2nd Amendment Solution (Warning: Graphic) - http://www.leighannlittle.com/2013...
2nd Amendment Solution (Warning: Graphic)
This is URGENT!! Take Action at Once!!! - http://www.leighannlittle.com/2013...
RT @StrikeDebt: 40% of Americans Now Make Less Than 1968 Minimum Wage http://thecontributor.com/40-amer... This is why we are in debt.
RT @StrikeDebt: Tune in to the Strike Debt MLK day event live stream here: http://www.youtube.com/watch.... More info: http://strikedebt.org/mlkday/ #MLKDebt
RT @StrikeDebt: Tune in to the Strike Debt MLK day event live stream here: http://t.co/sOWlet6l. More info: http://t.co/I6xElmlU #MLKDebt
Live music/comedy livestreaming from NYC at the #rollingjubilee telethon to #strikedebt .. Watch live and donate plz at http://rollingjubilee.org
RT @StrikeDebt: #RollingJubilee has officially erased $100K of people's medical debts. Millions more will be erased, soon! http://rollingjubilee.org
RT @StrikeDebt: Today's the day to tell the world how we #BailoutThePeople! Just a few clicks here http://rollingjubilee.org/join-th... can change the world!
Torn between my desire for progress and my desire for the Second Coming. Romney practically guarantees the latter http://www.youtube.com/das_cap...
#Debate - Romney agreed with everything Obama has done on foreign policy.The only person Mitt disagreed with was Mitt Romney of last week.
God bless the Squire and his relations and keep them in THEIR proper stations (away from ME!) The 1% are wholly clueless. I love the 99%!!!
RT @sesamestreet: Big Bird: My bed time is usually 7:45, but I was really tired yesterday and fell asleep at 7! Did I miss anything last night?
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