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leweb conference
Robert Scoble
Back to the land of cold rooms and little to no wifi: #leweb -- come see me on Gillmor Gang this afternoon.
Ahhh, but I don't hear you complaining about the food. We had a nice time tonight at Buzz's slideshow/prez on Cuba. I think he mentioned that he was originally going to go with you to China. Anway, it was a good presentation, though perhaps a few less slides would have been fine...;) - Leif Hansen
the most essential (and costly) INVARIANT across all countries: BRANDING [per Marc Simoncini,, last session on 9 Dec] -
Rob Enslin
I can't view the ustream video at Anyone else having similar issues? Is it my work firewall blocking it?
I had to bail too. Just too many freezes. Thought it was my bandwidth. - Nick in Manila
my work firewall is also blocking it. you are not alone - Aryeh
Marco Ripanti
Robert Scoble
Wifi at LeWeb is frustrating. Even ethernet in speaker room isn't working. Oh well. Hope the video streams are working. #leweb
The ethernet in the bloggers table is working well. - Tom Morris
Stream to Berkeley CA is working well - Mason Lee
It's in an out. - drew olanoff
No conference has yet to nail internet and provide perfect experience - David Lloyd
Love FTW!!! Skynet FTW! - Mason Lee
was great at first.. now it's just not there :( - david medina
Marco Ripanti
how could i contact nikesh :-)
Marco Ripanti
@robert .. yes stream is working ..
Marco Ripanti
Marco Ripanti
"more than half the revenues of google come from outside the US" ?? .. Germany ?
Robert Scoble
is it just bell ringing and funky music now? - Mason Lee
that's all I hear - Tom Mack
Hi Tom. I'm in Berkeley CA. You? - Mason Lee
Sweet, my favorite band. - Mason Lee
Yakima, WA (normally Portland, but I'm out of town on business) - Tom Mack
It just started. I'm sitting in the speaker room listening to Loic and Geraldine kick off the conference. Theme music? Love, love, love. - Robert Scoble
Geez there is a lot of people there, do you have estimated attendance numbers Robert?? - Andrew Wardlaw
feed just died - Andrew Wardlaw
hmm. friend feed comments as chat room... interesting. CRAP feed died. - Mason Lee
bummer, I lost the connection... - Tom Mack
Oh it's back. - Mason Lee
back again - Andrew Wardlaw
@Mason Lee It works quite well as a chat facility doesn't it. - Andrew Wardlaw
Heh, as long as I remember to stay on the same comment :) - Mason Lee
How long 'til Steve asks when Track will be available in Mesh? - Mason Lee
Steve Gillmor is just awesome. Wish he would push more on "Who owns the data" though - Mason Lee
The question is not who owns the data, so much as where will the data live, and will that host be interested in "federating" technologies, or try to lock people in by providing "everything" in one place - Mason Lee
Luis Rull
Twittering LeWeb in spanish at @luisrull
there is a man with sunglasses here.... damned
Rob Enslin
Following the room from London-bound train. Wishing I was there.
someone can tell Loic that's the bell is horrible
Robert Scoble
LeWeb 2008 is about to start. Join us in the LeWeb room: #leweb2008
The #leweb hash tag on Twitter is very active. - Robert Scoble
Howdy from Paris! - drew olanoff
Marco Ripanti
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