GREAT piece by Russ Choma: Money Won on Tuesday, But Rules of the Game Changed | OpenSecrets Blog
Great piece by @vanschewick: Will the FCC ruin the Internet? (Opinion) -
Protestify: Protest and Testify — Kickstarter
Apple Updates — A Comic | The Public Domain |
“Dear Washington Press Corps: Please STFU.” by @ShantMM
This kid would have been 28 today.  | Lessig Blog, v2
on being in this place. | Lessig Blog, v2
RT @calbarIPsection: Congratulations to Vanguard Award recipient Ms. Diane Peters, GC @creativecommons. #CAIPSection @calbarIPsection
Reporting Back at the end of a tough week:
I just registered for the The NH Rebellion January 2015 Wal
Progressives and Tea Party join forces, beat big money in Florida
RT @RWPUSA: Did Mayday PAC and the campaign finance issue defeat Scott Brown?
RT @mopdemocracy: MOP's #fairelex vid reaches it's thunderclap goal! Blast's video out to 120,000 people on election day. 5425 views and counting! @lessig
RT @jayrosen_nyu: @lessig Thought this would interest you. @Publici will investigate the risk of corruption in 50 state governments.
RT @klausphotos: @lessig thought you'd like to know @zephyrteachout debated Astornio on @BrianLehrer this morning. Worth a listen.
RT @StuartBuck1: As of today, @amac is deputy CTO of the US. Hard to believe it's been 15 yrs since he and I had Larry Lessig's Law of Cyberspace at HLS!
RT @RadioOpenSource: We go live in 4 hours with a Very Special Episode: @zephyrteachout on the trail, with @lessig
RT @nelehnhelen: I wrote this petition & stand by it. So do many others."@lessig: Petition to get Cuomo to debate! @zephyrteachout"
Zephyr Teachout: Two Futures - YouTube
RT @rickhasen: This @Bencjacobs article explains likely #MTSEN Dem. nom. so far has position on campaign finance reform but not Iraq
RT @mattkbh: Important point by @zephyrteachout & Wu on the need for anti-monopoly populist language
RT @thenation: How Zephyr Teachout Became a Contender—and how she could beat Andrew Cuomo.
RT @RedditNewYork: Harvard law professor and leading campaign finance reform advocate Lawrence Lessig called on suppor…
RT @rootstrikers: MIT anti-corruption symposium on 9-19 with Gilens & Lessig:
RT @ClementsJeff: Boost for @zephyrteachout's anti-corruption/clean gov't primary challenge to NY Gov. Cuomo. @lessig calls in #mayday
MIT Anti-corruption Symposium
Or now. RT @lessig: For Zephyr and Tim for NY: Please help now! | Lessig Blog, v2
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