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Lee Traupel

Lee Traupel

Digital Strategist, communicator and engager - fluent in the technologies and social media marketing platforms and processes.
Re: The End of Free Facebook Marketing? -
"Facebook marketing or for that matter, marketing on any social platform has never been free and the endless news cycle using "free" in the same sentence with any social media marketing is disingenuous at best, if not misleading. Your sharing content on platforms and there is an associated cost with creating the content and the time it takes to share and if good content, engage with the users on a social channel." - Lee Traupel
How to Create Delicious Content One Bite at a Time -
Re: 3 Steps to Overcome the Fear of Building a Content Marketing Strategy -
"Nicely done Pontus: well thought out, great strategic and tactical overview. We see similar issues with clients; i.e. no decision is some times better than one they are uncertain about." - Lee Traupel
Re: RedPost offers rack of the future, digital outside, analog inside -
"Not so sure about this concept. Your competing with content sourced via smartphone apps form mainstream media outlets like WSJ and HuffPo while attempting to grab the attention of distracted consumers are constantly checking their smartphones." - Lee Traupel
Re: LinkedIn’s Content Publishing Flood: 4 Tips for Staying Afloat -
"Cheers Mike. Didn't mean to sound like all the content is not worth reading, as a good portion of it is. My soapbox: I see so much press and brand visibility going to "enterprise"level solutions, services, apps, focus and minimal amounts to SMB/SMEs under say $20M in revenue. You did a stellar job on this blog post and I don't mean to bite the hand that feeds me. The best highest converting traffic sources for our agency site is via referrals from LinkedIn." - Lee Traupel
Re: The Ad Contrarian: Crimes Of Passion -
"Nicely done Marcie: loved the segue from "What Color is Your Parachute" to Oprah. Can't wait to hear about a startup designing a "bullshit filter" app with a $1B valuation. #tongueincheek" - Lee Traupel
Re: LinkedIn’s Content Publishing Flood: 4 Tips for Staying Afloat -
"Nice job on this post Mike! I find much of the content published via the Influcencer Program to very 30K foot corporate focused. Do I love Richard Branson as an example (not to pick on him)? Yes, I admire his work. But, I can get the same type of content via the WSJ, Forbes, Business Insider or Huff Po in some cases. And, in my experience, a curated list of "thought leaders" (Joe is on on two of my lists as an example) via Twitter gives me a quick scan of what's being said and I can click and read quickly. I don't think LinkedIn is doing a great job curating this list; if your a published thought leader brand on Forbes or a well known entity in the VC or startup my sense is entree is immediate or went out before the program was launched. I'd personally like to see more content from thought leaders down in the trenches, not up in biz class hanging with Zuck if you will. Alex, on your question: I publish blog posts via LinkedIn Profile as well and i have around 13K connections at..." - Lee Traupel
"This is so well done Charlie and we linked to it via a blog post we did via our site." - Lee Traupel
Re: Social-media strife: the agency landgrab for social budgets -
"In our technology drenched always on mobile phones great content still resonates with the target market. As big and small brands embrace advertising on social platforms I expect to see the ROI drop across all and many will be looking for the "next big thing." See: "content."" - Lee Traupel
Re: That’s Not How You Dry Off a Soaking Wet Smartphone -
"Best way!! Never have this problem with a @lifeproof case" - Lee Traupel
Re: Got Compelling Content? 4 Crucial Next Steps -
"Stellar job Arnie, especially the section you did on SEO. You distilled the complexity of on page geeky stuff with content development in way that is easily understood." - Lee Traupel
Re: Terrifying Tales of Marketing Zombies Curating Content -
"Just to make sure we got #walkingdead status as bona fide zombies we "curated" it via our Twitter Account. Nicely done BTW" - Lee Traupel
Why Social Platforms are So Expensive & What to Do About It!!! -
Re: What Content Marketing Needs to Rule in the Post-Advertising Age -
"Kirk, this post just rocks and thank you for the valuable perspective. We agree as content and small agency geeks - we struggle mightily with brands and other partner agencies on assembling a unified marketing strategy that blends all processes." - Lee Traupel
Re: 10 New Business Problems and Solutions for Ad Agencies -
"Very well done Michael and that image to die for - talk about branding and differentiation. Stellar post an and thanks for sharing." - Lee Traupel
Creating a Meaningful Content Strategy -
Re: Facebook: We Have 25 Million Active Small Business Pages -
"This story is so off the target in terms of what small business need on Facebook. I would wager 90% of small businesses on Facebook are struggling with the platform: 1) FB was designed for consumers not businesses and the Platform reflects these design parameters; SMBs are an afterthought. 2) A Brand has to go through a personal page to even set up minor tab functionality or third party connectivity. 3) Facebook does not support SMBs (Brands) in terms of even providing adequate Customer Service - no phone number, no email - typical of "high growth" social media platforms. 4) Most SMBs on Facebook are much better off on Twitter or LinkedIn if they are targeting other businesses; Facebook should be an afterthought. 5) Engagement and Reach on Facebook for a Business Page are held captive to Advertising. 6) Insights as Analytics are crude, hard to understand, let alone use for conversion metrics. 7) Facebook's Power Editor only supports one browser flavor: Chrome. I get sick of reading..." - Lee Traupel
Re: Twitter opening up private messages to anyone -
"This will create a lot more Spam on Twitter. You'd think with all the money they spend on their management team they could come up with more robust product features. This feature is a derivative of AOL's early days. "Let's see what can we do to increase market share - forget the user experience."" - Lee Traupel
Re: Keep Your Name Off That Layoff List -
"I would be astounded if you didn't dig below the surface and find that age, looks and being political impacted a lot of these layoffs. And, that women were not treated equally." - Lee Traupel
Re: Keep Your Name Off That Layoff List -
"I would be astounded if you didn't dig below the surface and find that age, looks and being political impacted a lot of these layoffs. And, that women were not treated equally." - Lee Traupel
Re: Yahoo is getting a new logo -
"Inquiring minds just want to know when Yahoo will merge with Microsoft. Just think, if you combined the power of the Surface Tablet with Yahoo's Search Market Share you'd have a powerhouse media company. They could rename the company Alta Vista with the tagline "Everything Old is New Again" and then pitch this combined entity to KMart." - Lee Traupel
Re: The Culture to Cultivate - Harvard Business Review -
"Why would Harvard Busines Review let this self-promoting pablum be published. Talk to anyone over 60 that's had the misfortune of having a Kaisar account and you'll find a very unhappy consumer who can't get a decent Kaiser plan at an affordable rate. They are leaders alright, at the forefront like other HMOs who are warm/fuzzy about insuring anyone from 15-40 in great health. Others outside this age group: not at all! That's leadership from behind in our book BTW!" - Lee Traupel
Re: LinkedIn makes it easier to check out who’s checkin’ you out -
"LinkedIn has tremendous value as a social media platform as long as you want to stay on the platform. Trying exporting your contacts into a flat Excel file using their back end - doesn't work and hasn't worked for years for anyone with over 2-3K connections. See: "our development team is working on this" nauseum And, the "recruiter" spam is significant in terms of connection requests for anyone with just modicum of visibility. Nevertheless, it's a valuable social media platform - just wish they would address some of their shortcomings more openly." - Lee Traupel
Pinterest Content Marketing for Brand Managers -
Re: The Rise of the Digital CMO -
"Superbly done Jake. It's almost comical and sad; but we run into brick walls with execs who barely understand how a basic web site should work; i.e. have quality images, be professionally designed, clean User Interface, support mobile phone access in some limited way, integrate calls to action, incorporate social media connectivity in a prominent manner (look at the number of sites with social icons below the fold), etc. Then, when we bring up Pinterest, Facebook or Twitter probably over 50% laugh, smirk or belittle us with self-serving questions. Or, as others have pointed out, tell us they don't need an agency or any help they have a great intern (nothing against interns) in mind for the job. And, of equal importance" have no idea about a meaningful content marketing strategy that blends SEO 2.0 (social signals measurement) and/or content syndication. The dialogue and discussion here on HBRis dare I say "light years" ahead of what we experience with SMB to G2K execs. It harkens back..." - Lee Traupel
Re: Small Business Wins Big With Facebook's New Targeting -
"This is great for small businesses. The greater challenge for many is trying to use a Business Page that has very limited functionality. Facebook should be investing R&D resources to improve the platform for medium to small businesses. It's so limited in functionality now! Contrast Fan Page functionality, features, capabilities, add ons vs. business page - they are not comparable in any meaningful way." - Lee Traupel
Five Social Media Marketing Fails and How to Become a Heroic Brand -
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