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Leaked Best Buy memo offers Windows 7 details | Beyond Binary - CNET News - http://news.cnet.com/8301-13...
Engadget brightened up a slow news day on Friday with a leaked memo from Best Buy that offers a number of Windows 7 details. Most notable is the fact that the memo puts a date on when people can start buying Vista-based machines and qualify for a free upgrade to Windows 7. According to the memo, June 26 is the magic date--and I'm hearing that date is correct. Images: A peek at Windows 7 release candidate View the full gallery The memo also says that on June 26, Best Buy will start preselling upgrade versions of Windows 7 Home Premium for $49 and Windows 7 Professional for $99 via its Web site. It's not totally clear whether those are standard or promotional prices, although the memo says the pre-order program will run only for 16 days. - Leo Laporte
Ahhhhh! - Jim Connolly
Will it help my battery life on this laptop? Inquiring minds want to know b/c Vista sure isn't doing me any favors! - Ken Stewart | ChangeForge