Leo Laporte
It's so sad. The level of engagement on Friendfeed seems to have shrunk to nothing. It's still a great aggregator, and has the best web interface of any microblog, but I'm afraid the critters have left the building. -sigh-
I agree - the last month or so I've seen a huge decline. It's sad. - Jesse Stay
I've seen the opposite on my feed? - Mo Kargas
In some ways it's my greatest secret - still very useful regardless of engagement. It's definitely not an engagement tool though any more. - Jesse Stay
Mo, there are a very small group of people that all engage together, but it's not like what it used to be. I get engagement from that group, but no one else any more. - Jesse Stay
Sorry, Leo, but you're wrong. Plenty of activity in my feed. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
It's also the easiest way to the Facebook team, where Bret is now in charge of Platform. - Jesse Stay
I'm following a set of users here that I would have never found on Twitter or elsewhere -- my feed is mind-blowing. Not tech-focused, tho - Christopher Galtenberg
@Jesse Hmm, probably right - Mo Kargas
The volume may be a little less, but the quality is much improved! - Ken Morley
Pirillo has a busy helpdesk room here: http://friendfeed.com/helpdesk - not a lot of comments, but lots of posts to the room. - Jesse Stay
I've seen the opposite too. If anything, things are slowly getting better. - Roberto Bonini from iPhone
You understand that when I say "engagement" I don't mean the quality of the feed. That's unchanged. I mean the conversation around the posts. The number of comments. I get very few even for the live in-show conversations on TWiT. You guys are getting _more_ comments than before? - Leo Laporte
Not I - Jesse Stay
TWiT this week, for example, got TWO comments on a live show watched by thousands. - Leo Laporte
Not more comments - the chattering has slowed - Christopher Galtenberg
There are a few cliques that are very active if you follow them but I'd tend to agree there isn't really a great deal of broader engagement like there was when I started using it a few months before the sell out - Ed Millard
If you are a librarian or Turkish it seems to be the place to be :) - Ed Millard
There is virtually no tech audience participating any more. There are a few, but much, much less than before. It's very sad. - Jesse Stay
Simulcast the twit chat rooms here? - Thomas Page
That's probably because you moved all your fans to IRC. - David Schmidt
If Facebook would just enable a real-time comments mode you could do the same with a Facebook Page. I wish they'd enable that, then you'd have an engaged audience again on a popular and useful platform. - Jesse Stay
Not all of us - Dan owns Comicsforge.com
I'm still seeing plenty of activity on my feed. What I have noticed though, is that the topics of discussion have moved from tech and political topics towards more social topics. (Except for the spike in iPad discussion last week.) - Jeff P. Henderson
Anyone tried Redux, Scoble was pushing that as his big thing, at least until he declares it dead. Not sure if there is any conversation there. They do have a whole feed for cat pictures. - Ed Millard
FF has always been a platform waiting for an application. - Christopher Galtenberg
No we ALWAYS had a very active IRC room. That's unchanged. Last year at this time each TWiT would get many comments at http://friendfeed.com/twit-co.... The IRC conversation evaporates but FF lives on and is searchable. I far prefer it. - Leo Laporte
Leo, have you tried a Facebook Page? It's not real-time, but lives on and is searchable. - Jesse Stay
I still think think Facebook needs to use FF tech to have a firehose of public content. - Jay
I have four Jesse! @Jeff - hmm. I guess it's all relative. I looked at your feed and there are only a few comments on your stuff. It used to be like this thread all the time. - Leo Laporte
I've been making a point to come here and participate more. I love friendfeed. - Mary-Lynn
@jcunwired, I had the opposite experience... that's maybe why I prefer how things have turned out, with posts increasing in quality and mindless comments decreasing overall - Christopher Galtenberg
We considered using FF for the iPad launch - now I wish we had. The lack of mobile apps was one factor. - Leo Laporte
I wanted to comment on Friendfeed, but I didn't see a thread for Home Theater Geeks. - Vezquex
I blame myself. I started using Twitter more and FF less - but I'm going to make a concious effort to live here for a while. I start a FF conversation for all the shows I host - but the other shows don't. It's up to the host, not me. - Leo Laporte
FF needs posters who understand the art of starting conversations. The core FF team is actually great at this. - Christopher Galtenberg
Give me real-time comments on Facebook and maybe a little more aggregation (and public search), and I'm a full convert. Until then FF is the best thing we've got. Keep trying Leo - so long as Facebook isn't moving in that direction they've still got a monetizable (is that a word?) platform here. - Jesse Stay
I still use it as my feed reeder on steriods. Two typos in this comment. - Mark
@Leo, I have never had very many comments on my posts, which for the most part are very techie. Compared to you I have very few followers. What I was referring to is the feed I see and the topics of the posts from people I follow. The more social oriented posts that I see and often participate in tend to get the most conversation. - Jeff P. Henderson
I still vastly prefer FF to FB, but I have lots more engagement on Facebook. I wish it were over here. - Heather Solos
Friendfeed activity is like the velocity of a car, and adding friends is the throttle. There will always be user churn, so when some of the people you usually hear from drift off, bring in a few new voices. There's tons of activity here, it just might not be the oldtimers anymore (yourself excluded, of course, Leo). - Kevin Fox
I can only watch FF when I'm not trying to be productive. Way too distracting. Nothing has changed for that though. I'm watching it while eating lunch right now. - MarkCarras
Kevin, I've noticed we've lost a lot of the techies though. I don't see near as much Tech conversation as I used to, which is one of the things that made it interesting for me. - Jesse Stay
I have noticed the opposite as have a number of others here but then I engage on a number of topics. What I notice on all Social media is that when lists become a part of each, the engagement goes down. When privacy features expand, the engagement goes down. When Tech A-listers get bored...... ;) - Melanie Reed
It dropped to nearly nothing toward the end of last year, but nowadays I'm finding the activity varying - LANjackal
I'd love to see Facebook either push it or integrate it more to get that mainstream tech audience back. - Jesse Stay
One thing I've felt lacking on FF is stream-combination. If you post something, which has already been posted and has a conversation in progress, you should be able to decide between joining that stream or starting your own. I've seen several overlapping posts with 1, 2, 3 comments each, but they die at that point. If these people could only talk to each other... (The duplicate post finder right now only works within friend graphs -- maybe that could be expanded?) - Christopher Galtenberg
I think people are still unsure if it's going to be improved in the future, so turnover ends up high. Facebook just hasn't made that clear. Sure, it may still be here, but what's the roadmap? - Jesse Stay
But Jesse, all tech and no variety makes, .... :) Still, I don't think you are going to find anything that the majority of those in tech are going to stay with. They are always looking over the hill at the next "latest and greatest". They were not trying to find a "home"...just to be the first to try the couch out. - Melanie Reed
Melanie, I think Scoble and others would have stayed if they had confirmation from Facebook it was going to continue to see improvements and/or further integration with Facebook. The roadmap is way too unclear. People like a vision on what to expect. It's also why I haven't developed any apps for FriendFeed. - Jesse Stay
yes, please. - Chieze Okoye
I'd love to see FriendFeed used by developers in the way Wave is, for instance. It has the same productive use as Wave. Unclear roadmap means developers won't come though. - Jesse Stay
And the fact that people don't want to sink their time and effort into a site that, at best, may never see any upgrades or, at worst, may disappear at any moment. - Akiva
Jesse, yes. But that underplays what I am saying. Tech is that "medium is the message" thing in a nutshell. It doesn't want to create something and say: "This is good" and enjoy it. It keeps tinkering till its tinkered to death and then moves on. I would ask as a tech, that you "take your shoes off, stay around....y'all come back now. Here?" ;) - Melanie Reed
I could not agree more. I was hoping Facebook would create an interface for adult conversations on Facebook like FF - Alan Morris
Melanie, I'm sticking around - I think I made that clear. I'm just speculating why others aren't joining or sticking around. I've tried to convince other dev groups I work with to switch over to FriendFeed and the lack of vision or roadmap keeps them away and using platforms like Wave (which is very buggy and annoying to work with). - Jesse Stay
I've been trying to keep FF API support in the feed reader I'm developing, its a nice API, but it is pretty hard to justify it with a small and shrinking audience. Working with it does make you appreciate how innovative it was and how great it could have been. Hopefully it will reappear at FB eventually but I have a hard time liking FB. - Ed Millard
Ed, yeah - I'd like to know that though - there's absolutely no vision made clear. The API group has gone down to practically nothing. - Jesse Stay
You mean the FF API group or the FB API group? - Ed Millard
Jesse, yes! and I so appreciate that you do stay. But yes, Wave is the sick puppy tech that needs tinkering with. I think you may want a vision and roadmap, but I'm acknowledging that there are a number of techs who may say they want that, but its a cover for the urge to tinker and move on. - Melanie Reed
As to vision and roadmap. I don't need one on FriendFeed. It's great. Don't fix it. You have arrived. Enjoy it! - Melanie Reed
Melanie, I disagree though - those that want to tinker and move on are a very small minority. When you still see technologies such as IRC used actively by a very techie audience it's clear there is a much larger audience that could be here. If the technology's useful, they'll come, but there has to be certainty that technology still has potential. - Jesse Stay
It occurs to me that Friendfeed *has* actually arrived. The fickle Ubernerds are now looking elsewhere for the next pretty and the users are enjoying using FF as it was meant to be used. - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
I agree with Akiva: the idea that FF is running as kind of a headless horseman of a service, with no definitive future is what may be making some of the more veteran users from investing any more time into it than they already are... - .LAG liked that
+++WorldofHiglet - Melanie Reed
LAG, amen - Jesse Stay
Gentleman, it doesn't have to be "evolving" for it to be "working". It *is*. LOL Glen. Good one! - Melanie Reed
Glen, *any* post that mentions FriendFeed is dwindling (or you're quitting, or it's dead) gets a ton of comments. This post is the exception. - Jesse Stay
Thanks Jesse! I used to think a lot of the engagement was dropping because many of the technology bright lights left the service, but this year I opened a season-long thread for commenting on NFL games, and even there, besides a few regulars who I usually interact with over sports, it didn't seem the same, even though the thread racked up over 1,700 comments over the 20-week season and playoffs. - .LAG liked that
Melanie, tell me how well its working without anyone at the helm the next time you get hit with a half-dozen 'Oops! There was a problem...' messages. - Akiva
The problem with the Ubernerds moving on is it hurt the tech conversation which was some of the draw here. Its more social focused now. Nothing wrong with that but Facebook already has social out the wazoo. Where do go to hear interesting, free wheeling, tech conversation now is one of the big questions. - Ed Millard
OTOH, i also suspect that there's more to do, and the competition is getting better... Facebook is better (and innovating constantly), Twitter is better... FourSquare, etc., every week it seems there's more things coming online to grab people's attention. Fragmentation of attention seems to happen in real-time too. - .LAG liked that
Akiva, I probably get more of those using a d-up than you speedsters up there in the NW. ;) (Hope the new place is feeling more like home for you and Audrey and Rochelle) But frankly, it really doesn't bother me. In the scope of things I have to be fair and say it hasn't really been that annoying. I haven't used any tech that doesn't have its glitches every now and then. - Melanie Reed
Now Ed has hit upon the "rub" as it stands: it really is about the water cooler. - Melanie Reed
I think one of the reasons why your FF comments went down, Leo, is because your presence in the comments went down. People were wondering where all the love had gone, Leo. - Garmon Estes
That may be true, Melanie. The issue here is that the service's quality has declined significantly over the past six months. Add that to the fact that you know that it's [most likely] not going to be upgraded... it begins to feel like a dead-end street. What it boils down to is that there's only one feature that FriendFeed has that is really keeping us here: the community. If we could all move en masse to Cliqset or wherever, most people wouldn't really think twice about it. - Akiva
Akiva, I accept the possibility that it won't be upgraded and its doesn't fill me with sadness or dread. The vision of FF was Community. Has it achieved that? yes. - Melanie Reed
Jeremy, that's subjective. I think FriendFeed's UI is horrible which I fix with a custom userstyle. - Akiva
jcunwired, as I pointed out above, we're already here and invested. New people aren't going to be interested in blowing time in a site that has no future support and that may just up and disappear without warning one day. - Akiva
Melanie, but even that community has fractured and decayed. Where's Bwana? Where's Cee Bee? We're losing people left and right in a trickle. - Akiva
Akiva, what's horrible about it? I have a lovely winter scene with corresponding colors on my widgets. I'm content. - Melanie Reed
As I wrote, it's subjective. I don't like Cliqset's UI either. - Akiva
Akiva, I feel as the others: I seemed to have met more people not less recently. Indeed, I can hardly keep up with my feed sometimes and I feel some remorse that I cannot answer or comment to everything.....although, maybe some think this is a good thing. lol - Melanie Reed
*comment counter incremented* :) - Micah
Now I will get to something touchy, so pardon me while I do. When the Ubertechs do get on here, they can at times be intimidating in their response to those wanting to break in or ignore them completely (I have seen that happen as well). So If to join or comment in an Ubertech thread means a lot of ritual rules where an infraction will be met with disdain, I can see where some might not want to comment as much. My apologies for being too forthright. - Melanie Reed
And here comes CW who never really participates in a thread other than to piss on it. - Akiva
Micah, roflol - Melanie Reed
I disagree CW. I think Leo is serious. He's right about the number of comments decreasing on his feeds. He's concerned. - Garmon Estes
jcunwired, Is that *you* generally inclusive or of me in particular? ;) - Melanie Reed
RE: "You understand that when I say "engagement" I don't mean the quality of the feed. That's unchanged. I mean the conversation around the posts. The number of comments. I get very few even for the live in-show conversations on TWiT. You guys are getting _more_ comments than before?" (Leo's actual point, way up there) Has the amount of direct TWiT interaction on live feed and/or actual site has risen? Why post a comment in FFeed when you have chat, etc going direct. People migrate to the source. - Michael W. May
+++Christopher Harley - Melanie Reed
Christopher Harley, once again, does well for himself on FriendFeed. - Akiva
Qui tacet Consentit - Melanie Reed
Aaaaaaaaand this is where I come back in. Hi Leo! First off, in regards to the TWiT Conversations room, what from I recall, it never really had massive traction except for a few episodes (usually around hot button topics). I'm there because I love FriendFeed, TWiT and typing long sentences. The reason I usually like a show thread within 5 seconds is because I'm looking out for them. I even have you and your room set up to ping me via IM when you post something. The major issue I see it population. FriendFeed has changed from a heavy tech-set to a more social place. My feed is lively and I get heaps of comments... But on social things, not so much with the tech. The price of that is your hard-core fans will always hang-out in your IRC room. It's static and a known entity. FriendFeed is now more social. It's heaps of things at once. It's quiet on a Sunday night because regular people aren't on social media. During the weekdays they're at work. Hoping to spark a long conversation in TWiT Conversations is like trying to get a tea party happening on a street corner. People are moving by, not everyone wants to stop, and if there are no people on the street, there are no people. I would love for you to spend more time here but I think FriendFeed has changed. FriendFeed (or the people on it) is now a social social media service. - Johnny
FF faithful: don't miss that Leo wants to be part of the solution (read his comment starting 'I blame myself...)' - Micah from iPhone
*hands Johnny W a beer. This browser window is now a window on to the world -- not just a parallel TechCrunch channel. - Christopher Galtenberg
+1 Micah. Let's all just invite more friends here, eh? People that like the web should also be on FriendFeed. - Christopher Galtenberg
Micah, I will! *Hands Micah an Oatmeal Stout so he won't feel left out* :) - Melanie Reed
C. Galtenberg, I see that precise thing happening more, intentionality to invite others (see SAM and Spidra) - Micah from iPhone
Create a fake Twitter or Facebook front end and use Friendfeed as the back end. Invite friends. - Jesper Lind
Micah and Christopher G. That is a challenge I would like to accept. - Melanie Reed
Once again, the FF naysayers come out, and once again I chime in. I can't speak for the community-at-large, but I can say that I have built a network on FF and it's effective enough for me that it has become the most used site for me on a daily basis. Let's remember, folks: We all have choices, and those choices aren't for everyone. Just use whatever works for you. - Fleagle
Leo, Jesse, I've noticed the same thing but guess where I see the majority of your content? (I also agree that FriendFeed is the best social media service there is.) - Mark Davidson from BuddyFeed
I'm getting as many if not more comments than I did before. I'm not seeing the level of engagement go down. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Fewer people are getting engaged on FF opting instead to just shack-up. - Rob Michael (Atmos Trio)
Leo, where is your comment that Micah was referring to? Thanks! - Melanie Reed
i guess so too.. but i still prefer it than twitter... - Daniele - Viralavatar
Ed, you should say the problem of *some* of the ubernerds moving on... - Bruce Lewis
Sounds like you need to broaden out your feed a bit, Leo. I will admit that things can be a bit sparse at times, but overall, my feed is usually jumping. And when it's not, that tells me that it's time to pay attention to some different people. - Steven Perez
i have a HUGE level of engagement on FF. you get what you give! - Big Joe Silenced
so wait, all these ppl complaining about the dying of "engagement" on FF are just sitting around and waiting for others to comment on the things they post that may or may not actually be of interest to anyone? did they also just stand next to the gym wall during school dances? - Big Joe Silenced
Leo, broheim, dude, you need to sub to the right people. Take that Josh Haley guy, for instance. He podcasts with that Aussie guy Johnny Worthington on the FFundercats, who has been on your show. Awesome by association? ;) - Josh Haley
I would second that my brother! - Johnny from iPhone
That I don't understand at all - Mark
(Also, I kind of wonder if Scoble didn't put Leo up to this.) - Akiva
Yes, Joe. That's pretty much what happens. I think they have forgotten how this social media stuff works. LOL. Akiva, this post does feel very familiar, doesn't it? - Rahsheen
:( - Josh Haley
What would make it great... would be if we could purge everyone who hasn't actually logged in for like.. six months - Shawn Farner
If engagement annoys but more engagement is wanted....Hmmmmm.... - Melanie Reed
Who's not playing nice? [bats eyelashes] - Akiva
Yeah, see, a seasoned FFer would know when Akiva calls you a spammer, it means he thinks you're hot. And when I make a frowny face it means a ponderous barely smiling face about to eat ice cream. - Josh Haley
I must be following the truly committed. I haven't seen much change. - Jack&Cleo
Hrm. I think you're following me, so that's saying a lot.....since I'm awesome. - Rahsheen
There, Jeff, now you have one more. - Mary B: #TeamMonique
Ooh, can we talk about ice cream now? Mine has chips in it, so it's definitely tech conversation. - Micah from iPhone
Leo, I am now sub'd to you. - Melanie Reed
I don't know, Micah, are we coopting the thread if we do? Tangentially, of course. I had Blue Bunny Turtle singles. It was ok. The turtle part was a little slow but the ice cream part went down real fast! :) - Melanie Reed
Ice cream is serious tech. One little mistake and it's all gross. - Josh Haley
No fair - you guys get the good stuff in Houston, Josh - Jesse Stay
Yeah, Jesse, that's right. Not only are there NASA engineers down there but they raise dairy cows nearby! - Melanie Reed
with big horns! - Jesse Stay
*noms on some Blue Bell Moolenium Crunch* - Josh Haley
I knew it. I shoulda gone for the hi-tech Blue Bunny ice cream sandwhich *regrets* and now needs to debug order - Melanie Reed
It's sad, but it just proves that the best service doesn't always prevail. For awhile it was riding that sweet spot where it wasn't so popular that it degenrated into a pile of youtube-level detritus, yet was popullar enough that good conversations grew. Now it's quiet, but I still enjoy the diehards who remain. - Laura Norvig
150+ comments does not seem to be "too bad" of a conversation... - MB Linder
Bring some Del Taco with you. - Josh Haley
Laura N, Bruce Willis is on FriendFeed!?!?! Alert Demi right away! - Micah
Del Taco? Papasitos FTW! - Jesse Stay
Dude...99 cents vs 30 bucks? - Josh Haley
Well, you could go for Whataburger - Is Del Taco even from Texas? - Jesse Stay
Wow. I just got censored on this thread. That's never happened on FF before. Perhaps I spoke too soon in singing its praises. - Fleagle
Del Taco of Calif...can't say I miss. Baja Fresh however! - Micah
Jesse, not where I am. Micah, I love Baja Fresh too. - Josh Haley
I disagree completely. I'm seeing plenty of engagement on my feed, and am still regularly getting new subscribers (which I always found rather baffling). Y'all are just not hanging in the right places. - Ruchira S. Datta
Christopher G said, "Let's just invite more friends here". I had that same thought last week and I'm putting my CD where my mouth is: http://friendfeed.com/ffunder... - Spidra Webster
Spidra - well done! (I plugged you earlier in the thread: http://friendfeed.com/leolapo... :) - Micah
in the category "Poster from Texas With the Best Lack of Engagement Observation Line" and the Winner is....Glen Campbell for his comment: "*sigh* Just no engagement at all any more. *sob* " *Cheers as the orchestra cues up to "Rhinestone Cowboy" as Glen makes his way to the podium to accept his award* - Melanie Reed
I guess my comment on this thread is not engaging enough. :( - imabonehead
Are you from Texas, inabonehead? :) - Melanie Reed
Thanks, Micah! I was about 3/4 of the way down reading the comments when I jumped ahead to post so I'm sorry if I repeated waht was already said upthread. The thread keeps jumping around in my feed and I was afraid it would move again before I could finish reading. - Spidra Webster
Melanie - No, but close. California! :P - imabonehead
Don't apologize - I couldn't provide linkage at the time. Onward and upward! :-) - Micah
I could post the show notes on our wiki, but I like the idea of making them public in real time so people can comment (which they do less and less). I'll continue to show my confidence in ff by posting show notes here in the TWiT-Conversations room, the stories we're planning to talk about in the TWiT, Macbreak Weekly, and TWiG rooms, and when there's an interesting conversation I'll chime in. I'll even like a story or two every day. But it does seem awfully quiet in here and I get much more useful stuff from Twitter these days. I feel like all 200 people who still use ff commented on this thread. - Leo Laporte
please do that leo, having the conversations and story entries here in friendfeed is valuable even if it is only used sparingly - may become a nice 'backchannel' as steve gillmor would call it - Chris Heath
Thank you, Leo, I would appreciate that as well as a reminder. - Melanie Reed
201 people, Leo. - DGentry
The FIR guys pull show content from their FF room. Perhaps TWiT should too. - Bernie Goldbach
I just started to get involved, too...:( I like this place! - Jason Hill
You can expect every water cooler to be a Twitter-style conversation pit. - Bernie Goldbach
This thread at least shows FF isn't *completely* dead... :) - Thomas
the only people left are the usual suspects. - Russellreno
This thread has 188 comments so far! - Son of Groucho
already dismissed cos of the topic. ANYTHING TO PROP UP A FALTERING PREMISE!!! - Big Joe Silenced
I too, like you Leo, was looking for a Twitter replacement and even though FF is more of a aggregation, I really think its the platform that's _made_ for what Twitter is supposed to do, comment on someone's "life feed" and FF makes it that much more simpler. I always thought Pownce was ten times better than Twitter with all the sharing of multimedia, too bad that died. Twitter died for me when it became mainstream, even though I still use it, its lost its touch. Not to mention how bad of a service it really is. What horrible way to link images, we have Brizzly though... - Michel
Friendfeed works perfectly well... and the amount of content in my network is the same. Just what is this "engagement" you speak of and why should anyone care? - Goran Zec
There was only a Handful of Sychophantic Suckups - never any real Engagement* - Billy Warhol
there's a buttload more than 200 ppl on FF, Leo. :P - Big Joe Silenced
@Leo: maybe your engagement on FF is way down cos all the people who are sick of you and R. Scoble crowing about its demise are starting to block you? consider that. - Big Joe Silenced
I am new here and can't keep up with all the interaction I see and am experiencing! - Paulette
alot of the ones going on about FF dying are almost never on here except to make declarations. they don't take part and then bitch about no one commenting on their posts. plz don't follow their example. - Big Joe Silenced
Joe, Leo hasn't given up on FF. He has *not* taken a slash and burn approach. He's asking hard questions, not attacking (in my view) and stating his committment to put more effort in. - Micah from iPhone
joe, Leo's not going on about FF dying... this is probably the first time he's mentioned it - and he has reason - his engagement has declined on friendfeed - it's a measurable value that can be quantified - he's not being a dick about it either so cut him some slack - Chris Heath
okay, fair enough. sorry for my apparently knee-jerk response. - Big Joe Silenced
It seems obvious from the length of this thread that if you have a subject that people are interested in they will engage. But if your subject matter doesn't interest the audience well ... So either you change the subject matter or change the audience (that might mean going somewhere else). - Brian Sullivan
Unlikely that Leo will change his subject matter Brian. And any meta discussion on a site about that site will likely trigger a bigger reaction than just about any other topic. (see digg numbers for articles about digg) -- Either way Leo's IRC chat probably has more to do with his declining engagement here than anything else - Chris Heath
I wonder how much of this lack of engagement for Leo and others is due to Robert Scoble not being here. I suspect on his own with both his comments and his followers/posse he attracted many people to a thread and discussion and with him not participating this type of discussion has dropped off considerably. - Brian Sullivan
I always show newbies Friendfeed as THE EXAMPLE of how tools can be utilized to filter the noise, surface relevant content (through both sharing AND advanced search), have great conversations and embed them back on your site/blog . What else could I show them that has the same functionality without a steep learning curve? - Chris Myles
Better does not always mean it will be more popular. I post to twitter, but do it through friendfeed because the twitter interface really stinks. Perhaps it is marketing? - Cris Fugate
maybe, but I see it more as a conflict between Leo's IRC chat room (which is fleeting) and the friendfeed discussions http://friendfeed.com/twit-co... (which are permanent) -- i view the IRC as the peanut gallery type of conversations that i usually pass on (at least during twit) and the friendfeed discussions as more serious - Chris Heath
Definately Chris. I wonder if Leo needs to plug the FF room more. - Roberto Bonini from iPhone
Cris I agree and use FF or seesmic to post to twitter (does anyone use the web interface?). I think it might be a timing issue.. I really don't think main stream users (with a full inbox and overloaded schedule) *really* understand the power of sharing content and conversations YET. Throw them at twitter or facebook and they'll never see the value through the noise. Hopefully *crosses fingers, legs, toes AND prays* FF will live on here or within facebook so others can see the value. (there are too many Chris' and Cris in this part of the conversation). - Chris Myles
Roberto, he's plugged it plenty... the IRC is very sticky and hard to break away from with it's hundreds of users (peak 1000) -->> also I totally agree with Chris Myles about using "Friendfeed as THE EXAMPLE of how tools can be utilized to filter the noise, surface relevant content (through both sharing AND advanced search), have great conversations and embed them back on your site/blog." <<---- what a great way to put the key points that make friendfeed so great - Chris Heath
I like FF for a lot of reasons. My company blocks IRC but does not block FriendFeed. - Peter Costello
No decline for me, I've seen it go back up to nearly what it was before the Facebook takeover. I guess it's different for every user. - Kol Tregaskes
Ok where's Louis? It's not like him to stay out of a thread this long. - Jason Williams from iPhone
Who's Louis? - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Is he that guy from Louis-ville? - Micah
Chris (Heath).. The sad thing is I show them friendfeed but don't train them on it (at least initially). I use Google Reader and posterous as the two tools to get them started. I would love to create private groups for sharing/discussing content but I can't vouch for friendfeed's long term viability. It's a bummer really!! - Chris Myles
Louis is probably working his way down from the top (of this thread).. he might be here in an hour or so :) Leo I think this would be an example of pretty good engagement. - Chris Myles
I'm not gonna read everything that's already being said in this thread, but I have to say (after seeing the first comments) that it seems like several feeds are still alive, but as soon as you don't interact too much with those people behind it, you don't get any feedback from them. It seems like this group, which I do like btw, is seperating itselves from what is going on apart from what is not belonging to the core of it. I'm one of the few dutch people that's still using FF, but I wish that, especially Americans, do their best to keep FF international. It doesn't look like it at this moment to me. I'm sorry. - Ton Zijp
IIRC, Turkish users outweigh U.S. users on Friendfeed, or at least are a close second. - Laura Norvig
Friendfeed should have taken the world by storm instead of Twitter. It is a far superior platform. Alas it didn't happen and so the reality is people are going to focus on apps where the action is happening and the creators are still responding to requests for improvement. A testament to the Friendfeed app is that Twitter still hasn't made it to where Friendfeed is now, even with the end of development. I just hope the friendfeed engine and much of the interface becomes the live feed 3.0 in Facebook. Twitter is a gr8 information source, but lacks way too much functionality for conversation. - Phil Ashman
So where have all the Techies gone then?? - Amani
@Amani - to work! - Phill Price from iPhone
Speaking of the IRC, I think during shows it's horrible. You can hardly speak and make your voice heard. - Michel from iPhone
too much babble and too few meaningful meaty links, digg, reddit give more bite! - daveeza
"Social" means some babble - Mo Kargas
I'm sure that most of the 224 comments have already said this, but you sir are very very very much so wrong. - Mathew™ aka Youngblood
And to those complaining about no tech: your right, the tech talk has gone down. But, as someone who is very into tech I don't come to friendfeed looking to always talk about tech. I love talking about everything here and I love all the different convos that come up here. - Mathew™ aka Youngblood
chirp chirp - Susan Beebe
Mathew, I tend to agree. I get plenty of tech information from my RSS feed. The more social aspect of FF is what keeps me coming back every day. - Jeff P. Henderson
i get all my tech news from FriendFeed (via RSS or equivalent) and from Leo and his TWiT netcast network - Chris Heath from email
Plaxo Pulse (or stream?) is the next big thing! (or not...) - Alex Luft
anyone here?? am i here by myself? - imabonehead
nope, me too! - Alex Luft
Leo, if you'd post links for some of your show's rooms, I'd make a point of subscribing to them. Then, even if I can't make the shows, I'd check out the rooms - I bet other people would too. And I do hope you'll hang out more on FF as you said you would in the thread. BTW, folks, it was nice to see a few new faces here - at least new to me. And, hi, echostreamer! - Mary B: #TeamMonique
I wish FF had picked up enough critical mass to have cool discussions in multiple areas - e.g. movies, food, travel, tech, etc... Imagine if lots of topics had 1,000-2,000 comments/likes on popular articles. My hope is that Facebook will pick up some of the long-term storage/search features of FF...and that some sub-groups of Facebook end up being as engaging as FriendFeed circa 2008-2009. Man, things were really hopping 12 months ago... but I'm glad the FriendFeed founders are making a lot of money - you don't always get rewarded monetarily for good work in this world. - Mitchell Tsai
It's IS sad .... Very sad - Charlie Anzman
I am reminded of how much of an underutilized service this is every time I log on, you're absolutely right. - Bronson Harrington
.... wow what? that's all you have to say after reading all this? - Chris Heath
*bump* - imabonehead
well, Leo... I agree that friendfeed is the best in its class... and it's sad to see the facebook-induced decline of traffic here.... But damn, it sure seems like there is plenty of traffic based on THIS post. Geez! - Justin Bradshaw
Yes very engaging post! I was drawn to it because I am guilty of abandoning my FF page as of late. My FF world is made up of amazing inspired artists who dazzle me with their posts, but because I am not a part of that community I have nothing to share of interest to them so there is no conversation, It is not surprising that Leo inspired this conversation ..he never disappoints & I just found out we share the same birthday so the Saggie gift of gab strikes again! - Alannah Ryane
Hope FF picks back up. It seems to have many more dimensions than it's competitors and loads of potential. - TradersLog
ZING - Chris Heath
you are buzzing via friendfeed. How to do? - Phillip Atencio
you hook up your friendfeed to you buzz... in buzz it's called "connected sites" --- that simple - Chris Heath
Do you think you will buy a 3GS phone come time for release of 4.0? - Amani from IM