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Jean-Marc Liotier

Jean-Marc Liotier

Infovore, geek, father, photography, roller-skating, cycling, Africa, Free software, open networks, adventure, wargaming, cooking and more geekery.
Compaoré's resignation letter, from an insider... Probably last thing I get from this source !
Compaore a ‘peacemaker’ ? "Compaoré doesn’t make peace; he cuts deals. And many of them are very shady"
Terms of service - a graphic novel about the social impact of ubiquitous tracking
Are you building an Internet fridge ?
Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Yemen and the UAE – where apostasy carries the death penalty.
Mobile is eating the world
Cellular network location data used to track holiday population shifts in France
French are the worst at overestimating how many Muslims live in their country
"I want to see new things - Mormons, tractor supply companies, parking spaces. I want to grab life, suck the marrow from its bones, and then wash it down with a Pabst Blue Ribbon"
French pilots racing drones through the woods like Star Wars speeder bikes ? Yes -
Paul Farmer's 'Diary' in the London Review of Books. Great pieces on Ebola - long but worth it
"Weak health systems, not unprecedented virulence or a previously unknown mode of transmission, are to blame for Ebola’s rapid spread. [However] if patients are promptly diagnosed and receive aggressive supportive care ... the great majority, as many as 90 per cent, should survive" - Jean-Marc Liotier
Do teachers really know what students go through? To find out, one teacher followed two students for two days -
"High school students are sitting passively and listening during approximately 90 percent of their classes" - Jean-Marc Liotier
It's so ass backwards - Todd Hoff
Running out of budget for that all the extras in you next zombie movie's crowd panic scene ? Now worries - just use Miarmy crowd simulation.
uslelessd is a portable systemd fork, providing systemd goodness without all the isolationist baggage -
Autopista, an Openstreetmap freeway/motorway quality assurance tool now covers whole world:
This study finds that social media use reduces political polarization instead of increasing it
Soldier Girl - Looking back on a fifteen-year career as a Tamil Tiger - child soldiers, a lost cause... Poignant.
Openstreetmap ten years on, and why it's time for a fresh slate - by Richard Fairhurst on OSM-talk
Counter-harrassing the TSA: my girlfriend got me a swtichblade-comb -
Rand's analysis of Serval: French Army in Africa provides sterling example of efficient expeditionary warfare with low resources, at the cost of taking larger risks than armies with higher budgets.
An introduction to threat modeling, by #EFF
Can anybody explain to me why those humans expensively launched to orbit spend time manning cameras that could adequately be remotely operated from Earth's surface at vastly lower cost ?
Oh no, you will <em>not</em> use a rainbow color scheme on your sequential data. Color Brewer prevents you from making that and other cartographic chromatic blunders.
The structure of Twitter's Following/Follower counts:
A brief, opinionated history of the API
An interactive guide to the Fourier Transform, using fruit smoothie recipes
As an aside, I just realized the relationship between trigonometry and the Pythagorean theorem: "1 = cos(t)^2 + sin(t)^2" - now it all makes sense ! Why didn't it enter my thick skull when I was in high school is anyone's guess - maybe it was never introduced to me that way... Or maybe I was asleep because I couldn't see the point - I guess I should have introduced myself to radio sooner ! - Jean-Marc Liotier
Hong Kong has too many poor people to allow direct elections, leader says
“If it’s entirely a numbers game—numeric representation—then obviously you’d be talking to half the people in Hong Kong [that] earn less than US$1,800 a month. You would end up with that kind of politics and policies” - Jean-Marc Liotier
Quarantining people without providing social security income is a great incentive for others to try escaping quarantine: - way to go USA !
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