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Leah McChesney
500+ Named Colours with rgb and hex values - http://cloford.com/resourc...
848484 - Leah McChesney
Leah McChesney
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Leah McChesney
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Leah McChesney
Leah McChesney
Thinking a lot about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Optimization (SMO) lately. I came across this phrase (not sure of the author). Is it a - Leah McChesney
Doug Vos
Choose your keywords wisely when you tweet... and whistle while you work!
wise words! ;) - Leah McChesney
Kathryn Skaggs
Very COOL! "The Book of Mormon Game - Online" #LDS ( http://bookofmormongame.com/BOM_Gam... )
BofM game-awesome...will have to share with my kids...thanks. - Leah McChesney
Kathryn Skaggs
Decided that the right thing to do for dinner tonight is to celebrate Cinco De Mayo - Sent Bob our to pick-up Mexican food! Ole'
if the shoe fits...:) Ole' - Leah McChesney
Jay Fichialos
Cab driver is rocking out to Journey... it's a little painful.
YUCKY! He should pay you. - Leah McChesney
Leah McChesney
THE BEST LINKEDIN ADVICE. JUST A RESUME DOESN&8217;T CUT IT & NETWORKING 2.0 - http://networking2point0.wordpress.com/2009...
linkedin advice...more than just a resume, which is passive. - Leah McChesney
Scott Monty
@preppydude I have no control over your dealership experience. Aside from handling, can you tell me the type of vehicle you're looking for?
@preppydude don't know ur problem but u can contact FordCustomer RelationshipCntr @ http://www.fordvehicles.com/help... - Leah McChesney
Leah McChesney
leahmcchesneys favorite web sites - StumbleUpon - http://leahmcchesney.stumbleupon.com/
leahmcchesneys favorite web sites - StumbleUpon
Honored, thank you. - Leah McChesney
Leah McChesney
IT DOESN&8217;T HAPPEN OVERNIGHT & NETWORKING 2.0 - http://networking2point0.wordpress.com/2009...
practical, simple advice for joining in online. - Leah McChesney
Daniel Eizans
Any of you had the experience of feeling like you're having an anti-social media day? Exploring the idea for a blog post.
yes..i have day's I have nothing to say (i know hard to imagine) or don't feel like talking. - Leah McChesney
Scott Monty
@stevehall If anything, the new Taurus isn't like the old one. I've been in one, and it'll be my next car. #Ford #CAS09
that is true...not the same car! But the name shouldn't really have left. - Leah McChesney
Leah McChesney
WORD OF MOUTH…IT USE TO BE SO HARD! « NETWORKING 2.0 - http://networking2point0.wordpress.com/2009...
Old way of finding clients just isn't cutting it anymore. Social media adds power. - Leah McChesney
FFing Enigma
Holy cow - Local News - Cairns, QLD, Australia - http://www.cairns.com.au/article...
Holy cow - Local News - Cairns, QLD, Australia
"WARNING graphic photo: Holy cow, talk about a sizzling steak. In a moo-ving experience, this cow is believed to have been struck by lightning and somehow survived. This is no mad cow story. It's entirely feasible, according to JCU Professor of Geo-Sciences, Jon Nott. "Cows are susceptible to lightning strikes because of both sets of legs being on the ground, and they're eating grass from where electricity is conducted from the strike so it is possible it happened but, more often than not, cows die from it," Prof Nott said." - FFing Enigma from Bookmarklet
pre-cooked LOL - Leah McChesney
poor thing. - vijay
++ vijay - Bee
Leah McChesney
50 Social Sites That Every Business Needs a Presence on - Inside CRM - http://www.insidecrm.com/feature...
50 Social Sites That Every Business Needs a Presence on - Inside CRM
love lists for those who have questions. - Leah McChesney
Leah McChesney
WILL YOU STILL LIKE ME WHEN EVERYONE ELSE GET&8217;S HERE? & NETWORKING 2.0 - http://networking2point0.wordpress.com/2009...
Social Media on the rise...begs the question will it turn into cliques? - Leah McChesney
Kol Tregaskes
We've been told that one person in the class has been tested positive for steroids... - http://halbot.haluze.sk/images...
LOL! - Kol Tregaskes
Awesome! - Tiffy Diamond
rofl - alessandro
which one? :) - Leah McChesney
crap! look at what it did to her hair! this is exactly the reason why i wont touch the stuff. - Carlos Ayala
I don't see them? - "Joey"
its the red head, isn't it??? - Terry O'Fee
Kol Tregaskes
The middle picture will haunt my dreams - http://i40.tinypic.com/11tqy52...
Yep... that is freaking me out a little bit. - Brian Roy
LOL! - Kol Tregaskes
Interesting. I had thought this when I saw the inauguration. Maybe they're related... - Kenton
that is spooky! - Leah McChesney
If it were going the opposite direction it would freak me out much more than it does now. - Brian Roy
Creepy! - Jenny Morman
Yeah, very creepy, now I'm off to bed with this image in my head. :-( - Kol Tregaskes
oh holy f'ing creepy - Erin @queenofspain
evolution for you - sofarsoShawn
I actually think the middle picture is the best looking out of all of them - Shey
wow, that's weird... pretty interesting - Susan Beebe
NO LIKEE! - Steven Perez
how do i flag this as offensive! :P - sean percival
Whoever made this has some serious issues. - Chris Charabaruk
GWB and Obama share so much in common, the middle picture is probably closer to the truth than anyone wants to admit. - ComicList
Freakiness!! - MicahBear78
It will haunt my dreams too Kol. The middle one kind of looks like my dad. - Adriana
This is altogether to smooth for my tastes ;D - Seth Greenblatt from twhirl
Morphing Technic :) - Pouya Koushandeh
Just...wow. - MiniMage
that's going to give me nightmares. Thanks! - Jim Goldstein
omfg looking at that middle pic blows my mind - David Adam
Did you not know, Bush and Obama are distant cousins! Bush like to keep it in the family that is why Obama got elected! LMAO - Igor The Troll יִצְחָק
Gah! Let's hope his policies don't morph into Bush's. - jjprojects
:D - Adval
yes, the middle photo is creepy - Valley
Shouldn't Obama's picture be on the left? - Spencer
Now that's scary. Hopefully Obama can move far away fro Bushco ploicies. - Larry Lewis
EEK! - Ian May
I'm so sick of seeing the Smirking Chimp (a.k.a W), make it STOP!!!!! - Christian (Simply X)
Lol good one. - Karen
Scott Monty
@rickburnes I don't know what our official position is, but personally, I think giving auto cos. more to do with limited $ is problematic
Yes! It is going to be a HUGE problem. This does not help auto industry at all. - Leah McChesney
Taste the Rainbow - Feast Your Eyes - http://www.slashfood.com/2009...
Taste the Rainbow - Feast Your Eyes
I had the same care bear thought, but he wasn't blowing - embee
I like the way it looks. The purple part reminds me of Filipino ube cake. :) - Cheryl Jones
I want cake so badly right now that I don't care if it looks like someone put Rainbow Brite in a blender. - Lola Bean (Penguin)
Hahahah @Haggis (Sean) love the splattering there! XD - Zu from AOD
looks pretty toxic. but i'd have a couple of slices. a la mode preferred. - Morgan
Clown barf? - Christian (Simply X)
clown barf poured into a pan, baked at 375 for 44 minutes (longer at high elevations) then cooled, frosted and sliced... - Morgan
CMYK has never looked so delicious. - Akiva
Akiva!!! Damn, that killed it for me!!! Bwahahahhahaha - Morgan
Man, those bright colors are doing things to my head. I keep looking at them. It's hypnotic. - MiniMage
There they are again! - MiniMage
That is really sick! I could see a 5 year old really digging it though. - Leah McChesney
Is that from the scene in Hook w/ Robin Williams where they were "pretending" to eat this feast? - MicahBear78
very cool. reminds me of some of the space cake in Amsterdam. - Anthony Citrano
@Micah ... That's what I thought! - Brandon
Lori Laurent Smith
@LdsNana Tx for link. Rather pathetic apology. Since when does the US Constitution have anything to do with marriage? Up to the states + HF
I totally agree Lori...I thought the same thing re: Tom - Leah McChesney
50 whales beached themselves in Tasmania, Australia - http://www.abc.net.au/news...
50 whales beached themselves in Tasmania, Australia
One of the mysteries of nature. Why do they do this?? - jjprojects from Bookmarklet
Their idea of college humor? - Jemm
No, but this is pretty funny. "Beached Whale" http://www.youtube.com/watch... - jjprojects
They don't do this on purpose, they get lost. and as they move in pods, the become stranded in large numbers. I think it's because the whales swim across sandbars in shallows normally, but if they don't know it's a beach, they can get in trouble. - Will Higgins™
Yes, undoubtedly a navigation issue. - jjprojects
were there any military craft in the area spewing out sonar? - alphaxion
Don't know, you think that confuses their sonar? S'spose it could do. I've spoken to sailers who have hit whales with their yachts too. That's gotta hurt. - jjprojects
its the annual geek whale meetup ^_^ - Rachael Depp
it's the current theory to suggest these events - which are on the increase - since the sonar in use by human ships are so loud they drown out other signals. Think of it as jamming their signals with white noise. - alphaxion
silly whales. - Richard A.
rachael, there would have to be alcohol involved. - jjprojects
surely this is another sign of global warming, after all, it's to blame for everything ;-) - Duncan Riley
I blame you Duncan. Not sure how you did it, but I know it was you. - jjprojects
alphaxion, makes sense I guess, although there are also more whales around now too, since whaling has (almost) stopped. - jjprojects
But historically we're not at the peak of whale numbers. We are at a historic low for fish numbers and scary levels of noise pollution from things like shipping, underwater drilling and weapons testing. - alphaxion
:( - Joe Dawson
what a shame. - Leah McChesney
Saw a report on tv earlier that said about 5 may survive out of the 50. - jjprojects
@rachael - They're having a whale of a time there, too? ;) - Tyson Key
Derek Mehraban
Snacking our way through the new Whole Foods in A2
thats a great way to get lunch! - Leah McChesney
Scott Monty
Looks like Alan Mulally is up for Motley Fool's CEO of the Year. Care to help vote him up? http://www.fool.com/investi...
Rec'd! Awesome Scott...loving it all! - Leah McChesney
Shannon Paul
Yummy lettuce wraps at PF Chang's. The gin and tonic isn't bad either. :)
lettuce wraps...am jealous. that is my brother's bday present pfchangs gift card - Leah McChesney
Leah McChesney
Manager Social Media Planning Campbell-Ewald - Warren, Michigan - http://careers.campbell-ewald.com/ext...
Manager Social Media Planning Campbell-Ewald - Warren, Michigan
for michigan tweeple - Leah McChesney
Scott Monty
New 2009 Ford Fiesta Top gear review by Jeremy Clarkson - http://www.youtube.com/watch...
New 2009 Ford Fiesta Top gear review by Jeremy Clarkson
This fun video puts the Ford Fiesta through lots of real-world testing. Well, as real-world as having a Corvette chase you through a mall can be... - Scott Monty
not that the ford fiesta is anything marvelous, but jeremy clarkson is great! - Leah McChesney
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