Episode 68 of Linuxinstall.net - We talk about RedHat putting more into openstack than Ubuntu and much more http://ping.fm/Ccv9L linux
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SUSE release SUSE 11 SP2 with BRTFS and a kernel rev but can't escape Linus' wrath... http://linuxinstall.net/linux_n... linux linus SUSE Novell
Google and Motorola merger has been approved by the EU but seems to have stalled everywhere else.. http://linuxinstall.net/linux_n... google
Check out the latest episode of Linuxinstall.net. It's our last news show of the year. ht.ly/87jzt
So how does an internet start-up use open source? Instagram gives really nice details about how and what they use. ht.ly/87jxK
There were was a series of articles attacking and supporting stories on the web a little while ago.. http://ping.fm/vLGtx
Red Hat finally reached 6.2...It's a point release but a really nice update...Check it out. http://ping.fm/G3QqW
Hey Guess what there are jobs in Linux. The Linux Foundation gathered the data to prove it. http://ping.fm/IAtaQ
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Are you looking for a good replacement for CentOS? linux http://linuxinstall.net/linux_n...
Are you looking for a good server version of Linux? linux http://linuxinstall.net/linux_n...
Cool review of Ubuntu 11.10... linux http://linuxinstall.net/linux_n...
We talk about Ubuntu, ClearOS, and why IT Reporters shouldn't talk about Corporate IT if they have never worked there and more on the latest
Does Ubuntu have it's head in the clouds on the business world? linux http://linuxinstall.net/linux_n...
Aren't you sick of Reporters telling us with what IT departments are capable of? We are check out what we had to say.... linux http://ping.
Did you know Ubuntu setup a new Developer Website? We didn't either until we found this... linux http://linuxinstall.net/linux_n...
Can uefi really kill Linux on new Windows 8 machines? We don't think so and here is why... linux http://linuxinstall.net/linux_n...
Don't you want to know what Linus can tell you about software development? Check this out.. linux http://linuxinstall.net/linux_n...
Did you know the kernel source is now on GitHub? What do you think about it? ht.ly/75RGx linux
Did you know the kernel source is now on GitHub? What do you think about it? http://linuxinstall.net/linux_n... linux
Check out what we think about Oracle Buying Ksplice, MS sending $100M Novell's way, and more http://ping.fm/C3PBo linux
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