Mother's Day is May 9th -- need a gift idea that fits all sizes and shapes?
Flower of Costa Rica - Video Presentation. Enjoy!
Flower of Costa Rica - Video Presentation. Enjoy!
Looking for a vacation spot for Spring Break? Consider a tropical paradise in Playas del Coco, Costa Rica -
Massage CEs Spring 2010 class schedule available - from Prosperous Massage Practice
Tomorrow begins the lunar calendar - the Year of the Tiger - Find out what is in store of you this year.
@AlisaBowman Sorry to hear about your day. A good night's sleep will make everything better.
@EverywhereTrip Me either and don't plan to. I'm not sure what all the hype is about.
@massagenerd OK we will have to think of a good one! Thinking caps on...
RT @lkr: Why you shouldn't treat twitter like a gumball machine:
@bricksofwine So, I guess I should keep him around?
@massagenerd Congratulations!!! You are the video man. My goal is to get more into doing videos. Perhaps we might do a project together?
My husband is making me dinner tonight! Pork chops, baked potato, roasted carrots and salad. All this after making breakfast too!
Is what you post on-line hurting your business or chances of getting the job you want?
Need some Valentine's Day ideas?
To MTs: Receive free report "7 Success Strategies for MTs" by signing up at
15 Reasons why every massage therapist should have a web site -
Why the new airline rules won't work -
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