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Daniel Lemire

Daniel Lemire

Computer Scientist and Open Scholar: Web, Data Warehousing, OLAP, Databases, Time Series, Collaborative Filtering, Information Retrieval, e-Learning.
Have a robot attend baseball games for you… This is a thing…
Ownership is becoming obsolete
Wage stagnation is no illusion
Potentially bogus freelancing advice
RT @jessitron: When I think of Engineering I think of repeatable processes... so I'm uncomfortable calling myself Software Engineer. @macintux
RT @jselingo: 74% of STEM grads don't work in STEM jobs according to @uscensusbureau
. @JohnDCook Most people do not achieve the average return... in the stock market
Extrinsic motivations are harmful…
Administrators Take Over Academia
True success is more than winning a zero-sum game
RT @originalspin: Who says @FoxNews anchors aren't diverse? As @ChristineYChen pointed out, two of them are wearing aqua.
RT @kevinmitnick: I end up on the front page of the NYT TWICE for hacking. And this story isn't on the front page? WTF is going on?
RT @raganwald: You’d like me to attach my GitHub handle with my resumé? Ok. Also, remind me: What’s your company’s handle? What OSS do you support?
RT @mc_hankins: By 2014 people will travel large distances to work at a computer that's networked to all other computers, including the one in their home
Toys on my desk (June 2014)
Dear readers, to my knowledge I did not buy anything from smurfsvillage. I am investigating.
I am busy smurfing something amazing in my #smurfsvillage! Have you smurfed today?
. @kellabyte This is maybe not widely known but Microsoft resisted this thing called the Internet for as long as it could.
RT @nntaleb: Executive programs allow us to watch people who never worked lecture people who never pondered.
RT @newsycombinator: Belonging to a group makes people more likely to harm others outside the group
RT @srchvrs: @lemire 96MB was a larger hard drive, but 5MB was even larger
RT @WasabiFlux: @lemire @steven_pigeon I'm a little young for that, but I still remember the scream my hulking 9 GB IBM SCSI hard drive made spinning up.
. @steven_pigeon Do you remember when 96MB would have been a large hard drive? Now we get that much in CPU cache.
A friend is telling me that POWER8 processors might have a bright future in server rooms... with affordable servers coming up. Thoughts?
For my research, I want to buy ARM-based servers and load them with Linux. Does anyone has experience with such beasts? What should I buy?
RT @TheEconomist: According to a study, French recruiters are 70% more likely to call back job applicants with French-sounding names
What about this $326 kettle? It has no feature, it leaks and it is noisy. Who buys these things?
I was shopping for a new toaster. Apparently, people pay $350 for a made-in-China KitchenAid toaster : No joke.
Disruptive metacognition is an important essay by @vgr
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