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leocrosby: Enjoying lunch at #jimmyjohns with @RyanPMoore & @mikemccrary #fb -
leocrosby: The price of winning can be greater than the pain of losing, keep integrity intact & push for the ultimate victory. Tom Rath -
leocrosby: @brianbolt SGF is only 3 hours away from STL...we could get you & jay in the media center for a shoot??? -
leocrosby: Surest way to destroy others sense of security is to ask them to repeatedly do something they are not equipped to do - T. Rath -
leocrosby: Watching football with @RyanPMoore #fb -
leocrosby: RT @pbhenley: @cmnetwork Is so pumped about next week at Southeastern Start Event//We can't wait -
leocrosby: A loud and cheerful greeting early in the morning will be taken as a curse! Prov 27.14 NLT -
leocrosby: RT @justinlathrop:only way to avoid erosion in ur church is to be entrepreneurial. What risk r u taking-@samchand //try parenting a church -
leocrosby: Well i'm connected at the new home to internet now but had to downgrade from 6mb to 1.5mb DSL, not cool but all that's available -
leocrosby: If God stepped in and stopped people from making evil choices we would cease to be human, cease to have a free will. -Dan Crabtree #fb -
leocrosby: Looking forward to seeing friends @centralassembly new community 2nite. It's been cpl weeks since we've been able to go. #fb -
leocrosby: 4 things followers need from leaders: Trust, compassion, stability & hope via Strengths Based Leadership book #cmnetwork -
leocrosby: In order to be heard you must first listen. -
leocrosby: @Jenny86753oh9 i'm jealous still waiting on mine -
leocrosby: What Happened to global warming from BBC "...the warmest year recorded globally was not in 2008 or 2007, but in 1998." -
leocrosby: RT @cmnetwork: New blog post: Registration for the 24-Hour Multi-Site Forum -
leocrosby: RT @mikeennis Make a decision. It doesn't have to be a wise decision or a perfect one. Just make one. - Seth Godin -
leocrosby: Heading home. Only problem is I'm going to the old house. Creature of habit. Wonder how many times this week I'll do this. #fb -
leocrosby: Discussing the Parent Affiliated Church status with district church planting directors. #cmnetwork -
leocrosby: Anyone able to help me move boxes around tonight or tomorrow? #fb -
leocrosby: Just closed the door on our first house for the last time. I'm over it, ready to move into new home tomorrow. #fb -
leocrosby: @jarodsfisher staying in Springfield, MO SW side of town -
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