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this thing rocks. - John LeMasney
Louis Gray
Every month, I highlight five lesser-known tech blogs. This month, I would love to get your recommendations on FriendFeed.
For the last year, every month has seen five new tech names featured on, from Hutch Carpenter, Rob Diana and Mona to Charlie Anzman, Jesse Stay, Corvida and Kipp Bodnar. Add your favorite lesser-known tech blogs here. I will subscribe to _all_ of them and there's a good chance they get featured. - Louis Gray
Here is last month's example: Rather than think I know all of them, it'd be great to ask the community. Guidelines would be that the author tends to cover tech, Web, social media, gadgets, business or the Valley. If they have more than 1,000 RSS readers, that's too many. If they have made Techmeme in the last two months, they also don't belong. - Louis Gray
ask the admin, a very good blog, people ask questions about computers, the admin answers them. - Dan owns - covering the microblogging space and fellow Des Moines, IA bloggers! They also run tracking origins of twitter hashtags - andy brudtkuhl
Dan, any URL on Ask the Admin? (URLS, please) :) And Andy, I covered Microblink in November. - Louis Gray
Startup Meme ( covers tech news, startups, etc. apart from that there is ArabCrunch as welll - Sardar Mohkim Khan
Steve Wiseman's is only moderately active, but he loads it with plenty of practical, readily-applicable tricks & techniques. And he's got a few very handy downloads too! - Rob O'Daniel
Are you already subscribed to me? @myphillynetwork - Anthony Farrior
@Louis Ooops! missed that! Well another Des Moines, IA company is running a weekly video series on social media marketing - - called "Area 52".. I searched this time to make sure you haven't covered them :-) - andy brudtkuhl
Anthony, yes, of course I am subscribed to you. I will make doubly sure. - Louis Gray
on an unrelated note - great panel yesterday Louis. I didn't get a chance to meet you afterwards as I was running to a lunch meeting - andy brudtkuhl
Check out by Chad Sakac (EMC) - great VMware tech deep dives and no vendor bashing - Stuart Miniman from fftogo
O_o sorry that sounded insecure :) here's a new blogger - Anthony Farrior
Andy, appreciate it. I enjoyed participating, and wish I could do it more often. It was a solid group and interesting content. - Louis Gray is a great resource for Tablet PC, netbook, Mobile PC, & Multi-Touch news & reviews. - Rob O'Daniel
Another vote for StartupMeme here. - Chris Charabaruk
ok to plug our own blog? I'm the owner of - We've got more Canon 5D information/reviews/still/video samples than anywhere else on the planet. Yes, very specific, but a hot topic these days as they're hard to find but creating lots of stir - planetMitch
Mitch, if you write about tech, and aren't a brand name, then plug away. I would also like to hear about sites you read that you bet I don't. - Louis Gray
Mohomed, I'll pass on KillerStartups. They're very visible, but I don't find that they add much value over other similar sites. - Louis Gray
Blogs I read that I bet you don't? Real Life Debugged ( - DGentry and their network blogs - Bradley Joyce
Blogs I read that I bet you don't? The Cranky Product Manager ( though she probably has more readers than your guidelines. - DGentry
I have mine back on line from a long hiatus, server down, hubby rebuilding it. I love the name, tried to think of something "professional" but "fun." I think I found that. Back when I created it, was looking for a teaching job. Same is true now. Or technology job!!!!!!!!!!! - Patty Pinkley
Blogs I read that I bet you don't? Proper Fixation ( by Yossi Kreinen - DGentry
if you count gaming as tech then there's my video blog over at </shamelessplug> could always do with the extra eyeballs, especially when I'm courting people for distribution or sponsorship deals so I can fund myself and eventually a paid contributer :) - alphaxion
My own and I'd like to second the notion of - Joe Tech
some things i like that might fit: (light, useful, fun tech); (is he too big.. probably.. but);; and of course, (mea culpa!!) a plug for rassak's own blog (ie i write here mostly): or since that .es doesn't want to translate into a link grrrr (media/communications/language mashed with a heavy dose of tech), - Barak Kassar
Blogs I read that I bet you don't? The eponymous Gustavo Duarte ( - DGentry
As a side note, I'll be following all the commenters here on FriendFeed if I wasn't following you already. Thanks for participating! - Louis Gray
Thanks alot Louis, good to see a superstar like yourself gets in the trenches with the little people. - tony
Tony, any reports of my being a superstar are greatly exaggerated. Case in point, I'm sitting in the hallway at SXSW right now, wearing an LG shirt, and nobody knows me. They just walk by... :) - Louis Gray
My blog is at - Virtualization, Windows, Infrastructure and all the "stuff" inbetween. some good blogs posted here that I've not come across before - good idea! - Simon Gallagher
Louis G shirt ahhahahha - sofarsoShawn
Shawn, you know you want one: - Louis Gray
I love the LG shirt. - Hutch Carpenter
Social + Experimentation (App Engine, Rapid prototyping) + a bit of Mobile = my blog - Ben Hedrington : on the business and strategy of web 2.0, with Asian focus. - Yung-Hui Lim
All of the above have been added to Google Reader, via Toluu. See my activity here: - Louis Gray
Louis, so Toluu is still working for you? Doesn't let me login anymore :( - Sasha Kovaliov
Sasha, I've never had trouble logging in to Toluu. You can find Caleb Elston here and on Twitter. Make sure you reach out to him. - Louis Gray
It's Paddy's Day. I do the tech blog thing at well beyond the month of March. - Bernie Goldbach
I recommend Margaret Lewis' virtualization and cloud computing blog at AMD: -- if you check it this month it is all guest posts for Virtualization Ecosystem Month, but scroll down to see Margaret's content. - JulieLass
So that's all of the tech blogs that are worth reading out there? I've subscribed to all, so it looks like the community has spoken. - Louis Gray
One more blog I read that I bet you don't: The Programmer's Paradox ( by Paul W. Homer - DGentry
Thanks, Denton. - Louis Gray, mostly focused on visualization, google web toolkit, and social media. I try to write posts covering techniques no one has tried yet. - Ray Cromwell
I'm tempting to push my own blog... but that wouldn't be correct.. If you are into SQL Server.. try - Aad 't Hart
Self-promo alert: I edit a blog about venture investment, innovation, and entrepreneurship at We're a nonprofit advocating for venture-based economic development. --Ax - Alan Chamberlain
Not a tech blog but this is probably one of my favorite marketing blogs: -- he is Seth Godin 2.0 - Adam Singer
Programmer's Paradox made this list this month. w00t! - DGentry
The University of the People promises to open the gates of higher education to anyone in the world interested in attending college. We believe that education at a very minimal cost is a basic right for all suitable applicants, not just for a privileged few. - Angel
On Team Mashable with @garyvee @mchammer & @mashable for Our charity is the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.
awesome. Let me know how I can help. strong support of LLS since 2001. - Randy Ksar
Robert Scoble
Are friends powerful influencers? Ever since Arrington went to Kauai I want to go too.
Friends are. But even those who don't know Mike would love to go to Kauai. - Louis Gray
Alan: He took time off after getting death threats and such. Who's got the details?? - Roberto Bonini
Sure. Can't blame him tho. Hope he's back soon. this web is awful quite it with out mike banging agaist the walls ;) - Roberto Bonini
Alan he got a death threat late last year and someone spit in his face in January. He took a month off to sit on a beach in Kauai. I saw him this week and he looked a lot happier. - Robert Scoble
of course, isn't word of mouth based on this? - Liviu Lica
yes, hence the term peer pressure. ;) - John LeMasney
People you know, like and respect are always an influence. Two out of three might make you an influencer but all three are the holy grail of influence. - Brian Sullivan
Mike is back on blogging, at least that's what his posts show on TC. Rob, is is Kawaii or Kauai after all? Kauai seems more possible - Stefanos Kofopoulos
I lived in Maui for about 8 years, (wishing I was there now since it is snowing again) but it didn't influence many of my friends to come visit, nevermind move there :) - craterdweller
If you have time to take a break then I would say do it. Just go. You will not be able truly quantify the rewards it will bring you in the future. Downtime is not wasted time. - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
I think, it's a great idea for folks with high-stress lifestyles to take a nice long break to get recharged. Spending some time on a tropical beach (doing nothing) can do wonders for one's frame of mind :) - MiaD
Brian Solis' blog post today really speaks to this point "I Like You: The Emerging Culture of Micro Acts of Appreciation with Macro Impact" - Susan Beebe
Thomas Hawk
Good Luck Scobleizer! -
Welcome to the World Milan William Scoble, 8
I met Robert at last year's IFA in Berlin for a short walk around the show floor. He's great guy and I wish him and his new venture all the best. And I agree that he should get back together with Rocky. I don't think they are done with their work yet... - Holger Eilhard
Robert has a long history of personal resiliency, so I am thinking that this is just a minor setback. I too want to wish him well. - Brian Sullivan
M, forwarding .. - Daniele Beta
Brian, I don't think of this as a setback for him at all. I think of this as a new and better opportunity for him. Like a lot of magazines Fast Company I'm sure was hit hard in this recent downturn. Robert needs certain things to thrive best. Rocky was a first rate editor. Robert's time is best spent doing what he does which is out and about interviewing people and having someone like Rocky to edit his stuff was important. Robert will do better someplace that is growing rather than cutting back. - Thomas Hawk
Robert you might want to tuck that away for your eulogy. Quite a tribute. - Todd Hoff
Todd: Thomas is one of the best people I know, it's a real honor to have him as a friend. - Robert Scoble
We all know Scoble will be a-ok in the days, weeks and years to come. I'm sure we're going to hear news about this awesome new service that pays by the kilobyte of awesome video you post, meaning Scoble will become very, very wealthy... - Mike Nayyar
Great post Thomas - I'm also looking forward to his next venture ... - Patrick Jordan
A very good article that helps us remember how much he contributes to our community. - Jonathon
Mike: actually that's a very interesting idea! :-) - Robert Scoble
We have to wait until SXSW? You're killing me! Whatever he does you know it's going to be good. - Bruce Lewis
Good luck Scoble. We met at a Social Media Club event in Phoenix a few years back and I have been following you ever since. Looking forward to your new adventures. - John Seiferth
Amen! You've got lots of helpers if you ever need them! - Scott Loftesness
What a wonderful article, and the pictures at Flickr were enjoyable as well. I wish the two of you would do a photowalk in San Diego so I could meet both of you in person! - Laura Zickus
Best of luck to you! May your next chapter be profitable to you in every possible way! - vicster.
Great post Thomas! - Kenton
That was a great summary of Scoble. I'm sure his next adventure will be something to watch. - Jeremy Brooks
The sentiment here about Robert (and folks like TH too) are right on - the level of transparency, integrity and work ethic we see sets the bar high for leaders in a community (a network of micro communities, as it might be put better). Think about Paul Harvey. An endearing, tireless pioneer who reached his community with the media/technology of his day for 70+ years. Scobleizer's journey, I believe, has just begun. - Micah
more time to spend with the Sean McBrides of the world. lucky "fast company" to be rid of a man and his destructive politics. - NoahDavidSimon
Really, really nice piece Thomas - Charlie Anzman
Fabulous post Thomas!! WOW!!!!!!! Lovely, moving and very well documented. Robert is an amazingly passionate, intelligent, smart and uber-technical guy that really has an astounding work ethic that never fails to deliver value in everything he does!! - you captured that very well with this blog post. :) Personally, I -like you- think he should link up with Friendfeed. that would be a PERFECT fit and a complete win-win relationship; however, I'd be concerned that FF might be too small for him. - Susan Beebe
MG Siegler
“Liking,” the hot social trend, continues with Likaholix -
I like Likaholix. I'm a TasteMaker! - Shevonne
You mean like the ratings widgets we've had forever? - Todd Hoff
Re: liking on Likaholix — I would call it “asymmetric” rather than “asynchronous” (from the article). - Amit Patel
OK Bindu, I signed up. We'll see what happens. - Todd Hoff
I always read *Lick*-aholix. Makes me laugh. - Bret Taylor
@Bret I was about to type the same thing. NAMEFAIL methinks. - Clay Newton
People always accidentally call us "Friend Finder" which is amusing. I am not sure if we own :) - Bret Taylor
better grab it bret. ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
Is there a FF import? I see Facebook and Gmail. - Todd Hoff
Is there no way to change one's name after signup? At least I don't see it under Edit Profile... - rønin
Hey Bindu, is still available. Grab it before AT&T does. - Richard Chen
Thanks MG...checking it out now. Good coverage on FB stuff today! - Brian Solis
I'm checking it out to see how it fits with the rest of what I do :) - Nakeva Corothers
Congratulations Bindu!!!!!!!! YAY!! :) - Susan Beebe
done already... :) - Susan Beebe
Nice work, Bindu! - Anne Bouey
Meg Fowler
Any devoted feedly users here? I've got a quick question...:
ok i subscribe to a lot of a blogs and have about 10 tags/categories in feedly/google reader. In Google Reader I have a list of tags on the left side of the page with the blogs organised into the tags. In feedly however, all the tags are at the top of the page...My question is, how are those tags in Feedly ordered? - Zee.
and how do I know how many unread posts are in the tags lined up in the top black bar? - Zee.
@Nick, sorry i had to delete your comment so people could see the question at the top comment - Zee.
I'm pretty sure in fact that the tags are ordered by recently updated with new posts...But i still don't know how many new posts - Zee.
The default order is based on the number of favorite sources you have in that category. So if Cat B includes 4 sources marked as favorite and Cat A includes 3 then Cat B will be listed before Cat A. We have been hearing from a lot of users that giving them control over the order through some kind of drag and drop would be better so we are working on that and should have something out by mid next week. - Edwin Khodabakchian
ah ok awesome - i get how they are ordered now...the drag & drop will be great. However regarding the number of new blog posts - the main reason i end up going back to google reader is because it shows me on the left side list a number for how many new posts I haven't read. That isn't available in Feedly yet right or am i missing something? - Zee.
As the number of unread in each tag/category...Nick is right: the information is only available in the sidebar, not in the top bar. ...but it would be easy to do or at least add a preference knob for it if people think it would make their life easier. - Edwin Khodabakchian
I think it's because i'm a pretty heavy RSS user because I write a lot, so I tend to need a quick way to check how many posts I haven't read. In google reader i look to the left and I just see a number...on feedly i have to constantly click the tag to check and then keep on refreshing (assuming i haven't visited another tag) - Zee.
Thank you Nick and of course Edwin - Zee.
zee, in feedly, you should see the number of unread articles per subscription in the right sidearea when you are on the digest or on the latest pages. Do you see those? - Edwin Khodabakchian
Edwin, do you mean after i've clicked a particular tag in the bar at the top? - Zee. from IM
this is what i see btw - Zee. from IM
I see...this is not should see something like in the past we had a pref knob to turn off the number of unread counts (some people were stressed/overwhelmed by those numbers). But I think we removed those..Something might be wrong in your preferences. I will check this evening and will get back to you with a plan to fix this problem. - Edwin Khodabakchian
oh no no, i'm a plonker's my fault.I didn't have my browser wide enough! I see them and definitely helpful. However, my main gripe is - i just need a quick way to view the number of unread posts in one category/tag no matter where I am in Feedly. So I think yeah, just an option number next to the tag/category in the top bar should do the trick - Zee. from IM
cool :-) I will think about this. In the meantime here is a work around: whenever you want to see the unread count information of the top ten categories, type gg and if you want to see all the other keyboard shortcuts, type ? - Edwin Khodabakchian
Feedly is rockin it. - John LeMasney
cool, thanks again Edwin. The GG is awesome except doesn't seem to update immediately as i go through the feeds or a short while after. For example, i just went through all my feeds in "tech updates", ReadWriteWeb then had an update - but if I press GG i see this: . It's only after i completely refresh the page manually that the GG numbers update - Zee.
That is a bug. There is no reason we should not update it in real-time. Will talk to the team and get is fixed this week. Thanks for the heads up! - Edwin Khodabakchian
sweet, cheers Edwin - Zee. from IM
Update: we looked into this. Our assumption is that you kept the gg "window" open while reading. Yes? If that is the case, we are going to auto-hide it when the user starts interacting with the main content. The temporary work around is to click on ESC to close the popup and retype gg to show it again. When it re-opens, you should get the accurate unread counts for each categories. - Edwin Khodabakchian
I love Feedly :D - PaperDoll
@zee: the refresh problem have been fixed in 1.2.196. You should get the patch next time you restart firefox. - Edwin Khodabakchian
Just came across its Friendfeed integration; pretty good stuff! Not sure why I disabled it...and now it's back to stay. - Neurario
Quesadilla equal proportion FAIL
LOL. They weren't even trying were they? - Anika
Ew, is that a finger i see? :P - ·[▪_▪]·
I bet they thought about it while they did it. I think they were trying. - @CrystalinaB
Totally messed up my hot sauce allocation, too. - Jandy
Do you guys wanna know what's worse? Look closely at the bag it came in. There are arrows that show exactly where to cut. This person was like, "YO, Screw that! LEROOOOOOOOOOOY JENKIIIIIIINS" - Rahsheen
LOL @Rah. - Anika
That always happens to me, too! - Rochelle
mmm, taco hell. so tasty. but oh no naughty - Melissa Janine
Rahsheen+++++. - Andrew Trinh
Nom. Kinda want now. O_o - Derrick
Sarah Perez
this is the gang sign for Twitter hashtags
LOL! That's geekcool, right there! - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
the crypts, the bloods and the tweet... don't mess with us! - Sean Reiser
*AHEM* I think that's called the #hashtagmafia and according to them "All your hashtags are belong to us" | I wouldn't cross them. They have an army. ;) - iamkhayyam
hilarious. - John LeMasney
totally stealing THAT - sofarsoShawn
On a serious note, I think hashtags may well become huge. Perhaps even the backbone of the Semantic Web. - Sean McBride
I use them in academic notation and so do my students as well, along with other twtitterisms - sofarsoShawn
HA! - Shey
it actually makes things clearer and more concise for the note taker at least, utnil it catches on - sofarsoShawn
sofarsoshawn -- #hashtags are at the very earliest stage of development; sort of like the earliest days of email and IP addresses. Universal #hashtag standards will eventually crystallize, I think. In many cases, they will replace email addresses. - Sean McBride
I don't think they'll ever replace email addresses because of the mechanism in how they work, could you imagine how nasty they're gonna get when corporations begin using them for contacts? In my old IT dept of 2 we had at least about 20 email accounts for different functions. - alphaxion
Wow, I haven't even got that far yet, let's say I notate "#Aristotle's Material cause" within a paragraph, doing that I know the whole paragraph then relates to Aristotle's Material Cause. Cuz yes sometimes you do forget to make nice neat outlines & titles - sofarsoShawn
alphaxion: picure this (without the braces) {#dannyboyle1msg Congratulations on winning Academy awards for best picture and best director.} I just sent an email to Danny Boyle without knowing his email address. Do you follow? The tag maps to the email address for the most famous Danny Boyle in the world, which is held in a database in which many email addresses are kept private. Or: #twitterwishlist this is a message to the Twitter developers. (One can send these email messages from any social media site.) - Sean McBride
sofarsoshawn -- do you teach philosophy? :) - Sean McBride
of course, that's guessing the correct tag.. what of a person with as common a name as "Chris Johnson". No, it can't beat the simplicity of domain.TLD. No need to cache the tag (bit before the @ in emails) because all you need to deliver is the root address. Also, it's adding a layer of abstraction that is so open to abuse - who gets to keep this database? how often is it updated? how is it replicated? why bother when DNS is already there? How would you handle error messages? - alphaxion
no, hashtags are a good way of tracking and highlighting info, very bad way of delivering messages and totally superfluous. Email as it is is broken, we don't need any more open and abusable systems as hashtagging is. Sadly I don't think there is a way we can beat email for its simplicity, they've been looking for the best part of 15 to 20 years! - alphaxion
The 1 in #dannyboyle1 is referring to the most famous Danny Boyle on the planet. #dannyboylemovies might also work. What's the point? One can quickly send a message to many parties around the world from any social media system and without knowing specific email addresses. People will *pay* to use such a system -- wait and see. - Sean McBride
#alphaxionfriendfeedmsg hello, dude. // You would decide to which email address this message is automatically delivered, and it might be hidden from the public. - Sean McBride
as I said, how would the infrastructure work? it's easy to say "hashtags will replace email" but try to think on how you'd implement that. Also, what may seem logical to you might mean something totally different to another person (symantics ;) ). #dannyboyle1 to me just looks like someone who didn't get in quick enough to get #dannyboyle. Also, how would that data be passed on? how is it any better than the current method of SMTP relays? - alphaxion
than there's the issue of traffic - imagine the horrific flow of spam that would relate to people resubmitting messages with hashtags, how would you combat an even greater flow of spam than email already gets? Also, how would you tell the difference between a search hashtag and one linked to an email address? which also means you've not replaced email, you've just opened it up to more messages than ever /golfclap - alphaxion
urgh.. such a horrible addressing scheme. Is it any better than or email addresses are structured so you can understand it better. [tag]@[domain].[tld] gives you so much more info as to what is going on than #alphaxionspamclearinghouse. How would you implement things such as relay restriction so people can't flood someones mailbox off the net? - alphaxion
#hashtags won't replace email addresses; they will supplement them. The 1 convention (or whatever conventions) will be defined by fiat, and consonant with consensus culture (like many Internet standards and rules). A central global company will be established to manage hashtags (like domain names) and their mappings to (often private) email addresses. - Sean McBride
there would be no idea whether or not you've just sent a message to someone or made tracking an event/person/whatever easier for indexing. If I typo a hashtag there's nothing to inform me that my efforts are to be noticed beyond my reviewing and then correcting myself. - alphaxion
The main advantage of hashtags over email addresses is that one will be able to make a reasonably good guess about the correct hashtag to get a message to a recipient, without visiting any email directories or opening up a mail reader. Really fast, simple and ubiquitous. - Sean McBride
Awesome. - Iain Baker
I don't see it working, email runs better than hashtags ever hope to for the purpose of delivering messages. For indexing & helping to track something or someone, sure they're already working out brilliantly & I do see there being a greater cross referencing of them in social sites. But messaging is something they're simply not up to the job of doing. Too convoluted, too hard to police/manage & totally redundant over & above the systems already in place. hashtags to email translation would suffocate in spam - alphaxion
I disagree. This is going to happen. You need to start thinking outside the existing categories and structures of messaging. Email is so last century for much of the messaging we do. Much too cumbersome and clunky. - Sean McBride
I did say that it is broken - on the mail server I used to manage we had a legitimate mail rate of about 1% of all messages. Looking at your suggestion of hashtags from a systems perspective it is doomed to failure cause it's worse than emails. They've been searching for a replacement since the 90's, but it remains because it is still the best system around. I hope you're right that hashtags will replace it, but I'm afraid it just doesn't stack up when you look at it. I've given you reasons why. - alphaxion
Again: not replace; *supplement*. It just needs to work well enough to make it useful. Call it instant messaging with fuzzy addressing to anyone in the world. - Sean McBride
Again, how would you police it? what kind of server daemons are required to parse, check the entry against the "database" and then inform the sender that they failed, especially when there's no real return address? Would you pay for the bandwidth wasted with millions of spam that would be generated. I sure as hell wouldn't link my email address to a hashtag and I don't know of any sane person that would. - alphaxion
alphaxion -- if you have a public email address, you have already left yourself wide open to spammers. I don't understand your point. And many smart spammers can guess your email address even when you make an effort to keep it private. - Sean McBride
I've questioned your prediction on an infrastructure level, a user level (it's not easier to guess a tag or decern what it means), a symantic level (how do you tell the difference between a search or a message hashtag?) and on a pure abuse level. could you imagine the flood when you mix it with things like retweets? You'd be making messaging so much harder, I'd simply block anything coming from a hashtag on my spamfilter and never have them pollute. The provider of hashtag messaging would be blacklisted. - alphaxion
I'm with you on the propagation of hashtags for the purpose of indexing and searching across multiple sites, but for messaging it's a dead end and a waste of bandwidth. How about the most simple part of message sending - error handling. How would you handle the failure of delivery of your hashtag message and inform the sender? could it tell a typo from a search tag? what if the link between hashtag database server and email address is broken? what about errors coming from the SMTP server? - alphaxion
yup political philosophy, but the logic is there - sofarsoShawn
alphaxion -- you're too bogged down in small technical details and missing the big picture, I think. For instance, a company/service might specialize in scraping and collecting social media for messages like this (without the braces) {#friendfeedwishlist please provide a list view of Friendfeed posts} and forwarding them to whatever email address Friendfeed chooses. You are making this... more... - Sean McBride
@Sean exactly why it works so good with informal notation: you can put the hashtag anywhere in the paragraph and it still supplies the telos/expanans as to what the para consists of - sofarsoShawn
But a system will live or die by how it is implemented. What you are suggesting will die on its arse. You're totally avoiding any talk on how a system is implemented and giving out generic "it'd be good if this happened" dreams. As someone with nearly 10 years of experience running infrastructure like this I'm telling you, as a means of message delivery it will fail. - alphaxion
alphaxion -- I can remember a time when many leading information experts insisted that I was quite stupid to believe that the Internet, HTML, the World Wide Web, hypertext, hypermedia, search engines, etc. would develop into world revolutionary technologies. I've never gone wrong in trusting my intuitions, instincts and imagination. Where there is a strong vision, the technology will catch up to implement it. - Sean McBride
sofarshawn -- right; that's the beauty thing about ultra-simple semantic markup; you can do it on the fly with an elementary text editor, and without much thought. But one acquires enormous data mining leverage. #hashtags are probably the absolute most simple convention for adding semantic markup to documents and document elements. One can't get more minimal. Minimalism rocks. - Sean McBride
thing is, those technologies you have mentioned had been brewing away for years - I remember using BBS services and IRC in the 90's and thinking "this is gonna be big.. but it needs improve and evolve first". Much of what we use today can be directly mapped to older technologies (forums spawning from newsgroups for example). But messaging via hashtagging is not one of them. You keep avoiding technical discussion and replacing it with vague replies and dreams. - alphaxion
What's vague about suggesting that brief messages can be marked up with #hashtags that can be standardized, scraped, collected, mapped and forwarded to email addresses? - Sean McBride
LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL gangster geeks! Never thought I'd see the day! - Adriana
@Adriana: Phear the geekstas, j0 ;D - Daniel Bruce
alphaxion: this is what I am thinking about: what if I could address messages and notes from my favorite text editor to any destination on the Internet using simple #hashtags? I know, I'm just dreaming. - Sean McBride
Hehehehe, great one! ;p - Zu from AOD
Don't we all. ;) - John LeMasney
@ John LeMasney - yes, indeed! - Stephanie Hicks
Calif. artist sues AP over image of Obama - Yahoo! News -
Calif. artist sues AP over image of Obama - Yahoo! News
"NEW YORK – An artist who created a famous image of Barack Obama before he became president sued The Associated Press on Monday, asking a judge to find that his use of an AP photo in creating the poster did not violate copyright law." - jho from Bookmarklet
Watching the tweets about this on Twitter Search, I am disturbed by the level of misunderstanding about what constitutes fair use. The following is what I have been able to find so far. - jho
1. Fair use is not a right, it is an "affirmative defense" against copyright infringement and has to meet a strict set of criteria in order to be used. - jho
2. Idee did an analysis of the photograph and concluded that the picture used was virtually identical i.e. it is likely the Fairey image was traced and not an interpretation. - jho
3. Fairey is not too happy when others parody his work. There has to be a consistent ruling. Fairey can not have it both ways. - jho
4. It is not clear that the AP has copyright over the image as Mannie Garcia was a "temporary hire". Work for hire may apply here depending on what paperwork, if any that Garcia signed. From an interview with Mannie, "I was a temporary hire, filling in for a staffer at the AP. It is my understanding that I was neither a freelancer nor a staffer, but rather a temporary hire. I have never been an AP staff employee, and no, I have never signed an AP contract." - jho
Great analysis. If, indeed, Garcia falls under traditional 'work for hire' status, that image is AP's, plain and simple. And if it's AP's image, as far as I'm concerned, Fairey's a freeloader. - Bob M. Montgomery from twhirl
Just looking at the comments on Twitter, I see quite a few people rooting for Fairey because he is being perceived as "the little guy". Unfortunately, that is not the right reason to base judgement on. It is important to protect intellectual property in a reasonable and consistent manner. - jho
5. Apparently, the Fair Use Project @ Stanford has decided to represent Fairey and is now soliciting a "fair use" case. - jho
6. "Affirmative defense means that, in litigation on copyright infringement, the defendant bears the burden of raising and proving that his use was "fair" and not an infringement. " - jho
7. Somewhat related: Creative Commons and Photography. Read the various scenarios. - jho
@hodgman remind me to never let you perform brain surgery on me. well done on BSG, regardless ;)
Heh, the FriendFeed "like" tag became "love" today... ;) - Jason Wong
it was a little hard to take him seriously as a brain surgeon - all the same love your work the Hodgman :) - ben rogers from twhirl
crazy episode, huh? - Josh Haley
They're doing the series ending exceptionally well. Cheers, Hodgman. - John LeMasney
Dave Winer
A Successful Failure - Fail Whale - -
A Successful Failure - Fail Whale -
"Yiying Lu, an artist and a designer in Sydney, Australia, has made a number of appealing illustrations, many featuring animals. But one image in her portfolio is far more likely to be familiar to at least some of you than any of the others: the one depicting a peaceful whale held aloft by a small flock of birds." - Dave Winer from Bookmarklet
Dobromir Hadzhiev
Robert Scoble
New Feedly combines Google Reader, friendfeed, Twitter in great way for social network addicts -
Here's the video I did yesterday with Edwin who shows me what Feedly is all about. Edwin talks about the real time web (Steve Gillmor alert) and demos the latest. - Robert Scoble
This is really great. I tried Feedly when it was released around the FF 3.0 release and struggled with it's magazine metaphor. I was very much used to the inbox metaphor of google reader. However, the new real-time search integration with Friendfeed and Twitter is amazing. It has really become a conversation awareness tool for browsing. - Dave Senior
Used Feedly before. Gonna have to give it a look again. The idea of everything in one place is very appealing. - Paul Wade
Not to mention the great little Feedly mini bar at the bottom of every page - easy to share, tweet, email whatever you find - even outside of Feedly. INtegration with delicious, tumblr, google reader, friendfeed - it's fantastic - James Hull
Just to add here to the love - the documentation is kind of confusing at first. There are a ton of great shortcut keystrokes that I've been able to find - 'd' while reading an article, automatically opens up the delicious tagging extension (if you have it installed) - 'gg' will open a window with quick access to your feeds, and so on - James Hull
I love feedly use it all the time especially the new features - Kim Landwehr
Cool. I got here from the Feedly mini that popped up while I was reading Scoble's blog post about this. - Tom Landini
I really want it to figure out the most popular posts for me though. The digest should show conversations like Kosmix does, based on my FF/twitter/digg/reddit friends. - Brandon Titus
gonna have to give this a try asap - andy brudtkuhl
Been having fun playing with the new Feedly mini. Not working consistently on sites, and I have yet to click a link in Twitter and have the Twitter integration kick in. Still a very nice little tool. - Sean Brady
Feedly is very good. I just wish I could use it on Safari. - Louis Gray
Sean: re: consistency. we are adding a button to manually pop up in the cases where the metadata does not pass the "interesting" bar. Regarding twitter, can you please open a bug on and let us know which twitter page you are clicking through from and if you have any other twitter extension which might interfere with the topic detection and we will track the issue down. - Edwin Khodabakchian
thank you Louis! Today reminded me of the launch you helped us detonate back on June 16th (and hope that we have learned our lessons and nothing will backfire this time!). Thank again for the initial push! - Edwin Khodabakchian
My social network workflow is a recursive loop of images and information that now passes between >> Feedly - Tweetdeck - Friendfeed << Feedly has become a keystone. - Brad Kligerman
For me, Greader is to Feedly as Twitter is to Friendfeed. Rss stream provides the data source, its inertia, but it requires another workflow modality to actually begin to understand its dense, complex meaning. - Brad Kligerman
completely automatic - if you're already signed in to those services. Freaked me out at first - but then loved it. - James Hull
use feedly since some monthes and LOVE it! Reading much more feeds since using it. Its much more "sexy" to go through the feeds now and easy share+discuss - natadd from twhirl
If you're looking for the Feedly mini-bar at the bottom, try opening a new window, I've found sometimes that helps to show it. Plus, I think it only comes up on feeds that you're subscribed to, or something like that. AGain, it's not perfectly clear. The buttons for sharing with friendfeed and twitter on individual posts should appear below each headline... - James Hull
How did I get 5 hours behind the eight ball on this?? Awesome, thanks Robert! - Phil Glockner
Feedly is excellent and the team work really hard to put in new features every week, and then release it! - Scott Davies
I can't quite see what is new, we already have add ons that do these things - what am I missing? - Iphigenie
will have to look it up, don't use firefox much anymore - but I had add ons for sharing, finding, looking up things like digg popularity - there's glue and Shareaholic and stumble upon and I forgot some of the other names. The only really new thing is the friendfeed stats, and I am of mixed feelings about it, because I wonder what effect tens of thousands of people doing a friendfeed search for every web page they visit will have on the cost and performance of the service? - Iphigenie
It's confused me so far - Richard A.
I'm reading this inside Feedly right now. Couldn't imagine keeping track of all the news without it. Hope it comes to Google Chrome. - Kris Haamer
@joelle. nice you meet you. Next time you are in the San Francisco Bay area and have some time, please give us a heads up and we will be happy to both show you how feedly is different and is built differently. - Edwin Khodabakchian
@edwin thanks for that - although I doubt I'll be in the area soon unless i get a surprise recruitment of some sort, being in Europe. Now I can see the interest of feedly as a well integrated and featured feed page/reader, I think, it's just some of the claims in this thread were a bit... much :D - Iphigenie
The "much" part is probably due to the euphoria of the launch (and Robert's touch!). But if you do a search for feedly on twitter you will notice that different people like/dislike different aspects of the experience (which allows us to continuously learn and improve it). If you have the chance, next time you have firefox up and running try the twitter sharing/re-tweeting feature of never know, you might be surprised! - Edwin Khodabakchian
Just because you have taken the time to explain I will install firefox and give it a good whirl :D - the only ff i have at the moment is ff2 on the linux mininote, so i need to install ff3 somewhere - Iphigenie
I've been trying it since yesterday. Impressed with flexibility and ease of use. Mini is great for forwarding to others. - Joe Buhler from twhirl
and of course the twitter posting. - Joe Buhler from twhirl
Twitter has fallen Angel Falls in my eyes, and not in the fun Base jumping way. - Richard A.
Didn't even realize it until the recommendations started popping up in Google Reader .... Cool Stuff. Congrats Edwin ... again - Charlie Anzman
Jason Calacanis
Jason last one.... Star Trek Superbowl ad is out... this has lots of new footage yes?
Time lapse of a baby playing with his toys -
Time lapse of a baby playing with his toys
That is hilariously cute! - Fee501st
I can like videos of babies and not want to push one out, can't I? I mean, SERIOUSLY. - Veronica
cute and clever!! - mark
I like how he gets stuck under the chair at the end. - rønin
I'm 33 years old with no children yet. I'm also an only child. You haven't seen baby fever until you talk to my parents. - Paul Reynolds
i like it when he plays with the box on the left - Veronica
reminds me of a little worm! - Fee501st
As a father of an 8 month old, I can say unequivocally, that your child is highly focused. - John LeMasney
i ain't that baby's momma! - Veronica
^ lol - Fee501st
Charles Edward... what an awesome name, if I say so myself. ;-) - Carlos Granier-Phelps
LOLz - The Dude Dean
Its my belief that this isn't timelapse, rather a baby amped on Red Bull - No Name from twhirl
The best parts are where the baby isn't playing with anything, just sort of idly lying on his back/stomach - Mike Nayyar
David Lee King
@BingFutch hey! You need to visit your library (but then, I'm biased cause I work in one)
Dearest FriendFeeders! I once again must call upon your supreme geekiness to help me choose a "Website We Just Can't Get Enough Of" for Tekzilla this week! Must be "useful, fun, or incredibly interesting!"
that's dangerous.... - Live4Emma (L4S) - Outsanity
I'm hooked on tonight - Shawn Farner - Louis Gray
I find fun and interesting. - Outsanity! Especially good in this economy! - Jason Wong
FreeTalkLive (, FriendFeed, Kongregate (, [wait...nevermind, that's a failure] - Ⓐ ☠ slayerboy ☠ Ⓐ
friendfeed & socialmedian - Michael Fidler from twhirl :-) - Jesse Stay - Mitch
I second the friendfeed pick itself as well. - Mauricio - pretty new service for techbloggers. It's just gathering product reviews from experts. - Sascha Pallenberg - Michael McGimpsey from twhirl Useful, fun _and_ incredibly interesting - ·[▪_▪]· the podcast about FriendFeed by FriendFeeders. - Josh Haley great website to have fun with in a tight economy... - Ryan
bah.. its my bad - Ryan
fun free flash games. embeddable on social networks. - sɹǝɥʇɐǝɟʞɔɐןq - Zee. from twhirl It's simple and very useful! (at least for me) - Dan V is a great website on many how to's - Michael Johnson
Have you covered Grooveshark yet? - Bryce Roney
vimeo - Michael Fidler from twhirl
Have you done Its like Last,fm for apps, it track what apps you use, and how much time you wasted using them :p my stats has example - Fee501st
Streaming my tracks on - Eric Hildreth
Before I go out on a date, I ask the woman I'm dating if she'll post what outfit she'll wear on - barce
Making timelines on - Benjamin Garrett
Watching people on - Megan - Jonathon (and it uses OpenID EXCLUSIVELY!) - Ari Braginsky - Alex specialized social networking, combining tech with books - Robert Anstett
twitter taste live. #ttl - John LeMasney
Kol Tregaskes
Very odd! - Kol Tregaskes
There's only one point for this gun and that's suicide. What a waste of metal. At least rope can be reused... - Chris Charabaruk
I shouted out to o/h "backwards gun". He just shouted back "nug". Duh! - Vicky
Mona Nomura
Problem: Who should I pray to? I am Buddhist (by default) Context: inauguration. Question: Separation of Church and State.
anyone you like...or to no's your right, girl! :-) - Live4Emma (L4S)
My thoughts too. Didn't Buddha say "Be a lamp unto yourselves." :) - iTad
Question: Why do you need to pray at all? - Matt Frog
They just recited the "Our Father who art in heaven" ... - Mona Nomura from IM
Steve Jobs is always a popular choice nowadays. Or Dick Gere. - Will Higgins™
You think and remind yourself of the Dhamma/Dharma. It's not praying but works the same way I guess. - The Fat Oracle
OMG Aretha sounds a little unfortunate. - Mona Nomura from IM
singing in 20 degree weather is not easy - Josh Haley
Does Buddhism have prayer? I thought it was meditation. - Morton Fox
It's chanting - a prayer like ritual, definitely not meditation. - Mona Nomura from IM
You don't pray. I'm Atheist and i simply don't pray. But do reflect on the intent. - ·[▪_▪]·
Am I the only one who thinks it's bizarre to pray during the inauguration? Is it like... the Pledge of Allegiance? - Mona Nomura from IM
I'm surprised that they have a prayer by one religion at a U.S. Inauguration when there is supposed to be a separation of church and state. - Thomas Hawk
Separation of church and state ONLY means there is no state required religion as England had at the time of the revolution. - Shamir Katsu
I think Tad's "lamp" quote is perfect. I identify very closely with Buddhism.. I call myself a Zig Zag Zen Buddhist (hm, that ought to be on my 25 list). I don't think the word "prayer" is the right one; the English meaning of the word "prayer" just doesn't fit in a Buddhist context. - Anthony Citrano
I am not surprised Thomas because old customs die hard. - Andrés David Aparicio
You NY/CA people need to remember that a lot of us (definitely a majority) at least claim to believe in a God who hears and answers prayers, so it's not "bizarre" at all in light of the history of America. - Kevin L
Isn't there a thing as separation of church and state? - Mona Nomura
I don't know. The Courts ruled that the City of SF had to either take down a cross on Mt. Davidson or sell the land. They sold the land. Surprised that would be the case but they could hold a clear Christian ceremony in inaugurating the President. - Thomas Hawk
Prayers in public places always seem a little strange to me. I'm not against them but feel like they alienate people - Tamara, #TeamMarina
@Thomas: it's been a difficult relationship from the start. Read some of Alexander Hamilton's musings on the subject; revealing that they, even then, knew not how best to deal with that... in a way it posed a similar governance challenge as slavery. - Anthony Citrano
I am little baffled... - Mona Nomura
If they were swearing in someone of a different faith, it should be acceptable that they allow their faith to be represented. Separation of church and state doesn't mean removing each individual's beliefs and practice of it. It means the laws we create must be applicable to all without preference to any faith. - ·[▪_▪]·
Pray to whoever or whatever will give you the answers you seek. And if that means nobody, or nothing, or yourself, or google, then so be it. - April Russo (FForever!)
But at the inauguration? - Mona Nomura from IM
In the last year, there was a plaque with the 10 commandments or some other religious "statement" that was removed from a county courthouse in PA. The reasoning was the separation of church and state. So it surprises me that there would be a prayer at the inauguration. - Rob Diana
I am seriously, still baffled... - Mona Nomura from IM
Hmm well because of my confusion of putting my head down in prayer, I am now disconnected. Appreciate your input, but respect my opinion please. - Mona Nomura from IM
Marsh v. Chambers 463 USC 783 (1983) is generally cited as an authority on prayers and legislative acts (such as an inaugural). - Andrew Leyden
Thanks for the judgmental comments, appreciated. - Mona Nomura from IM
Trish, do not forget how strong some people's religious beliefs are. Those beliefs are a big part of the reason that GWB was elected. - Rob Diana
Mona: if you ask with a humble heart and with true intent, you will receive guidance - Morgan
The separation of church and state was never meant to exclude religion entirely, just to prevent the government from preferring one over another. Anyway, blame FDR, he started the tradition of the inaugural prayer. - Victor Ganata
@monasfeed while i can understand it might be uncomfortable when it seems everyone around you is praying, i'm not forced to pray with them but i still respect that it's their belief. I think the President should be allowed to have his faith represented during the ceremony. The actual Oath is where the laws come to play and his oath is to protect the Constitution. - ·[▪_▪]·
I am not looking to blame anyone, nor have I said anything negative. All I stated was the prayer portion confused me and I felt disconnected. I feel like I have to apologize for feeling the way I am feeling and expressing it. I am not apologizing for expressing myself but I will apologize if I offended anyone. - Mona Nomura
I'm a Buddhist who prays. Does it matter to whom? - Kenley Neufeld
It was the Lord's prayer. But I am going to sing the National Anthem now. - Mona Nomura from IM
You shouldn't have to apologize. Even though I was raised Catholic, I still feel alienated by it. I'm just not into public displays of religion. The inaugural prayer was an invention of the 20th century. If people want to talk about tradition, we should get rid of it. - Victor Ganata
I'm with you. The religion in this ceremony is a bit much. He was the most openly religious of the Dem candidates, I shouldn't be surprised. - Rob H.
This is the very first inauguration I've seen. I've learned a lot. I think I tend to forget, our country is based on religion. I am not singling out our new President. - Mona Nomura from IM
Mona, don't apologize for your beliefs. I feel excluded in things like that as well, considering I am Apatheist. But I've learned to just let people get on with it and think happy thoughts in the mean time. It's a ritual that gives them comfort and solace. They won't ever understand my point of view. I am just glad that Obama actually mentioned "non-believers" as part of the make-up of the country in his speech. That gives me some validation. - Lindsay
First one I've seen too, Mona. Mind you Obama did acknowledge that this country is made of non-believers as well as believers. - Sally Church
Personally, I have a suspicion that Obama isn't particularly religious... that most of his participation in church is necessary because he wouldn't be accepted by the majority of Americans if he expressed no faith, or non-Christian faith. So I think he takes great pains to "prove" to them that he is religious by insisting on things like the prayer. That's just my observation, may be false, but also helps head off rumors that he is Muslim or GASP even Atheist. - Lindsay
did not know what apatheist was until today. I learned something new today, thanks Lindsay. :) - Jason Shultz from twhirl
I think, despite his obvious pandering, that he is not himself all that religious: he's gone over the top because of all that "secret Muslim" nonsense. But the "religiosity" was really painful for me too. - Jeffrey Canton
I am not criticizing or judging our new President - and I think it is great that he included the non-believers. I was just confused at the inclusion of so much religion in our country, since I never sat down to think about it. The Constitution, the Pledge, et al., were all things I memorized. - Mona Nomura from IM
@Jason - no problem. I made up that term several years ago, started a group or two online for it, then found out that I wasn't the only one who'd coined it. At least a couple of other people had before I thought of it. :) - Lindsay
@Mona N.: I appreciate the question, it was worth asking. I hope all this encourages you to not only memorize the Constituation but to think about and understand it. I believe it is an important thing to do as and American. I keep a copy of the Constitution on my IPhone to look at once in a while. - ChiliMac
I'm of the opinion that the overt injection of religion into the public sphere is a (relatively) recent thing. If you look to the founding fathers, they were very careful about separating church and state. Maybe someday, we can get back to our roots. - Victor Ganata
Lindsay - thanks for sharing your thoughts. I learn for you (and everyone else everyday) ChiliMac - Agreed. I need to re-educate myself on the core of our government, since I let my thoughts overtake emotion and symbolism. Shame on me. Victor - A-MEN!! ... Oh, the irony... ;) - Mona Nomura
Pray yourself (mediation maybe), when you know yourself, you start to know everyone else ( has it all, start networking with yourself before networking with others) - Olivier
Now I look forward to the day that a non-Christian can be elected to the highest office in the land. - Victor Ganata
Yes, Victor, that will be the next major milestone... well, that or having a woman elected (I am 100% sure there will be a woman before a non-Christian, though). - Lindsay
Obama couldn't get elected otherwise. Package deal. - Oldengrey (Jay)
Send good vibes - whether it's a God or the universe, that's what prayer is all about. Bringing the powers that control this universe to send good will in the direction of those you love and yourself. - Jesse Stay
I respect your views and beliefs, Jesse, but prayer does not equate that to me... I grew up in a household far from religious (more ritualistic) and in a world extremely separated from religion. - Mona Nomura from fftogo
@mona can you say more? you have me curious. - Jason Shultz from twhirl
Jason - sure, be glad to share. Not in front of computer - will address when I get back. But ask away. - Mona Nomura from fftogo
I was just curious as to what kind of beliefs? When you say non religious do you mean it was more like wiccan or mythological? - Jason Shultz from twhirl
@Jason, not to answer for Mona, but she mentioned she was Buddhist. Buddhists don't believe in god (if anything, the belief is more that everyone is a small part of a higher consciousness, so you are a part of "god") ... most Buddhists are spiritual, but not the kind of spiritual where they pray to anything. And in general Buddhists don't evangelize, since they say that everyone is really a Buddhist (or actually, a buddha!) but just may not realize it yet. - Lindsay
I'm certainly not the expert on Buddhism, but I've watched Tad move into that faith and if I had to pick a religion that would be the one I'd pick. I like a lot of the concepts of Zen Buddhism and find a great perspective in them for understanding the world and people. - Lindsay
I've never felt comfortable having to participate in prayer or the Pledge of Allegiance. - Rodfather
Pray as you belief.. follow your instinct :) - Neya
@rod - the best part is the social irony of kids being FORCED to participate in the Pledge ritual. it's a teentsy bit Hitler-youthy. - Anthony Citrano
@Anthony: After a while, I just went silent on the 'Under God' part. I don't mind a moment of silence.., but whenever pray was mentioned, I felt out of place. - Rodfather
"Under God" is also a recent interpolation. They stuck that in in the 1950s. Getting rid of it would be truer to the founding fathers. - Victor Ganata
+1 victor - Anthony Citrano
I don't understand your point, charleymarley. - Mona Nomura from IM
The issue is with inconsistencies. Victor makes some excellent points here. :) To add, this was my first inauguration and was caught off guard when The Lord's Prayer was included. Not a big deal, but thanks for your comment. :) - Mona Nomura from IM
Everyone's input is welcome on my feed, as long as you're not a jerk or resort to personal attacks. ;) Back to the topic at hand, even if our country is based on religion, religion is not incorporated in our everyday lives, unless we are conscious of it ie: Pledge of Allegiance, Constitution, et al., which is different than a lot of countries abroad. - Mona Nomura
Sarah Lane
Dropped my very fave tea mug on the floor. Shattered into a million little pieces. Any day besides today I'd be extremely troubled by this.
Jennifer Leggio
FriendFeeders - Streaming the inauguration? Chatting via social network? Please let me know ASAP your tech experiences, good or bad. For an article going up in a few hours.
watching it on CNN. - Thomas Hawk
Live on BBC in the UK. - Rich
Watching it on CNN as well, working very well from Colombia - Juan Pablo González went down? Ugh! - Hutch Carpenter
i participated in a discussion and watched a play-by-play at - Randy Ksar
watching on hulu. video is out of sync with the audio by a couple of minutes by my measure. - Jason Shultz from twhirl
I'm watching on MSNBC.COM but also have the cnn/facebook page up. - Phil Glockner & Facebook worked very well, and made for a great social experience. - John LeMasney
the problem with CNN/Facebook is that many schools block it, so it wasn't available to a great number of kids and students. - Jason Shultz from twhirl
Thanks guys -- Any more comments now that Obama's speech is over? - Jennifer Leggio
hulu choked under pressure. - Jason Shultz from twhirl
they nearly all failed. Couldn't get on CNN. Hulu was choppy and often out of sync. MSNBC was delayed, Livestation's website kept timing out (I don't have the app on my laptop, so I needed to download it). Overall: lots of fail - Duncan Riley
Its been good so far. We watched the inauguration on my Macbook Pro at work on - Mathew™ aka Youngblood
I was watching CSPAN's live stream. They are using Mogulus, which I though was interesting. Did fine up until about 21000 people hit, then it started stuttering. I moved over to my ABC HD feed. - Lee Adkins
Watching Fox News stream; got a little bit choppy when the swearing-in started, but other than that it was fine - Andrew Terry
Watched the event downstairs in the largest conference room on a projector. - Steven Perez
Switched to satellite after CBS online and CNN online crapped out in the beginning here - Charlie Anzman
Amazing - Michael Fidler from twhirl
Everything lagged on me - andy brudtkuhl
Watched via Hulu from Canada. Ok at first then audio/video badly out of sync. CNN was full until after the main event. Watching the live followup on CNN now. - Dylan Parker
I watched the entire thing via the NYT live feed on my iMac without a glitch. - Phil Boiarski
Dave Morin
200,000+ status updates, 3,000 comments per minute, and 13.9 million live video streams via Facebook Connect + CNN!
(Dave runs Facebook's developer platform team). - Robert Scoble
Wow! Hurray for FaceBook and technology! Hurray CNN! Hurray USA! :) - iTad
Anthony Citrano
Idea of the Day: Lift Restrictions on Federal Stem Cell Funding | Center for American Progress -
Idea of the Day: Lift Restrictions on Federal Stem Cell Funding | Center for American Progress
"It is time for the United States to stake its claim as the world leader in regenerative medicine, which promises to become a vital component of the cutting edge of life sciences research and innovation in the 21st century." - Anthony Citrano
Adam Lasnik
Google Profiles are getting more interesting. Mine: & yours:
Have any of you done much with your Google profile? Why or why not? - Adam Lasnik
I've got my pictures pointing at: which means my profile: only shows photos of me. - Adewale Oshineye
Also there's an interesting thread about this here: - Adewale Oshineye
Wow, he posted that less than 24 hours ago. Interesting how we were both thinking about this around the same time. Thanks for the pointer :) - Adam Lasnik
huh, wonder why goog/yhoo have now decided that profile pages are the next hot thing? A little late for facebook envy isn't it? - Adam Kazwell
Well, Adam, this is a bit of a digression, but... we're talking the tech world. I don't think there's such a thing as "too late." When Google came along, people were like, yeah, you've got to be kidding, we've got alta vista! Same for Facebook (after MySpace). In some cases, multiple services/offerings co-exist quite happily. But in the tech world, nothing is static. I don't think there's a "That's the way things'll always be" in reality with this stuff ;) - Adam Lasnik
yeah, I agree about nothing being just seems like the updated offerings from the big guns could have been done a while ago (whereas google search required a pretty big leap in technology). Yahoo's definitely been miss-firing for a while now on trying to create a social network/profile page, and it's interesting to see Google get involved too. Also, looking at the updated Google profile pages, I can't help but see it evolving into something similar to Friendfeed :) - Adam Kazwell
Hey, Jérôme, that's a neat idea, thanks! And btw, I probably shouldn't have been so cryptic. As Lifehacker notes - - you can now add your contact info and decide who gets to see it. And Adam, I do see your points. One thing that I like about where tech has been moving lately, though, is the openness. Friendfeed's API is darn cool, and I'm proud that Google's also been doing a pretty good job of making info accessible. - Adam Lasnik
Wow, I knew they'd made changes but not that they were that drastic. Awesome! - Jaemi Kehoe
Thanks Adam! Very cool to know. I never knew that there was such a thing as a Google profile. - Troy Malone
Adam - never knew that Google had profiles. Very cool. I will fill mine out soon. Thanks! - Troy Malone
Filled mine out. Am both impressed and slightly afraid that as I kept adding links to me around the web, it magically found more on its own. - Jaemi Kehoe
Troy, you're very welcome! Jaemi, that surprised me, too, but I hope people find it more cool'n'useful than creepy (Google just finds this by matching public usernames and the like... doesn't have access to any info you haven't made public :). - Adam Lasnik
@Jaemi and Adam: Its more than just username matching, that is the Social Graph API at work. It works by using XFN and FOAF data built into your various profiles around the web. You can read about it here: - EricaJoy
Erica, thanks! And I know that FOAF = Friend of a Friend, but can you remind me / us what XFN is? - Adam Lasnik
@Adam XFN = XHTML Friends Network....I thought the mysteriously appearing links were quite cool. It's almost like conjuring oneself with the click of a button! - Jaemi Kehoe
@Erica - thanks :) That is a wickedly cool API. - Jaemi Kehoe
See this is why I already love these profile things... I just learned that you're a fellow music-geek, Jaemi! w00t! Edited to add: I think it's also amazing that you either wear the same shirt everyday or have more than 42 orange shirts :P - Adam Lasnik
Adam: Yeah, huge music geek. Can't live without my piano, and try to keep playing my clarinet. Great outlets...can't really be beat. As for the sweater...that's the "New Haircut" album so they were all in one sitting...though I do have quite a few orange tops in my wardrobe. :) - Jaemi Kehoe
Just an observation: Seems like we have become unafraid of stalkers. One of the first rules of the Internet used to be, "never post your phone number on the www." - BEX
BEX, that's an interesting observation indeed. There's obviously a lot deeper stuff societally at play, but two related observations *I'll* share: now it seems like nearly everyone has callerID, so it's much easier to ignore people. Same with filters on e-mail. But I think Friendster et al have done a lot to push the boundaries. Also, note that this isn't a global thing; people in Germany, for instance, seem much more reserved about sharing personal info with others. - Adam Lasnik
@Adam I can understand the reservations of people in Germany. It wasn't that long ago that seemingly personal information was used for some significant evil there. - EricaJoy
I -love- Google job titles. - Jaemi Kehoe
Very good point. And on a more lighthearted note, you realize you're gonna have many people amazed at how you got your Google profile on your own domain :P - Adam Lasnik
Thanks for some insight Adam. Oh and to answer your question - I didn't know about Google Profiles or at least I didn't know that people were using them. - BEX
What, no aliases? Am I really to be known as Google ID #113336132306833757874 ? - Alan Cheslow
@Adam It's nothing special, just some dreamhost subdomain + iframe trickery. - EricaJoy
I know, Erica, I viewed source :D. And on an unrelated note... when threads get this long (which is cool, don't get me wrong)... shouldn't there be an "add reply" or "add yet another comment" link at the bottom so we don't have to scroll up? - Adam Lasnik
Adam, that probably made way too much sense to have occurred to anyone. Perils of being a geek: you sometimes arrive at dead simple dead last. - Jaemi Kehoe
Very cool.. this is how my profile looks: I have also linked this to the Contact tab on - Asfaq
This is how the social graph is supposed to work. I entered my blog URL and was immediately presented with a list of all the other sites on which I have a profile(well, all the ones I've deliberately connected to my online identity). It took 3 minutes to set up, and I took time to answer the silly questions. - Mr. Gunn
I've built up my Google Profile, because it's the most likely way for people to find me. It just sits there, waiting for people to Google me. ;) - John LeMasney
John, you sound Google-lonely. - Mr. Gunn
Google "Adam Lasnik google profile" and I get, not the profile you posted - charmgene
Yep. You should notice some resemblance, though :P. The former one is my personal profile, the latter, my work profile. ([me] vs. [me] - Adam Lasnik
How do you get that cool "Verified name" tag? - John Mueller
Ah, that's from verifying against my mobile phone or credit card (no charge) at - Adam Lasnik
Ahh, cool. I wonder if that works for furreners too :-) - John Mueller
Are "Google Profiles" new ? Or is it a case of people only just discovering them. - Marcus Beagley
@ian It depends on the user how much information they make available online. For instance your linkedin page reveals a lot of detailed data about you and so does your CV. How would you modify the Profile page to be more resistant to attempts at identity theft given that a lot of this information is already publicly available? - Adewale Oshineye
"Name Verification is still an experimental feature. It has about a 50% success rate in the United States and is not generally available outside the U.S. " -- (heh, feels trustworthy. not.) - John Mueller
Heh, it is frustrating, John, but still worth a shot; nothing to lose :) - Adam Lasnik
Steve Isaacs
BSG and Inaugural Excitement on Vimeo -
BSG and Inaugural Excitement on Vimeo
You put 08 instead of 09 lol =) - Adriana E. Reyes
The final Cylon was definitely not one of the characters that I was considering. I did enjoy the new dimension of the Cylon flashbacks which provided the context for the revelation. It looks like the unraveling of how they got here from there and whether there can be peaceful coexistence will be interesting storylines. - scott anderson
AER - Thanks - good catch ;) - Steve Isaacs
Loved the outcomes, though I'm looking forward to seeing what they'll do to sexify the final Cylon. Ew. Plus, it's gotta be pissed at Cavil, right? - John LeMasney
Inaugural Excitement - that's pretty crazy. I've never seen stuff like that before. Too bad it started to get 'uncool' at the end. - dafire
I was commenting on the election night video before.....Can't wait for Inauguration to see all the excitement and crowds on TV. It is very the videos, hope you don't get bored with those anytime soon! - dafire
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