Good piece on Amazon Echo by @DavidStreitfeld who calls it a mix of Mary Poppins and HAL.
Amazon's book editors have just released their list of the best books of 2014.
How come this app won't work on 2013 Nexus 7? via @Starbucks
Thanks @benhbeach for recommending this tale of a 70-something looking for love online.
Reset your view of video games, esp. if you're a therapist. @MikeLICSW tells how in latest Kindle Chronicles .
Here is @JMcquivey 's prescient post 7 months before Amazon unveiled Echo:
In March @JMcquivey foretold the future arriving now with Echo. He called it Amazon Vox. At about 17-min mark.
I'm glad to see @OpenRoadMedia dodge a $1 million bullet in copyright case via @publisherswkly
RT @nplusonemag: Read founding editor @keithgessen on Amazon vs. the publishing industry in @VanityFair:
Amazon's Echo video indicates you can set the wake name yourself. Doesn't have to be Alexa. I hope we can pick any name, not from a menu.
Very classy concession speech by Colorado Sen. Mark Udall -
I like that Echo doesn't exist anywhere else yet. Whether it's useful remains to be seen. @dearauthor @thDigitalReader
RT @Don_Katz: My #kindlechronicles podcast conversation with @lenedgerly is now streaming. Listen here:
RT @omgzitsdanielle: If I got the Amazon Echo I would just tell it to tell me it loves me every 5 minutes and to bark like a dog
BloombergBW ( @BradStone ) first take on Amazon Echo. via @BloombergNews
RT @nichcarlson: Amazon built a little house for Siri to live in for some reason
RT @BradStone: Here's a little bit more background on the development of Amazon Echo, aka "Doppler" inside Amazon's Lab126: via @BW
Background on Amazon Echo by @BradStone - 4 yrs in development, code named Doppler. via @BW
As usual, @jmcquivey saw this coming a year ago: Amazon's new listening post in the home, Echo.
Amazon hasn't even put out a press release about Echo, the in-home digital concierge. I love it.
Amazon Echo is a voice-controlled smart speaker via @CNET
Amazon Echo Is A $199 Connected Speaker Packing An Always-On Siri-Style Assistant via @techcrunch
Amazon's Echo Might Be Its Most Important Product In Years
RT @LorenSethC: @lenedgerly am I the only one wondering what the heck is Amazon's goal with this new Echo? It seems almost like it has schizophrenic goal
Best piece I've read so far on Amazon v Hachette, by @KeithGessen :
Useful overview of Amazon Publishing, despite a couple of errors, by @NinaShapiro - via @seattleweekly
I've been practicing this on guitar since turning 64 in Aug. This rendition by Tony R Clef is amazing!
I've been practicing this on guitar since turning 64 in Aug. This rendition by Tony R Clef is amazing!
Starting at 23 minutes in, a great discussion of Kindle Voyage on Reload #8 podcast w/ @blankbaby @jsnell & @imyke
RT @blankbaby: Another Amazon thing I like: the new mini player in the Amazon Music app:
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