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Daniel Lemire

Daniel Lemire

Computer Scientist and Open Scholar: Web, Data Warehousing, OLAP, Databases, Time Series, Collaborative Filtering, Information Retrieval, e-Learning.
Do you realize that you are using random hashing?
RT @clive_crook: "The Most Important Book Ever Is All Wrong" My dissent from the adulation ladled over Piketty's book. @BV
RT @NickKristof: US no longer has the highest median per capita income; Canada passed us, others at our heels: #inequality
RT @balajis: By the numbers: 5k/9k (math) 16k/30k (CS) 32k/58k (eng) ...are immigrants or naturalized citizens. Then add 2nd gen.
Word of the day: kludgeocracy… power through complexity… c.c. @sebpaquet @vgr @EconTalker
RT @CurtMonash: MongoDB is growing up.
Science: ideals vs. reality
RT @pmphlt: A point "that is underappreciated even among #openaccess supporters." -
Probabilities and the C++ standard
"Economists who assume that college attendance is driven by students' greed are largely correct."
RT @trevortimm: Seems people are not too happy @Dropbox put NSA warrantless wiretapping advocate Condi Rice on its board.
RT @LouRinaldi: #WordPerfect Office X7 is a real thing that was just released. It's $250 for the standard edition. The year is 2014.
RT @vivekhaldar: "If you are a relatively young programmer, in your early 20s say, you have never known a powerful Microsoft." via @seldo...
Don’t study latin if you want to become a better programmer
For yogurt geeks: Choosing a Yogurt Starter
RT @sebpaquet: Cette oeuvre magnifique est sise à l'angle Madison et Sherbrooke à Mtl. Beautiful street art at Madison & Sherbrooke
RT @timbray: When Snowden said they could eavesdrop on anyone at a whim I initially didn’t believe it. Silly me:
RT @willf: I can't tell you how good this is. True even in tech companies. "The Expert." ht @lizardbill
Technology sets the bar higher
RT @mattwridley: Even the ipcc's more cautious predictions of climate impacts is based on unrealistic sensitivity.
You don't know Stallman until you have heard him give a conference in French via @StevenP_uqar
You don't know Stallman until you have heard him give a conference in French via @StevenP_uqar
“@Steven_Pigeon: Richard Stallman - Qu'est ce que le logiciel libre ?
“@Steven_Pigeon: Richard Stallman - Qu'est ce que le logiciel libre ?
"In the traditional course, we just throw content at people, and hope it sticks" @Downes
"The Internet is a planet-wide Tupperware party. On steroids" by @vgr
372px-Portable_radio_SCR536 -
This week-end's bread. Following +John Regehr's comments, I now use all-purpose flour and it works just as well. -
RT @TorontoStar: Montreal Mayor Michael Applebaum has been arrested:
Human being have an innate pattern recognition ability that can be used to make prediction. Given this time series, what do you predict will happen next? (This is the S&P 500.) (Yes, I know this sort of prediction heuristic is no better than random.) -
Screen Shot 2013-05-29 at 11.02.27 AM.png
Bread production of the week-end: includes peanut bread -
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