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RT @jswatz: To all y'all who scream "media bias!" and say the NYT goes easy on Dems: news is news.
GREAT NEWS: MAYDAY.US and transparency (and thanks to the volunteer innovators who made this possible)
If this is true, then the Governor should resign | Lessig Blog, v2
If this is true, then the Governor should resign | Lessig Blog, v2
This Kid Made an App That Exposes Sellout Politicians | VICE United States
RT @PoliticalGeek: Hey @lessig pls remind folks today is the last day to submit feedback to FCC about net neutrality!Thanks! #savethenet
Wisdom from @fredwilson: Platform Monopolies & Congress is yet another.
RT @MoneyQuote: 90% of Americans agree ... our government is broken ... because of the money in politics –Lawrence @Lessig
RT @GeorgeRussert: Elect Gil Fulbright, The Honest Politician! Challenge: Find one thing he lies about! Impossible.
RT @GeorgeRussert: An Honest Politician !! … Click on ALL the links!! #MayDayPac
RT @SeismoMedia: Zephyr Teachout and Tim Wu are going to be great leaders for New York State. Even Lawrence Lessig thinks so. This...
RT @cindyfsolomon: Rally for Zephyr & Tim!: A week ago today, we watched as thousands raised more than $1.5M for the ... via @lessig
Just made a donation to Teachout - Wu for New York
RT @Mike_Flores23: .@benwikler gained a fan today (me). Great Q&A with @lessig on what’s next for @MAYDAYUS. Love the mission.
in 10: RT @benwikler: Coming up in 20 minutes: join me and @lessig to discuss @MayOneUS at”
Joi's TED Talk: Want to innovate? Become a "now-ist"
RT @ryanlvoss: Greenhouse by @nickrubin just gave "usefulness" to @lessig "cluefulness"
RT @umlaahn: Had no idea Bing made it so easy to find public domain or CC licenses photos. As @lessig says, going to try Binging it :)
What's next for the #MaydayPAC: Question #1 | Lessig Blog, v2
RT @thecaucus: Campaign Finance: Money Is Raised; Now Lessig’s Super Pac Must Win
What's next for the #MaydayPAC: Question #1 | Lessig Blog, v2
RT @RepresentDotUs: We photoshopped @lessig's face onto the fighter pilot president from Independence Day in honor of @MayOneUS's big win
RT @MayOneUS: Reform wasn’t an issue... We just made it one. Happy Independence Day.
That's it. We did it. For US. For @aaronsw. Tears, and sleep, and endless thanks. #MayDayPAC
RT @carlmalamud: @amac hate to be all optimistic and sunshine, but I think he's going to actually pull this one off. @lessig! democracy!
RT @brianmehler: Ok @stevewoz were 200k from @lessig @MayOneUS #MaydayPAC goal. Im going all in and dbl my donation now w or w/o u. Let's get this done now!
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