So I’ve decided to start training to complete a Tough... -
leocrosby: Eating leftovers and watching Empire Strikes Back with the boys. Life is good. #fb -
leocrosby: First pot of chili for the season is stewing. Toned the spice back for @LaDawna #fb -
leocrosby: Attention church planters, lets see if we can get the most popular video on AGTV, watch this vid and spread the word -
leocrosby: Currently watching on AGTV Jim Ladd (Grace Community Church) -
leocrosby: Checkout these shirts from Utah Jazz player Kyle Korver's company proceeds go to underprivileged children -
leocrosby: Worshipping in Branson with AG district youth directors & @PhilStacey #fb -
leocrosby: Spending the day getting things ready for Levi's bday party tonight. Can't believe he's going to be 3 #fb -
leocrosby: is at the New Community: Origins Series @centralassembly. #fb -
leocrosby: Sending 1000 of our 25 Groundbreaking Church Planters Mag to N Texas District Council, if you are interested in some let us know -
leocrosby: Navy SEALs Face Assault Charges for Capturing Most-Wanted Terrorist //Stupid, they should be given medals not cuffs -
leocrosby: 1st draft budget submitted...lets see what happens. -
leocrosby: Budget season, big dreams have to be funded somehow. Measure on results not on feelings or longevity. ask why not what did we do last time -
leocrosby: Women get Valentines - Men have thanksgiving, food, football, more food, more football and sleeping. I cant wait for Thursday! -
leocrosby: Just finished funeral & graveside services for my great uncle in KC. Now to get the boys & go home #fb -
leocrosby: looking forward to putting the tree up this week so ladawna can work her xmas magic on it -
leocrosby: Spent the afternoon with @robketterling. His passion for the lost is unquenchable. We got it on video for the blog stay tuned. #cmnetwork -
leocrosby: Just made some chocolate chip cookies. Yummy! #fb -
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