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Jean-Marc Liotier

Jean-Marc Liotier

Infovore, geek, father, photography, roller-skating, cycling, Africa, Free software, open networks, adventure, wargaming, cooking and more geekery.
Enterprise standards are a prison of the mind
Bit then what isn't? - Todd Hoff
Mayfly hatch in Mississippi River, so massive that the swarm showed up on the radar
The fact that the ruling class talks amongst itself produces a systematic class bias http://stumblingandmumbling.ty...
"We all know that 'democratic' politics serves the interests of the very rich. What's not so appreciated is that this happens not just because money talks - though it does - but because the very structure of the media-political system generates psychological mechanisms which serve to favour the rich and harm the poor" - Jean-Marc Liotier
The free market is an impossible utopia
The case for Darth Vader as the most Reaganesque presidential candidate in 2016:
Use encryption because you have nothing to hide:
Mom arrested for letting her 9-year-old play alone at park: - I fight this paranoia every day... I won't keep my kids on a leash !
No Kh-58, Kh-31P, Kh-28 or Kh-25P/MP in Ukraine's inventory: - so much for much-needed SEAD. Spare some AGM-88 buddy?
Everything changed when the Empire of Google Earth rose from the North...
Bitcoin at its best: not as currency but as an open global interbank network. Gateways to the internet of payments:
This Hello Kitty dictionary is perhaps a little too honest about the meanings of 'necklace' :
Latest technique to add to Panopticlick-style user tracking: canvas fingerprinting -
New geological survey of Mars:
Israel's wanton violence in Gaza is outrageous, but singling out the use of flechette rounds while HE rains over urban areas is ridiculous.
Someone in my household, whose name I'll charitably withhold, made purée from industrial dehydrated potato flakes. Shooting down a civilian airliner pales in comparison to this culinary crime.
Re: What it’s like to be sitting behind a radar screen of an SA-11 Buk SAM system -
"The SAMSimulator is wonderful, but don't take the vintage stuff for granted : Soviet engineering philosophy is constant incremental upgrades and then third-party retrofit... Systems such as the S-125 family take that to extremes in heterogeneity but the Buk too has quite a few variants with very different performance and ergonomics. That said, I believe that the main issue in this incident is the operation of the TELAR with its own radar in autonomous mode : no target acquisition radar and no command post have been spotted. That has to degrade target recognition performance - I doubt that the integrated system has the same NCTR capabilities as the full one. C.J. Chivers argued that the crew must have had to decide whether to shoot or not in a shorter engagement windows - thus adding to the likelihood of a mistake." - Jean-Marc Liotier
As the death penalty is meant to be the ultimate dissuasion, top wealth is meant to be the ultimate motivation. Neither works. One of them has not yet been widely abolished.
Do libertarians care about freedom ?
So far only Buk launcher vehicle seen - with no acquisition radar vehicle I doubt its integrated tracking radar is capable of NCTR… #MH17
Gaza versus the Warsaw Ghetto: double standards in assessing crimes against Humanity: - You don’t have to go as far as the Warsaw Ghetto to appreciate the Palestinian struggle. But irony helps a lot nevertheless…
Both sides of Gaza Conflict by Carlos Latuff
"The onus for avoiding such accidents in the future rests on civilian aircraft: avoid combat zones, fly high, acknowledge warnings" -NYT editorial, July 5, 1988 (two days after a US cruiser shot down Iran Air flight 655 in Iranian territorial waters)
On the state of Free VoIP:
ADS-B is no IFF - might be spoofed. But how likely is SAM operators not waiting for positive ID when getting a civie ADS-B track ? #MH17
Verizon accidentally admitted that is deliberately chokes its peering with Level 3 so that Netflix malfunctions.
French mainstream press is increasingly just a translation service for people who won't read English.
Bicycle converts to wheelchair in 2 minutes - meant for cycling rescuers to aid wounded:
Already found the plane ?
A decade in the trenches of the Semantic Web - are we losing the war ? Was it even the right one ?
How tall can a Lego tower get ?
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