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Jean-Marc Liotier

Jean-Marc Liotier

Infovore, geek, father, photography, roller-skating, cycling, Africa, Free software, open networks, adventure, wargaming, cooking and more geekery.
Re: OpenCage Data Blog — Open Geo interview - Daniel Kirstenpfad - Miataru -
"I come from the same place, sketched the same ideas... And promptly gave up before even beginning... I am extremely happy and impressed that you took it all the way to this implementation ! Thank you - I'll be playing with it soon !" - Jean-Marc Liotier
Eavesdropping on an encrypted wireless keyboard with a shortwave radio receiver and a couple of scripts (linked from the article) :
It's a cruel joke to design a city for cars, & then tell people they should walk, bike & take public transit more. Design a different city.
How voter suppression helped produce the lowest turnout in decades
Brute-force reverse-engineering the JPEG format using a fuzzer - awesome demo of what a fuzzer does
C. Elegans' nervous system fully simulated and implemented in hardware - robot demonstrates worm-like behaviour:
Twice as many women are shot by their husbands than by strangers
More investment, better offers… Don't listen to telco lobbyists who say that a fourth mobile network operator doesn't benefit the market. Also, watch for quasi-mergers camouflaged as network sharing and let non-operator actors issue SIM.
One year of international phone calls, mapped... Probably the dusk of "international phone calls" as a relevant metric : voice over the Internet increasingly replaces POTS for international conversations.
Source: DHL's Global Connectedness Index 2014 - Jean-Marc Liotier
DHL's Global Connectedness Index 2014: 292 pages of dense socio-economic analysis, heavy with data and spiffy visualizations !
Innovative tilting lock Concept - bridge doesn't open but ships submerge to pass under
"Benthall should have known that those who hide behind the keyboard will ultimately be found" - love that 'crime doesn't pay' tone !
Microsoft CEO announces he can be mostly gay by Q2 2015
Nigerian virologist delivers scathing analysis of Africa's response to Ebola
The sixth stage of grief is retro-computing
"I vanished into the computer. I had that box of BBS floppies. One after another I’d insert them into the computer and examine every file, thousands of files all told. That was how I pieced together the world. Second-hand books and BBS disks and trips to the library. I felt very alone but I’ve since learned that it was a normal American childhood, one millions of people experienced" - Jean-Marc Liotier
"There is this weird sense of raw power, like you have been handed the keys to a nuclear-powered submarine" - Jean-Marc Liotier
"When something works say that was the plan all along" - quote from an alternate universe's Steve Jobs commencement speech, from - Jean-Marc Liotier
Deploying immutable components - a cure against degenerate precious unique snowflake servers
"In the contemporary West, we often assume that perpetrators of mass violence must be insane or irrational, but as Kotkin tells the story, Stalin was neither"
Africa’s conflict burden in a global context
Smuggler - an interactive 802.11 wireless shell without the need for authentication or association
British MP: "The GCHQ boss is wrong. We can have both security and privacy" -
Reverse OCR - humans are no longer the only ones who try to find meaning everywhere, in everything and where perhaps none exists
"As such Kigali is a place with a palpable sense of control [..] a disciplinary urban sensation" - the urbanistic expression of Kagame's grip
Ever worked in a datacenter ? You'll enjoy this Halloween story...
'Negative latency' - best way I ever heard to describe user interfaces that anticipate user input by predicting it from extrapolation. Item #7 in
The fall of the hegemon in Burkina Faso - role of elite defections in Compaoré's downfall
New Zealand MP demoted after suggesting homeopathy use in Ebola fight
This is right up there with Thabo Mbeki's Minister of Health who emphasized treating South Africa's AIDS epidemic with alcoholic beverages and vegetables such as garlic and beetroot - - Jean-Marc Liotier
Translation errors yield Emad Abdalla Hassan eleven years in Guantanamo. He is still there.
This is why not only Adblock but also Ghostery must be part of you essential browser plugins for basic protection when surfing the Web: &
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