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Jean-Marc Liotier

Jean-Marc Liotier

Infovore, geek, father, photography, roller-skating, cycling, Africa, Free software, open networks, adventure, wargaming, cooking and more geekery.
Observing the 21cm hydrogen line using a RTL-SDR DVB-T dongle and a cantenna:
Censorship ? How would you like it wrapped ?
The top 1% no longer includes most doctors. Do you realize the width of the gap between them and the rest of us ? Probably not - but it is growing.
If regular Sunnis like this guy support the Islamic State, then western hope of crushing it are illusory
MPEG LA watches its Wikipedia page closely… I edited it and one of their employees soon came to read my Linkedin profile. To their credit, they do it openly.
What it would be like to interact with something the size of a grain of sand but with the density of a neutron star ?
Ever been on the internet? We calls these brains. - Todd Hoff
Are you calling me dense ? - Jean-Marc Liotier
I'm calling you a star. - Todd Hoff
Bask in the glow of me blushing (but keep safe at a stellar distance...) - Jean-Marc Liotier
On a US mailing list, about Scotland: "an oil rich nation being repressed by a despotic monarchy, why the hell haven't we invaded already ?"
Cameroonian cattle are stoned out of their minds but you can't extract natural Tramadol from pincushion tree roots after all...
So three middle managers walk into a bar. They outsource the punchline.
Share that answered "people of another race" when asked to pick from groups of people they would not want as neighbours - shame on France !
I won't authenticate to Google to fetch packages. Why do so many Android software publishers restrict distribution to Google Play only ? Is there any practical advantage to that ?
67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko landing site selected for Rosetta’s lander Philae
Compare the results from five different geocoders for addresses in France:
Iron curtain & black belt: life expectancy in states of Europe vs. states of the USA -
"We have not done things needed to cut emissions because they fundamentally conflict with deregulated capitalism" -
Proposed anti-terror law in France would erode civil liberties
An ingenious plan: how the CIA vets the Syrian rebels
The Alps seen from the Pyrenees… Line of sight blocked at horizon by Earth's curvature ? No problem - this guy used atmospheric refraction !
He could probably get funding for his experiments if he packaged them as 'over the horizon laser targeting'... - Jean-Marc Liotier
What my bicycle has taught me about white privilege
Me, monday night, in animated conversation at the Openstreetmap 10 years birthday party -
The difficulty of private contact discovery: - "As far as we can determine, practical privacy-preserving social contact discovery remains an unsolved problem"
A study on psychopaths' increasing prevalence in senior management roles
Re: SelekTOR: Tor GUI With Country Exit Node Selection, Useful To Bypass Country Restrictions For Various Websites -
"Does exit node selection potentially degrade a Tor connection's anonymity in any way ?" - Jean-Marc Liotier
Calvin & Hobbes street art in Portland
Journalists, now your editors will require you to write content that can be consumed on a Watch. Godspeed !
Portland airport offers bicycle assembly station
Having assembled and disassembled bicycles in airport halls, I appreciate this nice facility... Let it inspire other airports ! - Jean-Marc Liotier
From my experience, I suspect that the airport's main motivation in setting up a bicycle assembly station is not facilitating the cyclist's life but getting unsightly bicycles hippies out of sight from respectable travelers... - Jean-Marc Liotier
Yes, I tell my kids that some people gather to sing the praises of their imaginary friend. Deal with it !
Another effect of opaque mass intelligence collection: suspicion of parallel construction now saps law enforcement's credibility.
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