Lunch on the Dine Out Vancouver menu 1. French onion soup 2. Pan seared ling cod 3. Dessert! -
Lunch on the Dine Out Vancouver menu 1. French onion soup 2. Pan seared ling cod 3. Dessert!
Re: Excerpt – an activity for you. -
""In any slaughterhouse operation, the trick is to fool cows into climbing the chute that leads to the killing floor." -- Lullaby - Chuck Palahniuk" - Greg Lexiphanic
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Re: Date A Boy Who Travels -
"Nice post, Raz. I agree. You should enjoy the time you travel together and make the most of it. It may be brief but it will be an experience you share with your children and your grandchildren – even if you never see that boy again." - Greg Lexiphanic
Re: How To Read and Share More Efficiently From Your iPad: Mr. Reader and Buffer Team Up -
"Thanks Mr. Reader! I've been using Reeder for a while but have started to feel like Buffer integration is essential for me. Plus the screenshots of your app look great! Thanks!" - Greg Lexiphanic
Re: How the world learnt to love a case study -
"You're right: this video is highly sophisticated and incredibly well produced, but it didn't succeed just because it's well made. If that were true, a lot more campaigns would have had this kind of reach, too. There's more to it than just a great story… there's a lot of background. Beyond the video itself, Invisible Children (IC) has been building incredibly tight-knit communities to support their plans. They've been doing this for a decade. When IC wanted their video to spread, they activated those communities to spread the message. The video's compelling narrative is what helped it to keep going, but it's the initial work of these communities that were carefully cultivated by IC that gave it the early push that it needed. I put together a blog post about week ago that goes into a bit more detail: http://onlinecommunitymanager.... For a video to go viral, having a beautifully crafted story is only half the battle. You need to have built a relationship with people who are willing to..." - Greg Lexiphanic
Re: Culling my things -
"As Hayley demonstrates, the best people to give/sell your stuff to? Other hoarders. Congrats on getting this done. Allocate a box for all the sentimental crap you plan to keep. Make sure it's smaller than you think it should be. Then, if it doesn't fit in the box, it goes, too. I know it's hard, but it's totally worth it. We're about to move apartments here in Hong Kong and I already know that I can just cram it all into a bag and be ready to go :D" - Greg Lexiphanic
101 Examples of Social Business ROI -
101 Examples of Social Business ROI -
101 Examples of Social Business ROI -
Re: What the Heck is a Community Manager? -
"I must argue that your earlier presumption, Edward, that "a Community Manager, will 'manage' the 'community' in the interests of the host and not the community" is incredibly misplaced. I'm a community manager and have been for many years. The title itself has been used in an Internet context since the early days of the Web when self-hosted forum platforms were the only way for people to interact. It's not a new title at all; just new to you. No one agrees with you more than I that vague titles are rarely anything but nonsense. If you want to talk about vague titles, talk about "social media manager". It is a role which, almost by design, fulfils your earlier presumption — they 'manage' the 'social media channels' in the interests of the host — plus the title itself makes no sense (ever heard of a "Traditional Media Manager"?) and poorly reflects the role. If you ask me, a better title might be "Audience Manager" (maybe even Audience Facilitator? ;) — their job is to manage the..." - Greg Lexiphanic
Re: The Death of “Unmanaged” Online Forums -
"Shawn, the problem everyone has with your post is that how you define "forum" and "community" is different to how everyone else does. More accurately, it's how you're using the terms that's getting people's ire up. Everyone agrees that a "forum" is a software tool/platform that facilitates communication. And everyone agrees that a "community" is… well… there are differing definitions for this but let's just say it's "a group of people who communicate and share with one another in a manner which benefits one another and the group as a whole". An "online community" is the same but the community's primary hub is on the Internet. The problem is that those two things are as similar as chalk and cheese. One's a piece of software; one's a concept to describe a meaningful group of people. By 'forum', what you mean is any software tool designed to facilitate public interpersonal communication between members, connected to a brand. That isn't just a traditional 'discussion board'-style forum,..." - Greg Lexiphanic
Travel makes routine experiences new again -
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