The Growth Of The Federal Government -
The time for action in Oklahoma is now.
It's our turn to raise voices and be heard across America.
The DOJ will be monitoring the elections in Arizona. Go figure.
Jay Leno on the street asking basic questions about politics. Funny! URL: - (via
Jay Leno on the street asking basic questions about politics. Funny! URL: - (via
African-Americans need to come back home and vote Republican.
Did you know that UNICEF promotes abortion with your donations?
What to do about China and their currency?
Could the Democrats be thinking about dumping Obama in 2012?
A list of links from the previous week, with grizzly pictures.
The truth about Halloween in the Oval Office.
Should the Tea Party be the party of no?
Nanny state alert in Great Britain.
Will the GOP choose party or principle after the mid-term elections?
The righteous anger of the voters is about to descend upon those who are in power.
Voter fraud is alive and well in America.
Should we interfere in the affairs of a nuclear inclined country?
Rajeev Date has been appointed as adviser to Elizabeth Warren.
CNN doesn't tell the whole story.
Arizona's citizenship law has been struck down.
Talk about abuse of the health care system.
Poor Nancy Pelosi says the Democrats aren't getting the credit they deserve for the good they have done.
NPR's CEO wants to create a government news network.
Why does President Obama feel it necessary to call his opponents his enemies?
Some very good reasons to shun public schools.
As members of the new media, we can make a difference.
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