Discovering that scanning a QR code on a bumpy train ride is not super easy to do.
Play Marvel’s superhero MMO for free, on Windows,
It's time for the @yalsa blog tweets of the week
RT @zephoria:4 those wanting more on teens seeing privacy as controlling meaning not access, audio of talk on topic:
College professors and FB
checked-in @ Penn Station on #SCVNGR and earned +1 pt.
More on the future of marginalia #lis483
Who’s Best Suited to Teach and Learn in Virtual Schools?
RT @alidahanson Soc med enabling communication bout storms in south (gr8 use of @storify 2 curate content) #lis460
RT @zephoria: Youth find privacy online not by limiting the access to content, but by limiting access to meaning. #lis460 #lis483
RT @nina1186: YA lit: Grown up and asking uncomfortable questions
“it makes sense 4 libs 2 either downsize or...shift focus of operations from books to people” via @mstephens7
RT @sarah_ludwig: do you have a great, short video you could share that helps explain digital citizenship in plain english? #lis460
<3ing the tattoos studs in #lis483 r talking about this wk.
Mayb some libs should wrk @ Avos now that they own delicious
RT @itsjustkate: What if txtbook pubs got together, charged every stud $100/yr and gave them access to all textbooks in e-format? #egconf11
RT @Ellen460 Intrstng article 2day in NYT about online txtbooks 4 schools; Gates Foundation throwing money into it.
RT @alidahanson: Made a Storify bout support 4 Japan--easy, fast, illuminating: Support 4 Japan by @alidahanson #lis460
15 Fantastic Ways to Use Flipboard
Outfit7 The disney of apps? #lis460
checked-in @ New York LaGuardia Airport on #SCVNGR and earned +1 pt.
Cyndi D @usairways DCA rocks she handled/is handling customers waiting 4 much delayed flight 2 board with gr8 skill
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