Leo Laporte
Sponsored tweet = instant unfollow from me. That's the last thing I need in my stream. #azea
what if its a tweet for a sponsor? #gotomeeting #mahalo :) - William Kapes
Yeah - I don't get this. Does this mean I should stop listening to TWiT because it has sponsorships? If I disclose my relationship and truly mean what I say I don't see how it's any different. - Jesse Stay
Screw you Laporte, screw you! Had to be done for humor's sake. - John Utech
Aggred - Seth Hoogeboom
The difference is that Twitter users don't need to be sponsored to continue tweeting. When Leo takes on sponsors, it helps him continue to operate. With Twitter sponsorships, the tweet is less genuine because the only content involved is the paid-for message. - Eric Geller
Chris Pirillo is a founding member of that big sponsored tweet thing, but I wouldn't expect any less from the little shit. - Mark
Eric, maintaining a large Twitter audience takes time and effort - is that not worth anything? Community is definitely worth money, and isn't exactly cheap. - Jesse Stay
This is true, but the fact of the matter is that you DO NOT need sponsorships to tweet. You may want them, but they are not physically necessary. - Eric Geller
Leo, on the other hand, needs sponsor money just to pay his staff, never mind the loads of operational costs such as equipment and bandwidth. - Eric Geller
Eric, I don't need a sponsorship to blog, or to podcast either. It doesn't mean I can't. I just don't need it. It uses the same types of technology as a Tweet. - Jesse Stay
StayNAlive.com, my blog, has no sponsorships - Jesse Stay
If you guys think Leo could do his podcasts without sponsors, I'd like to hear why. - Eric Geller
Holden, I know people that would - Jesse Stay
lets face it, in this world, we need to convince people to buy crap they probably don't need. wether that's a silly goto meeting thing or a sponsored twitter post. - Mark
Blogs and Twitter accounts, however, require much less in the way of money. - Eric Geller
Mark: GoToMeeting is actually targeted at Leo's podcast listeners. It's not silly at all. - Eric Geller
well its all silly really, that's advertising for you. you convince people to buy things they didn't know they needed or wanted. - Mark
Mark: The difference is that Leo isn't pushy about it. He tells you the virtues of the product from hands-on experience, but he doesn't go out of his way to tell you that you NEED it. - Eric Geller
At least not in the telemarketer, TV infomercial way. - Eric Geller
Holden, I'm considering it. As I am Tweets - it's the same types of technology, and involves similar time and effort to build community for, in both cases. Different strategies for each, but both are content distributors, and community builders. If I'm trying to build a community, it takes money to spend time nurturing that community full time. - Jesse Stay
Totally agree Leo. Yuck. Feh! It's social spam of the worst kind. Pirillo et al are ruining it for everybody doing authentic advocate activation. - Thom Kennon
And btw, you better bet Twitter plays a role in helping Leo's podcasts. It's just a matter of which medium are you going to use to monetize those podcasts? - Jesse Stay
I never said Twitter didn't help promote Leo's podcasts. I said that a podcast network costs significantly more money to run than a Twitter account. - Eric Geller
would be nice if twit had more sponsors though, he is selling the same 2 or 3 products to a market which is not growing and has heard all the spiel before on each product - Mark
Eric, and you have to monetize it somehow - what if he decided to use Twitter to monetize that podcast network in the end? I don't see how that's any different than what he's currently doing. - Jesse Stay
Holden: If you need someone to pay you to build a group of friends and supporters on Twitter, something is wrong. Do what you can naturally. Getting paid to have people follow you is too artificial for what Twitter really is. - Eric Geller
A tweet from @shoemoney to his 60,000+ followers will set you back $324.60 - Mark
Holden: The difference is that Leo buys actual equipment, pays employees, and pays for monumental amounts of bandwidth. I doubt you do any of that for your Twitter account. - Eric Geller
if any ad company pays $324 for that crap they want shooting - Mark
Fuck you all if you try and compare this to what Leo does. Leo is a saint compaired to this: http://socialspark.com/blogs... - Mark
Holden. Sponsorship is important for some podcasts as bandwidth is about 98% of our running costs. Therefore, more popular you get, the more it costs you. We have affiliate sponsors on our show but have yet to cover the cost of money spent on delivering that show. - Johnny from iPhone
Pirillo will write a phoney blog entry for your product if you pay him $1000 - Mark
Pirillo is scum. - Thom Kennon
the comments on the blog mark are...lame... lol ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
Mark, are you serious?!?! How is what Pirillo is doing any different than what Leo is doing? So I can do it in a podcast but not in a blog post? Seems like you have a bone to pick. - Jesse Stay
yeah he is spamming threads with that link.. and saying he is scum.. look at a few threads.. - Rob Sellen :o)
Damn Jesse, now I am a hypocrite :( - Mark
Well, I just think its a bit wrong is all, all this sponsored tweeting and stuff - Mark
Jesse: Pirillo writes stuff for hire, pretending to be an unbiased advocate and then pushes that out into the stream hoping to fool people re its authenticity. Get it? - Thom Kennon
Well I said Leo was a saint, it's Pirillo who would fall into the instant unfollow from me criteria set by Leo - Mark
but why are you giving prillo so many backlinks by spamming threads here?? - Rob Sellen :o)
whats a backlink? you mean like promotion ? - Mark
If you found out that Chen or any of the guys on Gizmodo or BGR were actually being paid by the brands of products they reviewed would you still take their advice? - Thom Kennon
Am not following him, it's Leo who said "Sponsored tweet = instant unfollow from me". - Mark
Thom, you were fooled by that? Of course Pirillo gets paid for what he does. How else would he be able to sit in front of a computer all day long. I don't think anyone is fooled by that, nor is he trying to fool anyone. - Jesse Stay
mark.. maybe you should stop and THINK before you do stuff... you are slamming him.. yet helping him with backlinks... LOL you know... he may get MORE 1000 buck cheques because if you... ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
I guess im just jealous of the fact that I have to work for a living, and go out and do a job and he gets paid $1000 to write a phoney blog post in his wordpress editor :) - Mark
Mark... whos fault is you have to "go out" and work for a living? no ones but yours... - Rob Sellen :o)
In fact you can watch Pirillo during the day working out the deals with sponsors. He's always been all about the sponsor. If you followed him you'd know that. - Jesse Stay
Danny M - But you claim to "blog for others" so that's pretty much the same model as Pirillo's, right? - Thom Kennon
well I am a nurse, there are lots of people who do need to go out and do real jobs to keep the world ticking by. I just hate the fact some people make a fortune devising plans to give clients more hits on google and I bust my ass. Jealousy, I know. - Mark
Mark.. what is to STOP you creating your own REAL asset online in order to do something similar? - Rob Sellen :o)
well if everyone did that the world would fall apart or something :D - Mark
NO mark.. there is an eternal september...remember ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
Today I cleaned a wound a boy had from a dog bite and I was on my knees with blood on my hands and I just thought when reading this thread that I wish I could sit in front of 3 30" monitors and talk about tech on youtube and get paid big $$$. Sigh. :D - Mark
I would happily take a thousand bucks to write a post on your stuff.... not that you would get millions of hits..and as for "ethics"... it PUTS bread in my cupboard.. but you would ALSO have to let me use whatever it is..and give an HONEST opinion... ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
well DO that then Mark.. instead of moaning OTHERS success, look at where you CAN write about some "shit" passionately... and DO it... - Rob Sellen :o)
naa I do think it's wrong, I guess Leo does too, the whole pay me to post thing - Mark
and to be fair Danny you cannot comment objectivley, you are on his payroll? - Mark
that's YOUR opinion mark.. you got no place calling him scum and slamming him... also think about what I said.. you are indirectly helping him ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
you have a vested interest then, whereas I am just a bitter old git hehe - Mark
Jesse, of course WE all get it. I'm talking about the targeted audience of innocents that those paid for posts are meant to target. It is deceptive advertising, and those who practice it are bringing the FTC and other agencies in to land on ALL OF US ... it's uncool, that a handful of opportunistic knuckleheads will end up polluting and hampering the channel for the rest of us. I'm a marketer. I work for global brands. This stuff matters to me. Guys like Pirillo are killing the baby before the midwife even gets here... - Thom Kennon
Mark.. can I ask you something.. don't you think you have a more "honourable" and "rewarding" job than prillo? money is NOT everything mark... How many post do you think prillo writes at that price? not as many as you think i bet... - Rob Sellen :o)
Thom, I don't think Izea is trying to target any of those. Izea makes it evident on their site they have a firm policy on FULL disclosure. They have always been reputable. - Jesse Stay
you are a darling, dear Rob x - Mark
techcrunch not a fan of Izea? - Mark
No.. I am not... but I DO know that in reality, you are probably changing more lives than you realise... - Rob Sellen :o)
right about now someone posts a url to the article in question :D - Mark
Then again Techcrunch don't need Izea... ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
I think TechCrunch has a bias against Izea. Of course they're going to be against them. - Jesse Stay
TechCrunch has many bias'es I am sure :) - Mark
so mark... do you think there are many people who would like to be a nurse? If so.. why are you not sharing your experiences on a blog or something? Helping others? - Rob Sellen :o)
Well Rob, the pay is average, the conditions are often unpleasant, and the patients frequently drunk (on the night shifts which I work anyways). They are also violent! - Mark
But I do live in Britain and work in the middle of a very poor area. - Mark
No excuse ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
Amen. - Robert Scoble
So mark. you have a unique perspective... use it ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
Do you think we really care Leo? - Craig Shipp
If their life revolves around Leo Laporte they need to get a life! - Craig Shipp
Craig..ironic you comment on leo's post ;o) Ironic but.. Do you think Leo cares that you DON'T care? :o) - Rob Sellen :o)
Jesse, you gotta be kidding me! Izea? It's their biggest competitor for "sponsored" social - aka social spam. Here's a solution: At the top and bottom of every paid for post, comment, etc. all these guy need to do is display a big old fat disclaimer: "This post was paid for by the brand/product mentioned". And this disclaimer must travel with that content wherever it wends it way thru the stream. Ok? They do that, and I'm cool with their model. Then it's as transparent as AdWords or AdSense, the original awesome models that birthed this bastard son. Sorry. I'm ferchlemt! ; > But again - i take this shit serious!... - Thom Kennon
I doubt he reads all this crap. He just stirs things up to keep his twit army happy so he can make money off sponsors that he doesn't want others to have. Talk about ironic. I watch many of Leo's shows and enjoy them but sometimes he thinks he's some kind of God. Trying to shut down twitvid - what a joke! - Craig Shipp
Night night all x x - Mark from iPhone
Thom, Izea does require that of all sponsored Tweets if I read them right. Full disclosure is required. - Jesse Stay
Wow! Shame on you Leo LaPorte. That's very hypocritical of you. >< - David C. Cooper
I have the same sentiments when it comes to being spammed via Twitter. And the same reaction. Instant unfollow. - Chris Marquardt
If anyone knows how to get an auto spam off of your tweet account please let me know. I signed up for this thinking it was a good thing. Then I wanted to quit cause they spam through my account. How do I get it to stop? I changed my password already. "300 new twitter followers in a day - TOTALLY FREE - NO SALE - http://www.twitter-follow-train.info/" all spammers must die! - Nathan Gibbs
Nathan, easiest solution: Don't follow the spammer in the first place. If you need the automation, on SocialToo we provide some tools to help you keep from following the spammers. I'm improving those even further as we speak. - Jesse Stay
I don't care what they say. It ISN'T a "value add"!!!! - Ronald S from iPhone
I suspect that you've had sponsored tweets in your stream for a while now and don't know it Leo. - Scott Jangro
i agree with you Leo I have had enough:) - Rob Cairns
What's the difference between a sponsored tweet and talking about your own products? - Jason Nunnelley
You all make some interesting points. Maybe a sponsored tweet is no different than an advertisement in a podcast, but it sure feels different. I'll have to think about this some more. (By the way that "thank the sponsor in your Twitter feed" is a Jason Calacanis thing. I never ask folks to do that.) - Leo Laporte
Leo, I'm definitely interested in your thoughts. I don't fully understand the difference. And not disclosing the relationship is pretty much a form of payola and could almost be deemed illegal, so I'm definitely not for that. With disclosure though, I'm not sure the difference from a podcast or blog sponsorship. - Jesse Stay
gah - sorry for the dupes! - Jesse Stay
When it comes to blogs I don't think ads should appear in the blog stream, but they're fine in a sidebar. I guess it has to do with expectations. There ALWAYS needs to be a clear delineation between editorial and advertising and ads should not appear in places where editorial is expected. (Interstitial advertising in TV in radio seems to be the exception here and I think it's, again, an expectation thing. Of course in TV, radio, and podcasts there's nowhere else to put the ads.) - Leo Laporte
agreed. just started a blog and put that into consideration! - Dakota O'Neill
It comes down to intent. Is it the intent of the ad to pose as content? Then it's an attempt to trick users and not ok. Ads that appear in a content stream are often intended to fool people into thinking they're content not advertising. - Leo Laporte
Interesting way to put it, Leo. I think Twitter has the same problem though - nowhere to put the ads but in the stream. - Jesse Stay
Although you could argue even with a podcast, ads could be put on the site that the podcast resides. Most blog posts aren't read on the site they are published on, similar to a podcast. - Jesse Stay
Twitter can monetize twitter without confusion - not sure if Twitter users can. - Leo Laporte
Not really Jesse - podcasts are designed to be consumed elsewhere. The ad has to go with the show. - Leo Laporte
I agree though - disclosure is key. I don't see any problem though with a person disclosing their relationship with, say, Pedigree dog chow, and then Tweeting about "their sponsor", pedigree dog chow - Jesse Stay
Leo, I design my blog posts to be consumed via RSS - what's different from that? - Jesse Stay
Then I presume you include the ads in your RSS? If not, you're not going to be able to monetize the blog. However, if your ads are indistinguishable from your posts you're trying to trick your readers and they'll bolt eventually. I have no problem with obvious ads in RSS. I hate "pay per post" blogs and avoid them like the plague they are. Ads need to look (or sound) like ads - not content. - Leo Laporte
BTW Leo, I say all this in full respect for you - I've been following TWiT since your first show, and Screen Savers long before that. I'm a big fan! - Jesse Stay
Thanks Jesse. I'm not offended. This is an important conversation, and you've made me rethink my original tweet. Or at least, consider it more fully. AND this is something old media types like me can bring to the table. You youngsters need to understand how to monetize without compromising your content. Something we've spent a lot of time thinking about. - Leo Laporte
Leo, understood on the Pay per Post model. I may agree with you there - that is definitely different than including ads at the top and/or bottom of the RSS post. The monetization thing is something I'm definitely still trying to figure out. Content should not be compromised. - Jesse Stay
The form factor makes it all-too-easy to make snap judgments - that's why I like the edit function - heretic_twit
Twitter, however, may still be more comparable to the podcast/radio/tv model though. It's more of a "live stream" than a blog post. - Jesse Stay
Scoble calls it the "world-wide talk show" - Jesse Stay
Well we'll see how people feel when/if these ads become widespread. I predict that people who do it regularly will see their followers plummet. There's not enough value in most twitter streams to put up with ads. Furthermore, the reason advertisers want these (and pay per posts) is that they are stealth ads, in other words, they fool people. If there's the potential to confuse people about whether it's an ad, it's a problem. - Leo Laporte
I say sponsor FriendFeed over twitter - heretic_twit
Leo, I agree - I think if done right, it could be accepted amongst only certain Twitterers. There's no way it will work amongst the general population though. Chris Pirillo, for instance, I think could get away with it. - Jesse Stay
"This tweet brought to you by Carl's Jr" </Idiocracy> - Neal Krummell
Hear, hear! :-) - Mathew A. Koeneker
And a bulk sponsored @ tweet get an instant block from me as well. (After I confirm the account hasn't been compromised by a Bot of course.) - Paul Greeve
Leo, you say, "Ads need to look (or sound) like ads - not content," but your show's ads sound like content. They are conversational and personalized. But they are also clearly delineated as ads and your views/listeners can easily distinguish them as sponsorship messages and separate from your show content. Now with sponsored tweets how is this different if they are clearly marked as ads/sponsored? - Scott Magoon
I am not eager to see this on twitter, but I don't see it as the end of civilization either. It's really easy to make a follow/unfollow decision so why don't we just allow for a "marketplace" solution where everyone votes with their actions and sponsored tweets live or die based on the results. - Scott Magoon
what is a sponsored tweet Leo? - howardrs