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Jean-Marc Liotier

Jean-Marc Liotier

Infovore, geek, father, photography, roller-skating, cycling, Africa, Free software, open networks, adventure, wargaming, cooking and more geekery.
Today's quizz: should heads be cut off or blown off ?
Sorry for French nuclear weapons testing in Mururoa… Enduring Veronique's music tastes makes me think we should have nuked Ibiza instead.
At first I thought they were some large seagulls, but no - the sky on my horizon between Cannes' Palm Beach point and the St Marguerite island is actually thick with skysurfing sails... Wind is good today !
When a Chinese child is born, parents must register its ethnicity with the authorities. Is China officially racist ?
Do you have dirty data ? How dirty ? Find out quickly with CSV Fingerprints !
Security for journalists, part two: threat modeling
Security that acknowledges goals and limitations is the only workable one. - Jean-Marc Liotier
What do you want to keep private ? Who wants to know ? What can they do to find out ? What happens if they succeed ? - Jean-Marc Liotier is a bicycle route finder that finds good routes very fast - I am impressed. Unsurprisingly based on OSRM with Openstreetmap data.
The decline in police willingness to assume risk shifts risk to the citizens - police now shoots first:
Hilarious Bulgarian vandalism of Soviet Monuments: and Ronald Mc Donald is an American superhero !
What is the optimum number of migrant deaths ? http://stumblingandmumbling.ty...
"It makes no more sense to mourn the death of a migrant than it does to mourn the arrival of a restaurant bill. Both are the inevitable result of our choices. Such mourning would be sanctimonious hypocrisy - and voters and politicians would never be guilty of this, would they ?" - Jean-Marc Liotier
Rioting mainly for fun & profit: the Neoconservative origins of our police problem
Balanced-budget fundamentalism
"The difference between fundamentalism that denies the concept of evolution and fundamentalism that denies the principles of macroeconomics is that the latter is doing people immediate harm." - Jean-Marc Liotier
I'm always worried I'm not smart enough to have imposter syndrome.
Four forced weddings and a mass funeral, Dude where's my car bomb, How to get a head in advertising, Enemy at the Goats, Jihadistan psycho, Dawn of the planet of the rapes, Trust me I am a halal butcher, War booty call, The bad and the ugly, #ISISMovies on #Twitter...
This shocking image shows the dangers of Superglue
Deadly facts about water:
Is France a gerontocracy ?
Sadly, it seems, Japan is preparing for war
If you are not embarrassed with anything that you wrote/spoke about or argued for a few years ago, you don't learn fast enough.
OK, this militarization thing has gone too far:
Ten years of Openstreetmap (O'Reilly Radar)
Strategy madlibs generator :
"Our strategy is innovative. We will lead a sustainable effort of the market through our use of growth and data leaders to build a culture. By being both networked and open, our secure approach will drive big data throughout the organization. Synergies between our learning organization and ecosystem will enable us to capture the upside by becoming customer focused in a disruptive world. These transformations combined with revolution due to our social media will create a platform through internet of things and leaders" - Jean-Marc Liotier
Photon, Apache-licensed search-as-you-type geocoder based on #OpenStreetMap:
Children's book about how nice carrying a handgun openly is:
Sending raw infantry conscripts for crowd control in Ferguson is a recipe for disaster. Oh wait, nevermind - those guys are actually the trained police officers !
Nothing says 'police' like body armor, ballistic helmet, extra magazines and taking aim at civilians through a telescopic rifle sight on top of an armored truck: No, really - the guy on the right has 'POLICE' written on his chest. Someone please explain those guys the difference between law enforcement and war....
Stream of tweet pairs that are anagrams:
Remember the Syrian Internet outage of 2012 ? - It wasn't cut cable or deliberate government action. Snowden reveals that it was a NSA Taylored Access operation inadvertently bricking the core router they wanted to subvert :
Accidental temporary Verizon route disaggregation causes legacy Cisco BGP routers to hit their 512K routes limit, explaining today's Internet hiccup:
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