Leo Laporte
We launch a new TWiT show @ 3p today: TWig - This Week in google - with Jeff Jarvis and Gina Trapani. Google and cloud computing the topics.
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looking forward to subscribing to the podcast. will be up in Sierra's without bandwidth to watch live today - kent williams
Sounds like a really nice addition to the TWiT network. Can't wait! - Jonathan Grenier
Looking forward to it also - Claes Krantz
hoping it will be up on itunes today, since i won't be able to watch it live. Can't wait to listen - John Fogarty from twhirl
Sounds interesting! - Dean
I like the idea, but not the name. Seems kind of bias right off the bat. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the innovation that Google brings to the table, but to name the freakin' show after Google?? Can you tell that I am a big fan of Dvorak :) - rodney.franklin
i look forward to listening to it! - Aaron
Great! Was waiting for it since the pre-announcement in TWIT. - Alexey Klyukin
Interested and looking forward to it! May have to listen to podcast though. Will be out on a boat this afternoon. - Suzi Kilgo from iPhone
Why is google in the name when all the big companies are embracing the cloud ? - Mark from iPhone
Looking forward to a new show, - rudedog
Can't wait to listen! - Tom Webster
Think it was a big mistake to put the name "google" in the title, but will probably be a great show anyways. - Steven Legault
this is great, so much to talk about, and so much to learn. I think most people have no idea the range of services that are emerging from both Google and Amazon related to cloud services that will be invaluable for the small or start-up business as well as consumers.... - Howie Schechtman
Can't wait! A new and exciting podcast for a new and exciting era of computing! - Josh Rosen
yeah, a new era of computing, say's it all! - Howie Schechtman
Great idea Leo. @gregorymurray - Gregg
looking forward to it already - Kevin Porteous
Oh no!!! Not more Leo Podcasts!!! :-) Sure I'll be there! - Richard Bitting
Can't wait, Leo! I'll subscribe immediately. This is an excellent topic and I'm really glad to see the best podcast network on the Internet jumping right in to cover it. - Eric Geller
I'm really interested to see how this show goes. This is a big topic heading into our future. - Mike Nayyar
when will it be on itunes? i wonder - Aaron
Where can I subscribe for iTunes? - Ben
I'm not fond of the "Google" in the name either, it's like calling a car show "This Week in Gerneral Motors". But I'll try to listen in to the taping anyways, should be funny & knowledgable with the three of you. - Martin
is that pacific time? look forward to it! - Susan Ettenheim
And that album art need work, IMO. The "computing in the" is hardly legible. - Martin
I actually didn't like the artwork so I tried a different one myself. Here it is; http://img149.imageshack.us/img149... - Can Sağlam
This sounds like a good show, and nice graphics! But how do you have time leo?! Sometimes during somewhat slow news weeks there is some overlap in news like macbreak and twit which can sometimes be annoying but still great shows as I'm sure this one will be as well. WIll jeff and gina always be there or more of a twit interchangeable style? - Denis Dervisevic
Looking forward to it, I love your other shows and Gina Trapani is great. - Brandon Eaker
All things Google. Not all things Twitter? LOL Should be interesting. I was listening when you spoke of this show as a, maybe. I'll be there. - D Lets
Ready to listen to the big three Windows Weekly, MacBreak Weekly and This Week in Google...TWiT is in a class by itself. - Christopher Knopick
Windows Weekly is the best because Paul does something 90% of the TWiT network hosts don't do: RESEARCH! - Mark
Should call it "this week in the clouds"  - Stan from iPhone
Looking forward to it Leo! - Cody Clark
gonna check this one out - (jeff)isageek
TWiG is better than TWiC (This Week in [the] Cloud) for those saying he shouldn't have put Google in the name. - Marcus Boyce
Alright. Very cool - Dylan Richardson
Looking forward to it. - archaictree
Jeff is a great choice for this. WWGD - Rob Truman from fftogo
What's in a name? ;-) I look forward to this new addition to the TWiT network! - Joe Gilbert
Great.. looking forward to it... - Shoukat Dharani
this is hilarious with hindsight http://www.appleinsider.com/article... - Mark
Gina is great, as is Jeff. I really look forward to seeing how this show develops. - Lori Todd
Google is taking over the world. Chrome OS = Android 2.0 for large laptop screens, Google Voice on Android and White Spaces will kill the $1 Trillion Telecom and ISP industry, you should talk about those ARM processor based netbooks that are coming out with Chrome browser in the next few months, they will take over the whole laptop market and start costing $150 with no contracts. - Charbax
Great show Leo. Great way to kick off Sunday morning. will try with hangover next week - guydownunder from iPhone
TWiG was great! It really makes me want to dive into the cloud. :) - Curt Tweedle
Loved the show! - Krista House
Great show! I will be a regular weekly viewer & I want to be a part of the Wave you set up. - Don Struble
There is one This Week in Google podcast in iTunes, but it's not this one ;) - Reijo
Someone else already took the name? Naughty Leo for not checking lol - Mark from iPhone
It would be ironic if it was the twitvid folks who made the podcast hehe. Leos show was much better anyways - Mark from iPhone
I have been looking forward to this show since you first announced it. Thanks! - Bruce Vittetoe
Gina T. mentioned y'day it wasn't up on iTunes yet, but they were working on it. Sounds like another TWiT winner! - Rob Greco from email
Great what a good idea since Google seems to run the show/ - Rob Cairns
Is TWig on iTunes yet? - Devon Govett
Looking for it on iTunes here too, nothing yet. - Andrew Leahey
Take a while to appear on iTunes. Meanwhile you can add it manually to iTunes with the following URL: http://leo.am/podcasts/twig Thanks for listening! - Leo Laporte
Can't wait to subscribe! - Jonathan Hardesty
What was that thing that Jeff Jarvis brought up at about 46:00 and it sounded like; Prezee or Prez-e? I have looked on Google and I found nothing. - AquaGeneral
I think it was Prezi, http://prezi.com/ - Brandon Eaker
i thinks is very important the post - amadeu.karen
Fantastic show... great topic. I found it on iTunes. - Denise Deverelle Crown