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NYC Librarian, knitter, ballroom dancer; lover of opera, tennis, hockey, sea glass, and pomegranates.
Update from the ref desk during the final period of the final day of in-class exams, with two students in the library: I have found several crumbs in my hair. No, I have not eaten anything crumbly.
Two of my student workers just brought me a surprise bubble tea in the middle of a hectic, short-staffed day. I've only worked here a month. <3
Methinks I'm going to have to introduce my fudge recipe into this rotation :) - Lily
Turns out that when you work in the same city where you grew up (even if it's NYC), a student might show up at your library with his study group and recognize you from his year-long stint in your 3rd grade class. Where you built a Beanie Baby house together out of cardboard.
so will y'all be meeting for coffee to reminisce about the beanie baby house? - Sir Shuping is just sir
We talked about it right there in front of his group, who found it hilarious! Hey, whatever gets you to come back to visit the library, right? - Lily
My ASCLA colleague Chris Corrigan is sponsoring an excellent preconference @ Annual this year that will help train librarians to understand and implement the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). If you or anyone you know might be interested, you're welcome to learn more or sign up for updates here:
The session will be presented by the Pacific ADA Center, California's resident experts on providing equal, accessible programs and services to people with disabilities. Topics will include accessible/assistive technologies in libraries, effective communication with patrons and staff with disabilities, and basic ADA policy and terminology. - Lily
Are there any business/marketing databases that show, within a company profile, a visual hierarchical employee tree that goes further down than executives and directors?
Helping a student look for common job titles of entry and mid-level employees at specific companies in the advertising field. Have tried Hoover's, Mergent, LexisNexis, & Plunkett without getting at quite what he's looking for. - Lily
I can't think of any, because those are the levels that have to get reported in SEC filings. There may be something, but I'm not coming up with a name - let me poke at the Wharton db's and see if the name jumps out - ellbeecee
so, library databases:nothing jumps out from the Wharton list. There might be something through the Bloomberg terminal PEOPLE (or maybe BIO?) function, but it's not going to be a visual hierarchy. - ellbeecee
Yeah, I talked about using Ferguson's and OOH to look at related job titles and actual postings, but he's worried that they're too far up the pole, I guess. We even found something called that has charts of related job titles...problem is they don't show any companies specifically. I may have to tell him he's as close as he can get. - Lily
Seems like "company hierarchy" usually refers to the structure of the organization and subsidiaries, if it's gonna be visual at all. Just making sure I was covering all my bases--I appreciate the help! - Lily
There are some people who mine LinkedIn for this sort of data. One could get job titles and descriptions, but probably not a reporting tree. - Joe
Yellow books? Maybe not - Christina Pikas from iPhone
Can you do something with linked in? - Christina Pikas from iPhone
I think the student has all the tools he needs to put together the pieces of this and was mostly hoping for a more direct route. He said he'd printed some company information from LinkedIn, but didn't seem to want to continue with it, so we left it there for the day. - Lily
Daniel Russell noted a couple of org chart websites I hadn't heard of before that might be useful: - Stephen Francoeur
Wow, ack, geez, new/bigger apartment hunted for and found today. Drinking wine to calm nerves.
Congrats! - Meg VMeg
Thanks! I realize it's not always so simple, Meg :) - Lily
sorrysorrysorry - Lily
Respect and fear the apartment gods, my friend. They are ruthless. - Meg VMeg
Very pleased to announce that in two weeks I'll be starting as a Reference and Instruction Librarian at Berkeley College in Midtown NYC! *official workforce-joining dance*
wooot and yay and congrats!!!! - Sir Shuping is just sir
congratulations! - RepoRat
congrats! - ellbeecee
Great! Make sure you check out METRO's great assortment of professional development opportunities when you get here. There's a lot going on, much of it free. - Stephen Francoeur
Woohoooooo!!! - Kirsten
Congrats! Let me know when I can buy you a celebratory beverage! - Meg VMeg
Congrats! - Mary Carmen
Fantastic and congrats! W00t! - YvonneM
Congratumalations! - Catherine Pellegrino
Wowza! Congratulations! - laura x
Thanks for the support, everyone! You've now witnessed the making-of-librarian process from its humble beginnings at Iris's desk to gainful employment! - Lily
Huzzah! - barbara fister
Congratulations! - Jen
Congratulations!!! - Hedgehog
Congratulations! - Galadriel C.
marvelous news! - Marianne
True or false: today I spent 3 hours cutting butterflies out of tissue paper.
False. It was 4. - RepoRat
True, plus an hour of folding and gluing plus an hour of vodka time. - Steele Lawman
The hard part was that some of the butterflies ended up turning back into caterpillars... - Lily
A couple of 11-hour days comin' up. Hide your kids?
School library temping = back on the radar! And surprising to exactly no one, teenagers are loud in the afternoon.
WHAT? I mean, yes, yes they are. - RepoRat
only in the afternoons, you say? ;) - Catherine Pellegrino
In the mornings I presume they're sleeping. - Deborah Fitchett
Ho-ome-ward bounnnd, I wish I wa- I mean, I AM!
Protip: maybe don't schedule your move halfway across the country the same week as ALA. Oh well, here we go!
Safe travels! - Kirsten
If you were moving to Vegas you could have killed two birds with one stone. - Steele Lawman
yay travel!!!! hope you have good folk helping you move! - Sir Shuping is just sir
Well *something* is in the wrong direction. But who needs sleep anyway? - Lily
This may be a long shot: does anyone recall an article about a public library that held an event where community members signed up to share skills of theirs with others, sort of like an activities fair? I'm pretty sure it's *not* in an issue of American Libraries, but more likely from AL Direct within the past year and a half.
I've been scouring old issues and trying searches for awhile, but without remembering the name or location of the library, I'm coming up short. Any of your thoughts/links would be appreciated! - Lily
So...not like the "check out a 'this minority type of person'" event ? "check out a carpenter"? - Hedgehog
Was it like "check out a community member"? - Meg VMeg
jinx - Meg VMeg
These are sometimes also called "human libraries." - RepoRat
Yeah, a bit of all of that...this was like "you know how to cook? juggle? sew? make baskets? great! come do a demonstration for other folks at the library for this event." There were multiple at a time during a single day's event. - Lily
It might have been one of Melissa Morrone's events at Brooklyn Public Library. I will look into it when I'm not on my phone! - laura x from iPhone
Canada did a whole Human Library Day at multiple libraries in 2013: so i wonder if it was one of those? looks like the specific page for it at is gone though. - holly #ravingfangirl
I haven't seen the like of it in libraryland, but I've seen 'speed dating' events like this 'speed dating for open data' before which is sorta close : - copystar
These links/ideas are great, folks! Certainly I have a better idea of related terms I can research more extensively later. Has anyone here done programming up this alley before? - Lily
It looks like skillshare (one word) and public library works in google. Found this: - copystar
Last day of my graduate assistantship! Best part of library school hands down, but *man* did these two years whiz by...
Yeah, you just graduated from Carleton last week, right? - lris
I'm not even sure where I am right now. - Lily
Lily, what happens next? - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Moving back to NYC in two weeks, job updates (hopefully) soon to follow! - Lily
Oooooh, are you looking for jobs here? What kind! DM me, if you want any help. - Meg VMeg
Packing up an apartment is just the insane-est.
I still have nightmares about it (14 moves in 10 years). - laura x from iPhone
Packing up a house to move to a yet-to-be-determined apartment. - bentley from FFHound(roid)!
Things I've re-learned today: 1) It doesn't matter how many boxes you keep from what you originally brought--your stuff won't magically fit back into them. 2) Books are heavy. - Lily
Stuff always fluffs up to be twice it's size. - Hedgehog from Android
Books are twice as heavy when you pack them than they were when you bought them. - bentley from FFHound(roid)!
Officially holding my first elected office for ASCLA. Now to figure out what Board Members do...
To Iris and all the wonderful LSW folks--I just received the loveliest collection of congratulatory notes in the mail. Your kind words and support mean so, so much to me. I couldn't smile any wider if I tried!
I have a move date!! Knowing when I'm getting out of here is more satisfying than I expected.
yay move date! also, i forget, where will you be going? - Sir Shuping is just sir
Back to my NYC homeland :) - Lily
Of course my workshop co-presenter is sick today. Not that it's her fault, but this happens to me with surprising frequency. Forging on ahead by mahself!
Rock it!! - Kathy
You go! - RepoRat
Uh, my library appears to be attempting to roast students alive. It is muggy and downright BOILING in here.
Okay, hive mind: I'm looking for suggestions of online resources on handling/organizing/managing primary source collections, including but not limited to current trends, best practices, etc. Anything you use or know of that you find especially on-point?
define "primary source collection" please? - RepoRat
Honestly pretty broad...mostly documents but also some artifacts (so letters, maps, diaries, books, newspapers, photos, ephemera) comprising a special collection used for educating students about a particular historical time period. I don't have a particular collection in mind - apologies if this doesn't help at all. - Lily
How would what you're asking be different from standard archives practices? - RepoRat
It's not, really...I suppose I just made that wordy. I'm mostly hoping for a good blog or collection of writing, of which I know there are many, and I wondered if anyone might have a favorite. - Lily
I'm fond of a 2012 book called The Lone Arranger. There's also been some really interesting stuff in Archive Journal, e.g. - RepoRat
Thanks RR, I'll be sure to check these out. - Lily
So two of my best friends from college just got engaged (not to each other) THIS SAME WEEKEND and I can't even handle the amount of excite.
As of this very hour, as far as coursework is concerned, I am an MLIS! To all of the wonderful people here on FriendFeed/LSW, I could not possibly have asked for a more encouraging and informative community to support me. You've been here every step of the way, and I'm honored to be counted among you.
Victory playlist blasting! - Lily
And of course, extreme props to Iris for introducing me here and inspiring me to get this darned degree in the first place :) - Lily
woooooooottttt! what are you going to do to celebrate? should we send you beer? - Sir Shuping is just sir
*HUG* - lris
Congrats! - Kirsten
Congratumacations! - Catherine Pellegrino
First I'm going to continue dancing wildly around my apartment, as that's about all my brain is willing to summon right now! Beer and food happiness to come this weekend... - Lily
Congratulations! - RepoRat
Congrats on the degree, me bucko! Quick, join your professional associations at student rates while you still can! - Aaron the Librarian
^ that! If you have any interest in exploring some of the ones you haven't joined, it will never be this cheap again! Congrats ! - ellbeecee
Your toaster is in the mail - maʀtha
Congratulations!!! - Soup in a TARDIS
Yippeeeeee!!!!!!!!! - laura x
Congrats! - Jen
Three cheers!! - Derrick
Congratulations! - Anne Bouey
Congrats! - The First NoeLB from Android
Go Lily!!! - laura x from iPhone
Woo hoo! Congratulations! - Galadriel C. from Android
Kermit Flail. YAY. - Joe
I just helped an 102-year-old man learn to use Safari on an iPad! #publiclibraryvolunteering
Apparently one of my group members thinks "poultry" refers to fish. Our project is about sushi-making. *grits teeth* Threemoredays, threemoredays...
blergh...what? is english their second language at least? - Sir Shuping is just sir
No. No it isn't. - Lily
Chicken of the sea? - Melly Claus
Yeah, I'd love for someone to tell me this has all been a joke. - Lily
For the record, I hope that is not any cast aspersion on someone for whom English might actually *be* their second language. Just sayin'. - Derrick
D and others, I apologize, I wasn't meaning it that way. I know of my ESL friends can sometimes mix words without realizing that they did so - Sir Shuping is just sir
Derrick: definitely not intended that way - this is just a small issue in an 8-week line of much more serious problems of two people not meeting deadlines and turning in unresearched, poor-quality work. Frustration builds, unfortunately. - Lily
I was thinking it could be a proper Angle or Saxon. To hell with this imported French gibberish... - RepoRat
oh Lily. hang in there. OVER SOON. - Marianne
No worries! I just tend to think about people in those situations. Lord knows my issues with group work in library school. There's a whole room full of my rants and angst. Power through, Lily. We're all pulling for you! - Derrick
You know that fable about sticking your hand in a jar and getting stuck because you're too greedy to let go of what's in it? That just happened to me with a large item in a book drop.
ow? - RepoRat
Adventures in gross intralibrary miscommunications: screencasts and videos are very different things. It helps if, when graduate assistants are asked to work on such projects, a distinction is made as to which are desired, and for whom. How seven people have gone about four months without catching this error is completely beyond my comprehension.
not sure I entirely understand the difference from your perspective; tell me more? - RepoRat
Screencasts made in Camtasia vs. live-action videos. Yeah, the language was ambiguous to us, too. - Lily
Well, my hard drive crashed. This week can DIAF.
:( *hugs* I have an extra one or two somewhere i think if you need one. I'll have to check to make sure that they still function, but I don't see why they wouldn't - Sir Shuping is just sir
Luckily, I'm still under warranty and Dell is gonna come over and give me a free new one in a couple of days. The worst part is I lose my whole desktop/software least working in tech support taught me something about backing one's shit up. - Lily
Aaaaand once again a really excellent class experience is foiled by an unfortunately bad group.
I'm sorry. - RepoRat
Seriously, who doesn't bother to contact you/follow up if they haven't received your part of the assignment from which their part stems, especially when I said I was going to send it 3 days ago (and definitely did)?! - Lily
Now group member 3 has almost no time to complete her section, which can't really happen until member 2 finishes hers because member 3 has missed the past two classes (it's an 8-week course, too). - Lily
y'all need some project management all up in there! - RepoRat
yeah...sigh...I thought I was attempting that, obv needs work. but these things BUILD CHARACTER, right? - Lily
I wish I could tell you things get better in the real world. But this means you will be better prepared to project manage at your future jobs. Look, you also have an example of "something that went wrong and how would you do it better" for job interviews. :-p Stay strong - Hedgehog
Oh. My. God. One of my group members put anime characters and smiley faces with no bearing on the content on a flowchart outline of our learning module, which wasn't even complete and is due today. WTF WTF WTF - Lily
Ask me about the diagram in our ALA accreditation report that was in COMIC SANS. - RepoRat
Or ask me about the hugely irrelevant images that appeared in one of the subsections of a mock website dedicated to soy byproducts one of my groups built for a business librarianship class. - Heather
Apply to jobs is nerve-wracking and hard and an excruciating wait. And EXCITING. I'm really thrilled that I'm finding so many potential opportunities to do things I would really love to do; I already can't believe my luck that I *might* be well-qualified.
you're gonna do just fine, love. - RepoRat
Sending you good juju! - Derrick
What RR said. :) - Catherine Pellegrino
It truly is one of the most nerve-wracking processes ever. But I have ZERO worries for you. Remember to go with your gut and prioritize working in a good place over having a good job description. - lris
Thanks, all. I'm lucky to have had FF peeps since before this whole grad school thing even began! - Lily
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