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Holly's favorite Anna
Subject line for my eleventybillionth report of full-text online items not being linked to the full-text from Summon: "You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means."
The reply begins with, "Although it may seem 'inconceivable', we are aware of this linking issue and are working on a solution." - Holly's favorite Anna
Jason Toney
Mr. @geekandahalf, communication librarian. @ Mckinley Building
Mr. @geekandahalf, communication librarian. @ Mckinley Building
Is that a real-life sighting of Derrick in the wild? :-) - Marina's Godmother :-)
Sarah G.
Walking on a moving walkway and pretending that I have super speed powers never ceases to amuse me.
holly #ravingfangirl
Stuff you can google - Stuff I can google - Stuff you can't google, but I can help you find -- All the Stuff. [EDIT: by Karl G. Siewert]
how should one attribute this image? - maʀtha
Unfortunately, I don't remember where I got it. I thought it was on FF, but I couldn't find it. And I might've renamed it when I saved it, which makes things even more complicated. - bentley
Found it! (That's not where I got it, but this one does have attribution) - bentley
Thank you so much, I was trying to remember this! - Meg VMeg
Be careful - the name is misspelled in the notes. It's Karl G. Siewert, not Siewern. - Christa
Because "I" am more experienced at searches and syntax and The Google. - bentley
Or as Donald Rumsfeld might say, the googled Google, the ungoogled Google, and the ungoogled Ungoogle. - Greg GuitarBuster
Oh wow, I love that. The ungoogled Ungoogle. Maybe pertinent: latest Pew report says "Millennials’ lives are full of technology, but they are more likely than their elders to say that important information is not available on the internet": - Regular Amanda
Mr. The Jason Fleming
eresource links are clearly made by the beverage industry to inspire heavy drinking
Georgia State University Library releases Library Instruction Recorder plugin as Open Source | University Library Blog -
Georgia State University Library releases Library Instruction Recorder plugin as Open Source | University Library Blog
Hey, look at the neat thing we built! - ellbeecee from Bookmarklet
holly #ravingfangirl
this needs to be a background for something.
this needs to be a background for something.
holly #ravingfangirl
My new delicious friend from @pbjsgrilledcom
My new delicious friend from @pbjsgrilledcom
House-made peanut butter, chocolate hazelnut butter, and raspberry jam. hot damn. - holly #ravingfangirl from iPhone
Mike had pb, honey, and peach jam. It was sublime. - holly #ravingfangirl from iPhone
That second one? Yeah. Now I need to try that sometime :D - Jennifer Dittrich
Oh my... - Julian
I wouldn't not eat that. - Lisa L. Seifert from iPhone
Holly's favorite Anna
RT @ibid78: We built this city on rock n roll. The streets have no names. The midnight train goes anywhere. Stairways climb to heaven. Tbh its a gd mess
holly #ravingfangirl
morning runners, I salute you. (this tweet brought to you by my Runkeeper friend notifications)
Sarah G.
The reverse side of a frog on my front door. Too bad Miss 8 went home. She LOVES reptiles and amphibians
The reverse side of a frog on my front door. Too bad Miss 8 went home. She LOVES reptiles and amphibians
that's a cute one! - jambina
If Miss was there, it would be frog inside the door. - sglassme
I'm still expecting to find one around here somewhere... - Sarah G.
(did you check the freezer? O_O) - sglassme
Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit.... - Sarah G.
Holly's favorite Anna
RT @erinaleach: The best part of all of it was watching their eyes get really big when I told them how we drank all the tequila in Dallas that one time.
I remember that ALA. The bars were scrambling. - Marie
holly #ravingfangirl
*adds to the list* Recipe: Tomato Cobbler with Cornmeal-Cheddar Biscuits via @TheKitchn
*adds to the list* Recipe: Tomato Cobbler with Cornmeal-Cheddar Biscuits via @TheKitchn
Went to the grocery for beef and broccoli ingredients and almost forgot the beef.
That's how a lot of porn movies start, or so i heard. - Steve C, Team Marina
Holly's favorite Anna
RT @washingtonpost: Every baseball team, ranked by the quality of their beer selection
RT @washingtonpost: Every baseball team, ranked by the quality of their beer selection
laura x
15 minutes and $0.04 at Ace Hardware and I have a functional pepper grinder again. #toddlerlife
Holly's favorite Anna
This is how a math major does casual Friday
This is how a math major does casual Friday
Anna, you're too cute! - Laura
Laura, I wish more ladies shared your opinion! - Holly's favorite Anna
Freeda B.
Does anyone have any examples of libraries that prepare creative, effective, or otherwise remarkable annual reports (and make them available to the public)?
Was this a rhetorical question? <d&r> - Deborah Fitchett
Haha, sadly, no it was not. - Freeda B.
I don't think I've ever read a library's annual report - Christina Pikas
I have, a couple of them (local public libraries), but none that I'd call remarkable. "Serviceable and in reasonably clear English" is enough of a hurdle in most cases. - Walt Crawford
Ours are pretty fancypants: - Marie
Was it Aaron Schmidt (Walking Paper) who did something really fun, or is my memory failing? I'll check when I get to work. - Jaclyn aka spamgirl
i think it was Topeka that had one a few years back that made everyone oooohaaaah - jambina
Our annual report will kick your annual reports' ass. - ♫Maurice the Trainer♫
Thanks, y'all. I also like this one, not fancy, but better functionality than usual: - Freeda B.
holly #ravingfangirl
Nine West NW5011 Eyeglasses in 216 Dark Tortoise/Green with Free Ground Shipping -
Nine West NW5011 Eyeglasses in 216 Dark Tortoise/Green with Free Ground Shipping
these are my frames! i lurve them, because i likely couldn't make these work as regular glasses. - holly #ravingfangirl from Bookmarklet
Holly's favorite Anna
RT @thereisnohurry: Fewer people would stand in front of the elevator doors if they opened out. And threw flames.
Martha and Sarah today at the party celebrating their wedding.
That's a good picture! thanks, Iris! - maʀtha
You two are very cute. :) - Laura
Iris, would you be willing to share this pic with me? - maʀtha
that is a very happy picture, made my day. :) - Benedicta
As Aunt Ann says, "That is cute a while" - MoTO Boychick Devil
you look so happy!! congratulations!! - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
A big ol' grin spreads across my face every time this scrolls by. - MoTO Boychick Devil
happy day! - barbara fister
holly #ravingfangirl
RT @LibGroves: The ability of libraries to stay cold no matter the external temperature should be studied as it seems to violate the laws of nature
The ability of libraries to be freezing in one room and roasting in another room at the same time should be studied as well. - bentley
Sarah G.
RT @cuteemergency: Herd of baby turtles
RT @cuteemergency: Herd of baby turtles
Quick check, do you guys teach (A OR B OR C) AND (D OR E OR F) type searches? Where a/b/c & d/e/f are synonyms?
Yep. "One concept per line, ORs between words in a concept" - lris
Are there situations you think where searching this way is not appropriate? - aaron
I preface that (usually) by reading something that will help us generate words/phrases that all appear in an article about a concept that won't appear in articles about a different concept. - lris
re second question, I don't think it's always necessary, but it's a useful skill to know for everything from google to databases. - lris
Also, students feel like they "learned something" so I gain legitimacy and a fairly free-form classroom. - lris
Iris, the gain legitimacy is the reason why i do it too. But I am starting to wonder, do such techniques really help in improving the search results? - aaron
My students have consistently gotten better results in their hands on portion when they've tried this. It is sometimes because the search technique is important (usually in databases) and sometimes because it helps them think about keywords rather than questions (in everything), and always because they're thinking about terms that appear in their ideal article but that won't appear in every single article out there. - lris
Also, the way I teach it, I emphasize matching the language of the community you're hoping to engage, learning the terms of your conversation, and "teaching the computer" the language you're talking. I don't emphasize boolean, or usually even mention the name. - lris
I have taught it in the past; there are occasions when students think it's the coolest thing ever. Depends on class and context whether it's the most useful thing I can impart to them or not. - Deborah Fitchett
"Computers can't read," I tell them, "they simply match letters in a row. So we have to show them the letters-in-a-row that might match things they know about." - lris
When I *do* teach Boolean I like to show them my optical coincidence cards: -- only covers AND but they're just so awesomely retro. - Deborah Fitchett
Yeah, there are plenty of classes where this won't help enough to make the cut. But if they have to use certain databases (esp. MLA International Bibliography, for me) it is a life-or-death kind of thing to know. - lris
I am going to say it helps less in full-text databases AND/OR cases where the system already tries to be "helpful" with stemming or find related words. In extreme cases like some Discovery services which tend to have high recall anyway, adding more words in the concept can explode the search even more. - aaron
Yeah, it doesn't help in Summon. But it does help in JSTOR if you're good at choosing discipline-specific keywords and you're also good at selecting your discipine(s) from the advanced search check boxes. - lris
Yup - Hedgehog
Maybe I am doing it wrong. Anyone like to share a good example of such a search statement? - aaron
Google Scholar: recidivism (youth OR adolescent OR juvenile OR teen) (prevent OR reduce) (program OR intervention) - maʀtha
Database: recidivism AND (youth* OR adolescen* OR juvenile* OR teen*) AND (prevent* OR reduce* OR reduction) AND (program* OR intervention*). - maʀtha
BUT, in reality, I would use the advanced search screen in many databases with, as Iris says, one ORed set per row, leaving the AND defaults in between the rows. And I would replace some of the terms with subject headings and use search limiters as appropriate. - maʀtha
and yes to everything else Iris says above - maʀtha
This kind of searching can be very important to searching in medical databases/indexes. The automatic term mapping in PubMed is getting better all the time, but it does miss things, especially if the search terms are way off. Using MEDLINE & CINAHL this kind of Boolean searching is essential. - maʀtha
I am going to agree with the case of Medical searches, high precision. I am not sure if the searches for GS, the results are appreciably bad with say recidivism adolescent reduce intervention - aaron
Sure, and GS is searching fulltext while PubMed is not. - Meg VMeg
yes. esp. to what Iris said (and martha agreed to). I don't call it Boolean, but I ALWAYS show it to students one-on-one & in class. Today's example: patron said "story telling" Database calls it … storytelling (one word) - but when you OR in "narrative*" you triple the results. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
also from today's patron, who wanted the term "race:" race OR racial OR minorit* OR African American* OR black OR hispanic* OR Latina* OR Latino* OR Asian American* (I capitalize OR for emphasis not because it's required; I also discuss importance of using current / older / sometimes-not-politically-correct terms for concepts like "African American*" vs "black"). Definitely use OR with age groups, esp. teenagers, as in martha's example. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
you know what else I use a lot? (drug* OR alcohol* OR substance OR chemical) AND (abuse* OR dependenc* OR addict*) AND (hispanic* OR latino* OR latina*) AND [whatever other concept you want here]. This is for a particular assignment in the drug counseling program where they have to pick a certain population. - maʀtha
oh, and my most popular is: (social media OR social network* OR twitter OR Facebook OR instagram OR myspace OR youtube) - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
(ps, I LURVE this thread) - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
that is great! totally stealing ^^ - maʀtha
Jason Griffey
Eliza, with car audio on shuffle: “Hey! What’s _Maple Leaf Rag_ doing on here?” Me: *boggle*
A traditional Joplin version, or Emerson, Lake, and Palmer's? - DJF from Android
Jason P
Listening to some music Holly gave me as I work at home today. This Burt Warber guy isn't bad I guess
He's ok. - holly #ravingfangirl from iPhone
laura x
Happiest of birthdays, #unclerobert! If I can raise this little guy as well as you raised Barry, I'll be a very proud mama indeed. Lots of love from Laura and #toddlerx!
what a great photo, Laurax - maʀtha
Peter is a total ham. - laura x from iPhone
Holly's favorite Anna
If you are going to rebrand the companies/products you bought to your company name, then learn how to support all facets of them, too.
*cough*ProQuest*cough* - Holly's favorite Anna
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