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Last Remaining Populist House Republican Faces K Street's Own Wolf of Wall Street | Republic Report
RT @RosenJeffrey: Does America Need Another Constitutional Convention? We ask .@Harvard_Law .@lessig and .@UTexasLaw Sanford Levinson
RT @monk51295: i feel the dismissive impatience of those inside the system whenever i talk about changing the system. - Republic, Lost #lessig
This is one of my all time favorite speeches by Governor Buddy Roemer at St. Anselm (Jan 29, 2014) #rootstrikers
RT @Boyko4TX: .@lessig, @root_e is refers to @EFF blog post praising pro-reformers in Tea Party. I'll praise pro-reformers in *any* party, tho I lean D.
RT @mattmillernow: .@lessig nails it in @TheAtlantic w/ Campaign Finance & the Nihilist Politics of Resignation. We can fix this system.
Zephyr Teachout: What John Roberts Doesn’t Get About Corruption - POLITICO Magazine
RT @BillMoyersHQ: MT @lessig: Many have seen my new TED b/c many many have shared it TY: sharing is the fuel of this kind of reform:
RT @KeepMoneyOut: @lessig Thank you for supporting our class in our protest against McCutcheon v FEC, we are very appreciative of your time and efforts.
RT @CajunRootstrikr: @ezraklein "It's also driven by working-class Americans disengaging from the political process..." A system of corruption does that. #NHR
RT @nhrebellion: Good news #BrigadeMedia and @sparker taking on the challenge of our broken and dysfunction political system #NHR
RT @rootstrikers: What does the loss of "The Colbert Report" mean for the fight against political corruption? Insight here
.@HLSRootstrikers are wildly well organized:
Oh great. Now Lucas, a 16yo "in Mr. Pittman's Am Hist Class" has started a feed: @MoneyEquaPower Soon we'll have all out revolution.
Oh well. I've been damned. Will any tweeps be there with me? RT @Reniavstheworld: Damn you, Lawrence Lessig. Damn you to hell.
Ok I was wrong. Brody Tupy — a boy scout from Iowa made the @KeepMoneyOut twitter feed; Conor made the first video.
What TurboTax Doesn't Want You To Know via @HuffPostBiz
Conor Sherman is in 10th grade and has started @KeepMoneyOut. #IfOnlyThereWereAMillionConors
Help make it happen for 'Open Source Beehives' #indiegogo via @indiegogo
RT @CommonCauseMA: The Unstoppable Walk to Political Reform, @lessig's most recent @TEDTalks on the campaign to #GetMoneyOut
Jacob was a #NHR-walker: Help fund his game 'Casual Quest' #indiegogo
RT @scrawford: Just want to point to a really useful, careful doc for small/big towns to use in thinking about muni fiber:
Fantastic news: Sylvia Mathews Burwell To Replace Sebelius As U.S. Health And Human Services Secretary
Many have seen my new TED b/c many many have shared it Thank you: sharing is the fuel of this kind of reform:
The plan. RT @johndjacobson: @lessig is giving away 'Republic Lost' which means I'm assigning it as req. reading
RT @SierenErnst: "I began to yearn for a less sterile, less academic way to address these issues..." … @lessig #rootstrikers
RT @RedditPol: Lawrence Lessig: The unstoppable walk to political reform
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