Library tours today - my favorite thing!
Job searching is REALLY hard on your self-esteem!
I pay bills, therefore I exist
Photo: cajunmama: I’m seeing beautiful crochet everywhere these days. It has me wanting to learn.
Photo: Not sure where all the books would go, or the yarn..but I’d sure love living here!
Soup: Now that we have tasted hope - abudai:
RT @HuffPostPol: Dems make headway in effort to recall Wisconsin GOP state senator
"A wholesale reduction in spending, without considering economic, cultural, and social impacts is simply..."
Photo: blissandzen: OH a good morning laugh!
"Perhaps it is because they know what history books will make of them that our politicians are so..."
Is your library quiet?
Photo: librarylungs: Wow..timely..yes, tonight.
"Poetry heals the wounds inflicted by reason." - Novalis (via libraryland)
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