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Ari Braginsky

Ari Braginsky

Game developer / Flash, iPhone, .Net and Web 2.0 engineer
Latest Skype for iOS fixes iOS 8b5 crashes among other things…
"Google Photo Sphere Camera brings crazy 360° photography to iPhone"
RT @CBSSF: Mom develops app that allows parents to lock their kid's phone if they don't call back:
RT @quark1972: comet #67P/ #Churyumov-Gerasimenko on the ground.
RT @codinginswift: The loss of dynamism “It’s a Coup” via @mjtsai #swift #swiftlang
Behind-the-scenes photographs from the set of ‘Alien’ (1979) via @dangermindsblog
"Changes in the Swift Standard Library in Beta 6"
RT @SwiftDevs: XCode 6 beta 6 is currently not available. Stay tuned! #Beta6
Swift, Xcode: There are many betas. I am number 6. You can call me “Caprica 6″ via @feedly
RT @UberFacts: A lemon will float in water, but a lime will sink.
12 hours of the Tardis interiors from #DoctorWho
#StarWars Tie Fighter ambient engine noise for 12 hours
Why a radio format that cuts songs to two minutes isn’t as stupid as it sounds via @torontostar
Blank slate: Hundreds of ‘White Albums’ take up residence in LIverpool art gallery via @dangermindsblog
Re: Blank slate: Hundreds of ‘White Albums’ take up residence in LIverpool art gallery | Dangerous Minds -
"Sounds like My Bloody Valentine..." - Ari Braginsky
RT @AmoebaSF: TODAY! Celebrate #HotAugustBikes at Amoeba SF! Raffle, freebies, Fun!
RT @nbcbayarea: "You just put it out of your head, you just do your job." --Telegraph Hill garbage collector.
RT @rudytheelder: (Capybara & spider monkeys) RT @arealliveghost: I wonder if anyone notices I'm staring at this pic for 30 mins
Warnings about the new UIPresentationController API
I'm using Slack for team communication. Use this link and get a $100 credit when you sign up:
15 Free Sources to Learn #Swift Programming Language
The laser is confidence and passion, the balloons are all the people that doubt you or try to get in the wa...
Hayes Valley Cat Cafe Is Back On Track, Signs Lease NEXT DOOR TO @IsotopeComics! via @
cats_of_instagram's photo
Converting Bid Nerd Ranch examples into #Swift (meet up tonight
RT @mzarra: Keep your data in a platform agnostic format whenever possible.
RT @tomhanks: .@AppStore The Future. Will be written. On a #HanxWriter. This I vow. It's Free! Hanx
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