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Leo Laporte
If you use iTunes on Mac and aren't using Pollux you're missing a treat. - free but I just donated. It's so good.
Too bad I don't trust anyone's genre assignations other than my own. - Akiva
thanks for the tip. - Edgar Rodríguez
thanks leo,now i may have to download it and try it out! looks nice :) - pcguru626
It just tagged one of my original tunes to Edie Brickell, but otherwise it seems to be getting them all correct! - B Bagby
I'll give it a try, thax for the info Leo - Alex
Looks cool, any Windows support coming? - lawrence kenski
Did you bring down their server? It says something went wrong and to try again later. Or maybe it is not working. - Alex
it's awesome, i too shall donate - Paul Meyers
Anything like this at all for the PC. - Mark Wolvin
It get's my highest praise, "Doesn't suck." - Steve Feinstein
ok, im amazed. just correctly corrected 162 out of 170 tracks with "track xyz" as their title. - Jamie
I don't get how you can get your iTunes library in such a state: Without using this app, my iTunes library has all the necessary metadata, and I didn't make any effort to have it like that. - Paul Grav
Anything similar on windows, on iTunes or foobar or winamp or anything? I'd like to see a program that has a "search for year info on Wikipedia" option. Actually, why isn't there an app where I can manually correct track info on my iPhone while I'm listening and have the corrections sync back? - Chuck Kahn
Paul, mainly by downloading music illegally from places like Kazaa (is that even around anymore?) and torrents. - Akiva from BuddyFeed
Thanks for the link leo! - Jan Persiel
It may be a coincidence, but I sent this link to my husband and when he tried to download the application he had to force quit Safari and it triggered all kinds of virus messages! He said he was not willing to try to duplicate the problem! - Ginger Campbell, MD
So, don't run this on compilation/greatest hits albums, unless you want the songs retagged to the original albums. - Demian Johnston
@Chuck Kahn - A cross platform (albeit more complex) tagger is Jaikox - I've been using it on the Mac for about a year, much more complicated - and not free... but it works. - Christopher Aloi
It just gave me errors. F that. - deleted
I liked it until it ended up misidentifying a great deal of songs, now I have to take the time to manually edit them back. Or just break out the CDs and rip them all over again. It can't tell the difference between tracks from a live album versus their studio recorded counterparts. It gets an E for effort. - Bryan K Erickson
It also gets in this state if you were managing music well before iTunes came to PC. - Eric - Let Me Know from iPhone
When I used to do stuff in Windows, I used MP3Tag. - Akiva
Hooo-Rah! - Eric Anderson
This app worked perfect for me. Well done! - Mike Shulman
I downloaded it and it did not do anything. - Kelly J
@Kelly J: You need to highlight some songs in iTunes and then click "Tag selected iTunes tracks". - Antoniu
Very cool idea, but I have tried it on two albums and it got one song wrong both times. It also hasn't grabbed lyrics on any song I've tried so far, and that was main reason for trying it. All my stuff is tagged properly already. Any apps that just grab the lyrics? - Justin Luey
...well, it is 'beta' software, or has that label lost all meaning these days? - .LAG liked that
I think some of the data it uses is a bit suspect. One artist, two versions of the same song but different lengths, and they're classed as being from the same album. What's with the lyrics bit - where do they appear? - Mike Caine