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Lee Traupel

Lee Traupel

Digital Strategist, communicator and engager - fluent in the technologies and social media marketing platforms and processes.
Re: Determining the Best Placement for Your Social Media Icons -
"Stellar post and thank you for sharing. Great, deep dive into the topic. One issue we see across a broad number of web site designs is the impact of load times for various plugins on WordPress. Any thoughts on this: i.e. placement and type of plugin with impact on load times?" - Lee Traupel
Re: 5 Marketing Myths -
"Geoff, you touched on themes small businesses must deal with every day. Standing out in this noisy world is tough for many. They don't have the technical expertise in house, are stumbling when it comes to writing and publishing "smart" content that informs and engages and video for many is an after thought, if at all. I think we are truly living in the "dog years" economy: everything is compressed in a 7-1 ratio. I loved this post and the inherent tactical marketing strategy. Thanks!!!" - Lee Traupel
Re: The Twitter strategy shift and what it means to you and your business -
"Stellar perspective as always Mark. To me this is a bone head move by Twitter and it underscores the lack of creativity in their exec staff when it comes to product marketing. It parallels what/how they handled Tweetdeck acquisition: they sat on their hands for 18 months before they finally realized how popular the platform was and finally moved the UI and features forward. Like you and others, I hate to see Twitter joining the Facebook and LinkedIn "algorithm" club in order to drive more ad revenue and "automate" the feed. Twitter's new strategy underscores the tangible value (or lack thereof) of social media; as you well know and am sure counsel clients Mark, core content that brands and business own and control is becoming more important. Social is moving to algorithmic curation by the few for the many and "democratization" is in the rear view mirror!" - Lee Traupel
Re: Nobody Puts Search Marketing In A Corner -
"Violent agreement with you Danny. Not sure why there are no sessions on Search at Advertising Week. But, regardless, love the artful way you blended in historical content in context about search in an engaging humorous way with an ad for your own conference. Cool indeed!" - Lee Traupel
Re: It’s Over: The Rise & Fall Of Google Authorship For Search Results -
"I stand by the earlier comment. Matt Cutts works for Google, so would you expect him to say anything different? I wouldn't. This interconnectivity would dilute their ongoing efforts to make G+ more popular. Your missing my whole point: if Google and Facebook can "see" your historical activity via a browser for advertising purposes, it's naive to think Google couldn't algorithmically and doesn't measure what goes on via social media activity. I'm on the BOD of a company that's doing exactly that: measuring trust and signals across the broad web, including Facebook and Twitter activity. It's doable, just au contrair to what's being stated via the SEO industry." - Lee Traupel
Re: It’s Over: The Rise & Fall Of Google Authorship For Search Results -
"That's a "newby" comment BTW. I don't think you are familiar with how cookies and a browser cache works right? See: ad tracking to better understand the interconnectiivty of all platforms including those behind a "walled garden."" - Lee Traupel
Re: It’s Over: The Rise & Fall Of Google Authorship For Search Results -
"Same page as you Mark but thank you for sharing. it's the "siloed" world we are all getting pushed into. "Social integration" is still a myth; but, I digress." - Lee Traupel
Re: It’s Over: The Rise & Fall Of Google Authorship For Search Results -
"Wonderful perspective on this content - well written, touches on strategy and tactics. Thank you Eric and Mark! I agree with TomF - it's a sad world when content authors and producers can't count on their own byline showing up in Google results and in today's world, Google should be looking at other social platforms for authentication like Facebook and Twitter. G+ integration and authentication didn't work out and for many, it was just too geeky. On G+ I love the UI but like others I'm not sure it's going to scale well moving forward. Google has "muscled" it up by integrating with other apps and services. Jury is out on whether or not this will work moving forward. But, it's "Google" right?" - Lee Traupel
Re: Publisher pages get more scroll-happy -
"One of the key issues we all need to think about is the context for images. Big publishers have much different design needs vs. businesses, especially smaller businesses. As Veasey pointed out below, images are critical tools we all use in the design industry to help a page drive engagement with the visitor. As Ricardo aptly underscored in this post, "above the fold" as a critical design element is slowly dying as image size and usage and "takeover" conversion elements dominate UI & UX for publishers and businesses. Not sure if this is a good thing, but the tail is wagging the dog as we all "train" prosumers to expect a quality image as an integrated component of the content." - Lee Traupel
Re: Maria Popova: Staying Present and Grounded in the Age of Information Overload -
"Maria's intellect, passion, down to earth focus are just awesome and I love her content and muse in any form. I am in awe of anyone who quotes Ray Bradbury. Thanks Jocelyn for sharing this great interview." - Lee Traupel
Re: The 49ers' 'Smart' Stadium Is Set For Kickoff -
"I don't understand how we can afford all of these huge stadiums for sports teams like the 49ers while many of our public schools struggle with and use computers (if at all) and technology that is outdated and old. Santa Clara is not "San Francisco" - if Santa Barbara had made a better offer I would wager the York family would have relocated them to a zip code even further south. :-)" - Lee Traupel
Key Metrics for Onboarding a Content Marketing Platform -
Re: To Successfully Measure B2B Content Marketing, Get In The Friend Zone -
"This is a great metaphorical way to treat leads and the sales funnel and will work well for big enterprise level clients with baked in CRM capabilities. But, for SMB/SME's as GustavoC. touched on below, they do not have the tracking mechanisms or personnel to do this properly. Aggregating "friends" via Google Analytics, Twitter and LinkedIn is challenging for most. And, when you overlay front end content marketing strategy: topics, keywords, word length, editorial calendar usage, syndication platforms, etc. as part of the process it becomes quite challenging for most. And, we now have over 900+ marketing platforms available for businesses to weigh. I think too much is coming at many executives too fast and they don't have the personnel or budgets to tackle the entire enchilada - content marketing is all many can handle, with minimal back end analysis." - Lee Traupel
Ten Creative Ways to Use Lists in Content Marketing -
Re: Be Still My Heart: Beyoncé As Rosie the Riveter -
"Dear MotherJones - you've gone over to the other side embracing the "celebrification" of news at it's worst and ad nauseum. #whocares" - Lee Traupel
Re: How to Use LinkedIn Publisher to Get More Visibility -
"Great job on this baseline post Viveka. In my experience Pulse is algorithmically driven and I have seen no correlation with popular posts (over say 1K views) of my own and getting picked up in Pulses. In fact Pulse sourced one of my posts a few days after it was published and it has only a few views. I see so much content shared on Pulse with little value and the content quality is inferior. Many just segue into "ads" for the next book or Webinar. I agree with you, publishing on LinkedIn is a good thing for brands and individuals. But, I think LinkedIn has a long way to go to correlate quality content with getting published via Pulse. See: Google right?" - Lee Traupel
Re: Facebook's 2011 best practices guide: Buy likes, get organic reach -
"It's a fools game to think as a business "you" can build a social presence on Facebook without advertising and I'm speaking from practical experience working with clients. As you aptly underscored John, it's an advertising platform for businesses. The UI and TOS offered by Facebook for businesses are so limited in functionality it's almost laughable when you contrast these vs. all their PR about "serving businesses." Big brands yes, SMB/SME's slim and none. Well done post BTW and keep lobbing in those bon mottes." - Lee Traupel
Re: 10 Lies You Should Never Believe From SEO “Gurus” -
"You may want to read up on the Yoast plugin - it's comprehensive and any brand using it will have basic SEO in place just by integrating it with a web site. I'm not advocating not paying attention to SEO - I'm underscoring how great content has overtaken SEO. But, you are right Mike - should have balanced the comment out a bit more towards SEO baseline practices." - Lee Traupel
Re: 9 LinkedIn Marketing Tips From the Pros -
"Stellar content and well done. Premium account is well worth the $200-300. per year. The profile view (customized properly) alone is well worth the cost - making any/all profiles stand out from the crowd." - Lee Traupel
Re: 10 Lies You Should Never Believe From SEO “Gurus” -
"For many of us who started out in search ten plus years ago I can't tell you how many articles I've seen like this which have minimal value to the reader. Chasing Google's Algorithm in any shape fashion or form is a "fools game" and a complete waste of time. The market has shifted: today, every brand needs to create meaningful content and share it across the social web. They are much better off NOT wasting any time at all on SEO at all other than just using a functional plugin like Yoast." - Lee Traupel
Re: How (And Why) to Define a Targeted Audience for Your Marketing Campaign -
"Stellar job on this Trent and thank you for sharing." - Lee Traupel
Re: How Do You Track if Your Social Media traffic Is Converting? -
"Wonderful job on this and we've shared across our social media accounts. #thanks" - Lee Traupel
Re: 3 Strategies to Stand Out From the Content Creation Crowd -
""All Right" "All Right" - well done Jim and I love this: informative, creative, compelling and you worked a "meme" into it at least partially. #awesome" - Lee Traupel
Re: Few Consumers Actually Heed Social Media -
"The term I like to use when looking at some of these social strategies gone awary is "broadcasting" which is consistent with our core premise and the Gallup poll as well. Content strategy should be the underlying theme of any social media campaign starting with a blog that builds voice for the brand. Once this is in place then a biz or brand has something meaningful to share on social media networks that drives brand awareness that when done right leads to engagement. I also think so many of these businesses have no real platform strategy in mind that targets a specific consumer on the right platform with even 1.0 conversion metrics (sales funnel or revenue). And, they are rushing to get on social media with web sites that don't even capture leads or drive conversions. Not to digress, but I think so many thought leaders and industry pundits also talk about "the wonder" of social media and how easy it is to stand up an account and generate significant ROI. That's bunk and most of us..." - Lee Traupel
Re: Tesla Lets Go, to Gain the Market -
"Tesla's move is savvy and clearly recognizes what's happened in the past with brands that did not heed opening up their platform to build a broader ecosystem. Apple vs. Microsoft comes to mind and Autodesk vs. legions of proprietary "closed" vendors who could or would not recognize the competitive advantage of having a "big tent" product marketing strategy." - Lee Traupel
Re: How Facebook is Becoming a Pay-to-Play Platform -
"Stellar job on the Podcast Joe and Robert. For many of us on the agency services side Facebook's Teutonic shift to "pay to play" the last 18-24 months has not always been recognized by SMBs and SMEs. Many have and still do think creating a Facebook account is the way to immediate engagement on the platform, with associated revenue generation. Facebook's PR juggernaut has obfuscated what's really happening "below the surface."" - Lee Traupel
How to Market Your Startup in a Noisy World -
Re: 8 Ways Public Relations Can Fuel Successful Content Marketing -
"Great job on this Paul - thanks for sharing. Your intro on content marketing initiatives is thorough and detailed." - Lee Traupel
Re: Why You Need to Strongly Consider LinkedIn’s New Premium Profiles -
"Shelly, this is your usual thorough and insightful post and I shared across all social channels. I'm moving to a upgraded profile immediately. Like, you (to your question) I don't make the time to connect with people who have viewed my profile! Not sure if this is a marketing faux pas or not. Thanks for sharing this stellar post." - Lee Traupel
Re: Facebook explains why your organic Page reach has dwindled -
"Facebook is an Ad Platform disguised as a social network. For brands and businesses, there will be no significant traction on Facebook without advertising. Do organic high quality posts help a business? Yes, but success on Facebook requires advertising." - Lee Traupel
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