Still have a foggy head from feeling sick the last few days....reaction to the flu shot I guess. But back at work today.
The Danger of Crossing Algorithms: Uncovering The Cloaked Panda Update During Penguin 3.0
Stream streaming is pretty darn cool. I can play Windows games on my Linux laptop.
Calvin and Hobbes always makes my day.
RT @rhettsoveran: Updated our commodities futures (desktop) with better charts and multiple timelines. As always, love feedback:
Apple Search? Apple Starts Crawling The Web?
“Fish Oil” Cookie Fights Cholesterol and Tastes All Right Too via @realagriculture
RT @TeamGBIS: Facebook bans "like-gating". Well, there goes a lot of marketing plans.
I've been enjoying a woodworking course this fits with it. Build a Miter Sled Jig to Cut Perfect 45 Degree Corners
The Best Hidden Features of VLC
Watched Amazing Spider-Man last night. There is wisdom from Aunt May. "Secrets have a cost. They're not free. Not now, not ever."
Everything You Should Know About Using Custom Scripts and Styles In WordPress
RT @RYTF: A little bit of rain but a great first day for the Regina Youth Touch Football League!
RT @RYTF: Opening the season in just over an hr! Shortly there will be many nervous players starting off their football lives! Great place 2start!
A Startup Owner’s Black Book of Web Conversion by @searchrook
Google Responds To Mass Negative SEO Extortion Emails
Grab Over 40 Free Photography eBooks and Improve Your Camera Skills
Explainer: How Google’s New SSL / HTTPS Ranking Factor Works
These 10 Analytics Reports Will Improve Your AdWords Results
Google HTTPS: Run On A Per URL Basis In Real Time & Not Part Of Panda
Google Webmaster Tools Notifications For Faulty Mobile Redirects
Your Lost Android Phone Can Now Call You
SEO Industry Tweets Its Reactions To Google’s SSL Ranking Boost
Restart or Shut Down Windows 8 with a Keyboard Shortcut
Encrypted Websites Will Now Get A Boost In Google Search Rankings by @mattsouthern
Blog Visits: How To Make Every Second Count
A/B Testing and SEO: What You Need to Know to Succeed
Got first spam SEO email already for SSL certificates to improve Google ranking. Slimy SEO companies.
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