Linux Install Network
Episode 45 - Cloudy with a chance of conectivity... -
Running Time: 49:30 1) Introduction Joe and Brian Talk about stuff(We love the Narwhals song at this link, Natty is out, PSN is still down, and other off topic stuff) 2) News Purple Reign - IBM and Red Hat hook up to take on VMWare Canonical changes it’s cloud strategy...And Linux Mint 11 opts for Gnome 2.x rather than Gnome 3.x/Unity Fedora and Ubuntu working on Brtfs support may give the ability to do virtualized like snapshots on systems that aren’t virtual... Google VP says cloud is at the same point E-Mail was in the late 1980's 3) Conclusion Recommendations for People to interview E-Mail us at Go to the WebSite to call us via Google Voice Facebook Fan Page Follow us on Twitter and Identica as @linuxinstall Look for us and comment on iTunes, odeo And really don't forget to check out this link...It's funny and fun...MR. Weebl you rock where ever you are. :) - Linux Install Network