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Daniel Lemire

Daniel Lemire

Computer Scientist and Open Scholar: Web, Data Warehousing, OLAP, Databases, Time Series, Collaborative Filtering, Information Retrieval, e-Learning.
The hubris of teachers
RT @ChrisNahr: Nutrition seems to affect acne after all... but it's carbs, not specifically chocolate or sugar via @Mangan150
Europeans have low interest rates… already negative, now down to -0.2%. Historical record?
RT @drugmonkeyblog: Lot of interesting thoughts for scientists in here. RT @lemire: A culture of envy
RT @RMantri: Science doesn't need government funding - or Nobel prizes - to thrive. Excellent perspective.
This explains so much: Hachette ebook revenue via @BenedictEvans and @vgr
What I learned today: "Facebook makes it easier to get sex and keep friends without having a job."
. @econtalker I like your work a lot… but $17 for the ebook? This is anti-ebook pricing… you realize that, right?
. @bcrypt @jonathankoren What makes you "senior" at the EFF is that you have a PhD? So Linus Torvalds is not senior?
It appears that my web site is not accessible from China. I have been censored!!! I must be doing something right.
RT @geoffwozniak: @arnabdotorg @lemire The paywall is the #1 reason for me. I’d rather pay the club to make research open than pay to keep it closed.
RT @arnabdotorg: Why many programmers don’t bother joining ACM: Content behind paywalls
RT @wallingf: "So, what do good scientists do? They lie about what they will do. To each other. All the time." -- @lemire in
The insanity of research grant proposals
RT @paulg: Would you have been one of those who spoke out about the Vietnam War or the civil rights movement, or one of those who kept quiet?
Learning in a networked world by @Downes
"The Ukrainian economy shrank 4.7 per cent annually in the second quarter"
Predicting your future performance
Have a robot attend baseball games for you… This is a thing…
Ownership is becoming obsolete
Wage stagnation is no illusion
Potentially bogus freelancing advice
RT @jessitron: When I think of Engineering I think of repeatable processes... so I'm uncomfortable calling myself Software Engineer. @macintux
RT @jselingo: 74% of STEM grads don't work in STEM jobs according to @uscensusbureau
. @JohnDCook Most people do not achieve the average return... in the stock market
Extrinsic motivations are harmful…
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