)? FF almost never crashed for me, and now it's happening at least twice a day, for no apparent reason. IE9 is starting to look better and better...
[Just did it again, twice, because I followed a link to a newspaper site.] - walt crawford
It has only been less than 24 hours since I updated, but it has been stable for me. - Stephan Planken
Good to hear that, but I do note that nothing else on my computer is unstable or has even changed. I've sent a note to FF. I guess I can downgrade, but at that point, either IE or Chrome starts looking good. Well...IE. I really don't want Google to get much more of my computer. - walt crawford
Not sure how many extensions you use, maybe run without or without some. Not sure if 9 is any better with memory, it is still well below 0.5 GB with 8 tabs open. - Stephan Planken
I've head that from others, so I haven't upgraded. - Lazygal
In Digital Age, Students Still Cling to Paper Textbooks - -
They text their friends all day long. At night, they do research for their term papers on laptops and commune with their parents on Skype. But as they walk the paths of Hamilton College, a poster-perfect liberal arts school in this upstate village, students are still hauling around bulky, old-fashioned textbooks — and loving it. - Joe
I went to Hamilton (before digital anything) and I'm very not surprised at this! - Lazygal
I've been thinking about how much more tedious studying would have been if all I had access to were digital textbooks. There were a lot of cramming sessions where it was extremely useful to have three or four different textbooks open at the same time, and being able to quickly flip back and forth between them, to compare different high-resolution, full-color illustrations or diagrams. - Victor Ganata
paper doesn't require electricity for you to be able to use it. also, highlighting and annotation! - Big Joe Silenced
Victor's concern will be somewhat addressed in the roll-out 30"+ OLED future. Or possibly pico-projector future, not sure. Or retinal projector. - Andrew C (✔)
Yeah, my big thing would be annotation. I marked the crap out of my books when I was in grad school. I've used some ebook applications that had annotation tools, but I've not found them as useful as just writing on a page. - Jandy
As long as turning the page on an e-reader takes longer than turning the page of a real book, I'm really not sold on the concept of an all digital world. - Victor Ganata
Victor, it doesn't on iPhone or iPad. It's quicker than turning a physical page. - Jandy
My problem is that staring at active transmitting displays for long periods of time gives me severe eye fatigue. I would never read an eBook on an iPad. - Victor Ganata
Great comments guys and gals. As a librarian, I hear this all the time, but it is also good to see in the pop press as well. - Joe from iPod
Victor, I agree - my optometrist says that his is the Next Big Field because of all the computers and our increasing dependence on reading from their screens. I've been saying for years now that we're performing some huge ergonomic experiment that will ultimately result in a massive change away from computers. As it is, I see students taking longer to develop fine grapho-motor skills... more... - Lazygal
@lazygal - I recently read something about how using handwriting uses different parts of our brain than keyboarding and some research that had been done. I'm trying to find it - it seems like it was just a news blurb that came across my radar. Wait, my last search got me there - this WSJ article - ellbeecee
I wonder how much of it is a function of how we learned things when we were younger, and how much of it is inherent to the process. I never really got into the habit of marking up textbooks, but I would often scrawl notes and thoughts on a notepad while I read. I tried using a computer instead of a notepad for this, and it never seemed to be as effective in terms of retention, and it was definitely less ergonomic. - Victor Ganata
walt crawford
I don't think I've ever linked to this blog before, but...
:) - Katy S
I should really read this blog more regularly. - laura x
I've been reading this for a while - the tone is sometimes very much like that of Annoyed Librarian, leading me to think that they may be one and the same person/group of people! - Lazygal
Lazygal: I think that unlikely, personally. LibEtiquette is terse and amusing. AL is neither. (I was actually linking to a specific post, for a reason...) - walt crawford
I like the post, haven't seen the blog before, but just looking at it quickly I'd agree with Jeff. Its more making fun of everyone equally than specific people/ideas like the blog that shall not be named - Sir Shuping is just sir
Jeff: Not a bad comparison (although Unshelved is somewhat gentler). - walt crawford
I subscribed to this for a while, but eventually found that the negativity got to me. Having said that, this quote is brilliant: "Taking the time to prepare can spare you the excruciating experience of explaining all the different ways your link resolver sucks." (I have a screencast for just that purpose.) - Catherine Pellegrino
I must admit--I've unsubbed from blogs because of overarching negativity, but this one always struck me as more amused than hostile. - walt crawford
Eh, I'm not saying it's that way for everyone, just for me. I do appreciate the occasional post here and there, but it was a bit much every day. Chacun a son etc. - Catherine Pellegrino
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walt crawford
Thinking of library associations and Naming: At Midwinter, AASL (the school librarians) officially adopted a proper title for those professionals who run school libraries, frequently called Media Specialists or other oddly vague names. The new name? "School Librarian."
Actually, it was "readopted" the name... - Lazygal
Lazygal: Thanks; I didn't realize that. In any case, seems like an awfully sensible move. - walt crawford
Mr. Gunn
Thinking big for a moment: What would have to happen for citation styles to cease to exist?
If everything had a DOI... - Jiahao Chen
What I don't get is why there are so many different ones for the same disciplines. Is it really superior to have a semicolon here instead of over there? Really? There should be two styles: numbered and alpha. That's it. We really don't need more than two. OK, maybe law gets their own. - Jenny Reiswig
Lots of things that have DOIs still have citation styles, though. Just wondering why we can't just pick one format and stick to it. - Mr. Gunn
I understand that different fields have various types of things they need to reference (like law referencing case numbers and such or art history referencing folios or repository pieces, but here's what I was thinking - Have a format that contains fields for all the information that might be needed for anything, then let the tool that generates the bib output what's needed (for the... more... - Mr. Gunn
On paper I find alpha style much easier to follow than numeric. But online doesn't matter as all info should be available by just hovering over ref in body of text. Good question! Part of scoialisation to being an academic? - Anne Marie Cunningham
I have wondered this for a long time. This is a constant source of stress, vexation, and wasted time (especially for undergraduates). I especially dislike it when faculty ask their students to use the citation style of a particularly esoteric journal in their sub specialty. I also dislike citation styles that call for abbreviated journal titles (like ACS style, a classic holdover from the print world). - Bonnie Swoger
EndNote lists over 3,000 citation styles, would be interesting to see how this number has risen over the years! - aaron
The world would be a better place. I'm holding onto in the hopes that it might someday come about. - Peter Murray
Theoretically, if some of the big journal editors and publishers could agree on some kind of streamlined style (or two styles maybe - one for footnotes and one for in-text citation) this would save everyone a lot of time. How much time (and therefore money) is wasted making sure that the date goes after the authors name or at the end of the citation? - Bonnie Swoger
Wonders are reference management software like EndNote actually benefiting from the proliferation of styles? But on second thought no, I go crazy trying to see if it's possible to duplicate some obscure feature in a obscure citation style that reference management software don't quite do yet. If there are say only a dozen styles, it would be possible for reference manager software to perfectly duplicate all of them. - aaron
aarontay - I'm thinking that there probably are parallels between the obscure holdings many academic libraries have and the proliferation of citation styles Endnote has developed. In other words, it's a user-driven accumulation of things over the years, badly in need of a pruning. - Mr. Gunn
There's that Zotero and Mendeley are working with which should at least reduce the effort required to support the variety of styles available, (and for someone technically inclined, you can submit your own format) but we really don't need them all. My question is: What would be the first item on a todo list written today if the goal was eliminating all but a few styles? - Mr. Gunn
I think the first item on your list would be what was mentioned first in this thread: a unique identifier for anything potentially citable. - Daniel Mietchen
I agree that having DOIs for things is the next thing that needs to happen for citation infrastructure, but I'm thinking more near term. Is there any reason that cell, nature, science, and the antarctic journal of snow biology need different citation formats? Couldn't this change almost overnight if the will to change existed? - Mr. Gunn
I don't think the unique identifier would be enough on its own (though I agree it's needed). If I'm reading through the reference list, I want the titles not a list of DOI's -- so we still need some way to turn the unique ID into a human-readable citation, and then we're back to citation styles and how do we kill off most of them? Bottom-up approaches seem likely to fail since everyone is going to want their own favourite style or element. - Bill Hooker
To do list: 1. design Universal Citation Style that will satisfy most requirements for most people; 2. start campaign to have all journals accept submissions in their own style, or in UCS. Once authors had a single style that they could use for most submissions, they'd want it for all submissions -- and journals could either just use it or reformat the ref lists if they really wanted their own style. - Bill Hooker
They will "go away" when the document is configurable by the end user, to whatever style they want, for whatever purpose they're using it for, in whatever medium is convenient. - Cameron Neylon
Print probably has to become near-marginalized before this happens, right? But seriously, couldn't they just agree to accept one of the formats in use today and it would work for pretty much all life science papers? I guess, Bill, that leaves Step 2, but why should it be necessary to even campaign. Do academic publishers NOT want to save on manuscript preparation costs? - Mr. Gunn
Bill - I do not think of a reference list, rather some direct linking from the article to a page hosting the metadata (and possibly more for OA stuff) of the reference, as at . Ideally, these metadata pages (example:... more... - Daniel Mietchen
I'm guessing that change is resisted by the old guys with a million hard-coded references in their chosen style. If you use EndNote, Zotero etc then changing from one style to another is pretty much trivial, isn't it? - Chris Rusbridge
The bibo group are working on an ontology of bibliographic information. The depressing thing is to see it get more & more rococo as it tries to take in more and more attributes from different groups, especially Law. - Chris Rusbridge
I guess I ought also to mention David Shotton's cito ontology, which (in part) looks at the "flavour" of the citation, eg supportive, background, refute etc. But perhaps I'm straying off the point here! - Chris Rusbridge
Well, Chris, it isn't trivial, even with a citation manager. "Why doesn't my reference manager support my favorite citation style?" is a question I hear with some frequency. Now, because they work with, Mendeley and Zotero support more styles than any other product, but the whole thing just strikes me as, well, just damn silly. It's one of those things that hasn't been given much thought and over the years has evolved into a monster. It's time for that to change. - Mr. Gunn
Changing the reference style is often trivial if you use BibTeX. However, even then adaptation to the post-rejection journal's style still often requires changes in the format of the abstract, figures, figure legends and so on, and these have usually stolen more of my time than the references. - Daniel Mietchen
My understanding is that even "supported" styles in citation managers aren't 100% supported if you look closely at the obscure rules, causing a lot of hair pulling. I've being at the end of this, where people come and tell me.. they want EndNote to do this thing that is actually supposed to be in, but the default style can't duplicate. Multiple that 3000x and you go crazy - aaron
well, yeah, so that could easily be handled by journals giving authors a BibTeX template and telling them submissions will only be accepted using the template. - Mr. Gunn
Except we, ahem, can't currently accept LaTeX and hence presumably BibTeX for our journal... (#shame!) - Chris Rusbridge
The "Uniform Requirements" style is pretty good and I don't understand why more journals don't sign on to it. It's got a lot of use in clinical medical journals, less in basic science. I agree with dumping journal abbreviations - useless holdover. - Jenny Reiswig
@Cameron way up there: I like that idea: user decides on reference format. - Steve Koch
@Peter way up there: Thanks for that link! Very interesting, I'll relink it again here: - Steve Koch
I just had this conversation with my 8th graders - we use NoodleBib and they wanted to know the difference between MLA, APA and Chicago. I did my best and they asked "why are there three different styles". For the life of me, I couldn't tell them why we're still at that stage. - Lazygal
There really shouldn't be any need for this discussion... - Björn Brembs
Citation styles - stupidest things on earth! (sorry, I had to say it, I feel better now) - Cesar Sanchez
walt crawford
Audacious network building: Just got a request from someone I've never heard of to add them to my network/vice versa on LinkedIn. On opening the note, saw that it had actually been sent to a library list with several thousand subscribers. Now *that's* network-building on a grand scale! "Sure, I'm connected with Whozis: We're both on the same list."
So did you add them? I'm trying to keep LinkedIn for those I really know well enough to recommend, not just as One Huge Network. - Lazygal
Not a chance. I'm pretty open on LinkedIn, but not for someone I've literally never heard of who's requesting 4,000 links at once. (I've found LinkedIn useless for me, but that's my fault...) - walt crawford
Agreed, Walt. I think a lot of these Linked-in, Facebook "invitations" come from those "invite everyone in your address book" buttons- horrible. - Maxine
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