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A lovely, compelling plea for an early end to the Amazon v. Hachette standoff: via @pubperspectives
I'm loving this free collection of brief portraits of Amazon-empowered authors & entrepreneurs. I... "It was t...
Contemplative blog post inspired by author James Salter on a Sunday morning in Maine...
Amazon Quietly Launches a New Kindle Paperwhite with Double the Storage via @thdigitalreader
This was one of my favorite Kindle Chronicles interviews, last fall, with CEO Jane Friedman of @OpenRoadMedia -
Powerful explanation by @Hugh Howey of why he supports Amazon in Hachette dispute: via @publisherswkly
Charming interview w/ @JasonBoog & his daughter Olive on KCRW:
Tough to imagine a more spontaneous, original politician than Colorado's Gov. John Hickenlooper. To wit:
Good morning, world! (Sunrise at Old Orchard Beach, Maine)
How my day begins: Taylors of Harrogate, Special Rare Assam Leaf Tea, Doomur Dulling Shared from Firefly
How my day begins: Taylors of Harrogate, Special Rare Assam Leaf Tea, Doomur Dulling Shared from Firefly
As the grandfather of a 10-month-old future booklover (I hope), I can't wait to read @JasonBoog 's new book.
Excellent analysis of eBook pricing strategies -
Authors are Being Hoodwinked via @hughhowey
Amazon Claims $9.99 E-books Create 'Bigger Pie' via @publisherswkly
I just ported my iPhone Verizon number to my new Amazon Fire phone. Big step for me; have had iPhones since first one. But love the Fire.
The good, the bad and the not yet - @WindwalkerHere & I review Fire phone on today's Kindle Chronicles
Good looking app: @Todoist launches a native #app for Kindle and the brand new @Amazon Fire Phone [win one today!!]
Interesting @JDGSaid story on how Kindle Unlimited is changing the Amazon Kindle Best-Seller List: via @sharethis
Amazon Fire Phone: A good phone that needs another layer of polish via @washingtonpost
Battle of the phone screens in direct sunlight: iPhone 5S v. Amazon Fire Phone -
Unboxing an Amazon Fire Phone:
Amazon Fire Phone Unboxing -
Amazon Fire Phone Unboxing
Amazon Fire phone unboxing video:
Douglas Preston won't take yes for an answer from Amazon, keeps Hachette's human shield intact.
A Solid Device Beneath a Layer of Whiz-Bang Frippery – via @NYTNow
Dozing the rails... Amtrak 95 in CT. in Washington to see Congressmen in dictating letters use the most vigorous gestures as if the oratorical met... which had previously been divided and specialized. Only the “authority of knowledge” works by telephone becau...
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