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georgetakei: The staffers had to explain this one.... -
goddamnsugoi: This is merely a TASTE of what awesome merch is... -
baddovah: Giant amethyst geode from Uruguay no that’s a magic... -
jerkidiot: uh mm…. hello im a cop and according to ur records ur super cute and hella rad… the... -
lapfulofmisha: daftwithoneshoe: captains-meow: cosmic-darkness... -
shinjigraham: ladyt220: consultinganglophile: jesus... -
"If a train doesn’t stop at your station, it’s simply because it’s not your train. Don’t try to flag..." -
saskiakeultjes: What to put in a sketchbook for... -
georgetakei: Left arm to yellow. (Credit: Mom’s Got Ink)... -
taxreasons: one day i want to have as much game as Brianne what... -
zodiacsociety: Cancer Zodiac Facts -
heartology: this makes me cry?? -
girlsbydaylight: by コパる -
koryos: you sit down to watch the lion king with me. i point out that leafcutter ants do not live... -
lucrezialoveshercesare: friendly-giant-mushroom: castielyousono... -
*SPANK* ;) n *licklicklick* :-p -
before i changed my tumblr theme like a week or so ago i totally had the same one as you. -
fuckyeahrenaissancefaire: The Girl in the painting (by Pahz) -
saehral: Aaand finally, the WIP - Sailor V/enus edition! Now I... -
sharoosparents: fitnessgifs4u: 44 Best Bodyweight Exercises... -
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