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~Courtney F

~Courtney F

librarian. knitter, sewer, runner, crafter, baker, reader and occasional blogger
if I answered questions about @NowatNPL & @OverDriveLibs for my father in law today while at MPOW, does that count as a ref q for my stats?
starting to believe that any and all CMSs must display good HTML improperly. ugh.
Made a great, detailed list of things to make and buy before Christmas. Left it locked in my office for the weekend. *sigh*
Recreated today's section of the list. And lost it somewhere along the way. Apparently this list was not meant to be.
Dear Excel, Why do you hate me so much?
Excel is a jerk. - Marie
So much. - ~Courtney F
If it's the end of the semester, shouldn't the email slow down? Instead, it feels like I'm flagging every other one that comes in!
Last #Saturdaylibrarian of the semester.... (@ Lila D. Bunch Library - @belmontuniv in Nashville, TN)
Last #Saturdaylibrarian of the semester.... (@ Lila D. Bunch Library - @belmontuniv in Nashville, TN)
Zombie, anyone? @ Nashville Flea Market
Zombie, anyone? @ Nashville Flea Market
RT @roarnetwork: Everyone wants your study rooms @lmulibrary!
RT @hiddenpeanuts: More free stuff: Google is giving away the awesome Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack:
Dear SerialsSolutions. Why are you so much slower than normal today? No love, me.
Why do vendors even bother sending me a renewal quote with a price that's more than 50% higher than last year? Who can pay that?
Dude, seriously? That is just insane. - Laura
yeah. now in negotiations, but they're not going well. *sigh* - ~Courtney F
i already hate the wool-blend sweater i'm wearing today. this is not a good sign.
it's amazing (and appalling) how out of control my inbox gets with even one day of neglect
And now we've roomed together for how many years? ;)
And now we've roomed together for how many years? ;)
hrm....our library website seems to be loading in the mobile version only... interesting.
New voting decision matrix: I promise to vote for the one who sends me the least amount of junk mail. #fb
I'm collecting voting junk mail for MPOW archives. So I'm excited when we get stuff! #BusmansHoliday - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Would you like Colorado political mail? - Joe
the archive is called the North Carolina Collection. So I'm going with "no thank you" :-) - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
RT @erandl: ER&L 2015 Community Voting starts right now at #erl15
#Saturdaylibrarian (@ Lila D. Bunch Library - @belmontuniv in Nashville, TN)
#Saturdaylibrarian (@ Lila D. Bunch Library - @belmontuniv in Nashville, TN)
.@annacreech apparently this is also an issue when running in the cold - all i could think of last night was CARBS! CHEESE DIP!
so much this. RT @annacreech: Do you know what happens with my to-do list on days when I didn't get enough sleep? Not much. #braindead
We recently received a notice from the Iowa Drug Information Service (IDIS) that their services will be discontinued after December 2014. We are now actively seeking a replacement and were wondering if there were any suggestions or recommendations available from others in a similar position. Anyone in here got any ideas?
I'm still trying to figure out how they had rights to give out the full text articles. Are you looking for FT or more on drug monographs? - Hedgehog
FT. I think we're good on drug monographs. - ~Courtney F
lunch at the @martinsbbq near @BelmontUniv today means that I smell like delicious smoke for the afternoon...
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