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John LeMasney
Like It or Not, WikiLeaks is a Media Entity: Tech News « -
Because more than anything else, WikiLeaks is a publisher — a new kind of publisher, but a publisher nonetheless — and that makes this a freedom of the press issue. Like it or not, WikiLeaks is fundamentally a journalistic entity, and as such it deserves our protection. - John LeMasney
John LeMasney
State Department To Columbia University Students: DO NOT Discuss WikiLeaks On Facebook, Twitter -
Talking about WikiLeaks on Facebook or Twitter could endanger your job prospects, a State Department official warned students at Columbia University's School of International and Public Affairs this week. - John LeMasney
John LeMasney
Sources: Google-branded Chrome OS netbook to launch on December 7th -- Engadget -
The headline pretty much reveals the brunt of it, but indeed, it looks like next week Google is going to start talking about how its Chrome operating system is coming along. Multiple sources have told us that Google will be holding some sort of event on Tuesday, December 7th -- we're not sure if it'll be a live event, a webcast, or something else entirely -- and that the shindig will see the launch of that Google-branded Chrome OS netbook we've been hearing about - John LeMasney
John LeMasney
See How You Have Been Tracked Online -
Online tracking is a murky business. That's why the Open Data Partnership is attempting to demystify how Netizens have been tracked. Will it actually change anything? - John LeMasney
John LeMasney
Viacom Says YouTube Ruling Will ‘Completely Destroy’ Copyright | Threat Level | -
Viacom appealed Friday its unsuccessful $1 billion copyright lawsuit against Google’s YouTube in a case testing the depths of copyright-infringement protection under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998. - John LeMasney
John LeMasney
nweb: a tiny, safe Web server (static pages only) -
Have you ever wondered how a Web server actually works? Experiment with nweb -- a simple Web server with only 200 lines of C source code. In this article, Nigel Griffiths provides a copy of this Web server and includes the source code as well. You can see exactly what it can and can't do. - John LeMasney
John LeMasney
cellphone_infographic.jpg (887×1983) -
cellphone_infographic.jpg (887×1983)
How Cellphones are being used [INFOGRAPHIC] - John LeMasney
John LeMasney
20 Things I Learned About Browsers and the Web -
What’s a cookie? How do I protect myself on the web? And most importantly: What happens if a truck runs over my laptop? - John LeMasney
John LeMasney
How #FollowFriday is SUPPOSED to work - The Oatmeal -
Everything on this website is written, drawn, and maintained by one guy. Buy some shirts, posters, or mugs from my shop so I can afford to wear pants made entirely out of rubies and koala meat. - John LeMasney
John LeMasney
Understanding How and Why Facebook Users Interact with Brands -
While much of finding what works for your business on social media sites is a process of trial and error, recent stats from e-mail marketing firm ExactTarget (which recently acquired social CRM platform CoTweet) shed some light on how the Facebook (Facebook) population uses the site, and specifically, how it interacts with brands. - John LeMasney
John LeMasney
When Are Facebook Users Most Active? [STUDY] -
We know that users are spending increasing amounts of time online on social networks like Facebook, but when exactly are users the most active? Social media management company Vitrue just released a study that identifies the days and hours users are most active on the Facebook channels maintained by companies and brands. - John LeMasney
John LeMasney
How To Turn Google Translate Into Google Beatbox -
How To Turn Google Translate Into Google Beatbox - John LeMasney
John LeMasney
20 Things I Learned About Browsers and the Web -
What’s a cookie? How do I protect myself on the web? And most importantly: What happens if a truck runs over my laptop? For things you’ve always wanted to know about the web but were afraid to ask, read on. - John LeMasney
John LeMasney
Code Wide Open: Inkscape Does Support CMYK -
While some are mislead by the fact that Inkscape does not (and probably should not) support raw or "generic" CMYK, it does in fact support working with true CMYK for print support. - John LeMasney
John LeMasney
246 of 365 is lemasney's social media workflow [infographic] #Inkscape ... -
My social networking workflow - John LeMasney
John LeMasney
svg-edit - Project Hosting on Google Code -
A complete vector graphics editor in the browser - John LeMasney
John LeMasney
Prototype of an Open Web App Ecosystem :: The Mozilla Blog -
The open Web is a great platform for rich applications. It would be even better if it had additional capabilities to ease discovery, acquisition, installation and use of apps, while also enabling monetization for developers. We designed and built a prototype of a system for open Web apps: Apps built using HTML/CSS/JavaScript that work both on computers and mobile phones, have many of the characteristics that users find compelling about native apps and provide developers with open and flexible distribution options. - John LeMasney
John LeMasney
Benefits of the PNG Image Format | Atalasoft, Inc. - Imaging Experts -
The PNG format (pronounced "PING") was designed to replace the antiquated GIF format, and to some extent, the TIFF format. It utilizes lossless compression, meaning no image data is lost when saving or viewing the image. It is a universal format that is recognized by the World Wide Web consortium, and supported by modern web browsers. The PNG format was developed when it was discovered by the entire development community in early 1995 that the GIF image format uses LZW compression, technology which was patented in 1985 by Unisys corporation. - John LeMasney
John LeMasney
Quick Tour - Google TV -
Google TV makes TV fun again. - John LeMasney
John LeMasney
Libre Graphics Magazine: soon. -
This is one purpose of a Libre Graphics Magazine: to serve as a catalyst for discussion, to build a home for the users of Libre Graphics software, standards and methods. In such a magazine, we may unite all our previously disparate successes, all the successes which have, until now, stood alone as small examples, disjointed from the larger community. We have the opportunity to elevate the discourse around Libre Graphics as a professionally viable option, to raise previously unmentioned issues and to push forward the conception of just what Libre Graphics can produce. - John LeMasney
John LeMasney
FILExt - The File Extension Source -
FILExt is a database of file extensions and the various programs that use them. If you know the file extension you want to learn about simply enter it into the search box above and click on the Search button. - John LeMasney
John LeMasney
Hello, want to kill some time? -
Tip: It works great to vaporize annoying ads. - John LeMasney
Louis Gray
"I have read your website and it is obviously that your a foggot." -
A must read of equality and tolerance. :) - Louis Gray from Bookmarklet
GOLD... PURE GOLD - Johnny from iPhone
LMAO! - Rahsheen
George Lewis: A loser. A redneck. A macho prick. Probably tweaking. Probably a psychopath. Now PWNED, big time. #LMFAO!!!! - Dennis Jernberg
LOL - Yes you will. - No I f*cking wont fag. - Emray
He said he wouldn't, only proving that he did... - Dennis Jernberg
comedy gold - tony bland from YouFeed
You just made me day. Thanks, Louis. - John LeMasney
(Very funny stuff, but you know he makes up both sides of the conversations, right?) - Stephen Mack
:( Darn it. Why can't they be real ones.... It's kind of like fake prank phone calls. Or does he get a real initial email and then make up the rest based on that? - Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
"Go put some more gel in your hair and dye it balck" - Josh Haley
(covers ears at Stephen LALALALA) - Louis Gray
Louis oy ver pls - core
The Re: bits for the subject lines is absolutely genius. - AJ Kohn
funny on so many levels - 0_o - Dan owns
David is my hero, awesome. - Scott. Cat Herder.
Love. - Derrick
So. Much. Funny. - DGentry
That's one of my favorite blog posts of all times now. :D Foggot. - iTad
David`s most popular post (thanks to 4chan) is the missing cat. If you liked that one, you`ll love this - Tuna
John LeMasney
Copy and paste between X11 and OS X - mactips -
Issue: I often need to copy and paste text between X11 windows (e.g., xterm, vim) and native Mac OS windows (e.g., Terminal, Safari). This often results in undesirable results. How do I successfully (and reliably) copy and paste between these different flavors of windows? - John LeMasney
John LeMasney
Inkscape Keyboard Layout v.047 - color coded - OpenClipArt -
Inkscape Keyboard Layout, Inkscape Keyboard Template, Inkscape Keys, Inkscape Key Combination - John LeMasney
John LeMasney
The Beginner’s Guide to Zen Habits – A Guided Tour | zen habits -
To help you through the fairly overwhelming archives, I’ve compiled a beginner’s guide. Kind of a Quick Start guide. - John LeMasney
John LeMasney
Fully Understanding Contrast in Design | Webdesigner Depot -
In this post, we’re going to look at contrast in detail, examining big typography, funky shapes, clear divides, imagery, and how they properly fit together using contrast for a good user experience. - John LeMasney
John LeMasney
2000 Absolutely Free Textures - Web Design Blog – -
2000 Absolutely Free Textures - John LeMasney
John LeMasney
Ultimate Roundup of 200+ Outstanding Textures For Vintage Style Designs -
Vintage style design is a trend that designers use to apply an old and classic sense to their designs. One way of applying this trend is by using vintage textures, vintage textures provides an easy to use method for creating stunning vintage style designs. In this article I compiled a list of 215 outstanding free vintage textures, but please check licenses before use. - John LeMasney
John LeMasney
FFFFOUND! | Matt Dorfman | Escape Into Life -
FFFFOUND! | Matt Dorfman | Escape Into Life
FFFFOUND! | Matt Dorfman | Escape Into Life
FFFFOUND! | Matt Dorfman | Escape Into Life
No comment. - John LeMasney from Bookmarklet
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