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Leonardo Martins

Leonardo Martins

Postdoc at University of Vigo working with evolutionary genomics
RT @anpefi: Oh, pero si hay una propuesta para que Galicia sustituya a Escocia en UK XD
Sam Kinison: Breaking All The Rules -
Sam Kinison: Breaking All The Rules
reply to reviewer who wants you to write his ms, not yours RT @JohnDCook OH: "This question deserves careful consideration, but not by me"
Almost no education research is replicated, new article shows (via @johndcook)
That moment when you want to point out that a parsnip is not the same as a radish (daikon)...
em meio a tanto ódio... vai que a moda pega RT @alvaromillan: Hay esperanza
Queridinha dos nossos acadêmicos -- secularistas et al. (via @drunkeynesian @Estadao)
And all analyses for this paper, including those asked to be removed (from manuscript and suppl material) are here:
Actually the first version was submitted on July of 2012, but rejected (resubmission encouraged) in November.
the final version of our "Testing for Universal Common Ancestry" is online (look at the date it was submitted...)
Anti-Semitism Stirs in Latin America (Enrique Krauze at the NYT)
tks @elife RT @timeshighered: Journal allows authors to update their original research:
Opa, aí sim RT @andre_elias: .@leomrtns Lendo nesse momento o "Unsorted Homology within Locus and Species Trees". :-)
RT @SciPubLab: #PeerReview will become what it always should have been - a way to improve science, not to slow it down @researchinfo
My inspiration for revising a manuscript and replying to reviewers
RT @MorganSmith: Here's to transparency in job titles! #foia
apaputaquepario. E minha familia mora a umas 4 quadras do acidente. Se eu ñ conseguir falar com eles jaja eu mijo nas calça...
Destruir a universidade [FSP] "A Universidade de São Paulo está em greve desde o fim de maio. Se lembrarmos que..."
RT @omearabrian: PAUP* is going open source cmd line, commercial GUI, and you can try for free #multicore #automodeltest #nostalgia
RT @duggan: IMHOtep, the ancient Egyptian deity of terrible opinions.
RT @Wikimedia: See why these new "open access" licenses fail to meet the standards set by the Freedom & Open Knowledge Definitions:
Any thoughts on Just started using and I'm liking it a lot. It can go from Lou Reed to Yo La Tengo in a heartbeat
RT @anpefi: Workshop on Marine Ecological and Evolutionary Genomics (MEEG 2014) 14-16 October 2014, Vigo, Spain
I went to dentist prepared to spend a good money and come back home w/ swollen face. It turns out no repairs were needed & it was for free!
RT @koadman: You know your coauthor list is too long when names get listed twice:
R$300 é classe média, R$2.480 já é alta classe alta RT @gravz: pqp RT @ale_chumer: Assim que se “melhora” um país.
Another paper accepted! @dmallo_phylo is a machine!
RT @arambaut: Post on why you can't estimate the case fatality rate of #ebola by dividing the reported deaths by reported cases:
so @sciencemagazine suggests a stance against OA by naming a FUD guy as new publisher. @nature, your move.
RT @mbeisen: "Anderson's initial challenge ... will be the launch of the nonprofit association's first open-access title" LMFAO
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