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Mo Tabesh
best fmail you can ever expect to receive: [Flickr] I Am Cynical wants you to see a photo
I get some of those. Always exciting. - Ricardo Liberato
Thomas Hawk
Voters, we need voters. http://csratr.appspot.com/ Vote, people, vote!
I hope I've been able to help with a few deletes - Thomas Strini
good work. the more the better, vote early, vote often, let's get this pool cleaned out. - Thomas Hawk
Alright, pre-coffee negativity comin' right up, sir! - Ryan MacLean
Ah, Hawk, that was you... I'm sorry I thought for a moment it could have been Cody's - Ryan MacLean
lol "pre-coffee" is funny. I'm here with my third beer, waiting my wife falls asleep so I can watch the game from London. ;-) - Thomas Strini
need a bit more coffee myself, then off to my boys' baseball games. - Thomas Hawk
ok, ok, ok - I did my part - meckimac
damn, nice work. Efficient indeed. - Thomas Hawk
Ryan Dearth
Portrait Book - a gallery on Flickr by Ryan Dearth - http://www.flickr.com/photos...
Portrait Book - a gallery on Flickr by Ryan Dearth
My first gallery, did you make it in? - Ryan Dearth from Bookmarklet
liber didn't make the cut!? better luck next time i guess - Ryan Dearth
care to look again ricardo!? - Ryan Dearth
Paul Buchheit
First, FriendFeed is _not_ going away. (in fact, we're working on switching it to new servers) Second, I know everyone wants to know what the team is working on, but we don't pre-announce things, so for now all I can say is that there's good stuff on the way. Re: http://friendfeed.com/jworthi...
I know that doesn't answer everyone's questions, but I hope it helps. - Paul Buchheit
Paul, working on friendfeed.com stuff or facebook.com? - Kol Tregaskes
I like the first sentence. The rest is just gravy. - Derek Coward
I'm totally happy if we just reside on decent servers, and get occasional IT help... We'll keep the rest of the ship running :) - Christopher Galtenberg
Paul - is that why it's been slower lately vs.pre-fb ? - Allen Stern
Paul please repeat it in re-phrased form: Friendfeed is NOT going to repeat destiny of Jaiku? Y/N - A. T.
*processing statement...* - Micah
Can't wait... **Fingers tapping desk impatiently** - AJ Batac
But what does "going away" mean, Paul? And what does "team" mean? And when you say "pre-announce", are you talking about the Palm Pre? - Ken Sheppardson
Allen, the slowness is due to growth (more users and more data), but I put in a few fixes yesterday that should speed things up a bit. - Paul Buchheit
thanks paul - Allen Stern
Paul, sometimes when I open up threads I get the Opps... error. Is that related? It has been happening more and more these last few days. - Kol Tregaskes
Still better than twitter and facebook. Thanks for the update! - Mike Nencetti
Paul, thanks for the incredible work with FriendFeed. Please, keep it alive! and most importantly keep it FriendFeed! - Ciro Villa
as long as FF doesn't go dark or fall to pieces due to lack of maintenance, i think most ppl would be appeased. - Big Joe Silenced
Does this mean that the sky is not falling and we should stop running around screaming GODZILLA! and pointing in the direction of FB? - Tony C (Unrated) from fftogo
also, thank you for making such a great service in the first place! - Big Joe Silenced
Paul: Did you see http://www.thetechnewsblog.com/2009... & can you understand why it got so many people talking / blogging? - Jim Connolly
I second that!! - Kol Tregaskes
Always nice to hear Paul talking about Friendfeed. - Ashish
Thanks Paul for the update. - Roberto Bonini
Thanks for the update! Would like to know if there will be actual development done on FriendFeed in the future (other than bug fixes/minor updates) but I understand if you can't really talk about that too much. - Brandon Titus
Paul: so still no answer from you as to if your 'good stuff' is being developed for FB or FF? The silence suggests it's FaceBook you're working on, or at least transferring FF into an 'add on' for Facebook? - Jim Connolly
Kol, fb platform and openness, primarily. - Paul Buchheit
David Recordon FTW - Jesse Stay
i made a post here - http://www.centernetworks.com/friendf... - one interesting note - maybe FB keeps FF running nice and smooth to keep the early adopters happy as it's a great way to get new features out to them via this channel... just a thought. - Allen Stern
Wow. I've had to eat my words before but these are the best-tasting ones yet! - Akiva from BuddyFeed
Akiva, just add salt. You know which kind :) - Micah
I'm anxiously waiting for FF->FB Platform integration (drools...) - Jesse Stay
These are the best words I could have expected by Paul. There is obviously a cultural difference between the two platforms and audience and I'm assuming both the former FF team and the FB team recognize that and are sensitive to the community. Thank you Paul and I hope you are feeling better.... - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
Allen, you're in good company on that thought - there were musings on that concept right after the buyout. - Micah
When the leader speaks, everyone listens.... :-) - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
I feel a few "I told you so's" coming though... :-) - Jesse Stay
Thanks Paul. Glad you're working on maintaining/improving performance. I've definitely seen issues here. Looking forward towards your influence and changes over at the blue giant. - Mark Krynsky
Paul - thank you for letting us know, and I do hope you feel better! - Jennifer Dittrich
The big question though is will FriendFeed continue to add new features? There's a difference between that and it going away. (and hence my argument w/ Scoble the other day) - Jesse Stay
Paul: Seriously weird that you're there reading this, and totally ignoring each relevant, yes no question. No one's asking you to pre announce anything - just genuinely concerned (and increasingly so) that they do NOT include developing for FF. - Jim Connolly
Jesse +1 - Jim Connolly
Jesse: Paul answers that question - BOOM - rumour mill dies and we finally get something positive to say. Ya know what - we won;t get an answer though. He's reading this, he knows the answer, but he won't. - Jim Connolly
Jesse: For now, FF has more features than any other platform for this type of niche. There's some catching up to do before I'm worried about new features. - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
AWESOME!! Thanks for helping to quell some concerns Paul. Looking forward to what comes next, but hope that FF never dissappears also. - travispuk from iPhone
Paul: I'm right, right? There's something stopping you from saying that you are no longer adding new features to what 'we' know as Friendfeed? - Jim Connolly
Paul: Amazing how quickly you guys have adopted the Facebook attitude to silence. Pity. - Jim Connolly
Paul: blink twice if you will add new features to FF. I won't tell anyone, honest. - Edward Zwart
FWIW he did just upgrade servers. My e-mail notifications are almost real-time. Sounds to me like they're still improving the service. - Jesse Stay
Jim: Don't blame Paul on that, it's not fair. He's only allowed to say so much at this point but I'm very satisfied on what he said. - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
Jesse: The questions not if they keep the servers running - we want to know if this is a dead platform. - Jim Connolly
Jim: in Paul's defense Facebook's PR is more controlling than FriendFeed's was. I'm sure he's having to consider the effects his words will have on other people inside Facebook. But, I'm VERY HAPPY that Paul is here giving us hints as to what's coming. I wish it had happened six weeks ago so we wouldn't have lost so many people, but maybe that would happen anyway. - Robert Scoble
Jim, there may be a few new things, but as I said, the team is mainly working on fb platform and openness, so it's unlikely that there will be any big new features of ff (except maybe one that I've been thinking about for a while...). - Paul Buchheit
Did the Walrus think about Feed Splicing? :-) - Robert Scoble
Paul: Finally - THAT'S what we were wondering. - Jim Connolly
Paul: Pity. At least we now know not to expect any developments or improvements. Thanks for answering the question. Whilst it confirmed my fears, it's good to know what's happening. - Jim Connolly
I have no problem with FB integration (notice my drool above). Hoping for good friend conversion tools to bring subscribers over as friends or fans on Facebook from FriendFeed. (Connect.registerUsers FTW!) - Jesse Stay
Jim: I'd modify "any" to "many." - Robert Scoble
As a result - Jim has left the platform. - Jim Connolly
Jim: this is a change from last week, by the way. My sources were telling me that we weren't going to get any new features and now Paul is refuting that and saying we might get one new feature here. - Robert Scoble
I'm still drooling - anyone have a towel? - Jesse Stay
Jesse: I'll buy you a virtual one over on Ning. - Robert Scoble
personally, i would be happy just to have FF not fall apart and die. given the post-acquisition situation, anything beyond that is gravy! - Big Joe Silenced
Robert, I heard Ning is dead - care to send me one on Facebook? ;-) - Jesse Stay
Robert, think of it as 20% time. If there's a feature I want, I'll just add it :) - Paul Buchheit
Thank you for the clarification, Paul, and hope you are feeling better. - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Even if there no new features in Friendfeed, I am happy with Friendfeed just staying on. - Ashish
Paul, if you wanted me to bake you some cookies, all you had to do was ask, GEEZ. - Derrick
Twitter doesn't accept cupcakes any more (just check Foursquare when at their offices). How about FriendFeed? :-) - Jesse Stay
Mark, I'm okay with better Facebook integration. There's a lot of power in that (hence my drooling). - Jesse Stay
Mark, I'm really hoping it ends up the best of both worlds - that would be really cool - Jesse Stay
im going back to efnet - i got a bus for 7pm - anyone want on? :-P - Allen Stern
I think you could make the case that some sites and services can in fact be "done" at some point, and simply require resources to keep them up and running. - Ken Sheppardson
Thanks, Paul. - Josh Haley
Ken: That's a potential advantage of turnkey application-level hosting such as App Engine: the resources to keep them up and running are almost entirely outsourced. ~All costs are variable costs, monetization improves over time, variable costs decline over time, so services that are "done" can literally just coast. - Daniel Dulitz
might be a full-time job times 2 or 3 for any fresh devs - safe to say Paul's got a bit of a head-start which changes that equation significantly! .... Also maybe almost as important is simply keeping spammers in check - that makes the difference between a ghost town vs the happy place here we want to keep coming back to enjoy ... - Dan Freeman
Istanbuldan buyuk bir eferimi hakketti bu cocuklar, bizim icin calisiyorlar - MobilAdam from fftogo
Yes, this helps a lot. Thank you, Paul. We were beginning to fight amongst ourselves over these things. - Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
Chris: the problem is that a shovel doesn't get more utility the more people that use it. FriendFeed does. - Robert Scoble
I think the problem is that some people feel extra messianic some days (which is perfectly okay), and then refuse to see/believe/accept when others don't feel the same way AND point it out. The refusing part is not really okay, I guess. - Michael Bravo
Thanks for these reassuring words Paul. Have been working hard to get more Flickr users over here after the recent rash of censorship there. Friendfeed's TOS and lack of censorship is a breath of fresh air compared to Flickr. - Thomas Hawk
You can’t predict what the future of technology will bring; so trying is a fool’s game. You can only adapt to the new realities as best you can. Paul's word is that it is still worth the time to invest in FF the tool. The tool may stay in this form but that's still a better design for me than Twitter. If FF is a shovel, Twitter is a spoon feature-wise. Audience volume-wise, it is the reverse. - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
"Feature creep is the devil." truer words! - Big Joe Silenced
I've been rough on you guys in some comments around, but I'm VERY encouraged to see that you guys see a future for FF. Thanks for shining some light, Paul. - Kristin of Two Everything
Clarification is appreciated. - DGentry
Chris: Pownce had more "features" than Twitter did, yet it died. So did other aggregators like Jaiku. It's not "features" that matter in social software. Well, at least not completely. It's a combination of features with crowds that matter. If the crowds leave FriendFeed has a lot less utility to everyone than if they flow in. Look at this item here. Why is it interesting? Because there's people here talking about it. - Robert Scoble
take your time PB Bear take your time - Thomas Power
This is definitely more of the answer we were looking for. Thanks, Paul. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Thank you - Johnny from iPhone
yea - happy happy.... - Chris Jackson
I can't find any wave that is even remotely comparable with friendfeed's conversation, if you found one will you invite me? (muzzle at googlewave) - ıɔ ǝɯɯǝ ˙ɹp
Great news, I await the new functions eagerly - Mo Kargas
YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the best thing I've seen ALL day!! woo hoo!! Thanks Paul :) {{{ HUG }}} - Susan Beebe
Just a few words of assurance go a long way, Paul. Thank you for finally giving us something more solid to stand on. It's been frustrating for a lot of us waiting for the other shoe to drop and this news makes it much easier to keep investing time in FriendFeed. Please don't be shy about reaffirming that it's not going away on a regular basis because it's always good to hear. - Lindsay
I will say it for the least time! Friendfeed kicks ass :). The rest who is saying friendfeed is dying. please SHUT THE FUCK UP!!! - alfred westerveld
Good to read. - Grant Bierman
Tnx Paul, people just want to see that are not "alone" - CantorJF from FreshFeed
@ThatDBD I think you're responding to the wrong thread... - Lindsay
still curious, but understand - Kim Landwehr
It's fascinating that so many people seem worried about new features. Until recently Twitter added almost no features at all and yet it continued to grow in popularity. FriendFeed's recent slump is all about perception, not tech. - Eoghann Irving
Looks like it's official then: FriendFeed lives! On new servers, even! (At least for now...) - Dennis Jernberg
Hoorah! - Ron Bailey
Very glad to hear it!! - Rosalinda Mojarro
word! - Dylan Casey
This is great news! Thanks, Paul, for the update, and if you get a hankering for a feature, great! I'm fine with the tech being your personal sandbox in exchange for keeping the service alive. Robert, I hope this means we'll see more of you and your family - and hear from the ones who have mastered the art of rolling over. Johnny, thanks for having the courage to ask the hard questions (and Louis for helping you frame the issues.) wow - life feels good again! - Mary B: #TeamMonique from iPhone
This is brilliant news from Paul! Now can we put this FriendFeed is dying business to rest please? It's a self fullfilling prophecy because by saying FF is dying, folks begin leaving, causing a downward spiral which would then cause it to come true! - technogran
Wan't it to stay? Then begin spreading the word! Get others to use it! At the moment its not mainstream so encourage ordinary users to use FF! The more popular it becomes the less likely it is to fold. - technogran
Yes :) Paul . Thanks. we love ff :) - sunipeyk
Questions? No just enjoy it. - ★ Soner Gönül
technogran: sorry, today you see what's going on. Bing? Displays your Facebook and Twitter tweets. Google? Twitter. Where's FriendFeed in this equation? Now do you get why FriendFeed is destined to be a tiny niche player and why the real action is on Facebook? - Robert Scoble
Good news :) - Maryam Ardakani from FreshFeed
Is not FF that is going somewhere else (?). Is its user base. - Claudio Cicali
Good to know. - orionstarr from iPhone
Robert, if FF gives me what I'm looking for, why do I care where "the real action" is? If FF serves its niche well, what's the downside? - Kristin of Two Everything
Robert, do you mean that Google doesn't index Friendfeed posts? Friendfeed is the first site that comes up if you search for my name. - Victor Ganata
Excellent point Victor - but FF only imports a small % of twitter's posts. Ergo Google is still not getting Twitter. - Roberto Bonini
@Scobleizer - this item is not interesting because of the conversation. it's interesting because of who it's from, and what he said. The fact that there's a conversation around it and that conversation is easy to find and read is a bonus (a feature) that sets this service head and shoulders above others (IMHO). There's really not much interesting in the comments here, if you ask me. You could get rid of all the comments that aren't Paul's and the value of the entry doesn't diminish that much. - Chris Heath
That isn't to say that conversations around items aren't ever useful or valuable (or interesting as robert says)... but in this case i would say it's who it's from and what he said. - Chris Heath
Chris: you nailed, in a single paragraph, why Twitter is winning. You now can choose who shows up on your screen and under what context. Well, I can because I have list support. Everyone else will get that next month. Victor: Roberto is right. I barely see ANY of the good stuff I see on Twitter come over here. Well, it comes here because of my favorites feed, but that isn't in nearly as useful a form as it is over at http://www.twitter.com/scoblei... - Robert Scoble
Robert, you keep saying that's the reason Twitter's winning - I can do that in Facebook and FriendFeed as well. - Jesse Stay
Well, the problem is that Google doesn't seem to index tweets as well as it indexes Friendfeed posts. And Google has never been able go inside Facebook's walled garden. Hopefully that will change. - Victor Ganata
(and I have been able to for the last year or so) - Jesse Stay
Victor, that changed today - see ReadWriteWeb's post. Facebook is opening up public status messages to search engines now. - Jesse Stay
Why is Twitter/Facebook/FriendFeed a zero sum game? I use both Twitter and FriendFeed a lot - they have different strengths - and they feed into each other. Facebook I use less, but that's a personal issue because I simply like it less. Why does there have to be a winner? And +1 Scott, if I'm in the niche market that FF is serving and I'm happy with it, why should I care if "the real action" is on Facebook? If that's the case, I'll take FF's "fake action," thank you very much. - Jandy
Good point Jandy - sunipeyk
Paul: Thank you for letting us know status as much as you are able. The fact that you took time to write anything says a lot. So thank you for that. And thank you for FriendFeed in general. It truly does rock. Have a great day. - Morgan
Thank you. - amygeek
@Gene, sorry, you'll have to wait for a FB invite like everyone else! - Andrew C (✔)
FF team needs 20% time at FB to keep inventing the next. - Christopher Galtenberg
This is great to hear, it would be bad that a major peice of my microblogging arogration just died off. - denzuko
Bump for clarification and Happy Birthday Paul! - Charlie Anzman
Memories - Ashish
Adam Harrison
Your account can be deleted because of your "favs".
I asked Heather if, with our favs now showing up in our profile, if our accounts could be flagged based on our favs. She said yes, that this was always the case because your faves could be creepy. - Adam Harrison
Look out liber! - Ryan MacLean
bottom line: if flickr wants to delete your account the will - their TOS are so loose I believe there isn't a single account in which they would not be able to find a reason to delete - eyebex
....ughhhhhhh....ugh ugh ugh ugh. So it's not only "don't be that guy," but, "don't like stuff that might be from that guy." - Stephanie Keating
* removes cynical from contacts * - Mo Tabesh
Great to see a nice vague deletion policy again..."a bit creepy" - Chris Nixon
So someone who mainly photographs sunsets and bunny rabbits and only uploads the safest of safes to their Flickr account could still be deleted because they fave a lot of nudes, or candid shots of people... or whatever. WTF. Just, WTF. - Stephanie Keating
DAMN! That sucks. Deleting user data (especially without warning) for what you *fave* on flickr? The good news is that I doubt your Friendfeed account will be nuked here because of what posts you *like* on the site. - Thomas Hawk
Ahem, I was doing research for my "Sexy" Gallery. - Ricardo Liberato
Haha your faves from yesterday were priceless! - Ryan MacLean
Mo Tabesh
San Diego Seduction player chills between plays on Flickr - Photo Sharing! - http://www.flickr.com/photos...
San Diego Seduction player chills between plays on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
This is what 1080p was invented for. - Ricardo Liberato
I like how she's not wearing much below the helmet. - Ricardo Liberato
Play her at QB; I'd still sack her. - Almond Butterscotch
ivan, are you looking at her helmet?! - Mo Tabesh
It's also a hockey helmet... (but those aren't hockey boobs!!) - Steve Dorsey
Chris Nixon
You have good taste. Love the second shot specially. - Ricardo Liberato
Canon has requested… « Vincent Laforet’s Blog - http://blog.vincentlaforet.com/2009...
"Canon has requested that we take down “Nocturne.” As a professional courtesy I am going to honor their request until they can figure out things internally and our little film can be shown again in public. As some of you may remember this happened last year and all was fine a few days later. I’m sure they will be able to figure things out on their end and hope to be able to share the short with you again soon. The response so far has exceed that of “Reverie” both in terms of numbers and in terms of how fast it happened - something that I would never have expected." - meckimac from Bookmarklet
How can they (Canon) be that stupid? - meckimac
Sounds like a major corporate blunder here. Can't be good for public relations. Yes: #canonfail - Dennis Jernberg
Canon went after the Fake Chuck Westfall blog last year and failed miserably only drawing more attention to the site. http://thomashawk.com/2009... - Thomas Hawk
Again? you'd think they would learn after the first time. - Juan Pablo González
Paul Buchheit
There was a lot of chatter about the future of FriendFeed this weekend. The short answer is that the team is working on a couple of longer-term projects that will help bring FriendFeedy goodness to the larger world. Transformation is not the end. Consider this the chrysalis stage -- if all goes well, a beautiful butterfly will emerge :)
What is transforming... FriendFeed, or the idea of FriendFeed? - Christopher Galtenberg
Thanks for the update, Paul! - Anne Bouey
THANK YOU! - tehKenny
Fabulous News :) - Susan Beebe
Noticed the "leaked" Facebook UI screenshots and the groups blog post today, and both seem FriendFeed inspired: nice to see Facebook trying to bring the stuff we like about FriendFeed to a larger audience. - Mark Trapp
To Robert Scoble: I told you so ;-) - Jesse Stay
Sounds like they're adding some of FF's features to FaceBook. yay - iTad from fftogo
Mark - got link? - Susan Beebe
Thanks Paul :) - Ashish
Devil is in the details: "couple of longer-term projects that will help bring FriendFeedy goodness to the larger world" == Facebook projects with FriendFeed-like elements == no work on FriendFeed itself. - EricaJoy
Paul, FriendFeed rocks as Gmail does ;) - Orlando Pozo
Thanks for the update, the more you communicate, the less we have to speculate. - Peter Hoffmann
The fact that these improvements are coming to Facebook and not friendfeed will not sway those who like friendfeed but dislike Facebook. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Thank you Paul for bringing "FriendFeed goodness to the larger world" -- THAT sounds awesome!! - Susan Beebe
I hope out of the chrysalis emerges an infested Kerrigan. That'd be awesome http://starcraft.wikia.com/wiki... - Ivan Kirigin
Thanks Mark, much appreciated... I'll check those out - Susan Beebe
+1 Ivan :) - Benjamin Golub
But we knew this was the deal the moment the full details of the purchase of friendfeed by Facebook became public. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Yeah, I don't give a crap about Facebook. I want to know about FriendFeed. - Rochelle
sadly, no one with any power seems to care about FF anymore. - Big Joe Silenced
And there's your answer, Rochelle. friendwho? friendwhat now? Oh, you mean Facebook! (No I mean friendfeed) friendwho? (rinse, lather, repeat) - Scoble, Alex Scoble
there are some ui differences (and i tend to prefer friendfeed in those cases) but i have friended quite a few FF people in FB and the experience is remarkably similar in many ways. - Jason Wehmhoener
Thanks for the transparency on the Friendfeed "ghost town" matter Paul. Much appreciated. - Alex Knight
Thanks Paul... bring the special sauce to Facebook: http://blogs.zdnet.com/weblife... - Andrew
I like the "chrysalis stage" analogy - sounds cool.... goes an looks for FF goodness butterfly! - Susan Beebe
Good to know that FriendFeed still has some fight left; hope that translates into a viable and sustainable platform/utility for the masses (though I quite enjoy the close-knit, uber-geek community that it's become). - Christian
I don't like the chrysalis analogy. The butterfly emerges from the chrysalis and buggers off leaving the shell. Of course, it might then also get eaten by a bird. Tweet, tweet. - Mark H
Mark LOL nice, ... haha - Susan Beebe
Note that he didn't say that FriendFeed.com was going away, only that they're diverted to bringing it to a much larger audience - Jesse Stay
The problem is Scoble (Robert) and MG both just sent half of FriendFeed away so most of those that would benefit from this announcement won't even see it. - Jesse Stay
Jesse, I didn't get that from Paul's comment. I read that some of the friendfeed ideas will be going into FB. I like that idea, but I still prefer FF to FB because of the different conversations here that I don't have with friends and family. - travispuk from iPhone
Yeah, Paul's statement won't help friendfeed. This will just either give people more reason to go to Facebook or find another service entirely. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
What Alex and Rochelle said. This sounds like a "we're bringing FF to Facebook" announcement, and I don't give a damn about Facebook. I want to know what's happening HERE. And Cristo, both, but more the interface. I care about the friends I've made here, and I'm connected with many of them now on Facebook as well, but I prefer to interact with them here, because I like it better. - Jandy
Travis, he didn't say that - you read that, but he didn't say that. I'm willing to bet FriendFeed.com will not go away. - Jesse Stay
As much as I agree about Scoble and MG driving people away, they have also effectively flush out some comment from the FF team. - travispuk from iPhone
Travis, there are better ways of getting the FF team to comment - Jesse Stay
:( I quite liked the caterpillar. - Nick Lothian
Oh I don't think FF will go away, and damn will hope it doesn't either! - travispuk from iPhone
What I do see is more Facebook integrated into the FriendFeed environment - I think that's a good thing - Jesse Stay
The critical difference between Facebook and FriendFeed is the social model. With Facebook as it is today, you need to be mutual friends to see each others content. There is a "fan page" model but it is oriented toward "publishing/celebrity" rather than information sharing. FriendFeed has an asymmetric model like Twitter, where you can easily discover someone's content without any "friend" gesture whatsoever, and you can follow without friending. This makes the converation more discoverable, and useful.. - Adina Levin
Agree Adina. - travispuk from iPhone
If the integration is bringing public/asymmetric to Facebook, then it will be very useful indeed. If the integration is to add FriendFeed-style service integration into the symmetric/private Facebook model, it will be much less useful - it's more of the same - I'll be able to more easily share updates from youtube or last.fm or delicious to my friend network, but be unable to discover new people and infomation. - Adina Levin
@Jesse - I can't see any sign that they are working on FriendFeed at all. All the indications are that the FF team is now working on Facebook, and only Facebook. That's great for Facebook, and I'm sure they will do wonderful work there. But don't delude yourself that FriendFeed is going to get anything more than critical fixes, and maybe the occasional thing done in someone's spare time. - Nick Lothian
Butterflies look totally different than caterpillars and they also fly away - Melanie Reed
Crickets chirping... is this site alive?? :) - Christopher Galtenberg
+100 Adina. The things I like best about FriendFeed (easy content/people discovery, FoaF, asymmetrical following and being followed) are completely opposite to Facebook's core model. That's why as much as people keep talking about Facebook adding FF-like features, I don't see the REAL FF core features making it over, because the mindset is different. - Jandy
I don't see this announcement as anything new, or as reassuring. We knew from the time of the acquisition that there would be would be some movement of FF capabilities into FB. The real question is whether this means absorption of FF into FB or attracting the FB user base into FF. The comment about "bring[ing] FriendFeedy goodness to the larger world" still leaves that question open. - John (bird whisperer)
+1 everything Alex Scoble has said. Friendwhat? What's a feed? Who uses RSS anymore? We've got PubSubWTFOMGBBQ now! - Mr. Gunn
Agree with Jandy on +100 Adina. - Amy℠
Also, I agree with Jandy and Adina's comments. - John (bird whisperer)
Nick, Paul just said they're working on other projects right now. That still doesn't mean FriendFeed is going away. I'm not deluding myself at all. I'm telling everyone else they're deluding themselves by assuming it's going away. All the FriendFeed team is still using FriendFeed, and Paul just tried to give us comfort not to worry. For some reason we all don't want to believe him. It's actually kind of amusing. - Jesse Stay
I wonder what the powers that be mean by "FriendFeedy goodness"? Is it understood what WE like about it vs. FB? - Amy℠
Paul - Wishing you all the best as you tend your new butterfly garden :) I'll be here to enjoy them! - Susan Beebe
This is not the news that Friendfeed fans were looking for. - Vezquex
The issue isn't belief that they are going to do something. The question is what they are going to do, and whether that will continue the core value of FriendFeed, which is not just information aggregation but discoverability. - Adina Levin
I know more about the "Last Days" and heaven than I know about what's going to happen to FriendFeed as we have come to know it than was given in your rather cryptic answer, Paul. :) And while that may not be a fair comparison (God actually gave details and signs), there is something definitely not forthcoming about your response. A person usually withholds details that affect another... more... - Melanie Reed
Hopefully this helps to quiet all of the "friendfeed is dying" talk. Because this thread proves ff is alive and well. - Garin Kilpatrick
@Jesse - I read it differently to you. To me, Paul is saying "We are taking what we were working towards on FriendFeed, and trying to bring that goodness to a bigger audience". No one is claiming they are going to shut down FF. - Nick Lothian
@Jesse - Want to make a bet on the number of new features added to FF before the end of the year? - Nick Lothian
You read my mind. Having seen a few acquisitions, I am wondering if FF staff was told to put the site in bugfix mode. - EricaJoy from IM
Cristo, to deliver some straightforward talk is not about giving away company details. If you have a product that is original and stands on its own, you don't need to refer to it as a "butterfly". Many companies even promote something new and upcoming especially to their loyal user base. It gives a signal. A proper one. It tells your users and future users enough so that they can make an informed decision about what they want to do instead of keeping them on tenderhooks - Melanie Reed
"the chrysalis stage in most butterflies is one in which there is little movement" (via wikipedia) So if you follow that metaphor then eventually FriendFeed will go through a metamorphosis -- that means it's not dead... really how hard can it be to get what he's saying? - Chris Heath
Its pretty hard :) The burning question is if they are putting FF goodness in to the walled gardens that are Facebook or are they bringing FF openness to FB too. I think the people here want the open forums that are FF not the closed ones that are FB. If FB is going hybrid with both walled gardens and open forums that would be OK too. People on FF want open forums... like Twitter and FF... without the crude interface that is Twitter and without the uncertainty that is FF now. - Ed Millard
Facebook is gonna have to rip off much of the privacy to maximize their product in the real-time web world. I am going to assume FF goodness is going to be applied to FB :) *crosses fingers* - Susan Beebe
Just a thought... why does "longer-term projects that will help bring FriendFeedy goodness to the larger world" JUST mean facebook.com? What I get from this is that they are working on a range of things, maybe bringing the FriendFeed sauce to a range of sites, powered by the Facebook back end. Who knows what that means. A FriendFeed service powered by FacebookConnect? Also to...... more... - Johnny
LMFAO. Johnny++ - Rahsheen
FB needs to leave the privacy for the walled garden and the inner circle. Their current user base likes that. They just need a second feed that is an open forum and you can talk there without it bleeding in to your inner circle feed. - Ed Millard
Yes, but blocking doesn't work so well since you can just use Chrome's Incognito mode to get around it. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Translation: if you haven't switche to Facebook yet, you better do it now so you can get a good vanity URL. - David Chartier from iPhone
I don't know what all the fuss is about. But could we have the long answer too, please? - Laura Norvig
Although I'm interested, FB != FF. I don't see how the two mix in a way that makes me feel otherwise. Mixing audiences is not a good thing for me (with a few exceptions) and I know others share the same thought. - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
Paul, will FF be here in 1 year, 5 years? - Robert Higgins
Thanks for the update Paul.. - Chris Myles
Cristo I am funking nobody, I would like Paul to quantify his post. Simple. Will FF be here in 1 year? Will FF be here in 5 years? - Robert Higgins
IMO friendfeed shoud attract more general audience... Facebook and twitter are having more general users. Most of the FF users are tech bloggers or those who needs aggregation services... I dont know it's just my feeling or not . but this is my impression on FF. but it's great service.. the features are too good... but we will roam were we meet our friends... thats most of the people are into twitter and FB. - Sarath
Ohhhh a perrrttty butterfly, I'm moist with anticipation. - sofarsoShawn
Glad to hear it, Paul. - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Cristo: i almost made the same observation an hour or two ago when i first read through this posting and its comments. I was skimming and kept seeing alex, alex, alex... and thinking to myself... where's Robert!?! - Chris Heath
Great news. Thanks! friendfeed team. :D - Franc, a rememberer
@Sarath - I have a lot more in common with the people I've met here on FriendFeed than FB or Twitter. Twitter is too hard to search, and FB (and Twitter to a good extent) is driven by the people you know in RL (and unfortunately I don't have nearly as much in common in RL with my family, co-workers and acquaintences as I do with people scattered all over the world who I have met on FF).... more... - Lindsay
I think that in his cryptic statement he means, and a lot of people here agree with me, that more Facebook's going to get more FriendFeedy. Which doesn't mean that FF still isn't dead or doomed. After all, he works for Facebook now. FriendFeed=open forum, Facebook=walled garden, totally opposite master metaphors; but I don't think Zuckerberg gets it, and FF belongs to Zuckerberg now. So this is really about FB; FF's still in limbo. Still, some FF people friended me at FB, and I put them in a special list. - Dennis Jernberg
@FF-team keep on rocking :). BTW I also think it's really cool you guys open-sourced tornado. - alfred westerveld
+1 what alfred said, and good to hear words like "longer-term" & "beautiful" coming straight from The Walrus - keep that vision strong. Hope all goes well for FF team doing some good re-inventing the Octopus Garden of FB - seems you've got your work cut out for you there! It would be so nice if any way to keep a "simple & pure" form of FriendFeed alive (maintained and developed - more open source?) for us to enjoy, but no worries .... you've simultaneously raised the bar and paved the way for the rest! - Dan Freeman
Good luck with the development Paul! Hopefully Zuck has some positive insight. - Garin Kilpatrick
I like butterflies. - Harold Cabezas
Paul: If someone offered me a bag of money to do what you guys did, I would have done exactly the same (probably a lot faster too). However, it would be nice if you spent an hour answering some of the questions here. It might also give people like me a little more faith, in what used to be your primary project; Friendfeed. You made the best platform on the planet - why not use it to let us know what the heck's going on? - Jim Connolly
I'm assuming that Facebook wants to keep their roadmap quiet. I respect that but leaving you community in the dark for a brand that the applications stand for community building is rather ironic. - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
SUPER!! I don't Blame ya 1 Darn bit fer Dumpin' FacePOOP Paul!! ;PPP Wait FacePOOP is the Maggot Stage!! ;)) - Billy Warhol
If I can still have all my friends that I have here on friendfeed and share things with them the exact same way, I don't care what "www" address I have to type in to get it. I just hope i don't have to give up any of FF's awesome features! Thanks for the update Paul! - David Cook
The problem is I don't know whether to wrote an app on your API or not because i'm not sure whether it will all be dropped in the "transformation". Imagine speding late nights and weekends coding something up only for it to be dropped suddenly. Need a decent long term picture. Looking at Cliqset. - Steven Livingstone-Pérez
Good point Steven - and one of the reasons many of us are spending so little time developing our networks here. - Jim Connolly
ffcode: Good luck with that ;-) - Jim Connolly
So the changes are at Facebook not FriendFeed, Paul? - Kol Tregaskes
And good luck to all of your team - Özkan Altuner from iPhone
yemezler - MobilAdam
I do care about what happens next, but this is the best news of the day nonetheless ! thanks for giving us updates at last ! and I do hope FF will awaken again ! such a great tool, but letdown since the announcement of the buyback by FB - laetSgo
will I see this post in my "best of week" email from FF? - Kirill Bolgarov
If Facebook is going to get fixed, please remember that it needs fixing politically, not just technically. It needs to give people the option to open their data to Google - for instance. A walled garden where the walls are fixed in place sucks. - Tim Tyler
@Paul, or perhaps an Alien will erupt forth from its stomach? (kidding, kidding!) - j1m
bump! - Jesse Stay
Why? edit: so... 18 months later i'm still wondering what exactly this post was all about - Chris Heath
Adam Harrison
News articles on the outage...
New update from Flickr: 10:50 AM PDT: Hey, we wanted to make sure you all knew, if you embedded photos from a photopage on Flickr, we are still serving them. So, if they are posted to your blog, your photos will still be showing there. What we are doing now is working on getting all our WWW servers back on for everyone; this includes bringing the API back up, which has been affected as well. Sorry for the downtime to everyone, we hate it as much as you! - Adam Harrison
I thought I saw somewhere that hosting website photos on flickr was against the ToS? Like webnav or something. - Ryan MacLean
Chris Nixon
This is getting too easy. There is NO WAY I should have four saves in the first page of The Lightbox. It was never this way before. You cunts are getting soft.
Chris, you' are right; your stuff is shit. :) - James Cox from IM
THAT'S better! - Chris Nixon
I don't know why you even own a camera Chris. Let alone take the time to process your crap photos and put them on flickr. - Jeremy Brooks
I hope that makes you feel better. - Jeremy Brooks
Ahhhhhhhhhh. Thanks Jeremy. - Chris Nixon
Paulo Gaspar
ROTFL! RT @opinali: RT @webmink Richard Stallman and others declare GPL inadequate to protect software freedom: http://keionline.org/ec-mysql
Mo Tabesh
toronto roller derby website linked to a couple of my shots!
just scroll down and take a look at the thumbnails. - Mo Tabesh
oh wait, they link to my entire set, and the thumbnail is random. - Mo Tabesh
Very cool, Mo! - Stephanie Keating
nice. - Thomas Hawk
nice one Mo ;) - charlotte
Hey congrats! - Ryan MacLean
Good for you, Jack. - tabbr
Thomas Hawk
If it's true that Therr threatened to nuke DMU on Flickr then she should probably step down as an admin. There's no place for nuking groups in the uncensored ethos.
I don't know Vicky, honestly I'm so sick of groups on Flickr that I'm not following it at all. Posey sent me a flickrmail asking me to come back as an admin or to ask Therr to step down. I told him I couldn't come back to flickr but posted my thoughts in this format because I was asked. I have no idea what any of this is about which is why I prefaced the statement with "if it's true... more... - Thomas Hawk
After working the last three years in building this community? Sorry, but no. - Ricardo Liberato
why don't you walk away vicky? if we are such horrible people?! - Mo Tabesh
cya later Vicky. - Stephanie Keating
good bye. - Mo Tabesh
Not to be on either side here, but perhaps Vicky is disputing the "compromise my principles and there is an all out nuclear war". I'm actually not sure what she meant at all. I don't know her principles, and am unsure of what she meant by "all out nuclear war". - Ryan MacLean
If you read her comment right before that one, it's pretty clear what she means. - Stephanie Keating
Haha yeah I just played a bit of "discussion catch-up" and caught a few of your responses. There goes trying to take an original stance, you guys had already flogged that point to death :) - Ryan MacLean
*beats the dead horse* ;) - Stephanie Keating
*helps* - Ryan MacLean
I really do admire the passion though, I must say. People are serious about their freedoms and the sense of community is strong. - Ryan MacLean
Freedom = good. Free speech is something to be cherished and encouraged. - Thomas Hawk
James Cox
Wendy Martyn Toriel
Jayson Lorenzen
Hello all, n00b here, brought in indirectly by TH's invite to the flickr group. I am looking forward to having my entries deleted before the upload confirmation page pops up (if I am lucky enough to be up loading when one of your n00bfest cleaning sprees are going on maybe even before the upload is finished)
No, we are all nice guys here. Except Mo. Oh and beware of ivan. - Ricardo Liberato
new blood. Beware of that one they call Jess Dennis. - Thomas Hawk
Ahh yeah it was this Mo I saw deleting any n00b stuff :) I hope to get something for him to delete soon. Once I am on a proper computer (on a phone now, ugh!) - Jayson Lorenzen from Android
When is android gonna be upgraded to cyborg? - Ricardo Liberato
Thx ivan (are you the ivan who will be deleting me?) - Jayson Lorenzen from Android
I think android becomes cyborg once the iphone port is ready - Jayson Lorenzen from Android
Yes, that's the Ivan who will be deleting you. Mercilessly. - Jeremy Brooks
fuck off n00b - Mo Tabesh
^this is the traditional welcome^ - Mo Tabesh
well well welllll - Jess Dennis
hi Jayson, do you do sunsets? (savoring the quick delete) - Wendy Martyn
i see you've made a nice background choice... - Jess Dennis
nice trek, funny pic - charlotte
wait a minute. Jayson's showing my background for some reason. hmmm.. - Thomas Hawk
If anyone hasn't already you should add your flickr stream into your page by clicking "edit" at the toop of your main page. - Thomas Hawk
if i start voting at any point I'll start deleting you too. - Ryan Dearth
hmmm, i'm seeing my background, too.. - Jess Dennis
interesting, for some people I can see their backgrounds, for other people I see my own. I wonder why that is? - Thomas Hawk
my background in real life is a giant poster of stewie griffin. on my office wall i mean. - Mo Tabesh
Come on Jayson add a photo to the pool! It's like throwing a side of beef into a swimming pool filled with pirahnas. - Jeremy Brooks from iPhone
Soon as I am on a compuuter I plan to feed em, and warm up their delete keys - Jayson Lorenzen from Android
sharpens delete sword! - Mo Tabesh
n00b...sounds like b00b - Chris Nixon
no, this is n00b, that's bOOb. - Mo Tabesh
Pierre Honeyman
Robert Scoble
My 2010 Toyota Prius hugged me today. Almost got into an accident due and my car sensed it and tightened the seat belts & brakes stronger.
Car Tech is getting to be awesome. - Jim Williams
"Hold me" "Only if you hold me" - Glenn Slaven
don´t tweet & drive - HansVanRock
I wasn't. - Robert Scoble
Technology at its best. Sometimes though I see people put too much faith in their vehicle and become complacent (not saying that this was the case here). - Stephan Planken
I call my Prius "Prudence" because she's so cautious. - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
Yay for risk compensation! I'll be impressed when cars can hug pedestrians and cyclists instead of killing them. - Wirehead
Thomas Hawk
Flickr is such a disappointment. The only thing more disappointing is that Zooomr never quite made it over that last hump that could have made it a real alternative. - Jeremy Brooks
talking about the group deletion in the FF DMU group right now: http://friendfeed.com/dmu - Thomas Hawk
care to explain for those unfamiliar with DMU what it was all about? - Michael Bravo
"Flickr just nuked deleteme uncensored. A group with a long tradition on Flickr with over 5,000 posts and 3,000 members all gone, instantly. Flickr objected to discussions in the group which they said violated Flickr’s TOS. This was done without warning. Rather than delete a single offending thread or offer any type of alternative arrangement flickr simply nuked the group. It is clear... more... - RAPatton from iPhone
Micheal DMU was a very popular group on flickr. It was an uncensored forum that had lasted about 4 years. Many of us spent hundreds if not thousands of hours in there. It had a rich and unique history. It was one of the most active forums on flickr and they just nuked it out of existence. It was also one of the few uncensored forums on flickr. It's a sad day actually. - Thomas Hawk
wow that's disturbing - See-ming Lee 李思明 SML
I was one of the founders of the group and shared admin responsibility with three others. There was no warning given to me. Poof. One minute it was completely gone, obliterated, followed by a notification that it had been deleted and the following note as explanation from Heather Champ: "Unfortunately, recent events in DMU have escalated to such a point that we can no longer host your... more... - Thomas Hawk
@jeremybrooks "... The only thing more disappointing is that Zooomr never quite made it over that last hump that could have made it a real alternative ..." Disagree. Zoomer is always going to be an alternative when flickr keeps deleting without transparency and without a restore. I'm just kicking myself I didn't consider zoomer when I added flickr redundancy at smumug. - Peter Renshaw
and just like that flickr locks down the thread in the help forum complaining about the group being nuked. http://www.flickr.com/help... - Thomas Hawk
@Peter: Don't get me wrong. I love Zooomr -- I post everything there as well as to Flickr. It showed so much promise at first though, and some of the features have not been developed fully. They still have some features (like Portals and SmartSets) that Flickr does not have. - Jeremy Brooks
Heather Champ's (the community manager who deleted the group at Flickr) tweet within minutes of the time she nuked the group: "I hate your freedom." - Thomas Hawk
the problem is though Luke anything can be deemed to violate Flickrs TOS/CG. You can have your account deleted or your forum deleted on Flickr for being "that guy." - Thomas Hawk
What kind of posts or comments led to breaking the ToS? Just curious. - Sally Church
killing over 5,000 conversations in a forum with over 3,000 members, many hours long, built by people who put an *enormous* amount of energy into them of which 99.9% had no violations of any measure is overkill of massive proportion. Flickr could have easily killed any individual thread that they felt violated their TOS. This, compounded with the fact that there was no warning given nor any previous violation on the part of this group is a massive overreaction on Flickr's part. - Thomas Hawk
I'm not sure 100% Sally, I suspect that it was the post where a user made threats of violence yesterday in the group. Still Flickr could have warned or deleted that user account if that was the issue, they did not need to nuke 5,000 conversations permanently and irrevocably. Many of these threads contained specific information about photography, gear, cameras, etc. - Thomas Hawk
Pat there were not vulgar personal attacks on flickr staff in dmu. Why would you say that? There are a few in the new dmu now (none by me) but that's because people are really pissed off about having their group nuked after investing thousands of hours in it. Why would you say that there were vulgar personal attacks on Flickr staff in dmu before flickr nuked it. That's simply not true. - Thomas Hawk
Pat that email was sent *after* the group was already nuked. Obviously people who put hundreds of hours and an incredible amount of energy and emotion into an online group were upset when flickr nuked it. They didn't have to nuke it. They could have, for instance, locked it down and removed whatever offended them at least leaving a rich archive that was largely inoffensive. That link... more... - Thomas Hawk
I would comment on this, but I don't want Flickr to nuke me. - James Myatt
WTF? - Tyson Key
@Pat: did somebody mention the First Amendment (before you did?) How exactly does that fit here, in light of actions taken by a private party? - Anthony Citrano
Pat indeed. Nobody is saying this is a first amendment issue except you. I've never said that flickr is not within their legal rights to delete whatever content they want. I've said it's bad business practice, reflects poorly on Yahoo and is in direct opposition to their current multi-million dollar marketing campaign. This is not a first amendment issue at all. Given that you know... more... - Thomas Hawk
and how is my saying that there were never any vulgar attacks on flickr staff an admission that flickr warned us to "play nicely" prior to nuking the group? There was never any warning from Flickr to the admins of the group that was nuked regarding it's deletion of any kind before Flickr nuked it. That's a fact. After the group was nuked, a new group sprung up (that I'm not a member of)... more... - Thomas Hawk
Pat the *only* communication between Flickr staff and the admins of the group prior to the group deletion is below. The group was completely destroyed within seconds of receiving this email: "Hi Thomas Hawk, ** This warning is being sent to all admins of DMU ** In joining Flickr, you agreed to abide by the Yahoo! Terms of Service and Community Guidelines. Specifically, you must not... more... - Thomas Hawk
Forgive me for just making the connection now, but this is obviously a direct result of the Thomas <-> James swordfight, no? - Anthony Citrano
I believe it is Anthony. I was never informed by Flickr as to the exact issue that they had with the thread though. - Thomas Hawk
Why did you opt to leave that out of this story? Not picking on you, but now that I'm aware of that situation, the context it adds seems conspicuous by its absence. - Anthony Citrano
Anthony, first off, I'm not even sure that's what it is. The email nuking the group was vague and ambiguous. They've never communicated with me the reason. I'm speculating on my part. It would assume that it was related to that. But I'm not really sure "why" the group was deleted is so relevant. If you have two people who have an issue (one of whom is making threats of violence which is... more... - Thomas Hawk
Thomas, I know how hard (impossible) it is to see something objectively when you're right in the middle of it - but from where I sit, here on the outside, there's no real doubt that your and James’ horseplay was the catalyst for the group deletion. You said it's not relevant, and perhaps you're right, but to me it seems like an important part of the story. - Anthony Citrano
It's certainly been reported many places Anthony, including my own blog prior to the group being nuked and as linked to in the help forum where I'm still banned in my post yesterday. It certainly was not omitted purposely. This post here is actually very short and was written quickly after the group was nuked. I followed up with a more thoughtful post yesterday. But sorry if you felt all of those details should have been in this story as well. Happy to discuss any of them. - Thomas Hawk
I would still maintain though that a skirmish between two members of a group (no matter *what* the skirmish) ought not to result in a group of 3,000 members being nuked without warning. If anything delete the accounts of the two individuals. Don't punish 2,998 members for the actions of 2. That said there were a lot of ways that Flickr could have handled this better including locking the group down but maintaining the 99.9% of the threads which were in no way considered offensive. - Thomas Hawk
I didn't think it omitted maliciously; was just curious the logic behind the omission. But you've answered. To the second point, people need to separate two things: A: the action (the monkeybusiness b/w you two) and B: the reaction (by flickR). I know they are inextricably tied, but each do deserve discussion. The 2998 members were “punished” by both A and B. Just because B is idiotic... more... - Anthony Citrano
Flickr's behaviour was a bit abrupt, but DMU being deleted was an accident waiting to happen – the admins were never really entitled to host an 'uncensored' group, as they were always subject to Flickr's rules. And although the deletion related to one incident, DMU always had a very antagonistic atmosphere that had the propensity to give rise to abusive discourse. Also, this isn't the same as deleting someone's work; the only thing lost is old discussions that almost no one would have read again anyway. - sally white
Oh Sally, you are so wrong. You were not a part of that community. We had a nine page thread called listen to DJ Mo. It was full of great music links. It was frequently accessed, it may sound stupid but we had a significant thread of gifs that we were all collecting together. Mo's stupid photography questions was a frequently accessed thread full of great photo advice for people,... more... - Thomas Hawk
RT @TechCrunch: Good Data Raises $2.5 Million For Cloud-Based Data Analytics http://www.techcrunch.com/2009... by @leenarao.
Robert Scoble
garrytan: Flickr needs to clean house in its community mgmt team. "I hate your freedom" is not ok. http://bit.ly/8GKrd (via @Scobleizer, @bstorage) - http://twitter.com/garryta...
Pierre Honeyman
Fuck this attitude on Flickr - Photo Sharing! - http://www.flickr.com/photos...
Fuck this attitude on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
Flickr NIPSAd my protest photo. They did it within minutes of it being posted. That is vindictive and childish, and not at all communicative of the bogus message Yahoo! is trying to promote. - Pierre Honeyman from Bookmarklet
Pierre, go here: http://friendfeed.com/pierreh... and at the top where it says add, edit, add in your flickr photostream and any other site that you're on that you want. - Thomas Hawk
Heather apologized for the team and un-NIPSAd this photo. That was a classy move that I greatly appreciate. - Pierre Honeyman
http://www.flickr.com/photos... Looks like it is not NIPSA. - Shannon J Hager
Shannon, it was last night. Heather changed it this morning and apologized for the team. I guess I missed updating that post. - Pierre Honeyman from email
It's interesting Pierre that they would show you this photo as as a safe photo to your face and then NIPSA it behind your back. If you hadn't of caught it I doubt there would ever be an apology. Do you have a link to the apology? - Thomas Hawk
I posted the apology on the photo comment stream itself. I just spoke on the phone, at length, with Heather. I am now unbanned from the Help Forum. I will write more later on this, but it was a very productive call and very much appreciated. Thank you Heather. - Pierre Honeyman
Mo Tabesh
Thomas Hawk
I'm Calling Bullshit on the Whole New Yahoo "The Internet is Under New Management, Yours" marketing campaign. - http://blogs.wsj.com/digits...
I'm Calling Bullshit on the Whole New Yahoo "The Internet is Under New Management, Yours" marketing campaign.
I'm Calling Bullshit on the Whole New Yahoo "The Internet is Under New Management, Yours" marketing campaign.
“Don’t we all just expect the Web to be our own?” she said, explaining the idea behind the campaign. “That’s what consumers say they feel, and that’s what they want more of.” The rebranding effort includes a modified version of Yahoo’s well-known yodel, something she called “an essential part of Yahoo’s DNA, but I think we have to admit it’s a bit dusty.” Yahoo will use several new yodels, and the new campaign ends with one sung by a choir that ends with children’s laughter. The campaign uses new taglines as well, including “The Internet is under new management. Yours,” “Now the Internet has a personality. Yours,” and “There’s a new master of the digital universe. You.” They’ll be used in a series of accompanying static ads featuring nonprofessional models taken from the cities where the ads will run, Ms. Steele said. - Thomas Hawk from Bookmarklet
Yes, because destroying thousands of hours of "your" work. Work that belonged to "you" Work that "you" were proud of, all without any sort of warning or ability to take corrective action -- that's exactly what Yahoo is about. And all the crappy money spent on new posters at the bus stop shelters doesn't change a damn thing. What a crock of shit. - Thomas Hawk
Totally agree Thomas! Every time I see one of those dopey posters I cringe... - Jeff P. Henderson
I have a lot to say on this. But tomorrow. The Flickr/Yahoo! attitude is that the internet is not yours. Heather Champ, Director of Community at Flickr, specifically talks about Flickr not being yours and if you don't like it that you should leave. - Pierre Honeyman
Let's not assume that Heather really knows what the message is and how to deliver it. - Ryan MacLean
"What a crock of shit"... took the words right out of my mouth. - travispuk from iPhone
Ryan if Heather is not on message with Yahoo Corporate then they have a problem. Either their message is total doublespeak or they've got a rogue employee on their hands. Neither one is acceptable really. The point is Yahoo is not about You if you screw over almost 4,000 users in an internet forum when you really didn't have to. - Thomas Hawk
These same people that in some cases look almost *exactly* like the two in these ads and even like to jump around alot like they do, only with a camera. Screwing over those almost 4,000 people is most certainly NOT the internet under new management "yours." Many of these users that are now abandoning Yahoo's forums and moving over here to FriendFeed owned by one of their competitors Facebook. - Thomas Hawk
+1 Cristo. I'm surprised that Yahoo! have persisted for so long, despite never really innovating, or providing any compelling reason to use their services. Still, I can't see them dying any time soon. - Tyson Key
The whole idea of an ad campaign to tell us that the user is in control online is outdated...unless it's a retro 1997. Nothing visionary here, folks, move along. More thoughts on Yahoo's ad campaign here http://whispershout.blogspot.com/2009... - jeff hammond
johnny action
What a shame. But from the ashes the Phoenix shall rise again, eh?
I don't know Johnny, maybe. Or maybe this time they killed it for good. At least as forums relate to Flickr I'm largely done there. Maybe it can be rebuilt somewhere else or maybe not. Maybe here, maybe on our own server somehow, I just don't know. - Thomas Hawk
I understand, TH, but maybe in time you might reconsider? Things are way too fresh right now, and i can imagine the sting you're feeling. But a DMU pic-voting game without an attached discussion forum is, well, just not as much fun. But you gotta do what you gotta do... - johnny action
yeah maybe I will Johnny. I quit flickr once before entirely so you never know. But I seriously doubt it. I put too much emotion into DMU to see it nuked again. It was an overreaction of tremendous scale. Flickr could have simply nuked the thread that they had found offensive. They did not need to implode the whole group. If it happened once it could happen again and I'm not willing to take that chance at this point. - Thomas Hawk
Why do you have a private feed by the way Johnny? - Thomas Hawk
I have no idea. wasn't that the default setting? I'll change it to public. This is my first experience with FF. Not even sure how to work it yet. - johnny action
it takes some getting used to. I've used it for a long time myself so if anyone has any questions specifically about how it works let me know. - Thomas Hawk
looks confusing enough to host dmu properly - Ricardo Liberato
wel I said that.. just get rid of the offensive threads... Why kill all the other good stuff?? I've been a paying member since day.. well ,three. Them killing off stuff left and right lately is sucking. - Jakey
Is Heather really a room full of underpaid indians? - Ricardo Liberato
May her path be strewn with cowpats from Satan's personal herd... - Henning Halck
TH, maybe (just maybe) the concept of a TOTALLY uncensored DMU is just not possible. Maybe (just maybe) asshole like Viking need to be given the boot by the admins, after due process, of course. It would, on the surface, seem to be contrary to the 'totally uncensored' ideal that you hold so highly, but perhaps that's just unattainable?? - johnny action
remember Lord of the Flies? - johnny action
maybe johnny, or maybe just unattainable on Flickr. - Thomas Hawk
Oh Johnny, I'm so hurt....I thought we were friends :( - James Rhodes
james, you went way over the top. dude. way over. - johnny action
it sure is nice seeing that people are talking to james but not having to actually see anything he says as I've blocked him. - Thomas Hawk
Oh and I love how everyone think I'm the one to blame, how none of you played any part in this at all.... - James Rhodes
Thomas Hawk
Magazine DMU Mag | Issue Issue 1 | MagCloud - http://magcloud.com/browse...
Magazine DMU Mag | Issue Issue 1 | MagCloud
discuss the magazine here. - Thomas Hawk from Bookmarklet
Can we be critical of flickr on the magazine? - Ricardo Liberato
sure I don't see why not. - Thomas Hawk
Business as usual? Lightbox still intact? - Ryan MacLean
Thomas Hawk
Now THAT'S what I call cooking - http://www.flickr.com/photos...
Hot stuff - RAPatton
blazzing hot. And the resulting cooked fod was good too! - Ricardo Liberato
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