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Lee Traupel

Lee Traupel

Digital Strategist, communicator and engager - fluent in the technologies and social media marketing platforms and processes.
Re: Should You Buy or Grow a Pineapple for Your Audience? -
"As a marketer and avid consumer of print publications (WSJ, Esquire, Mens's Journal, RollingStone, Time, Architectural Digest, San Francisco Chronicle, Outside and about five industry trade pubs) I take no pleasure in advocating brands not embracing print. Does an au contraire print strategy still work for brands? Yes (see: Net-a-porter), but, for better or worse, people all over the world are distracted and on smartphones or a device. Look around you, most are not holding up print publications. I don't disagree entirely with the strategy. But the trend lines are not moving in the direction of print, whether we marketers like it or not." - Lee Traupel
Re: Should You Buy or Grow a Pineapple for Your Audience? -
"As a writer, blogger and strategist I see this all the time. It's "easy" to throw stones at strategy others are conveying in the marketplace. I don't portend to have your experience or expertise Joe and I think you are the go to thought leader in the content space and hope I didn't sound too negative. I don't disagree with the premise that a well established, sophisticated, audience savvy brand with significant resources can put out a quality print publication. In the world I live in in my work with SMB/SME brands they struggle with baseline content marketing issues:" - Lee Traupel
Re: Should You Buy or Grow a Pineapple for Your Audience? -
"I stand by my comment Joe and you didn't read it carefully. I don't think advertising trumps content: savvy media buys, coupled with creative social media and short form (created) videos for the vast majority will deliver much better ROI for brands vs. standing up their own publishing platform. It's a two screen world and traditional print media is dying a slow death because it can't compete with digital and the consumers are not engaging with the content. That's why there is a glut of talent available on the marketplace for B2B brands to hire. Creating a print publication requires a sustained commitment with significant resources. It may work for John Deere, GE and Qualcomm; but, it's not going to work well for any brand under $50M in revenue. They are much better off creating content and publishing it via established and targeted portals that map to their user demographics. I don't see ESPN, RedBull or Netflix as iconic content producers. On the contrary, AMC, PBS, HBO or Vice make..." - Lee Traupel
Re: Should You Buy or Grow a Pineapple for Your Audience? -
"Most brands are not equipped to publish their own magazine unless they are overvalued like Airbnb with resources to burn foolishly. No brand is going to create content on par with Vogue, Esquire, The Atlantic, The New York Times or any high quality print publication with experienced editors and journalists. And, so many moving parts to publishing a magazine and in the long run, an ad campaign in targeted publications coupled with creative social and just video content would deliver much better return in the long run. Vice News is a great example of how long it takes to scale high quality content in an established market. I loved the creative way you wrote this. Just disagree with the strategy." - Lee Traupel
Re: How to Get 200+ New Subscribers From 1 LinkedIn Article -
"Yes, I counsel clients all the time to "grok" it's rent (social) vs. own (blog and web site) and invest resources where you control the variables, or, more of them. #violentagreement" - Lee Traupel
Re: How to Get 200+ New Subscribers From 1 LinkedIn Article -
"Some of these issues are not all LinkedIn's "fault" - accessing a server with multiple browsers, OS, dealing with timeout errors, etc. But, these issues are tangible and I've reched out to LinkdeIn Help via Twitter multiple times. They respond but it's water into the desert at some point. Every point of refuge has a price, even social media platforms. :-)" - Lee Traupel
Re: How to Get 200+ New Subscribers From 1 LinkedIn Article -
"Thanks Dara: you are not alone. As I just commented, my experiences for years map to what you have conveyed." - Lee Traupel
Re: How to Get 200+ New Subscribers From 1 LinkedIn Article -
"Wonderful job on this post. I must say I am in agreement with Dara's earlier comments: I find LinkedIn to be very unstable, customer support is just "our team is working on this" over and over again with no real substance and I have a Premier Account BTW and 8 years experience on LinkedIn. The back end is very unstable in general (stuff disappears, stops working, etc.) and for publishing (two posts have disappeared in "thin air" in the last month and c/support had no idea why. And, "thought leaders' seem to get the lion's share of the traffic and many of their posts are just fluffy, with a pitch for their book or webinar and 50% of the content is about "what they are doing" (self promo). And, you can't really export contacts from the platform: it's fraught with peril. And yet, the drumbeat is endless about the wonders of LinkedIn and much of this is disingenuous at best. Is it a great platform and do I like it and recommend it to clients? Yes, but brands and individuals should be..." - Lee Traupel
Re: Wearable Technology: Content Fit for Storytelling -
"OMG we are in a bubble economy again. I am going to auction off my sock puppet on Ebay and make a billion. We need to get more devices into the hands of consumers around the world: one "smartphone" is not enough to make them distracted. Google Glass a great example of hubris and tech gone awry. #yawn" - Lee Traupel
Re: How to Find the Meta Tags for Any YouTube Video [Creator's Tip #125] -
"As usual, great insight and thank you for sharing." - Lee Traupel
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Re: Determining the Best Placement for Your Social Media Icons -
"Stellar post and thank you for sharing. Great, deep dive into the topic. One issue we see across a broad number of web site designs is the impact of load times for various plugins on WordPress. Any thoughts on this: i.e. placement and type of plugin with impact on load times?" - Lee Traupel
Re: 5 Marketing Myths -
"Geoff, you touched on themes small businesses must deal with every day. Standing out in this noisy world is tough for many. They don't have the technical expertise in house, are stumbling when it comes to writing and publishing "smart" content that informs and engages and video for many is an after thought, if at all. I think we are truly living in the "dog years" economy: everything is compressed in a 7-1 ratio. I loved this post and the inherent tactical marketing strategy. Thanks!!!" - Lee Traupel
Ten Ways to Turn Your Staff into Brand Amabassdors -
Re: The Twitter strategy shift and what it means to you and your business -
"Stellar perspective as always Mark. To me this is a bone head move by Twitter and it underscores the lack of creativity in their exec staff when it comes to product marketing. It parallels what/how they handled Tweetdeck acquisition: they sat on their hands for 18 months before they finally realized how popular the platform was and finally moved the UI and features forward. Like you and others, I hate to see Twitter joining the Facebook and LinkedIn "algorithm" club in order to drive more ad revenue and "automate" the feed. Twitter's new strategy underscores the tangible value (or lack thereof) of social media; as you well know and am sure counsel clients Mark, core content that brands and business own and control is becoming more important. Social is moving to algorithmic curation by the few for the many and "democratization" is in the rear view mirror!" - Lee Traupel
Re: Nobody Puts Search Marketing In A Corner -
"Violent agreement with you Danny. Not sure why there are no sessions on Search at Advertising Week. But, regardless, love the artful way you blended in historical content in context about search in an engaging humorous way with an ad for your own conference. Cool indeed!" - Lee Traupel
Content Marketing Killers are Everywhere -
Re: It’s Over: The Rise & Fall Of Google Authorship For Search Results -
"I stand by the earlier comment. Matt Cutts works for Google, so would you expect him to say anything different? I wouldn't. This interconnectivity would dilute their ongoing efforts to make G+ more popular. Your missing my whole point: if Google and Facebook can "see" your historical activity via a browser for advertising purposes, it's naive to think Google couldn't algorithmically and doesn't measure what goes on via social media activity. I'm on the BOD of a company that's doing exactly that: measuring trust and signals across the broad web, including Facebook and Twitter activity. It's doable, just au contrair to what's being stated via the SEO industry." - Lee Traupel
Re: It’s Over: The Rise & Fall Of Google Authorship For Search Results -
"That's a "newby" comment BTW. I don't think you are familiar with how cookies and a browser cache works right? See: ad tracking to better understand the interconnectiivty of all platforms including those behind a "walled garden."" - Lee Traupel
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